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Feb 6 Update:
Attention: This method no longer works. The jailbreak hack author has removed the necessary files from the repository. Please use this definitive method instead.

Thanks to Nate True, it’s now possible (and very easy) to jailbreak an iPod touch running the latest firmware version 1.1.3, on an Intel Mac.

Here’s how I did it in a jiffy:

  1. Although not compulsory, I first restored my 1.1.2 jailbroken iPod touch to its factory original condition, and installed AppSnap to jailbreak it (refer to step 1 of this Post for instructions). This give me a ‘clean’ but jailbroken iPod touch 1.1.1 to start the 1.1.3 jailbreaking with. Everything previously in the iPod touch (apps, music, videos, emails etc) is gone.
  2. Go to your iPod touch’s Settings -> General, and set “Auto-Lock” to “Never”.
  3. Connect your iPod touch to iTunes.
  4. Go to Nate’s blog, read everything you can (especially the FAQs), and download the 1.1.3 Package Maker for Mac.
  5. Mount the jb113.dmg you downloaded, and double-click on “Run This”. By the way, you can also right-click it and select “Open with: Terminal” from the pop-up menu. If you get a “Main script execution failed” error, re-boot your iPod touch and try again. Please read this comment for more details.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions of “Run This”. It’s so simple. Just be patient to wait it out. It’s a good idea to note the current time so you won’t get anxious waiting seemingly endlessly. Oh, shut down any apps running in your Mac that may be hogging your internet connection to ensure a smooth sailing. Here’s my Terminal’s output for your reference.
  7. As you can read from the Terminal’s output, the next step is going to Installer and install the “1.1.3 soft upgrade” package (with much thanks to STE!). Do it. You might noticed Installer has an updated version. Install it first. Then update the Community Sources package as well.
  8. Ok, here’re a few things you must know before you start the 1.1.3 Soft Update:
    • It takes a long time to update. Find out the current time and make a mental note of it.
    • Slightly after mid-way (see pic below) through the installer progress, the Installer seemingly hang! Do not panic. Do not touch the touch. It’s normal. Just let it do its stuff.
    • And then after a little more while, the Installer will breaks out and return you to the Springboard. You’ll see a spinning progress wheel in the center (see pic below.) Again, wait it out.
    • Somewhere between these steps you’re asked to hit Enter to continue… but I forgotten exactly where. Sorry.

  9. Ok, the iPod touch will reboot itself when the soft update is done. When it re-boots, you will see the lovely Installer still in the Springboard. That means you have a Jailbroken iPod touch! Of course you’ll next go to Settings (-> General -> About), or check in your iTunes for the version number. It’ll be 1.1.3! It’s a jailbroken iPod touch running the latest 1.1.3 firmware!

Thank you Mr True and everyone involved!


dsc00126th.png dsc00133.jpg

It’s not possible to install SummerBoard because it expects firmware version 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 only. Oh well, it goes to show this is indeed a jailbroken iPod touch running firmware 1.1.3! Unfortunately that means no Gee Theme until Summerboard gets updated. 😦

The same goes to Customize.

Where are the updated Maps, Safari etc? Well, this is Jailbreaking only. Those new apps you want… you have to buy from Apple. They are already in the Applications folder. I think after you pay Apple $20 USD they get activated. Find out more about it in the comments section below.

NativeCN (a Chinese Text Input Hack) version 2.4 does not install in 1.1.3. ε₯½ε€±ζœ›ε•Š.


  1. Hey rupert. I got it on 1.1.3, but i can’t get the arranging icons to work?

  2. Oh yeah, it gave me some script error. I am restoring to 1.1.3 now.
    Seems that 1.1.3, jail still doesn’t have webclips and arranging icons!

  3. Hi Vans,


    You’ll need the buy the $20 USD “January Software Update” from Apple to do those things. Wink. Got lobang boh?

  4. Thanks Rupert. I was quite disapponit yesterday when you said the jailbreak only work on iPhone.

    I go try jailbreak my iPod.

  5. Hey rupert, how do i get my ssh to work?
    IT doesn’t work right now lei.

  6. Oh, go install the “OpenSSH” package. It’s under the System category. It’s a superior SSH package compared to the one installed by the old Jailbreak.jar.

    “… this package will not kill your battery if left turned on because, in truth, there is nothing actually running.” – More Info

    Then use Term-vt100 (also under the System cat) to change the password, ok?

