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top10-0987.pngAllan sent me a congratutory email telling me the Blog is listed as one of the Blogs of the Day @ Big deal, I thought to myself until I found out it’s at number 10. And that’s out of over two millions blogs that is hosting! 10/2,038,417! Wow, that’s like pretty impressive!

Gee, I don’t now what to say except thanks everyone. It started out as little pet blog of mine because I was having problems finding out how to jailbreak on Mac OS X. I figured I’m not alone. I mean, c’mon, why is everything about jailbreaking the iPod touch written for Windows only? And the blog is born. I wanted it on my work blog but I’m already overwhelmed by the tedious task of maintaining it. Thanks to, all I do here is write and leave the dirty work to those nice folks. Today the blog “made it” and I’m sooooo glad I opted to let WordPress hosts it instead of hosting it myself.


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