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It’s true. I have too much free time…. 😛

This is my custom Battery images for iPod touch & iPhone. It’s based on the default images except I added a fake numeric indicator and changed the biohazard fluid from def-defying sideway fill to a more proper horizontal fill.

There are two ways to install it.

Install directly into Springboard:

  • Download this zip, and copy (and overwrite) all 17 .png files into /System/Library/Core Services/
  • It’s not a bad idea to backup the original files first!

Install via Customize:

  • Download this zip, and copy the entire folder (“RGBattery”) into /Library/Customize/BatteryImages



  • To see the Battery, your iPod Sync cable must be plugged in to your Mac.


  1. You rock! I love it!

  2. sorry, but this is so ugly.

  3. first zip file is not accessable from your link. can u make it unprivate please.

  4. never mind just did the second one and it worked this is sweet.

  5. Sorry about that; I’ve fixed it.

  6. where do you meen by “system”? send the full link please

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