  7. I did it! It took in all about 30 minutes but it was a breeze! Thanks for the easy guide.

  8. What will happen if we jailbreak and already have the apps bought from Apple? will they be disabled?

  9. Dont Jailbreak your ipodtouch to 1.1.3 you dont get the screen customization nor you can install the iphone apps, and unless you live in the handfull of countries where itunes store is available, you CANT even buy the firmware and apps. So the only thing you get with this is the ugly metal looking bar, and several apps that dont work on it….Wait until everything is sorted out.

  10. Will this jailbreak procedure work when run though iTunes on a Vista PC? (I want to take my 1.1.1 jailbroken touch to the 1.1.3 without losing my 3rd party apps already installed). Thanks.

  11. Another reason Macs own πŸ˜€

  12. Great job…. everything works really well except for the 1.1.3 soft upgrade, when i press on it, it says Main Script execution failed! can someone tell me why?

  13. I tried on a 1.1.3 ipod (downgraded first) Jailbreak went fine but mail couldn’t store password so it was impossible to get mails..anyone got this problem?

  14. Jpepp, you could reboot your iPod touch and try “Run This” again.

  15. Damian, it should but make sure you use the PC version.

  16. To get the new Apple Apps, you could add as a source in installer. It’s only legal, of course, if you own an iPhone. Anyway, I found that I couldn’t arrange icons, use WebClips, or install BSD Subsystem, and therefore MobileFinder and OpenSSH, so I had to downgrade. I’m going to wait for it to improve. After all, why would I upgrade to the new jailbroken firmware if the top 2 features don’t even work? Have you tried movie rentals?

  17. Ed,

    It’s not true. Just add this new source to your Installer:

  18. I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t try this, but can someone see if WebClips and Icon Dragging work with the iJailbreak method? I just heard of this method today and I’m skeptical. But I’ve read on Google and it looks credible.

  19. Thanks Lobang for the source. The wiggling icons are sooooooooooooooooo cute! πŸ™‚

  20. IPod touch,

    Dunno about iJailbreak but this method’s icons can wiggle like shy little hamsters.

  21. Still no jailbreak method for the PC?

  22. “Run This” isn’t detecting my ipod. I jailbreaked 1.1.1 yet “Run This” says I still need to do that. What should I do?

  23. drbee

    It’s happening to mine too. It’s probably a file permission issue. I’ll look into it later.

  24. George, did you surf to to install AppSnap first?

  25. I get a “Main script execution failed” error.

  26. Ben

    -> up there. πŸ™‚

  27. To those who are getting a “main script execution failed” error, hold down the home button and the power button to restart the iPod, then do it again. You will still get the message, but when you dismiss it, the update will still work.

    To those getting the “main script execution failed” on the iPod Touch software update, the “more info” dialog states clearly that you need to install the BSD subsystem first, which is the case.

  28. Ok, I’m running leopard, and I did a fresh install of my ipod touch to 1.1.1 like you did, then I jailbroke it (everything was going good). But when I run the run_this that step that says it should take two minutes is instant and (and doesn’t give me any errors) and when I try to install the 1.1.3 soft thing it gets halfway through and then (still in the installer) has a spinny wheel, reboots my ipod touch and I have no 1.1.3


  29. Chris,

    Two minutes isn’t an instant… but it didn’t took 2 minutes. It took me… about a minute only.

    Does your Terminal output looked like mine? Before the 2 minutes step, it did spend a long time to download the firmware right? Mine took 8 minutes 45 seconds. If that didn’t happen to yours, your Run This didn’t do a good job.

    The spinning wheel wasn’t inside the Terminal. It was in the Springboard.

    Please repeat the whole process and cross your fingers. πŸ™‚ Oh, I hope you did set “Never” Auto-Lock!

  30. Thank you lostgame for the tip! I’ve added a note in the main post to highlight it.

  31. RupertGee, thx! i rebooted my ipod and it worked! thx again! u guys r great!

  32. The moving icons and bookmarks don’t work
    help please !

  33. not working for me at all. downgraded to 1.1.1, jailbroke it thru, turned auto-lock off, ram run_this, updated and community sources, installed bsd subsystem, and then when i installed the soft upgrade it gets about 75% thru installing and reboots my iTouch to the apple logo. Upon restarting I can see that BSD is no longer installed. Baffled.

  34. NOTE: Doesn’t work on a PowerPC… I must’ve missed that on Nate’s blog. Thankfully my wife is asleep an has relinquished control of the MBP back to me.

