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Google posted a warning message with regards to Mobile Mail’s behaviour after updating the iPod touch’s firmware to version 1.1.3.

Essentially, if you have setup your Mail to access Gmail as pop mail, updating the firmware automatically convert your Gmail accounts to IMAP mail. This spells disaster for unknowing users, who might delete their email from their iPod touch, thinking a copy will still be in Google’s mail server. That’s the case for pop mail. But for iMAP mails, it mirrors the server’s copy with your iPod touch’s copy. Once you delete an email from your iPod touch, it’s gone forever from Google’s server as well.

My suggestion is you convert your pop Gmail to IMAP Gmail now. Learn how to use IMAP mail, so you are not caught with your pants down. IMAP is the superior email protocol and standard to use. Pop mail is so obsolete anyways.

(Jan 18 Update) Hey peeps, be sure to read MacGuru’s excellent tip on how to map your iPod Touch folders to Gmail IMAP folders. That’s the right way to use IMAP Gmail in your iPod touch (and your OS X’s too.)

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  1. Don’t forget to configure the iPod Touch’s Mail IMAP settings to match Gmail’s web folders as well for best results.

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