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[Jan 31 Update] Apparently the necessary package has been pulled from the repository. This method is thus no longer feasible. Don’t bother reading this post anymore. Read the definitive method here instead.

Today I decided to consolidate everything I know about jailbreaking an iPod touch into one post. This way you can own a jailbroken iPod touch 1.1.3 in no time if you follow exactly what I’m doing. Before we start, I must tell you my Mac runs on Leopard 10.5.1, my iTunes is version 7.6 and I love Dashboard Confessionals. My two months old iPod touch came to me with 1.1.2 firmware, and had since been jailbroken to 1.1.3 and running just fine (except it won’t play DRM-ed MP3 from iTunes Store.)


  1. We need a copy of the 1.1.1 firmware file. (Skip to step 2 if you already have a copy in your Mac.) We’ll download it using the Yes, no funky Safari or Firefox; Terminal provides the best error-free download. To begin, we launch Terminal, and then copy & paste the following long-line of text into your Terminal (it’ll looks like this.)

    curl,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw -#

  2. Connect your iPod touch to the Mac. Make sure it shows up in iTunes.
  3. Put the iPod touch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode as follows:
    • Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons.
    • Release the Power button when you see the iPod disconnects and disappears from iTunes. This takes place in about 10 seconds. The iPod’s screen is blank.
    • Release the Home button when you see this pop-menu message, and click on “Check”. The ipod touch’s screen is still blank. Next, this popped up, and you should see your iPod touch in your iTunes round about now. Click on “OK” to continue.
    • Press and Hold the Option Key (Shift Key on a PC) and click the “Restore” button. Then select the firmware 1.1.1 file you just download and let the restoration begin!



Using your iPod touch’s Safari, surf to Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll tap on the “Install AppSnapp” link. Your Safari will load the link, and suddenly freak out and your iPod touch returns to the Springboard (that’s the “Home” screen.) Done right, you will see a spinning wheel download progress indicator (it looks like this) while your iPod touch downloads AppSnapp in the background. If you don’t see the indicator (within no more than 2 seconds after tapping the said link), re-apply this step until you do! Yes, keep on trying…, and trying…, and trying…. Depending on connection quality, it took me well over 4 tries before the indicator appeared! Some users report trying over days. That’s right, days! My best advise is to have a good internet connection, and perhaps try again at odd hours. Properly done, you’ll see in your Springboard a new icon named “Installer”. Your iPod touch has been jailbroken to version 1.1.1!


  • You can only see the “Install AppSnapp” link via iPod touch’s Safari. Don’t bother trying with your OS X’s Firefox, Safari or whatever browser.
  • Furthermore, the “Install AppSnapp” link will only show up provided you are not connected to the net via a proxy. For Singnet users, just go to iPod touch’s Wi-Fi setting and check that the Proxy setting is set to “None”. You can revert the change after Jailbreaking.



You are at a cross-road now. If you meet the following requirements, you can skip this PART 2B, and proceed directly to to PART 3.

  • You have iTunes 7.6
  • You don’t intend to play any iTunes Store purchased song in your iPod touch.


If you have iTunes 7.5 and wants the ability to play DRM-ed mp3 you bought from the iTunes Store, then carry out this PART 2B to further Jailbreak your iPod touch to 1.1.2.

  1. We need a copy of the 1.1.2 firmware file. (Skip to step 2 if you already have a copy in your Mac.) We’ll download it using the just like we did in PART 1 Step 1. But this time, copy and paste the following long-line of text into your Terminal instead.

    curl,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw -#

    Proceed to the next step once the firmware file is downloaded.

  2. Launch Installer and under the “Tweaks (1.1.1)” category, select the “OktoPrep” package, and install it.
  3. Connect your iPod to your Mac. Go to, and press & hold “OPTION’ and click on the “Update” button. READ CAREFULLY; it’s Option+UPDATE (*not* Option+RESTORE, like you did in PART 1 Step 3.4!). Select the 1.1.2 firmware file you just downloaded, and upgrading will proceed automatically without a hitch.
  4. Quit your iTunes. Yes, quit that buggar now or things will go messy.
  5. Now use your Mac OS X’s Firefox (or whatever) browser to surf to here and download the Jailbreak 1.1.2 app to your OS X’s Desktop. Unzip the just downloaded by double-clicking it. After that you’ll see a new folder containing, among other files, a Java app named “jailbreak.jar”. Double-click on it to run the app, then follow its instructions. You’ll do not want to change the default password. Let it stay as “alpine”. Click the “Jailbreak!” button to start the process.
  6. Your iPod touch has been jailbroken to version 1.1.2 in due course! Jus t let the iPod touch reboot itself a few times. Don’t interrupt it. Only Unlock it after you waited and saw the Unlock Screen for a while, confirming the necessary repeated rebooting is done.



