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(Jan 27 Update) These iPhone Apps are for use in firmware 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 *only*. They are *not* compatible with 1.1.3 jailbroken iPod touch at all. Do not install them in 1.1.3.

Update (Jan 7, 2008):

Since originally posted, a new tap-to-install method to install the iPhone Apps into your iPod touch emerged. It’s super easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, add as a new “Source” for your Installer.
  2. After refreshing your Installer, you’ll find two new categories, “iPhone 1.1.1 Apps” and “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps”. Select your choice depending on your firmware version; do not install the wrong version.
  3. You’ll see all the iPhone Apps, plus “Prep” apps for Mobile Mail and Google Map. Make your selection and follow the instructions. Be sure to read the Warning Notice.



Originally posted:

There are apps bundled with iPhone that will work on the iPod touch, such as, etc, but they aren’t included by Apple for the iPod touch. If you own an iPhone or lives in Bukit Timah, thus having the said iPhone Apps, you can install them in your iPod touch. Here’s how:

Firstly, make sure the iPhone Apps are version 1.1.2 (Version 1.1.1’s apps, except for the, will work as well.) The iPhone Apps are:

  • MobileCal
  • MobilePhone
  • MobileSMS
  • MobileMail
  • MobileNotes
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Maps


MobileCal is the Calendar app that is already pre-installed in iPod touch. So let’s skip it. MobilePhone and MobileSMS on the other hand are telephony apps that just won’t work on the iPod touch, the lack of a microphone for voice input is an obvious reason why.

Okay, fire up your sFTP, AFP or whatever means to connect to your iPod touch. Then copy those 5 good apps to your iPod touch’s /Applications folder. You must set their permission, recursively to 755.

Next, locate on your iPhone the entire “GMM.framework” folder and copy it to:


and “MobileMailSettings.bundle” to


Reboot and you’ll find the Apps in your Springboard! You can start using them.

I especially enjoy Map. It’s so intelligent it can seamlessly accesses my Address Book entries for addresses. Yes, even maps for Singapore’s addresses.

As for Mails, you’ll add and setup accounts via iPod touch’s Settings page, under the Mail option. Oh, it’s widely reported that the Mail app does not work with Yahoo Mail… so don’t try too hard getting Yahoo Mail to work. Gmail works perfectly (caveat.)


  • To set Permission to 755, I use my favorite FTP client, Transmit. “Get Info” on the folder and under Permissions option, clicking “Apply to enclosed folder…” is all there to it. Apps that quit within a few seconds after launching are usually due to wrong permission. Setting them to 755 should resolves the issue.
  • It goes without saying… you need a Jailbroken iPod touch to use these apps!


  1. I finally jailbroke my iPod thanks to your clear instructions. For the record, the indicator showed up on the second tries. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Everything worked well, except I cannot connect to my Ipod touch using transmit. I don’t know what to put in the server address window – is it just the IP address, or does it need something in front of that? I presume the user name is root and the p/w is alpine?

  3. John,

    You’re right on the username and p/w.

    As for Server field in Transmit, it’s just the numeric IP Address; nothing in front. It’s the same IP Address you can find in your iPod’s Settings -> WiFi.

    To make it work, you must change the Protocol to “SFTP”.

  4. Rupert,

    Thanks for the quick response. I am still getting a “Could not connect to server – Permission denied” error. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


  5. John,

    I got that error before. I think you might not have install ssh on your touch.

    if you have not installed it when you did your jailbreak, you may install it from installer.

    It be useful to install BSD and AFPd to know the ip address and open it connection.

    Hope this helps.


  6. Jailbreaking my iPod was easy and straight forward. But, now I like to install the Apple application. Strange thing, no /applicaions folder in my root. WHat have I done wrong??

  7. Ok mate thanks for the page on wikipedia i actually understood LOL

  8. Problem solved. I had to move upwards in the directory structure of the Touch. Now it works.

  9. All the iPhone Apps are available via the Installer. Just add a new source to it. The address is as follows:

  10. No kidding?!

  11. where can we get these apps if we don’t have an iPhone

  12. I have succesfully jailbroken my ipod touch using your very helpful instructions. I have also managed to get hold of the mail applications without having an iphone.

    I just can’t get mail to work. I enter all the correct details but get cannot connect using ssl message.

