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Feb 6, 2008 Update: If you are looking for a complete guide to jailbreak your iPod touch, be it running version 1.1.3, 1.1.2, or 1.1.1 firmware, you’ll want to read this guide that uses the highly recommended Official Dev Team method with a Conceited Software GUI Installer Package. It’s the right jailbreak method. It’s the best method. It’s the only guide you need.

Here’s the world’s easiest method to downgrade your iPod touch from 1.1.3 back to 1.1.1, as first reported by our blog reader, James.

  1. Connect your iPod touch to your running iTunes (version 7.5 is preferred). Make sure it shows up in iTunes.
  2. Make sure your iPod is showing its 1.1.3 home screen (it’s not in Recovery Mode.)
  3. Put the iPod touch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode as follows:
    • Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons.
    • Release the Power button when you see the iPod disconnects and disappears from iTunes. This takes place in about 10 seconds. The iPod’s screen is blank.
    • Release the Home button when you see the iPod re-connects and re-appears in iTunes. Again this happens in about 10 seconds. The screen is still blank until the iPod reconnects you start the actual restore process.


You are ready to restore your iPod touch to version 1.1.1, and if you are using iTunes 7.5, further upgrade it to version 1.1.2.


To use iTunes 7.5 or 7.6? Both versions will get your iPod touch downgraded to firmware 1.1.1. However, version 7.6 breaks the “OktoPrep” hack. That means your iPod touch can only be jailbroken to version 1.1.1 after you installed AppSnap. iTunes version 7.5 is therefore preferred as it does not interfere with “OktoPrep” and you will be able to upgrade to version 1.1.2 firmware. Thanks to Berzerker for this tip!

Woo hoo! I like to express my gratitude to James for his comment post on this DFU Method. I had earlier ignored it as I misread his instructions but he persisted to tell us it works. So frustrated with every other methods on the internet, I re-read his instruction carefully, and lo and behold, the rainbow was right here in James’ post all along!

Thank you James!

Please spread the words….

Anyone doing a YouTube video on this? Don’t. πŸ™‚

If you have HardwareGrowler for Growl Notifier in your Mac OS X, knowing when to release the buttons couldn’t be easier! Growl notifies you about the disconnection and subsequent reconnection instantaneously. Just release the Power and Home buttons respectively when Growl notifies. Sweet. πŸ™‚

I’ve repeated this method twice so far on my own iPod touch, and once on a friend’s. The method works every time. If it doesn’t work for you, you didn’t execute the button release sequence correctly.

Be sure to Option+Update (instead of Option+Restore) during jailbreaking/upgrading from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2. It’s Option+Restore 1.1.1, but Option+Update 1.1.2.


  1. This mettod dont work on my ipod touch 😦
    But the mettod using iphuc works well πŸ™‚


  2. This method rocks!!!

    I’m in the process of jailbreaking now.

    Thanks everyone!

    Really appreciate it.

    I was sad with my jailed 1.1.3 ipod. No more!!!!

  3. I tried the iphuc method. It doesn’t work in Mac.

    This one works. Just make sure you Option+Upgrade instead of Option+Restore from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2.

    Thank you.

  4. DFU mode? Sounds like the Force Restore mode to me. But hey, kinda enlightening to hear that it’s possible to downgrade using the good ol’ force restore mode.

    I learned about the force restore mode while figuring out how to jailbreak my 1.1.2 ipod touch though.

    Cheers from Singapore!

  5. hey bro, when you say “until you see the iPod reconnects and appear once again in iTunes during the next 10 seconds or so” does it means that it will go to a screen where there’s the itunes logo with a dock connector? or will it be a blank screen like what james said?

  6. Yo dermapthera!

    Yah, the screen is blank throughout. The Recovery Mode screen never appear.


  7. You guys rocks!!!

  8. I felt so lost in jailed 1.1.3. I needed my emails on the go.

    It’s wonderful to be able to downgrade and jailbreak once again. Thanks Rupert and James! You guys saved my day!

  9. YES!, Thank you all. I’ve managed to downgrade and now in the process of jailbreaking it again:)

    Very happy… and Greetings from Canada… I’ll be visiting Singapore next week so I might pass one of you on the streets unknowingly:)

  10. Hey all!

    Glad my little tip has helped a few people out.

    Thanks of course to Rupert for writing it out somewhat more eloquently as well πŸ™‚

  11. sorry to post this, but i couldn’t get it to work with my Mac! i can get it in DFU mode. and i try to follow the timed release button part. one step i’m unsure about: once i see that the ipod is no longer registering with itunes, do i wait 10 seconds to release the power button, or do i do it within the first 10 seconds.

    i seemed to have tried both, but neither worked. and then when clicking restore, i put the Option button on a mac (not control or the apple key button?).

    and the restore button to click is the one in itunes correct? not the one in the pop up box?

    it seems others have gotten it to work, so i must just be doing something wrong. please help. thanks!

  12. i’m running Leopard and itunes 7.6, if that matters

  13. Jeremy, let go the Power button when you see your iPod disconnects from iTunes. Let go the Home button when you see it re-connects about 10 seconds later. iTunes 7.6 is fine.

    Good luck!

