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Did you know you can download files in your mobile Safari?

If you want to do that, head over to here, download and install the Safari PlugIn. I did just that and lo and behold downloaded some .zip to my iPod touch. 😀

As authored, we can only download .zip, .jpg, .png, .gif, & .tar. We’ll need to edit Info.plist to let Safari to download .dmg & files in other formats. I have added downloads for .torrent, .mp3/.mpg/.mpeg/.swa, .rar, .avi, and is looking for the correct MINE type for our beloved .dmg too.

Of course, you can only download files up to the remaining capacity of your iPod touch… which isn’t much.

The downloads are saved in:


I use my AFP to connect and transfer out the downloads to my OS X.

My edited Info.plist is here. You must rename it from Info.doc to Info.plist first before use. The author posted a version 0.2 and it supports more file types to download. Upgrade your version 0.10 asap.


  1. hi rupert

    where do i put info.plist?

    thnx for all your help

  2. Hi David,

    The Info.plist goes into the “File Download Plugin.webplugin” file itself. To access, select the plugin while in Finder, right-click and select “Show Package Contents” from the popup menu.

    The Info.plist I posted is outdated (I’ve disabled the link). The copy enclosed with version 0.2 has more file types. 😛

  3. Hey Rupert,
    Once I download the above file, what do I do with it? I tried to put the plugin into MobileFinder…that didn’t seem to work. Then I tried to download the zip from the site…”Safari can’t download this file.

    How did you do do it? Help much appreciated, Vanya. thnks

  4. Oops, didn’t realise that ‘here’ and ‘download’ were two separate links…figuring the other page now. 😛

  5. Thanks very much. Awesome blog!

  6. Hiya,
    Is it possible to unzip inside the ipod? And say, open up the dmgs? Thanks

  7. Wah… I’m sure it’s possible to unzip and to mount .dmg via the command line. But I’m not sure if MobileFinder support doing that graphically.

    Hey… that’s a very original idea you have.

  8. I can’t seem to download a midi file

  9. You’ll probably need to edit the plist to allow you to do that.
    The iClarified repo has this, with a big support of files

  10. hmmm… I edited Info.plist (in a different way… with nano installed through Cydia) and now I am stuck with the “Download!” and “Change Filename”, etc. for *everything* in Safari

  11. except for images still

  12. oh I see… was because of an … otherwise it works… thanks anyway… btw, the download dialog just doesn’t work with this particular embed… can’t click the buttons at all. anyway to make it above everything else?

  13. it was an embedded object on the webpage that I was at… so I thought html files were all so… sorry

  14. Also, how do we find the keystrokes for ctrl, alt, and meta (and possibly the rest of the non-alphanumeric keys) in Terminal and other applications? Currently I need it to work with nano.

  15. heey i need to know, how to access to the /root/downloads… Something like that, i save a file but i wanna see it

  16. pleasr answer

  17. You need to get into the ipod via FTP, google “FTP iTouch” Or somthing, you’ll need to download something from “installer” and 1 thing to your computer. I take it you’ve jailbreaked?

  18. but what are the thing I need to get from the installer, pleasr more speciffic so difficult yo me

  19. I’ve installed this plug-in but I want to open pdf files directly from Mobile Safari (just like I could do before installing the plug-in).

    Does anybody know how do I modify Info.plist to be able to open pdf files in Mobile Safari once I have this plug-in installed?

    Thanks for helping me.

  20. how I can download a file named listen.pls from a website in order to listen the streaming in my iphone?

  21. >Rebe

    Give me the link to the listen.pls and I’ll try my best to work something out for you.

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