    I have read many instructions but just can’t get past this problem.

    I can’t save the account information in the settings and therefore can’t get the advanced settings button.

    I’m mac based, if there is a way around this please, please help I’m driving myself mad


  13. Kevin,

    I know someone experienced the same problem as you do, and he has resolved it. I could ask him except I can’t recall who he is.

    Check back in a day or two.

  14. I finally sorted out the problem by using AFP from Finder in Mac OSX, and the APPS from I have never been able to connect with Transmit or Fagu – can’t understand why, but anyway, I don’t need it as the permissions were set correctly, I guess.
    Thanks Rupert for such a clearly written guide and for your suggestions.


  15. Hi Rupert

    Thanks for getting back to me. If you can find out who had the same problem that would be great, will keep an eye out for a reply


  16. John, I’m happy for you. Myself I reformat my iPod yesterday, just for the fun of it. This time, I tried installing iPhone Apps via that repository. I’m amazed how easy it is! It was just a matter of tapping on all the packages. I shall from now onwards use the Installer.

    Welcome to the dark side.

  17. Kevin, the person had reinstall the iPhone apps from scratch. It isn’t clear but we suspect the original install procedure wasn’t fully followed. The good news is he reinstalled using the repository recommended by Issac (in above post, dated December 27). It’s very easy to install the iPhone apps via this method.

    I suggest you uninstalled the apps, and reinstall via the Installer.

  18. Rupert

    Thanks for looking into this problem for me. I have tried reinstalling but I still get the same problem?

    Do you think it’s worth reformatting the ipod and starting from scratch?


  19. Kevin, (to me) it’s fun to reformat the iPod. The iPod seems to run faster after that, thanks to optimized file allocation which reformatting brings.

    However, I urge you to do it soon since it’s rumored there’s a v1.1.3 upgrade soon. With it we may not be able to jailbreak (or have to wait a while for a new crack) … and you can’t fix your until then. You know what I mean?

  20. Hi Rupert

    I have reinstalled all the software and reformatted the ipod. I now have mail working but only using firmware version 1.1.1 but I’m very happy it’s all working.

    I’ll try upgrading to 1.1.2 later

    Thanks so much for all your help and very clear instructions.


  21. well, my ipod is jailbroken and everything, but when i try to put the iphone apps like maps, mail, etc, i finally got to see the thing in an ftp program but now i cant find the framework folder or the prefrencebundles anywhere…where are they?

  22. Thomas, the “GMM.framework” folder is in:


    and “MobileMailSettings.bundle” is in:


  23. No matter what i do i can’t find the framework file, please help

  24. ok i did everythuing you said in the updated post … i added the new coursew but the iphone 1.1.1 and iphone 1.1.2 wont show up …. did i miss another step?

  25. Hi Rupert,
    This blog is a gold mine. Thanks ever so much for such clear and easy to follow instructions.
    Like the poster above, I added as a new “Source” for the installer, but upon refresh, none of the new categories show up.

  26. Scotty and J,

    I think I figured out what happen. The categories don’t show up in my iPod touch anymore, but that’s because I already have installed the Apps. When my iPod was a virgin, the categories showed up right after I added the new source.

    Otherwise, you might want to check for typo and maybe try rebooting your iPod touch?

  27. yes it worked!! … something happend to … the apps didnt showed up yesterday and i tried everything … rebooting .. trying anothe source then switchback. checking for typos … butj ust now i looked at sources and it said apples repository … yesterday it didnt say that it said something like unknown or something but it works now

  28. Likewise for me. Today it worked. Must have had an issue on the server end.
    Thanks again Rupert!

  29. I dont get whats with the SSH icon on my ipod touch, what can you do with it

  30. Steve, this is SSH. That App (it’s actually just a front-end UI to turn on or off the SSH Server) was installed during Jailbreak. It’s mostly used by PC people to connect to the iPod touch to manipulate files. For Mac users, the AFPd Server is a far superior way to connect.

    For the fun of it, you can connect to your iPod touch by running the and type “ssh -l root” (enter the actual ip address of your iPod touch) and hit Enter. You’ll be prompted for your password (default “Alpine”). After which, you’re connected. It’s no fun.

    It’s advisable to turn off the SSH server to conserve battery.

  31. Hello! I followed your instructions but wen I open the apps from my ipod touch i can’t do anything even go back with home buton. Can you help me?

