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3526448.pngI should write about taking screen shots.

The easy way to take a screen capture of your iPod touch is using the ScreenShot app by Robota Softwarehouse. Capturing the screen is just 1-click away. However, it can’t take snap the Music Player or screen where its Snap button is hidden from view.

To overcome these limitations, I use a command line utility by Erica Sadun. It’s wonderful. The only screen I still can’t capture is the Video Player.

A well written and illustrated guide to install and use the command-line app is available at Hack the iPhone.


  1. So Erica’s screen shot app works on the Touch? Thanks for letting me know.

    I’m doing my research – looking for potential downsides to hacking my touch.

  2. Oh yes, it definitely work. For me I’m also using Robota’s ScreenShot which occupies a folder named, Screenshot. So before I install Erica’s Screenshot, I renamed it to Snap first.

  3. When i ran the Screenshot program, my iPod kept freezing. So when I ran some piece of music, it froze going “and and and and and and and” etc. So the moment I could, i turned it off. But when i turned it on, it was stuck between the Apple logo and the Music app, like, switching between ’em. So EVENTUALLY, I managed to uninstall, and all was good. xD

  4. @Vanya

    Yah, ScreenShot is quite problematic. I prefer to use Erica Sudan’s version. It’s command-line only, and doesn’t name new captures incremently but it doesn’t mis-behaves.

    Give it a shot (no pun intended.) 🙂

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