  14. Yo niNO, there’s a “MRT Schedule” of Singapore in the Installer (Misc category) that might be helpful to you. That’s our “TTC” guide. I’m a 1988 graduate of UT! πŸ™‚

  15. thanks i have been working on this all day found this and “BOOM” , i feel alot better ta

  16. Thanx so much you guys, this was the golden egg, the needle in the haystack

  17. Thanks James great help works perfectly again with the jailbreak =D

  18. Does anyone knows if it works on a PC, or for the iPhone?


  19. Be warned that if you want to upgrade to jailbroken 1.1.2, you need iTunes 7.5. iTunes 7.6 will undo OkToPrep and thus will screw up the 1.1.2 jailbreaking process.

  20. All along I was using iTunes 7.5 and didn’t know about version 7.6’s effect on “OktoPrep”. I tried it out and it’s true. Using 7.6 I can’t upgrade to firmware 1.1.2!

    Thank you Berzeker for this tip! I’ve updated the post to reflect this important info.


  21. Wow. Didn’t know even the programs have an effect? I can smell “old versions” beginning to spread very soon…

  22. HI! I am actually someone who is thinking of buying an ipod touch. Anyone knows if i buy one, that is 1.1.3, then is it possible for me to downgrade and then install jailbreak??

  23. I cannot make it work your method. perhaps i did something wrong.

  24. Does anyone know if it’s possible to download iTunes 7.5 if you have 7.6 installed?

  25. The problem is actually not in the versions of iTunes but in the iTunes Library.

    I managed to downgrade to 7.5 (widely downloadable on the net) but the iTunes Library seems to have been stamped with the 7.6 version and will refuse to work with the 7.5, barring access to your music.
    In fact 7.5 failed to open all together since it wont sync with the Library.

    I had to revert back to 7.6 in the end.

    I hope this info helps.

  26. nino, had the same problem with downgrading itunes to 7.5. through the help of Time Machine on Mac, i recovered 7.5, but it wouldn’t let me open it, citing a Music Library issue. I think I was able to successfully downgrade earlier from .6 to .5, but when i tried it yesterday, no dice.

    i’m still having problems with this 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 downgrade and thought downgrading iTunes would help.

    so as i stand, i’m still stuck on 1.1.3. rats!

  27. Hey,

    Yeah, 7.6 wouldn’t let you downgrade to 7.5 anymore.

    Regarding your 1.1.3 downgrade issue:
    did you check here?:

    ping me if you need help. It’s a no brainer really..

    In my case, iTunes 7.6 only gave me problems at the very end of the jailbreaking process, although it is probably better if you can get a friend’s computer which still has iTunes 7.5 on it and do the whole jailbreaking
    process there.

  28. this is the best way by the way its not force restore its a little different

  29. Hi Rupert,

    I’am still having the same problem as i had before i dont know why but it keeps on saying error (1)… any ideas of what i am doing bad?

  30. Jeremy, don’t despair. You can use iTunes version 7.6 to downgrade to firmware 1.1.1. Then go to to AppSnapp it. That will get you the all important Installer. Stay put at version 1.1.1. Your iPod touch is already jailbroken at this point! It’s just not running version 1.1.2 firmware, which is the case for many people. I had, at one point, stuck at jailbroken 1.1.1 too and every app I enjoyed in 1.1.2 previously are running just fine in 1.1.1.

  31. Jonathan, you didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Try it again. Knowing when to release which buttons is they key to success. I’ve done it so many times I probably can do it with one eyes closed. πŸ™‚

  32. Hey niNO, here’s a thought. Why not backup your iTunes library files first and delete them from your harddrive. iTunes 7.5 should then create a new, empty library when you launch it thinking it’s your first time using iTunes. Upgrade your iPod using 7.5… and when all’s done and well, restore your original library files and use 7.6 on it.

  33. my ipod icon does not re-appear

  34. Try again, and make sure you continue to hold the Home button after the iPod disappear.

  35. ok i used firefox webbrowser to download
    what ur suppose to download buet it still extracts the files like safari

  36. Hmm… ChrisR, try again but this time right-click and choose “Save Link As …” from the pop-up menu.

  37. Thank you sooooo much! i hated 1.1.3 this is a big help

  38. got an incorrect sim error when trying to downgrade my iphone, had to go back to 1.1.3

  39. thanks rupert your da best!!!! thank you sooooooo much!!!!

  40. Works great thanks again!!

  41. θΏ™ζ–Ήζ³•ε―ηœŸζ£’οΌζ„Ÿθ°’δ½ δ»¬οΌ

  42. Thank you RupertGee, I upgraded my 1.1.1 touch to 1.1.3 for fun & I managed to downgrade it back again. Hope someone could jailbreak 1.1.3 soon!

    Cheers from Singapore! πŸ™‚

  43. it worked! thanks so much.

  44. Mac γ§γ‚‚ζˆεŠŸγ—γΎγ—γŸγ€‚

  45. i tried everything including iphuc and only this simple method worked, YOU RULE. I’m tellin all my friends to do this thnx

  46. can u safely upgrade to 1.1.2 and still keep ur ipod jailbroken??