  32. Bill, when an app launches and quits immediately, it’s usually because you didn’t set the file permission to 755. Do that and everything will be alright.

  33. hey men i can’t install that , i don’t why….help me please…my emial is…..

  34. Will, the repository has been down since yesterday. Maybe they are switching server or domain. Maybe they have shut down. I don’t know. You can use your Firefox browser to surf to to check their status. As of now, only an Apache Server page is showing.

  35. Can someone pliz help me. I have jailbraked my iPod touch but some application wich I had uninstalled are still on the ipod and if I try to add some games it doesn’t want to install pliz help me guys
    thanks a lot

  36. Just to update you guys, Apple repository has got a new domain:

  37. This blog rocks! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions. I got mine to work, even though I use XP and wasnt able to upgrade to 1.1.2 after jailbreaking. Cant get the stocks app to work though. It says “Error: package download failed.” Everything else works great though!

  38. Does anyone know if the applerepo guys have the updated iPhone apps as per 1.1.3?

  39. Scotty, the apps are per 1.1.2 and 1.1.1 only. You can use your firefox to download them too.

  40. Great thanks. I’ve got the 1.1.2 apps and they work great. I wonder when they’ll get the updated apps as per 1.1.3?

  41. Scotty, it’s unconfirmed but they say the apps are serialized to the iPod touch’s serial number at point of purchase. Wink.

  42. hey,
    when I tried to download the apps it download finished but when it said Installing, installer immediately closed down. I would really like some help here.
    thanks in advance

  43. sooner, does this strange behaviour exhibit itself when you install other apps? I suspect it’s your iPod touch. Perhaps its internal structure has corrupted? DCell reported a same issue below.

  44. Its happening to me rupertGee. idk why. Its only on games. like it gets to intsalling and just stops and goes to home screen

  45. What? Two persons in a roll facing the same problem?

    DCell, how about installing other apps? Ramdomly pick a few and try. I’ve been installing apps and don’t encounter any problem.

  46. nothing works. i had some hellojava thjing then got rid of it maybe that fu*ked it up

  47. Actually only games and apps dont work. i can download themes and books but not games or other apps, or TTR songs

  48. this has to be the most clarified instructions i found all weak. thx.u should make utube vids 😀

  49. hey rupert.

    i installed the iPhone 1.1.3 apps on my ipod touch today and when i closed the installer, its not showing..why?

  50. Hi Alex,

    These iPhone Apps are for use in firmware 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 only. They are *not* compatible with 1.1.3 jailbroken iPod touch at all. I have just updated the post to reflect this important info.

    I suspect you have to re-do the 1.1.3 jailbreak to get the real 1.1.3 iPhone Apps back.

  51. Sorry rupert,

    I don’t really get what you just said up there. I already DID jailbreak my iPod Touch to 1.1.3.

  52. Alex, I meant to say the iPhone apps for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 are different from those in 1.1.3. So if you install those outlined in this post, you are using the wrong version.

  53. Oh, but apple repository has new ones for 1.1.3. Are they..incorrect ones?

  54. hi rupert could u explain me how to change the permission 755 for windows and in some what easier terms

  55. @apoorv

    Sorry I like to help but I’m only fluent with the Mac.

  56. Hi Rupert,
    I accidentally installed the iphone 1.1.3 apps in my 1.1.2 version and now my ipod is stock at reboot (all I can see is apple logo), any ideas of what to do? Thanks.

  57. The applerepo is down. Any idea where the Apps (1.1.3) are posted these days?

  58. hi i was wandering if someone could help me i try and download the iphone map and mail prep but it comes up erroe cant find host and i realy would like these so if someone would e-mail me suggestions i would be extremley grateful

  59. hej man it super you can use it to whith ipod touch 1.1.4

  60. i just installed “Categories” to my ipod touch and then after some exoeriences i stay without: mail, installing, everything!!! including the “Categories” himself… I have a blank ipod… i have already hundreds of apps, music, video, sources… i am going to loose all this, yes?… no solution?… PLEASE?… and don´t say things like: go to SSH and write Var/Root… because i HAVE NOTHING!!!

  61. @telectu:

    You could always restore and re-jailbreak. You have all your music on your computer, right?

  62. Do you have any idea where i can get SGP map for the App “OfflineMaps”?

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