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One of the pet peeves I have is losing all my painfully set up mails whenever I restore my iPod touch. C’mon, it’s hard to type on the iPod touch and setting up mails with funny words and characters, not to mention passwords that look like ******, makes the whole process a royal pain.

So I looked into how to backup and restore my mails. Much to my delight, it’s very easy.

Here’s how.

Mount your iPod touch to your Desktop using AFPd (PC users shall find other ways to connecrt to their iPod touch from Windows.)

Navigate to Root’s Home, and copy the entire /~Library folder onto your Desktop. You have effectively backup quite a bit of stuffs you can restore to your iPod touch later on.

Now, let’s restore the emails into a freshly, ie, you have not tap on the before, jailbroken iPod touch:

  1. Mount your iPod touch, and copy the “Mail” folder from your backup into “Root’s Home/Library”.
  2. Next, copy the “” file into the “Root’s Home/Library/Preferences” folder.
  3. Finally, copy (and overwrite) the “keychain-2.db” file into the “Root’s Home/Library/Keychains” folder.

You can launch Mail now and be delighted to see you are back to exactly where you left off! Most important of all, every emails from every email accounts are intact. There’s no need to re-setup anything! It’s as if nothing ever happened except you have a fresh iPod touch.

Thank you Steve for using OS X in iPod touch! 🙂


Oh wait, don’t go away yet. We have a whole library of files in our backup we can use!

Required File


Just copy them from your backup into the respective folders in your iPod touch and that’s that.

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