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Jan 17 Update: Below is the so-called iPhuc Method to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1. Apparently it does not work on a Mac. The DFU Method, on the other hand, is a far superior, cross-platform, method that is easy to carry out. Find out more about the DFU Method here.

Barely hours have gone pass before someone figured out how to downgrade an iPod touch with firmware 1.1.3 (like mine) back to version 1.1.1.

Here’s the video proof.

From the video instructions, it’s not clear whether the method works in Mac OS X or not. I can’t test it out either because I can’t download a required zip file containing the hack. The iPodTouchMaster is hosting the hack in RapidShare! Argh!

(Jan 17 Update) No matter how hard I try the hack doesn’t work for my iPod touch. I keep getting a “Bus Error” before iphuc quits. Oh, if you substitue the enclosed iphuc with a Mac version, the hack does runs somewhat on OS X.


  1. Hey, uncle rupert, i dl the rs link already.
    Got msn ? I send you. I am still on 1.1.2

  2. Yo Van, thanks for saving the day. I don’t have MSN. Honest!

    Can you email to me please? My email is

    Thanks hor.

  3. Done! Check email

  4. Hi tried it and worked beautifully from the first time! Thx RupertGee

  5. Also check my comment on your previous post – much easier way to do it guys, less hoops to jump through and no downloads required.

  6. I downloaded the file…looks like it only works on that other operating system…Windows. Sigh

  7. I upgraded to the free 1.1.3 update, and I sucessfully downgraded it to 1.1.1 be putting it into DFU mode. Mind you it took a while to put it into DFU mode (I had to resort to using a CLI tool)

  8. anyone know who to downgrade for a mac???

  9. This is really great but I get stuck with iphuc cause for some reason when I type the second command filecopytophone WTF.s5 etc. it just says no such command ‘filecopytophone’. Anyone got any help?

  10. Newfie, rupert is trying it now i guess.

  11. Van, I’ve been trying hard but no luck. I get a “Bus Error” before iPhuc quits. 😦

  12. Nik, when you get to that point it say “no such command”, simply quit and re-run iphuc (don’t disconnect the cable). The second run should put it in recovery mode and the command will be available.

  13. Hey Rupert,

    Are you trying this in Mac Os X?
    I cant seem to get around it…

  14. hey, if you visit the youtube link, you can get the link to the zip file hosted in ipodtouchmaster site.

    so no more rs.


  15. hey rupert,
    thanks for your help. i’m trying with a Mac as well and i’m getting the same “Bus Error”.
    actually couldn’t even get it to “enterrecovery” through IPHUC for mac. had to manually do it (hold down home button, etc).
    please let us know if we can get the hack through IPHUC for mac.
    or can i just track down a PC and downgrade that way and then bring it back to my mac…?

  16. Oh yes niNO, I’m on a Mac. Did you use the Mac version of iphuc? Some Mac users report success but I somehow just can’t get it done.

  17. does anybody else get 1403 error at restore, In Ipuc I type enterrecovery the a big list pops up then itunes opens, every command something hapeens buts its different. Do you unzip the 1.1.1 file?

  18. FTn, use the following method instead if you wanna.

  19. can’t wait to try the new method. i was using the mac version of IPHUC but still getting the same message. hopefully i won’t need to worry about it.

  20. where can i find the 1.1.3 downgrade file?
    plz help thx

  21. Danny, here’s the direct download link to 1.1.3 firmware file… but why do you want it…?

  22. I got all the stuff for downgrading my ipod 1.1.3 (which originaly was 1.1.1 – i mucked up nd had to restore =[) when i open up iphuc all i get is….

    Last login: Fri Jan 18 20:38:53 on ttyp1
    Welcome to Darwin!
    (my name)-computer:~ (myname)$

    “open iphuc.exe (If you’re on a Mac, open Terminal and navigate to the folder you extracted this in, then execute ./iphuc), then issue the following:
    enterrecovery ” how do i do this?? then i can enter things like ‘enterrecovery’……sumone pls help 😦

  23. Alexa, this iPhuc method has low success rate for Mac user. But if you want to try it, you’ll need the mac version of IPHUC, (iphuc.exe is for Windows only). Then simply double-click on IPHUC to launch (or right-click to manually open the

    After that, type “enterrecovery”. Then quit Terminal (Option+Q). Relaunch Terminal, and type the next command, which if I recall correctly, is “filecopytophone” followed by a long filename, as outlined in the instruction.

    Good luck!

    Alternatively, most Mac user is now using the DFU Method. It’s a piece of cake to do it and has a 100% success rate if you follow the instructions correctly.

  24. How do u get Nes Roms
    ive been on youtube but they dont use macs to do it and the markmon.mine… link doesnt work anymore please help

  25. I did it before and had the entire Donkey Kong series. I’ve since forgotten where to get the ROM. Google them, chriS.

  26. It always says “no such command: filecopytophone” after I enter the WTF on iPhuc. I took your advise and quit multiple times but nothing seems to be different… help?

  27. Stephanie

    Forget that iPhuc thing; you can jailbreak 1.1.3 directly already!

  28. Hey rupert i downloaded the stuff on a window xp but it says that i cant open it help

  29. what file do i open in rapidshare

  30. @rof

    What RapidShare?

    Anyway, please scroll all the way back to the top and read the Jan 17 Update box.

  31. @AZNsquad

    I don’t do windows and So I can’t help you.

  32. yo, umm i have a ipod touch with the version 1.1.3 and i found out about hacks for ipod (jailbreak, i know how to do DFU and all but when i select the Firmware 1.1.1 file it says “unkown error 1403”. i am using a PC with windows XP, any ideas how to jailbreak it back to 1.1.1 version?

    thankyou for your help.

  33. @aj

    Check to make 100% sure that the 1.1.1 firmware file is 157,906,686 bytes in size. Otherwise re-download it properly and everything will be cool.

  34. hey guys, does anoyone know where i can get the hack file from? i cant figure it out..

  35. I jailbroke my Ipod touch 1.1.3 using the same method as a 1.1.2. Just download 1.1.1 firmware 1.1.2 firmware and the jaibreak download. Follow the steps and vwalla. Nothing tricy. All you need to do is get your ipod to 1.1.1 jailbreak it with install oktoprep update to 1.1.2 then install jailbreak download and your good to go.

  36. Just finished jailbreaking my ipod touch 1.1.4! Just wanted to forward my thanks and tell you how grateful i am…spend almost a whole day trying to find a proper jailbreak method , seemed like it was either little children or random blokes who had broken a bunch of dudes’ ipods. Thanks agian for the easy-to-use tutorial on your blog/youtube

  37. BTW, I managed to do the jailbreak without IPhuc as when I tried it, it either messed up (after typing the recovery command, all it did was spit back a random statement like recover mode 8582 or recover mode 0) or something of the like.. therefore just used the manual recovery mode on the ipod, and proceeded from there with the rest of the procedure you showed

  38. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info.

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