  35. Yup, that was the problem. You MUST use an intel mac.

  36. how can i get the iphone apps? When i buy them off of itunes it says iTunes could not install the ipod touch software upgrade on the ipod because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000001).

  37. Thanks Dan for reporting back. Although it’s in the FAQs, I’ve made the Intel Mac-only requirement more obvious in the main post. πŸ™‚ I read somewhere in True’s blog a PowerPC version should be coming soon. It’s just a matter of compiling the source codes.

  38. please help with the moving icons and bookmark problem !

  39. Did you install the correct version? You mustn’t use those under the 1.1.1/1.1.2 categories.

    To have wiggling icons you gotta get the 1.1.3 version!

  40. Eh bro!

    Where to find the casing for the touch? My touch is so soiled now (because there’s no casing to it). I want to look for crystal case (if there’s any). Let me know which place have it (the more specific the better) and the pricing.


    P.S: I don’t think I will upgrade my 1.1.2 touch though. Wiggling icons is fun, but I will miss my custom background.


    [RupertGee’s reply]

    Yo dermapthera! I got that learther casing from a shop in Sim Lim Square. SGP$12 only. As for plastic casing, I’ve seen plenty for the iPod touch in SLsq too.

    For branded leather, silicon and plastic casing, Challenger and Multi-media Integrated (both in Funan) carry a large selection. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

  41. I’m a little bit of a newb when it comes to hacking like this…When you say to “mount” the jb113.dmg file, what do you mean?

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Hi newb πŸ™‚

    In Mac, we mount a dmg file by double-clicking it. It will then appear as a “thumb-drive” for us to access the content.

  42. can u jailbreak it on windows xp???

  43. I’m having a bit of trouble downgrading to 1.1.1.

    I go into iTunes, plug in my iPod and hold down Power and Home until the screen goes blank. I then keep on holding Home…. And it doesn’t show up again in iTunes. Can someone give me a heads-up as to what to do?

    Also, ignoring this, when I try to unplug and re-plug my iPod and do the option-restore trick, I get a message saying “The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-1).” Someone know what error (1) is, and how to get around it?

    An answer to one or both of these questions would be great! Thank you so much!

    [RupertGee’s Reply]
    Hey, don’t release the power button when the screen goes blank; release it when your iPod dis-appear from iTunes! πŸ™‚

    If you get the above right, you won’t get the error you mentioned.

  44. I jailbreaked my ipod through appsnap on 1.1.1 but Run_This still gave me:
    “You have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.”

  45. I get the same error as George… Help anyone??
    BTW does anyone know if the Ijailbreak method works??

  46. Jk1994, add the repo listed in the comments above and install the 1.1.3 apps after the upgrade. That’s the only way to get webclips and wiggling.

  47. I take it this doesnt work on iPod Touch that came with 1.1.3 pre-installed? Cant seem to degrade to 1.1.1 or 1.1.2

  48. So I finally got around to jailbreaking my touch today using iJailbreak. Everything went fine and it installed all the iphone apps for me. The locate me feature wasn’t working so I tried installing Maps through iPhone 1.1.3 Apps in installer (yes I dl the maps prep as well). After this, when I click on Maps it opens then closes right away. I then deleted it from installer (leaving a blank spot where the icon used to be), and tried reinstalling the iPhone apps through iJailbreak and it didn’t do anything to restore my maps. Anyone have any suggestions to get this working again? Thanks.

  49. Hi, I did the upgrade to see if it would fix the alarm/hotsync bug, but now there are no alarm sounds. Anyone else got this problem?

  50. Hi, does anyone have a mirror of the source posted above?
    Seems like Google banned it.

  51. Update on my old message, seems I had to use the current version of iTunes for it to accept any image without error. All works fine now πŸ˜‰ gl all.

  52. hey guys, so i had a jailbroken ipod touch on 1.1.2 because I have seen various websites saying that you could do it on 1.1.2. everything went fine, until it went to the home screen. Rather than rebooting after a minute or two the circle has been spinning for like 15-20 minutes, and it has not rebooted yet. what do i do?

  53. RupertGee,
    I got it working using another mac, but I still don’t know what the problem was on the first mac.

    My output was the same as your in the terminal, but the step that said “this may take 2 minutes” was instant, which probably means it didn’t do whatever it was suppose to do. There were no extra errors, and it appeared to work. When I tried installing the soft upg it got to the point where it hangs, and then after about 10 seconds would quit out and restart my ipod touch.

