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snap_212335.pngWhile using Mobile Safari, did you noticed you can’t open a link into a new tab/window? Afterall, there’s no “Right-Button” nor “Command+T” in Mobile Safari.

Well, a bunch of smart people over at Inventive Labs has made it possible for you to open a link in a new tab! It works by Javascript. When you tap a link on a page, a tiny window pops up giving you the option to open the link in a tab/window! It works intuitively and un-intrusively. You see, when you tap a link, that little window with three coloured buttons pops up. If you tap the blue button, the link opens normally. Tapping the green button, on the other hand, opens the link in a new tab/window! Simple, isn’t it?

Head over to their site to install it. It works even for non-Jailbroken iPod touch!

Very cool.

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