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Gotta love Google. Everybody uses Google. Period.

Today Google launched a new service specifically for iTouch users. All the essential Google services are on one screen. You can search (duh), access your emails, read your RSS and check your Calendar etc, all in one smart looking screen.

As it is now, the hard-coded Google bookmark in your Mobile Safari points to the old Classic/Mobile Google. I won’t be surprised the next iTouch update will change it to the new Google Single Screen UI.

For now, you’ll have to bookmark it manually. I named mine mGoogle.

Start lovin’ Google if you’re still a orbiang Yahoo or MS pig.

PS. The link will bring you to the new Google UI if and only if you use an iTouch to tap it.



  1. OMG LA, iPod Touch, not iTouch. 😛

  2. Short form mah. 😛

    Er…. more correctly, it’s an iPod touch, as in… touch with a small letter t. 😦

  3. Google Single Screen UI for iTouch .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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