  1. It’s mission critical that we go to iPod touch’s Settings -> General-> Auto-Lock, and set it to Never. Do that. Also, if your ISP requires proxy, set it up now.
  2. Launch Installer and you should find a new version of Installer is available (refresh your Sources otherwise.) Install the Update. Be sure to follow its instructions.
  3. You will also update the “Community Sources” package. If not, go and install the it; it’s under the “Sources” category.
  4. Now you want to install the “BSD Subsystem” package. You can find it under the “System” category. After installing it, you must reboot your iPod touch by holding down the Power button until the Red Slider appear, otherwise will not work.
  5. Launch Installer and add as a new Source. Refresh your Sources after that.
  6. Go to the “iJailBreakMobile” category and select either the “iJailBreakMobile 1.1.1” or the “iJailBreakMobile 1.1.2” (depending on your current iPod touch’s firmware version) package to install. After installation, you will find a new app by the name iJailBreak.
  7. Look at the clock and make a mental note of the current time, and tap on iJailBreak to start the long jailbreaking process! It took mine 35 minutes to complete the process. Once done, the device will try to reboot automatically. If you see that it’s stuck with just a spinning wheel on the screen, it’s safe to manually reboot the device. But you want to do so after at least 45 minutes since you started.
    • Do not touch the screen as you could accidentally issue a Break command and halt the process. Look at the screen for progress but don’t touch it!
    • Turn off any app that may hog or interrupt your internet connection, such as BitTorrent, Instant Messaging etc.
    • Try to do it with a good wifi connection… like keeping your iPod touch near the Airport base station.
  8. Congrats, you have jailbroken your iPod touch 1.1.3, but we’re not done yet.
  9. If you did not performed PART 2B, then launch Installer and install the “Remove 1.1.3 Upgrade Data” package. It’s in the “iJailBreakMobile”. You can Uninstall it after it’s done. If you performed PART 2B, you can proceed to the next step.
  10. Okay, we’re really done jailbreaking our iPod touch 1.1.3. You can install 3rd party apps now. and if you have purchase the “January Software Update”, install the updated Apps right away.



  1. Launch Installer and go to the “iJailBreakMobile” category, and select the “iPod Touch Software Upgrade” package to install it.
  2. Next, you’ll need to run a fix on the by installing “Fix Mail Passwords” package.
  3. Quit the Installer and return to the Home screen. You’ll see this.
  4. Yohoo, you have a jailbroken iPod touch with the coool new iPhone apps. Go ahead, tap and hold on a icon; everyone will wiggle away like little Ricky Martins. You can rearrange the icon by moving them about.

[Jan 31 Update] Apparently the pakage has been pulled from the repository.


Enjoy your touch.


  1. Thank you for great post! Putting it all together is nice&

    As for me I’m not that lucky with iJailBreak (Part 3, step 7), it says:

    connecting… failed: Operation timed out. Retrying

    Right now i have (try:25) in 30 minutes ;-(

  2. Hi Rupert. Many thanks for your easy to follow instructions for the iPod Touch Jailbreak and the Apple Apps. This has to be the BEST easy to follow, instructions for an idiot like me. I am very grateful – keep up the good work, and guess what? It Works !!!

  3. Hi Rupert,
    Still trying to determine if this is better for me than my current 1.1.2 jailbroken unit. With 1.1.3 can i run summerboard, customize, or GeeTheme?
    Any other things I won’t be able to do if i upgrade? Thx.

  4. i’m trying it now, ill post after i finish to let you all know problems and issues that i ran into…btw, i have itouch 1.1.1 and am running on a macbook pro

  5. I have been folowing your blog for a while now, and i have to say THANK YOU for making this processes be a whole lot easier 🙂

  6. I cant get the swedish lang to work :/

  7. Thanks a lot for this one. I was at a loss after I updated my iPod Touch and could not find an easy way to jailbreak it again.

  8. i’m trying to do it using this method but i just can’t, every time e try (and i’m in my 4 try) the download speed comes to zero (–.–Kb\s) and te Estimated Time just gets longer. i don’t know if its sopose to wait anyway or to try it again.. for the 5th time…

  9. @ mimrar – make sure you have nothing else running that’s using your wireless connection – that might help. Perhaps get closer to your router or whatever to get the maximum signal. I followed this, had great wifi signal, and it does work. But follow very carefully! Good luck.

  10. Anyone know – is it possible to update new iPod Touch with jailbroken iPod backup thru iTunes (both have 1.1.2 firmaware versions)? Is the new one will be jailbroken “automaticaly” too?

  11. the first time it happened that way download speed Zero

    the second and the third time it downloaded all the way finished and supposedly installed the 1.1.3 and rebooted, but then when i checked on the ipods settings it said that it still was 1.1.1

  12. mimrar so how did the upgrade go?