  47. hey i upgraded my ipod and also bought the january update because i thought i couldn’t downgrade

    can i still downgrade it this way even though i have the january update???

    also the shift method doesn’t work on macs so how do you do that???

  48. When I did this all in my summary it says capacity n/a, software version n/a and serial number n/a is that normal. Also when i tried to turn on my iPod touch it doesnt.

  49. That’s abnormal, wilson. The downgrading does not change any functionality to the iPod touch. It works as per usual. Before you re-restore, reboot your iPod touch and your Mac to see if that helps.

  50. Peter, the downgrade works too even if you have the January Update. BUT your Jan Update apps will be wiped clean! Please find out (from elsewhere like how to backup your purchase first before you downgrade, ok?

    What Shift key? Option key it, dude. That Shift thingy is for PC only.

  51. With iTunes 7.5, chris, you can. Mine is a jailbroken 1.1.2. Read Checklist point 3.

  52. is there any way to get back to 7.5

  53. oooooook i am kind of freaking out. I might have just screwed myself over.
    so i followed these instructions and i just did the shift+restore. (I’m a PC user obviously) BUT NOW I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. please don’t tell me i should have backed seomething up before i started!!!

  54. Hey Rupert,

    your idea of backing up the iTunes library before downgrading to 7.5 actually works, but it took me a while to back up all the content of my library:)

    so @ Chris: as suggested in the posts above, first back up your iTunes content before attempting to downgrade to 7.5

  55. Works great thanks again!!

  56. Well, I’ve gotten to the lat step…and after the last Jailbreak it won’t restart. I’m using 7.6 and I’ve tried 7.5 but it wouldn’t even show the Ipod in menu. What am I doing wrong?

  57. No, no, Nino,you didn’t have to back up everything; just the files in the iTunes Library Folder. You can ignore the sub-folders. I think I better list out the files to backup. πŸ™‚

    iTunes Library.xml
    iTunes Library
    iTunes Music Library.xml
    iPod Games Library
    iPod Games Library.itl

    You might not have the last two.

  58. Colden, now that you have successfully break out of 1.1.3, just do the jailbreaking from 1.1.1 afresh in whatever manner you previously used.

  59. Emily, “everything” is gone for sure. Each time you hit the “Restore” button, your iPod will be restored to factory original condition, and that means no music nor videos. 😦

    Anyhoo, you next step is to jailbreak your iPod touch. Follow this instructions.

  60. I am trying to downgrade, but my iPhuc isn’t working! It says that there is no program to open it with.

    How do I fix this?

    Why, oh why did I have to upgrade?

  61. Sam, try the method outlined here instead?

  62. well, I can get to the restore screen and then follow the link to download the 1.1.1 software (which I have already downloaded 3 or 4 times since it is not working)…because once I have it downloaded, it does not save as a .zip file. I don’t know if this is because I have a Mac, but the file saves as a regular folder and I cannot extract. That seems to be the great divide now!

  63. Sam

    Why were you expecting a zip file? Use Firefox and do a “Save link as …” from the right-click menu, and just save the file, as is, on your Desktop. Do not attempt to extract it or rename it. As downloaded, the file is named:


    Leave it as is.

  64. wow man thanks a bunch been messing with a ton of guides all day, didn’t realize it mattered how you held down the button!

    Thanks again!

  65. Woo! Got it working! 1.1.2 JBed! Thanks everyone!

  66. Ah. I just did that…it says that it was extracting software, and I was very excited. But then, at the end, it said “The iPod ‘iPod’ could not be restored. (1)” and then my iPod disappears in my iTunes and I am scared to disconnect it, because I don’t know if it will mess the iPod up or not.

    my goodness, I am so sorry for causing so much trouble! I would just really like this to work. It is so simple, I don’t know why it isn’t working.

  67. Rupert ive downloaded the link thanks!!!
    but do u really need the okteprep

  68. the okteprep from the installer to upgrade to 1.1.2

  69. forget my early comments…
    how do i update to 1.1.2 since the 1.1.3 i dont have a choice i can either update to 1.1.3 or stay at .1

  70. where do i get the 1.1.2 software for itoucht

  71. Wooooo HOOOOO thanks alot for this tutorial you have just enable my useless well almost useless touch to run all the appz !!!

  72. Hey Chris,
    on this page, under step 2 you will find the link to dl version 1.1.2 follow the instructions there and make sure you use firefox to download it:

    good luck!

  73. Question, Will we ever be able to upgrade itunes after this?

  74. hi. when i release the power button once my ipod disappears, i hold on to the home button until my ipod reappears. when it reapears a link comes up saying that i have to restore my ipod. what do i do?

  75. after i do the first stop my ipod disappears, i then let go of the power button. i hold on to the home button until my ipod reappears. when it reapears a link comes up saying that i have to restore my ipod. what do i do?

  76. thank you thank you .. this actually works.. i was originally using all that ipuc crap and i could never get it.. thank you rupert

  77. Just like to say…

    A huge thanks to you. Worked perfectly with easy to follow instructions..

