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Have you seen this pop-up menu?

It can pop-up at the Home screen, and just about anywhere (except in the music and the video players) at anytime you want it to. Let’s say you’re surfing in Safari and want to start listening to some grooves…, or you want to change track while calculating, or lower the volume while checking out your delicious spam, or whatever else you do on your iPod touch, you can quickly pop-up the special Play Menu. There’s absolutely no need to switch to the Music Player!

How to do it?

Double-press the Home button. Try it now.

Oh, there’s even a unique one for the Unlock Screen!


  1. yeah, I found this out the other day while cleaning it:)

    a very neat feature..

  2. i found it a few days when the ipod was processing something andd didnt response so i click home twice and the pop up apear lol

  3. Lolz I read the manual and it was there :p

  4. What!? There’s a manual? Shame on me!

    Alright, I’ve found Apple’s Manual Page for all kinds of iPods… for those of us who don’t like to read hard copies. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for your incredibly useful and helpful tips for the iPod Touch! I didn’t know about the pop-up menu, and it’s very useful, and I was delighted to find your tip on how to make TV shows appear. You have so much here that’s useful. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Lol now I can’t bring it up anymore. Infact I can’t even go back to the home menu… So I have to get by with the mini imitation-dock. But that doesn’t seem to work in music. I’ve tried resetting the settings, but don’t want to restore since I’m afraid that won’t help… Hmmm. Will have to ponder on this a while.

  7. you saved my life…each time i was in the metro playing a game…i was just annoyed not to be able to give up my record to change the music…Great!

  8. Thanks for this great tip! It was very irritating for a while because I could not get back to my home page. I had to constantly reset my itouch just I get back to my homepage.

    Once again, thank you!

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