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I just got an iPod touch 8GB (from the Singnet Nov 2007 Broadband Promotion) and find it frustrating to look for info on how to “Jailbreak” it, change the wallpaper, install apps etc. It’s not the info are secretive or lacking. The problem, as a long-time Mac user, is that most of the info are for Windows users only. For crying out loud, one of the method of jailing breaking involves running a .bat file! Sheesh, it’s year 2007 and some people are still using Microsoft’s “technology” from over twenty years ago? That’s so sad.

Anyways, I’m a web hunter and have been gathering bits and pieces on how to have fun with my little toy. In this blog, I will post my personal experience finding and installing useful app from a Mac user’s stand-point. Yup, everything shall be Mac-only. No stewpit .bat file. We’ll hack into our iPod touch the OS X way!


  1. Hacked much? 😛

  2. oops, wrong blog. Sorry Rupert!

  3. Ha ha ha.

    No, I put in some Italian text to see how Google Translate works.


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