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STE posted a warning on malicious repository:

The repository “Silver Repo”, with a maintainer of “Mikey”, a category of “Cool” and a URL of “” is malicious. Remove this Source from Installer as fast as you can.

Read the rest of the warning.

Edit: Owner of writes about the havoc one of the malicious app creates. I echo’s view that “… It is a shame to see that people in our community are set on causing problems for others, their actions are not admirable.” It’s especially a pity that parenting went wrong and the actions were done by a 11 year old kid.

Below are some screenshots.

UPDATE: It turns out this was a prank by an eleven year old boy of Lake Bluff, Il. STE has spoken to his daddy, and the repository will be taken down. Nevertheless, this highlights why Steve Job wanted to keep the iPod touch system closed. I guess the onus is on ourselves to make sure we are deligent and only add trust worthty installer source.

UPDATE (January 9, 2008): CNet picked up this news.



  1. wow i cant bealive it O_O what exactly this app do?

  2. Pablo, it inconvinence you… by deleting important files in your iPod touch, thereby making the iPod crash or become unresponsive. You’ll have to restore and jailbreak again.

  3. i dont have that source but thankyou for the advice and ill be carefull with the apps i´ll install

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