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default-thumb.pngStumbler is a Wi-Fi scanner for the iPhone & iPod touch. Simple to install and use. My only gripe is the less-then-beautiful start-up screen.

Fortunately like most iPod touch apps, it’s easy to change the graphics.

Here’s the replacement graphics I anyhow did in a jiffy. You must rename it to “Default.png”. After that, it’s just a matter of replacing it by “Show Package Content” the in my iPod touch.

Ah… Stumbler is perfect now. 😀


  1. Nice. I definitely going to replace mine.

  2. nice work.

  3. how do i go about changing it??

    i no i have to ssh into my ipod touch but i don’t no where to go from there

    thanks alot


  4. 2k to change with ssh
    1 install wget with cydia
    2 ssh to ipod
    3 go to the Application directory then directory
    4 wget
    5. mv default.png Default.png

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