    Many Thanks Ryan

  78. frankx and confusedd,

    Both of you have successfully made enabled the DFU mode and is ready to restore your iPod touch firmware back down to version 1.1.1. You’ll need to download the old firmware file from Apple and install it. The instructions to do so is in this post. After that is done, proceed to step 1 of this post to jailbreak your iPod touch. That’s it.

  79. thank you soo much this method works im in the process of jailbreaking

  80. thank you very much…. it worked really well.

  81. do I need oktoprepvwhen I jailbreak?

  82. sorry about the v between oktoprep and when

  83. Anthony, OktoPrep is required in Step 2 of this post, but perform Step 2 if and only if your iTunes is Version 7.5.

  84. hi guys , im on itunes 7.5 on PC, and trying to downgrade to ver 1.1.1 on my 1.1.3 version ipod touch, I bought it around christmas time so it came out of the box with ver 1.1.2, and i cant downgrade to 1.1.1,
    I do the shift+restore then restoring the firmware but it ends up with
    error (1) or error(5).. please help me

    kind regards Dan.M

    P.S Ive tried it on two different computer ,neither work, same errors Please help.

  85. please note I had completed all the steps properly following up to the errors

  86. danm… it sounds like you didn’t perform and enter the DFU mode first. You cannot just Shift+Restore. Go into the DFU Mode first. Re-read this tutorial again right from the begining, making sure you see your iPod connected in your iTunes. Don’t skip any steps.

    You are lucky you still have iTunes 7.5!

  87. i followed the instructions and when i release home when it re-appears my itunes says i need to restore it and the itouch screen never comes back?

  88. Casper, don’t worry about that. The iPod touch’s screen does stay blank even at that stage. Just proceed with the restore process and once that starts, the screen will come alive again. It’s normal.

  89. Hey guys!!!
    I think I screwed the process. Before reading this blog, I upgrated Itunes to 7.6, then tried to jailbreak my iphone 1.1.3 and didnt work. but I was in the Safari stage, I was able to surf the net but couldnt quite jailbreak… Anyway, I restore my iphone with Itunes 7.6.. and no matter what i do, it doesnt let me get into safari as before (using the *#307# method).. it just go straight to the emergency screen.
    I tried to go follow the process as suggested here but doesnt work for me at all…
    Any idea what I can do now??
    Thanks for reading

  90. Hi Oscar

    I’m totally clueless about iPhone. This guide is for iPod touch only. I really don’t know if the method outlined here works on the iPhone at all.

    If I own an iPhone, I will look up how to downgrade and jailbreak it at . There’s a sticky post on “1.1.3 Downgrading Tutorial”. You probably want to read that.

  91. Hello,
    I managed to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 but then tried to go up to 1.1.2 but it screwed up because i have iTunes 6.7 7.6 installed. I had to restore it back to 1.1.3 but now i cant get it to go back to 1.1.1, when im trying to press Power and Home button it’s turning off but then when i leave go of the power button it wont wont come back on back on when i keep the home button pressed! Any ideas?

  92. Kenny, I’ve read about this before. It seems rebooting both your Mac and your iPod touch resolves the issue. Give it a try.

  93. This is indeed the easiest method. THANKS!

  94. When I try to downgrade, it says that I need to restore to the default settings and it will automaticly update to 1.1.3 but I don’t want that. Please help.

  95. No, I need to know how to get my 1.1.3 version to 1.1.1 because it isn’t working for me.

  96. Hi, i have tried to downgrade my itouch for 3 days, and nothing. Always appears a error message. I have uninstalled 7.6 and reinstall itunes 7.5 in my mac but this doesn’t recognize the ipod with 1.1.3, it doesn’t appears in the itunes screen. Someone knows what is wrong? When i re install itunes 7.6, it appears immediately on screen…. Thanks in advance

  97. Yeah, no luck here either.

    It’ll get to about 3 quarters done with restoring 1.1.1, and then it’ll fail with Restore error (6)

    same error on my other mac with iTunes 7.4


  98. Same here!

  99. thx, man, it’s an easy& pretty good way

  100. Beau… I know the iPod touch’s minimum requirement is iTunes 7.4, but who knows… jailbreaking it may need at least 7.5? If all else fail, upgrade your iTunes to 7.5 (do NOT upgrade to 7.6.)

  101. Ivan… downgrading iTunes from 7.6 to 7.5 is not a simple matter of re-installing iTunes. The file structure of iTunes’ library has changed in 7.6, and done automatically. When you downgrade, did you undo the changes to the library files? I bet not, right?

    Until someone figure out exactly how to downgrade completely, consider jailbreaking up to 1.1.1 only, using iTunes 7.6.

  102. Anthony, please tell me exactly at which step did you encounter that problem. It’s hard for me to guess.

  103. Works beautifully. Thank you πŸ˜€

  104. Yeah, I’ve tried on a clean install with 7.5 as well. This is really starting to annoy me 😦

  105. Okay. I held down the home and power button. Then I let go of the power button when my iPod disapeared. I kept holding down the home button until this little loading box came up and it went to my iPod screen. Then it told me I had to restore so I pressed restore. Then it said it will restore and then upgrade to the latest version but I only want version 1.1.1. That is what my problem is.

    (P.S. I’m using iTunes 7.6 if it matters.)