    I have a friend who also had the same problem and eventually got it working using Window Vista.

    For reference:
    I have a powerbook G4 (old, I know)
    My friend has a Macbook pro (the newest one I think)
    I got it working when I switched over to another macbook pro.
    And my friend got it working when he switched to windows vista on his mac (he has the dual boot thing)

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Yo Chris. I had the exact experience this morning. It turns out it was becoz I ran it on a PowerPC-based Mac. I re-ran it on an Intel Mac and everything’s fine.

  54. Working on a friend’s iPod touch (8 GB), I have performed these steps at least 5 times. According to iTunes 7.6, the iPod is at 1.1.3. However, I am unable to move icons, unable to see more that 12 applications even though I have installed more that that and am I unable to get more than one screen. The dock looks different but that seems to be all.

    I started with 1.1.3, downgraded to 1.1.1 then installed the latest Community Sources and BSD subsystem and turned autolock off.

    Elsewhere I read that going from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 is problematic but I am at a loss to figure out how to go from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 without overwriting Octoprep now that iTunes isn’t offering the 1.1.2 update.

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Hey, what you did is jailbreaking your iPod touch 1.1.3 so you can install 3rd party apps. It has nothing to do with those wiggling icons.

  55. I got it to work now thanks

  56. how do i downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 first?

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    You can use this method. It’s 101% proven.

  57. Im getting the same problem as George and DividedByZero please help rupert

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Oh… They misunderstood the instructions. πŸ™‚ Please read the instructions again, carefully. It’s release power when iPod disappear, and release home when iPod re-appear.

  58. I always get this error “You have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.” and i do have a jailbroken ipod touch on 1.1.2

  59. I jailbreaked my ipod through appsnap on 1.1.1 but Run_This still gave me:
    β€œYou have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.”

    What should I do?

  60. Wait now another problem…

    it won’t play anything bought off iTunes.
    Is this some side effect or can I fix this

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    It’s true. I’m having the same problem. And I don’t know how to fix this. 😦

  61. flowney,

    Add this source:

    and install “The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps.” and “1.1.3 Fix Mail” (in that order)

    Also as a side note for anyone wondering, 1.1.2 download plugin works on 1.1.3

  62. i bought the new stuff for my ipod touch if i restore it to the factory settings will it erase that?

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    So far I have not come across any confirmation. I’ll wait & see if I were you.

  63. What if I have the iPod Touch that came with the January update (bought it yesterday, its revision B); will the apps still be on there after jailbreak? If not, if I go to iTunes and restore to factory condition, will they come back?

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Ditto. πŸ™‚

  64. what ho RG!
    just jailbroken to 1.1.3 using Nate True’s method, all works perfectly (wiggling and all) except for googlemaps.
    The first try was installing all the iPhone apps with their respective prep files from the “iPhone 1.1.3 Apps for iTouch” Installer Category. installer was showing all the applications as installed, but they never appeared on homescreen. I uninstalled all of them and installed The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps package and 1.1.3 Fix Mail (don’t remember the category name as it’s gone from the list with both packages installed). after that, the wiggling became available, but only stocks app appeared on the homescreen. Then I re-installed all the applications from the “iPhone 1.1.3 Apps for iTouch” category one by one again, with their corresponding prep files, and they all work (mail, weather, notes…) except for the googlemaps which just quits immediately after running it. any idea how to fix it?

    [RupertGee’s Reply]


    Prep files? Hey buddy, there’s NO prep files for 1.1.3 Apps! Those are for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 *only*!

    I’m afriad it’s best you restore your iPod to factory condition first and re-do the jailbreaking as no one knows what the “prep” has changed your 1.1.3 files.

  65. Well I have 1.1.3 Jailbroken on my iPod Touch and I have the ! Application prep ap which allows the icons to be moved about.

    I have also added the Mail, Maps etc. But Maps just quits on starting up 😦

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Any apps that quits rght after it’s launched is due to wrong file permissions. Change it to 755 wil resolve the issue.

  66. Note that this installs the iPhone firmware onto your iPod Touch. It works, but its also the reason apps are acting odd. And features like Pincode lock dont work at all.

    I’ll be working on a iPod Touch firmware of this tonight, I will post the finished product when ready.

