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Little details has emerged at this time but little birds are saying Apple will give you the 5 Apps for free if you bought your iPod touch after December 27, 2007.

So hold on to your horses if you qualify and intended to pay $20USD for them.


  1. Hey rupert,

    Where did you hear that? Well, thats good for me 🙂 i bought it after Dec 27. !

  2. Makes no difference to us eh?

    Does mine even qualify? I collected my iPod Touch at the SingPost (I signed up for SNBB though 😛 ) on the 29th. Does that even count?

    But yeah, it wouldn’t bother me that much anyway…


  3. As far as I know, the rumored free giveaway has one restriction — you must bought the iPod touch online, or at an Apple Store.

    Collecting yours from the Kallang post office definitely doesn’t qualify.


  4. Damns.

    I’ve been cheated by SingNet!


  5. Great, I bought it on dec. 24th, will have to wait for the 1.1.3 jailbreak.

  6. that is great news. and now the touch comes in 32GB too.

  7. What kind of the apps were they?

  8. Mail, weather, notes, maps and stocks.

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