  106. ^ Anthony, you need to have acquired the 1.1.1 firmware prior to this process. Then you alt+click the “Restore” button, and select the 1.1.1 file downloaded.

    Rupert, I have tried this process a couple times to no avail.
    After entering DFU mode, the iPod remains blank with no “Connect to iTunes” screen.
    Then I realized that I was using a different build (3A109a).
    Could this be an issue? Downloading build 3A110a (the one you linked to in your other post) now.

  107. im having the same problem. after it restores it just upgrades to 1.1.3

  108. [UPDATE]
    That did it. Using build 3A110a, I was able to downgrade to 1.1.1!
    Perhaps some of your other readers are like me and found your article after they were unsuccessful with the write-up over at TUAW, which points readers to build 3A109a.

    Thanks for the guide, Rupert.
    Now to downgrading iTunes 7.6…

  109. Beau,

    Clean installed? Excellent! My suggestion is this. Launch iTunes and just restore your iPod touch to factory condition. Let iTunes do it for you. Don’t attempt to jailbreak or anything.

    Surely that’s do-able. Otherwise, call Apple support and get your iPod touch replaced. However, I’m pretty sure the restoration will be a success.

    After that, carefully go through this tutorial again. It will work. So many people are glad they did it with this tutorial. If it still doesn’t work on your clean installed Mac, you didn’t follow or misunderstood the procedure. πŸ™‚ In that case, just tell me exactly at which step you run into problem, ok? I’d be glad to help if you pin point your steps.

    Good luck.

  110. Thank you Taylor for pointing out the different builds. I didn’t realise there’re different ones. I’ll look into them and see how I can update the relevant tutorials.




  112. well, I erased the clean partition the other day after this didnt work πŸ˜›
    So today I decided to download the update through curl. And, it turns out that the previous file was slightly larger.

    So, all good so far!

    Boot into DFU – check.
    Option-click restore in iTunes (7.6 – Leopard), check =]

    And then, hurrah.
    It goes to the ‘Preparing iPod for Restore’ screen.
    wait… wait… 5 minutes go by.
    No good. Comes up with error (1604).

    And so, restore back to 1.1.3 perfectly. =/

    And no, I wouldnt be able to get it replaced, because well, there’s nothing wrong with it. I just can’t downgrade to an earlier FW version. And I dont think they’d replace it for that reason!

  113. Sir i also get error 1403 when i try to restore my iphone to 1.1.1 what should i do to solve this problem ??????

  114. Hi! I get to having my iPod disappear from the sidebar, but once I click and hold the home button, nothing happens. I’ve waited for 5 minutes, and still nothing. As described above, I’ve tried rebooting, even uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, but no luck. Any help?

  115. Hey ryanmct, you are suppose to click and hold both buttons to start, then release them one by one accordingly. Re-read the instructions carefully. It’s very easy!

  116. Hey, im doing what its saying up there but i keep getting an error it says ipod cant be restored unknown error occurd[-11]
    Whats wrong?? im going crazy with this ty for help

  117. THANK U

  118. Hello everybody!

    If you’re still having problems downgrading/jailbreaking to 1.1.2, you’ll want to jailbreak all the way to version 1.1.3 now.

    Details below!

  119. grrr i have done this method sooo many times

    i held both home and power then let go of power hwen it diapeared from itunes.
    held it for 10 seconds (ipod is blank)
    itunes recognises it and asks me to restore it
    i held the shift and clicked the restore button and slected firmware 1.1.1
    software extracts then…

    i get this annoying resotre error [1]

    im doing this on vista itunes 7.5

    can anyone please help me, i do not undestand the iphuc way at all. and this way seems to be so simple but doesnt work

  120. You think the devs are working on a way to get OKtoPrep to work on iTunes 7.6? I honestly don’t want to go thru my troubles to get 7.5 and then only for it to crash…

  121. I’ve used this method twice now and its great! thank you!

  122. James, Rupert. I love you.

  123. i still want to know about if this works on pc i have a mac but my girlfriend dont and about the other problem i talk before i think is better to restar her ipod

  124. i’ve downgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 then upgrade with opktorep to 1.1.2 in itunes 7.6 and then jailbreak to 1.1.3 with no problem… itunes 7.6 can do it, at least with a clean fresh ipod touch with no media or settings on it

  125. Dani,

    I can’t replicate that on my Mac with iTunes 7.6. Sigh.

  126. Pablo, this method works on PC too.

  127. I did the restore, and I jailbroke to 1.1.1, but now when I downgraded to iTunes 7.5, it doesn’t even recognize my ipod. I downgraded my ipod with iTunes 7.6 and then changed to 7.5 to upgrade it again, but now my ipod doesn’t show up… please help

  128. Hi, I Have Had An Ipod Touch For Some Time Now And Have Upgraded my 1.1.2 ipod to 1.1.3 And Have Bought The January New Software, Does Anybody Know If I Downgrade my ipod will my new software be Gone!!?? Thanks, Dean

  129. I’m getting the same error as someone else has mentioned. I keep getting error(1) ?
    I know I have done the button sequence correctly, but it still gives me this crap. Please help!