  67. Sweet.
    I eagerly anticipate a fully working version of 1.1.3 for my Touch.
    Keep up the work!

  68. i updated my itouch to 1.1.3 and now my passcode lock will not work. example: i go to settings and click passcode and it asks for a passcode i put in a simmple code like 1111 and it ask for it again and i type it in again. the i click turn on passcode and it asks for my passcode and it keeps sayin inncorrect passcode. Also when i go to itunes i can not preview any of the songs. is there an app on installer i can install to fix these. also i need the source for the app.


  69. Wait, when I tried using 1.1.3 Package Maker Mac, I got this:

    Let’s start by checking your iPhone. Make sure it’s plugged in and press Enter.

    Checking iPhone version…
    You have iPhone version .
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.

    I’m on a 1.1.1 iPod Touch 8GB with Installer installed. All I’ve put on are the community sources and the BSD Subsystem.

  70. A quick question for Alan….

    You said it installs the iPhone firmware on the iPod Touch, I understand that but then why in iTunes doesn’t it show up as an iPhone and then ask you to set it up.

  71. bob, I face no such problem. If it bothers you, you can always re-do everything. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to say the password problem you have is not a “feature” of jailbreaking 1.1.3; somehow it’s broken on your iPod touch only.

  72. Shadow, comparing my write-up, all I did was restored to 1.1.1, then jailbreak with AppSnap. I never ran Installer after that, much less used it to install BSD and the Community Sources. You did those extras things.

    You wanna re-do again but stop right after having AppSnapp?

  73. Ben, I believe “iPhone firmware” refers to the operating system for which the iPod touch also uses, minus the telephony function due to lak of supporting hardware. “iPhone firmware” thus don’t mean it turns your iPod touch to an iPhone.

  74. ok i have 1.1.3 jailbroken but when i finish downloading something on installer it just goes to the home screen and doesnt install anything
    does anybody know what to do??

  75. Rupert, same trouble: after get installer in IPOD and launching 1.1.3 Package Maker
    it says:
    Checking iPhone version…
    You have iPhone version AMDeviceStartService ‘1.1.1.
    Sorry! You must have an iPhone 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 with installed. Press Enter to exit.


  76. oh ok. That makes sense. But I have one more question. (I have so many) Do you think someone could write an app to let it play it’s music and videos again?

  77. @DLG

    You can try Part 4 of the following post:

  78. @Mikaber

    Hmm… that’s strange.

    You wanna try a new method instead?

  79. @Ben

    I just learnt that you can play DRM-ed music if you use the Official DevTeam jailbreak method.

  80. oh cool

  81. what repo do i add to get wiggling and bookmarks ???

  82. how can i get customize and summerboard for 1.1.3

  83. @jepp

    SummerBoard 3.1-1 is just out but it only works for those who jailbreak from 1.1.2. If you jailbroke from 1.1.1, then the new Summerboard for 1.1.3 won’t work.

  84. i jailbreaked from 1.1.2 so how can i do it

  85. Hey has anyone noticed a significant reduce in the amount of apps you can install?

    and btw rupert thanks so much for your easy-to-follow instructions (i love this site!)

  86. ah nevermind forgot community package

  87. @jpepp


    Go install the new Summerboard version 3.1-1. It’s in the Installer; refresh your sources if you don’t see it.

  88. Great….. now my installer won’t download anything and safari runs telly slow

  89. Hey rupert do you know where i can get the 1.1.3 software to safekeep in a folder…. i didnt get it off itunes lol

  90. @J

    They are within the 1.1.3 firmware! You just need to activate them through Apple via iTunes (or Installer πŸ˜‰ ) to use. So… erm… safekeep the firmware!

  91. Hm? I have the 1.1.3 firmware on my iPod but when I go to library/itunes/iPod updates it only has 1.1.2.

  92. @J, that’s becoz that copy was downloaded by iTunes.

    Your 1.1.3 firmware was upgraded via the Installer right? That’s why your 1.1.3 doesn’t show up in that folder.

  93. @Mike

    I found the no alarm fix. It’s here:

  94. yeah i did do it via installer … so as of right now i cant get the 1.1.3 firmware to keep in a folder , right?

  95. I can’t find the 1.1.3 soft upgrade in installer?

    can someone give me directions?

  96. @thepascoe,

    What’s a 1.1.3 soft upgrade?

  97. “the next step is going to Installer and install the β€œ1.1.3 soft upgrade” package”

  98. @thepascoe

    Oh, that one….

    Looking for the reason, I just found out it’s no longer available.

    Please use this other method instead, thepascoe.

