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Everybody wants to know if we can jailbreak 1.1.3. Well, as of now, the answer is no.

But I’m curious what’s in the update, and more importantly, if I can downgrade and jailbreak again. So I’m going to do the upgrade now and blog about it as I go along.

(13:00 Hours) Clicking Update sent the iPod touch through the update process. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. It went smoothly. After upgrading, I’m greeted by a new-look Home Screen. The Dock has a new background (that I like very much). It resembles the dock background of the iPhone but the perforated metal mesh is shinier. Nice. The big surprise, however, is all my music, videos, calendar and address book entries are intact. The sad thing is… of course the relatively empty Springboard. Installer is no where to be found. Yes, upgrading to 1.1.3 wipes out all your 3rd party apps. Confirmed. I looked everywhere but I can’t find the button for “Add to Home Screen“. Strange.

(13:30 hours) Okay, enough exploring in 1.1.3. I’m ready to downgrade back to version 1.1.1 in preparation for jailbrake. Wish me luck. 🙂

(13:32 hours) Hahahaha. It can’t be done. “The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1).” Oh boy, I wonder why? The iPod touch is in “Recovery Mode” screen even after powering it off and on again. Repeating the Option+Restore process just get me the same error. I’m betting it’s iTunes 7.6’s fault.

(13:48 hours) No, it’s not iTunes 7.6’s fault. I have another Mac that still runs on version 7.5. It also cannot restore the iPod touch to version 1.1.1. I’m so screwed. It looks like the firmware update 1.1.3 made some changes to the iPod touch itself such that it won’t take older firmware.

Gotta go scratch my head now. Poohoohoo.

Do not try this at home, nor at the beach! You have been warned.

(14:00 hours) I decided to restore version 1.1.2 firmware instead… and it’s also rejected! It’s obvious to me it’ll take firmware 1.1.3 only. sob.

(14:03 hours) I have restored my iPod touch to version 1.1.3 in factory original condition. It’s in jail again! Somebody jailbreak it! Please!


Related Post: My iPod touch has since been successfully downgraded to version 1.1.1 using the DFU Method.


  1. OK, wish I’d seen this 10 minutes ago! 😦

    Exactly the same results here, though I haven’t tried restoring with a different pre-7.6 mac yet, I might as well give it a go but expecting the same results.

    Cheers Apple.

  2. I think I got it.

    Start with iPod turned on, not in recovery mode, just at 1.1.3 home screen.

    Connect to mac, itunes is running.

    Now, enter DFU recovery mode by holding down power and home for exactly ten seconds (ignore the slider!), then release power, and after another ten seconds, release home. Screen is still blank.

    Alt-click restore, select 1.1.1 firmware file and we’re good to visit *phew*


  3. You’re so lucky, James. Most of us the 1.1.3 upgrade rendered the iPod touch refusing to accept previous firmware version.

  4. hey james, u sure your method is legit? i mean if it does, it sure going to help a lot of iphone/ipod users out there.


  5. What’s DFU mode? I’ve seen it on another post and wondering what it stands for…

  6. RupertGee – not Lucky, mine did the same as you until I followed the exact steps for DFU firmware.

    DFU = device firmware upgrade – I guess it’s the actual firmware on the device, rather than the whole OSX thing, like the firmware on a regular iPod.

    My guess is that this DF gets upgraded as part of 1.1.3, and then it’s that firmware that is responsible for blocking downgrades.

    However, apple still need a way to recover from a corrupted DF, so DFU recovery mode causes iTunes to “upgrade” the firmware from the 1.1.1 package that you select.

    So essentially, it’s a lower level recovery mode, signified by a blank screen rather than the ‘plug me in to itunes’ screen that you get.


  7. James, thanks for the more detailed explanation on DFU mode. It makes so much sense why this special method should work.

    However, after the first 10 seconds during the blank screen, I can tell that my iPod has been disconnected. It no longer is in iTunes, and my Growl notifier also issues a device disconnected message.

    After the second 10 seconds has lapsed, I can’t Option+Restore since my iPod is not showing in iTunes anymore.

    Did I miss a critical step to make sure the iPod remains connected during the DFU mode?


  8. James ignore my above comment.


    Let me get over my excitement first before I write out the instruction in details. I had missed one step earlier!

    Woo hoo!!!!

  9. It’s so satisfying to see the good old version 1.1.1 home screen with the reflection icons on the Dock!

  10. Glad you got it going! 🙂

    It’s even more satisfying to see the though, isn’t it!

    Perhaps someone running Windows can confirm the DFU restore method works too.

  11. This does NOT work for me no matter what i do. It completely erases everything but i still get an error when trying to downgrade. I dont understand 😦 There is another method using iPhuc but i dont understand the directions. Help?

  12. I have a mac, so the video on YouTube is of no use

  13. James, after many attempts watching youtube videos nothing came close to your paragraph. In short – YOUR AMAZING thank you, with no hassle it worked excellent I used itunes 7.6 and Vista only thing I will say it instead of using the restor eback up towards the end, i just set it up as new, I had my music all backed up in other files on desktop anyways. EXCELLENT THANK YOU!

  14. Check it. I downloaded firmware 1.1.2 and 1.1.1. NExt from version 1.1.3 I held the sleep and home button to put my ipod in recovery. I then held alt/option to let me choose which firmware i wanted. I then selected 1.1.2 and it worked. I repeated the steps to get to 1.1.1.

  15. Hi guys i have a strange problem
    i upgraded my phone to 1.1.3 with iNdependence on mac
    activated it and evem jailbroke it nd all
    but once it came on i couldent see installer.
    i went to
    nd wen i clicked install app snap
    i saw a blue question mark.
    could ne 1 help me out
    i need installer

  16. This happened to me right, what you do is when your ipod is in recovery mode, you press shift and click on restore on the ipod tab, YOU THEN select the 1.1.1 firmware you tried putting on before, if it still doesnt work,
    then download autodown off this link,
    Your ipod has to be in recovery mode!
    You unzip the folder then you click on down then a black box should come up press any key then it should autodown your ipod touch, then shift and click on restore on the ipod view of itunes, select your 1.1.1 and you’re done!!

  17. Same thing happened to me while I was trying to downgrade, Turns out that In had the IPHONE FIRMWARE instead of the IPODs. Downloaded the right one and jailbreaked the sucker.

  18. And in addition, the “feel” of starting the browser
    is a lot slower, etc, opening webpages and general browsing

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