  130. OMG It WORKED! Whoa shit, thank you! (i must have done something wrong after all) You guys are great!

  131. hey i have been having problems trying to downgrade from the start. When i tryed this i followed all of the instructions but it came up saying The iPod “iPod” could not be restored. an unknown error occured (-12)
    do u know what could be going on? i then have to prcede by going into recovery mode and restore to factory settings. can u help

  132. YES! Thank you so much! I have tried a hundred methods and this is the only one that worked. Thanks so much!!!

    3rd party apps here i come πŸ˜€

  133. Mark, sometimes a simplew reboot solves the problem.

  134. Dean, I have not come across any confirmation. So I’ll hold on to jailbreaking your iPod if I were you.

  135. So what’s your iPod’s formware version now, jjkjr?

  136. hi!

    there’s an easier/more reliable way to enter DFU mode, based on my experience jailbraking an iPhone… I assume same will be true for the iPod Touch.

    the method you describe works, but is very finicky, often requiring many trials before it works, it seems.

    but following method works every time and is quick to do…

    see here:

    in summary, quoting from above link:
    Turn off your iPhone – once it’s turned off, press and hold the “Home” button and THEN plug the iPhone into your Mac or PC. Keep holding the “Home” button until you see a yellow triangle and text which says “Please Connect to iTunes”. You can now release the button. Open iTunes (if it’s not already open) and you will be told that “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”.

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    BB, the method simply won’t work on an iPod touch; it’s good for iPhone only. Both devices may be similar in many ways but the underlying hardware is different enough that many tricks don’t cross apply.

  137. hey thx for this man it realy works and is so simple πŸ™‚ just so you know itunes 7.6 on M$ windows doesn’t break OktoPrep when you do this. thx πŸ™‚

  138. Um my iPod doesn’t turn back on after I release the power button. I don’t quite frankly understand how it could if I don’t press the power button. Please help so I can do step 3.

  139. never mind got it thanks!

  140. this definitely fixed the “Unknown Error (1)” when trying to downgrade. Thanks

  141. okay guys i have found out hot to downgrade to itunes 7.5. first delete 7.6 and move the itunes folder (the one with your music in it, i moved it to the desktop) then download 7.5 and a program called pacifist,, use this program to open the 7.5 installer and it will replace everything and allow you to open your ipod under itunes 7.5, i did this last night and successfully downgraded two ipods to 1.1.1 and jailbroke all the way throught 1.1.2 to 1.1.3.

  142. @Closey

    Thanks for the tip.

    You overlooked one important aspect. The newly downgraded iTunes 7.5 has no content. We can’t move the music folder back as it’s not compatible with 7.5. Thus, after jailbreaking, we’ll have to upgrade to iTunes 7.6 again. It’s then that we can move back the iTunes folder, and enjoy our tunes like before.

  143. Ey! when i try to downgrade via itunes with shift + recrate or something like that it says Ipod error error occured (1) wtf is that and how do i fix that? πŸ™‚ plz give me a little understandfull instuct πŸ™‚ thx !

  144. Comment to Closey and RupertGee,
    I downgraded to itunes 7.5 on my mac via your advice. Only, now my itunes 7.5 does not recognize my ipod touch…no matter what firmware version my ipod is on. Is there something I can do to make itunes sync with my ipod so that I can further jailbreak it? Thanks in advance for your advice on how to jailbreak via mac.

    P.S. I did not use the pacifist program to install itunes 7.5, but that shouldn’t really matter should it???

  145. @TP,

    That happened to me once or twice before. All I did was quit iTunes and re-launch it and the iPod touch came right back.

    You could try rebooting your Mac and/or iPod touch too.

  146. im having serious issues getting my touch to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 everytime i try to load the 1.1.1 firmware it gives me unknown error (1)
    i also tried going back to 1.1.2 with same results
    ive tried this in itunes 7.4 7.5 and 7.6 is there something im missing or is my touch perma locked till next patch
    ps does the fact i have the software pack installed make a difference

  147. OMG thank you sooo much ive been up since 12 o clock and its now 6 A.M. fuckin workin on this shit thanks alot your a lifesaver

  148. @JoeyIgnorant

    Error 1 is common until we discovered this world’s easiest method.

    You sure you followed its step exactly?

  149. @D-roc

    Pleasue’s all mine. Hope you have a good rest. Now go enjoy your new iPod touch.

  150. TOP MAN.

    tried everything, had it to 1.1.1 then upgraded to 1.1.3 and couldnt get back, followed youre instructions exactly amd BINGO….it worked

    youre a star mate !!

  151. **CONFIRMED – Also Works On iPHONE 1.1.3**

    Using iTunes 7.6
    On Mac OSX 10.5.1

    WAAAAAYYYYY better than iPhuc filecopy method.

    Thanks for posting!

  152. this isn’t working for me at all!!!! I’ve tried this method and it doesn’t work!!!!!! what the hell is wrong with my ipod, I did all the methods, restore and ll that crap and my ipod disappears from itunes, I release the power button or w/e and keep holding onto the home button but nothing pops up, and I held it for 10 seconds and more. what should I do? I cant rly get the iphuc thing to work too.