    I’ve updated the post to reflect this finding.

  99. I have a ipod touch 1.1.3 and how do i jailbreak it

  100. @Ericka

    Scroll all the way back up to the top and read the red text. πŸ˜‰

  101. Hi Rupert,

    can you give me instructions on how to jailbreak an ipod touch with 1.1.3 firmware on it using Windows Vista as I don’t have a mac? Is it even possible?

  102. @Stan

    Nah… I don’t do Windows… the dishes… the laundry…

    Of course it’s possible to jailbreak with vista but I have no idea how to do it..

  103. Hey I Can’t Use Some Themes On 1.1.3
    But 1.1.2 can
    Can U help Me How To DO This Correct
    And Is There Any medical Dictionary For 1.1.3 firmware

    I Used My Friend’s PC to jailbreak 1.1.2
    When I double click on BAT file, It Flashes and Turns Off.
    But His PC can run that’s while i’ve to use his PC.
    DO u have any idea for this that my PC can’t run BAT file,
    We all are VIsta users.

  104. um I got my iPod touch 2 weeks ago It has 1.1.3 software. All I wanna do is get installer so I could get tap tap revolution (: I have a windows vista and a broken gateway…… Can you tell me how (if possible)to get installer? πŸ˜‰ also, what does jailbreak mean?

  105. Hi Max,
    Yes U Can Do It. First U Have To Download The Firmware 1.1.3, 150 MB (157,906,686 bytes) size.
    Then Open Itune and Press (Shift) and click on restore button of the summary tab.
    Then select the firmware that u download recently
    when it is working, Download Touchfree.exe file .Exterct it and double click on exe file.
    When restoration finish, open safari and go to .Then U will see that ur i pod return to home screen.
    Now U can run the touchfree.exe
    (Don’t forget to closed itune. Ur ipod must not connect to it. But connect it to computer.)

    U will see the flash frame and then please follow the instructions

    After rebooting 3 times via this touchfree.exe, Oops! u will see what u want

  106. sorry, i typed the worng firmware virsion.

    U have to download 1.1.1

  107. I have an ipod touch running firmware 1.1.3

    I tried to jailbreak the ipod using ZiphoneWin-2.4. while doing so the screan of my ipod wen all black with white writing going down the ipod. sort of like coding.

    I am unable to resolve the problem and could anyone please help me or tell me what to do.

    Any help appreciated.


  108. @Zhenya Dryden

    Do you mean the screen looks like this?

    If so, it’s normal. Just wait out the 45 seconds.

  109. also, this is kind of off-topic but sometimes during some songs and videos, the sound stops and goes back to the beggining of the song and keeps on repeating the process. Anyone know why?i currently have version 1.1.4

  110. @max

    I’ll re-sync every songs… but I’ll erase them first. To do so, uncheck your sync list, and just sync one *new* song. iTunes will then erese all current songs from your iPod touch. After that, sync your playlist again to put them back. This freshen up the database and hopefully resolve the issue.

  111. K thx

  112. after Jailbreak, I can’t install BSD Subsystem, and shows that Package download can’t find the host.
    Is there something problem?
    I can’t download some other applications. But BSD Can’t

    Help Me Plz

  113. i can install the Sources,But BSD Subsystem Can’t

  114. I go into the installer and Click on the BSD Subsystems 2.1 to install and it says.

    Package download failed!

    I have tried to restart the ipod and reset and install jailbreak about three times now. Even Clear Downloads in installer and all that but nothing works. Does anyone else have a source for the BSD Subsystem 2.1 or whats up. I can’t install it. Please need help asap.

  115. Hey, is this better than using jailbreakme for 1.1.3? Does 1.1.3 even work with jailbreakme?

  116. I just downloaded ziphone onto my ipod touch (1.1.4). And it seemed to work fine but on the home page it only has only added the link to Zibri’s Blog, but not the installer. Did I do something wrong?

  117. Hi Rupert,

    I jailbroke my 30g touch to 1.1.4. I recently updated to 2.0, but had to do it as another user on my mac because my normal user was stuck in 7.6. I think I ran a program called independence in my previous jailbreak as per your instructions. Do you happen to know of any errors that would make it so I can’t upgrade to 7.7? That is where my music library is and would hate to have to switch to another user on my mac to upload music etc. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it.

  118. P.S. I am refering to 7.7 Itunes, and am stuck in 7.6 Itunes. re read my comment and that wasn’t very clear.

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