  153. Everything works fine until I pick the “.ipsw”-file on the “restore”-button while I also push down the “alt”-button (In OSX). Because when the file has extract a window pops up and tell me: A unknown error has occured (1).

    What shall I do???
    Please help me!

    Greetings from Sweden πŸ˜‰

  154. @Goshwil

    Don’t despair. If you glance through the comments you’ll know it works for majority of users when other methods failed. So it gotta be you didn’t do it right.

    On the other hand, one common reason the iPod doesn’t reconnect quickly is because of 3rd party apps (that accesses iTunes in one way or another such as Widgets that gets album covers or lyrics). Try rebooting your Mac first and make sure there’s no other running apps to eat up your CPU power.

  155. @frelle1,

    You probably click the wrong button. Were you trying to select the 1.1.2 firmware file?

    You Option+Restore a 1.1.1 firmware, but Option+UPDATE the 1.1.2 firmware file.

  156. Thank you, Rupert Gee, very much! Before I read your instruction, I couldn’t restore my Ipod (1.1.3 firmware) to 1.1.1. Everytime I tries, it said that an unknown problem occurs. Now I’m enjoying my jailbroken Ipod!

  157. Pleasures’ all mine, minh anh!

  158. THANK YOU!!! You saved my ass!

  159. I have followed the instructions and have downloaded 1,1_1 but when I click opt+restore, my finder opens up, I click it, I click firmware but then I dont know where to go from there because there are files that come up that I must choose. PLEASE HELP!!!! I need to downgrade to 1.1.1 from 1.1.3

  160. @Eman 78e83

    The file to choose is:


    You’ve downloaded it via Firefox to your usual download folder or Desktop. Look for it there.

  161. i am actually doing this downgrade at the mo but it says it will find the newest version for my ipod when it restores and automatically update it, does this mean there is no physicall way for me to downgrade my ipod touch on my pc?

  162. by the way im from england…go england! XD

  163. argghhh it did restore it to 1.1.3 !!!!!:@:@:@:@

  164. ITS SAIS ERROR (1)

  165. ok pretty much ive done this over 15 times now and spent couple HOURS on this but it doesnt work! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG. i did every single posible step and even tried other methods and other site’s ideas and EVERYTHING. what the heck do i do????

  166. does this work on a mac?

  167. @emericaaskate

    It better does … because I only know how to use a Mac!


  168. dude…i always having error number 1 or 6 in this method and eerror 6 in iphuc method what should i do?

  169. @Peperoni

    At which step did you get that error? Anyways, nobody use that silly iPhuc method anymore. Try this instead:

  170. hey im using windows and im up to the part where i pressed the right sequence and it says DFU mode or whatever . but when i click restore it trys to restore it to 1.1.3 how do i get it to intstall 1.1.1 ?
    (i have 1.1.1 downloaded already)

  171. THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. This works great! After all the troubles i went thru. This is a good tutorial! Thank you!

  173. Hooray! All my previous efforts to downgrade gave me the “… could not be restored. (1)” error.

    The trick is to be certain that you are in DFU mode (with a blank screen on the touch) rather than in Recovery mode (with the touch screen showing a logo and cable)

  174. Well,
    Thank you!
    I screwed up my sunday while watching youtube video’s about downgrading!
    All didn’t work…

    Now i tried it only 1 time & ye my ipod got downgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 with itunes7.6 without iphuc!

    Again thanks & greets from Belgium πŸ™‚

  175. uhmmm i did everything you said, then pressed restore, and it still ended up being 1.1.3. plz help :[

  176. yesterday I tried this method for hours with different computers with no results. I even tried the boot safe mode, etc.

    tonight, before giving up, I just read a comment of james, who said, press the buttons for EXACTLY TEN SECONDS!. so, I thought, it makes sense, since where are talking about electronic devices and not magical items.

    so, for all the frustrated users in the world, use a TIMER and you will get results! you dont have to pay attention to the screen and be sure to release the home button after the last ten seconds… as I finish this long comment I finally downgrade my ipod touch again!

    thanks james!

    good luck

  177. i did everything and it worked perfectly up until i clicked restore…it says it will restore the most recent update for the ipod and i dont want that…i have itunes 7.6

  178. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!

  179. I can’t seem to find any instructions on here about upgrading to firmware and jailbreak 1.1.2

  180. @EBEN:

    That’s not what this article is about. This is just help for downgrading, not for upgrading. For help with that, see one of the jailbreak methods that includes that as a step.

  181. I keep hearing about exploit the touch, what does it mean?

  182. @EBEN

    Back when it is version 1.1.1, there’s a hole in Safari that can be exploited to gain access to the otherwise closed system. It’s called the TIFF exploit. It’s actually put to good use by the AppSnapp Installer, which exploit that hole and uploads the Installer, hence jailbreaking the iPod touch! After that, it patches the exploit to prevent malicious attack.

    … and the rest is history.

  183. hey sorry i took so long to get back. my firmware is 1.1.3

  184. Hi! I’m currently stuck at the part where you have to hold the option button and click restore. I don’t exactly know what to open…
    Everything I try to open doesn’t work. Please help?

  185. @Elizabeth. Are you using Mac or PC?

  186. Vanya, I think she’s on a Mac since she found the Option key. The problem is this guide is for people who already knows how to restore (not jailbreak). That’s why she’s stuck πŸ˜€

  187. @Elizabeth

    If you own an (older) 8GB iPod touch, you can jailbreak using the ZiPhone method below:

    If not, you’ll use the Offi. Dev Team GUI method. It’s long and tedius but it works on all iPod touches:

  188. i’ve already followed the 3 steps but then i dont know what to do because when i finish th4e 3 steps the window that says “itunes has detected an ipod in recovery mode. . . . ” and the i dont know what to do. . . what do i do?

  189. @inigo:

    From there, you have to hold down the Option/Control (depending on if you’re on a Mac or PC) and click Restore, and when the window pops up you have to select the 1.1.1 Restore file.

  190. @thegpc
    Isn’t it Shift for PC, and not control?

    oops, misread her post πŸ˜›

  191. it didn’t work with me untill i released the power button 1 second after the screen went black…

    thanks btw!

  192. last nite upgraded to 1.1.3 but due to keypad error restore it back to 1.1.1 (jailbreak file).now i am again upgrading but when the ipod touch upgrade to 1.1.2 there is no installer icon in the spring board and even after getting 1.1.2 version itune says that it has been restored to factory settings.and since no installer icon so the windows.dat fil in the jailbreak folder is not working
    where did i go wrong

  193. on clicking jailbreak windows.dat it says that i can be used only if oktoprep is installed before installing 1.1.2,though i did install it but giving me the same error repeatedly

  194. not good need more details

  195. @Anju:

    When upgrading to 1.1.2 you have to hold OPTION and click Upgrade, not Restore like you did when getting to 1.1.1.

  196. I tried this but it upgraded me to 1.1.4 instead of downgrading

  197. hey running into some problems here can you help me out here when i do the downgrade i keep running into an error protocol

  198. Bought IPOD touch yesterday, came into work this morning and as soon as I plugged it in, it synced to my itunes, then told me it had to update new software. Once it was done, it gave me a 2001 error and locked in recovery mode, and any attemp to get it out fails. I have re-installed itunes, quicktime and etc, and nothing works…any ideas on how to get it back?


  199. i just got a new ipod touch (i had an old on that was jailbroken using this method) and when i tried performing this method on the new ipod the icon went away after 10 seconds and i let go of the power button, but then the ipod just didntcome back up in itunes. can you help. i cant use ziphon cuz i have a 16 gig

  200. @noobpwner
    You CAN use ZiPhone, cause the new version (3.0), can now jailbreak ALL sizes, since the Zibree finally got his 32gb and solved the problem

    Which iTunes are you using, which OS?

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  202. dude it does not work!!!!!
    it stays at waiting for ipod for the whole time!!!!
    does this thing work with itunes 7.6.2?


    I try to restore my ipod ( touch, 8 gb that I purchased on ebay and was jailbroken) and it keeps telling me there an error 1604??? I did the steps correcly 3 times already and now I can’t even open my ipod. The screen shows the usb cable that must be connect to the computer (itunes) Help me please, I can’t just lose this ipod, it cost me so much. HELP!


  204. I have some plablem downgrading my ipod

  205. I’m have almost every thing done in the final step a popup occurrs the ipod ipod could not be restore and then a number (20) please help me somone.

  206. I have an itouch that has 1.1.3 firmware and am tring to downgrade the firmware to 1.1.1. I have succesfully put the itouch into DFU and pressed retore Itouch,but the Itouch won’t turn on now. Sure it’s a simple solution,but I’m not very good at this.
    Can any one help me?

  207. >Sam

    You can try getting it power up again by performing the DFU routine blindly (since the display is blank.) Just count to ten and release the relevant button.

    If that fails, you can restore your iPod touch to factory condition first in iTuines. Get it working normally again, before you try to jailbreak a second time.

  208. Hey, I have a 1.1.5 Firmware Ipod touch
    I want to downgrade it to 1.1.4

    I still have a “unknown error problem [5]” after following the steps carefully (10 seconds of power when disconnected, and 10 seconds of home when reconnected).

    I have iTunes 7.5.

    Could anyone spare any tips for this problem? Thanks.

  209. iTunes 8 was not working and downloads were takeing 48 hours to my iTouch…
    I reinstalled iTunes 7.7.1 BUT my iTouch had firmware 2.1 and 7.7.1 will not open it… How do I revert to firmware2.0 so I can use iTunes 7.7.1 to download my stuff to my iTouch?… Thanks for your help…

  210. I suggest you go somewhere (office/friend’s place/business centre/cybercafe) with a good internet connection and download a copy of iTunes 8. You need it for future firmware updates.

  211. great info. thank you

  212. i am doing this for an ipod on 3.1.3 but it just uploads the 3.1.3 software again, how can is stop it doing this ?

  213. Hi Rupert,

    I have a problem and the YouTube can’t solve it. I know you can solve it. Can you please go to the then type on the search “Problem with blackr1n prochewer460” then click the first video. I wish you can solve that problem and I have a question:

    If I do ur “World’s Easiest Method” will that problem will be solve?


  214. I know you can solve it.

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