  13. it did nothing… i’ve pressed home button and tried to install it again.

    i’ve tried to wait antil it returns downloading and it did… howver after reboot it kept saying i was in 1.1.1

  14. God, I love this blog, just updated and jailbroke my iPod :p.

    Even though it froze on the csidate exists line 😦

  15. after some time i finally did it!!

    the thing is you just have to wait, no matter how long it takes… till it reboot otherwise you’ll screw it up.

    definitely the easiest (but not quicker) way. 🙂

  16. cool, i am glad it worked, i had to use another method form ipodtouchacker, which i personally dont like much, and it did work,it came with all the iohone apps already installed, however, if something happens i’ll try this (rupert’s) metod again

  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH! IT ALL WORKED PERFECTLY! And to all of you people that can’t downgrade, check your firmware build

  18. this looks like the thing i have been waiting for. take that iTunes 7.6 I’m gonna jailbreak my 1.1.3 Touch.

    RG, um…is BSD Subsystem the same as “File system”? There is no BSD File System in Systems …..

  19. OK, so im doing this ow, its been 5 minutes and im at 26% XD
    it says i got 10 minutes left, but those are never right.

  20. i can’t upgrade the apps. it says that I need to enable BSD Subsystem files. How do i do that?

  21. If you jailbreak to 1.1.2 and then to 1.1.3 there are no problems playing any DRM’d music or videos. I just finished the whole process and everything is working great, and I did it all on iTunes 7.6! I just used iNdependence after it gets stuck at the end of the 1.1.2 jailbreak and it pulls the ipod out of recovery mode.

    p.s. thanks so much Rupert, this blog has been a great asset to my ipod touch adventures.

  22. @Igor

    Part 3 step 7 is actually just like Part 1 step 1 except it’s done inside the iPod touch. So curl works in your Mac, it should work in your iPod touch too. Otherwise, fix your broadband settings first.

  23. @mimrar,

    Are you stuck at Part 3 Step 7 like Igor too? If so, you gotta fix your broadband. Maybe… try connecting your Mac to your router directly instead of wirelessly.

    Oh, nevemind, I see the problem resolved itself. Great!

    Yah, wait it out. I’ll update the post about it.

  24. @vpm

    Not that I know of. I’m too busy to follow up on this issue but you might want to scan this forum for answer?

  25. @Mitchell

    Did it complete? There’s a progress indicator. When I did mine, it did stopped momentarily, but resumed eventually. A good internet connection will make the progress smooth. Turn off any bandwidth hogging apps (like Bittorrent, IM etc) if possible.

  26. @thebot

    You never followed my steps exactly – Part 3 step 4 asked for it to be installed.

  27. perfect. i jailbroke it.

    another question. is there a way to cancel the mail configuration? cause now i’m scared that if i lose my ipod touch then someone’s gonna get access to all gmail!

  28. nono. i followed all the directions. for some reason the BSD subsystem didn’t install? i saw it finish installing. trust me i followed all the directions. i loaded the BSD again later and it rebooted and worked. everything is there now. apps and all.

    i just need a response to the mail config thing. thx for all the help RG!

  29. @Trevor

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll re-do with 1.1.2 as I have lots of iTunes Store music. More importantly, After I verify this fact I’ll update this post. I think some people don’t mind no DRM music while others do.

    FYI: The 1.1.2 jailbreak is based on the Official DevTeam method, while 1.1.1 is based on Nate True’s method. So there really is a difference between them.

  30. @thebot

    Oh, ok, now I remember… when you complete the jailbreaking, the BSD installed in Part 3 step 4 gets erased!

    Just re-install BSD again before you upgrade the apps. I did that and everything’s fine and dandy.

  31. Is there any possible way to watch the progress of the 1.1.3 update while it’s in progress? I’m paranoid. >>

  32. yeah it finished in about 25 30 minutes.
    it had a few bugs, but only with springboard and mail but i worked it out.
    BUUT when i go to ijailbreakmoile, and try to download the ipod touch software upgrade, i doesnt work.
    It just says error, package download failed.? what did i do wrong, lol

  33. @Mitchell

    Try rebooting your iPod. Alternatively, it could be the server is overwhelmed. Just try again later.

    On the other hand, *maybe* you shouldn’t have fixed the before you install the Software Upgrade? I really dunno.

  34. Addition suggestion:

    please remind the reader to checkmark and apply “manually manage music and videos” in ipod section of iTunes before starting. It kicked me out of the jailbreak midway because of this (agh)

  35. Hmmm, I followed the 1.1.1 steps to the letter and after the reboot from installing 1.1.3, it still shows as 1.1.1 in the About settings page. When I try to run the Remove 1.1.3 data I get an error saying it only runs on systems with 1.1.3 😦 Any ideas? This is happening on 2 different Touches.

  36. @Mitchell

    Here’s an update. That package has been pulled from the repository. I don’t know why. I’m very disappointed as I paid for the upgrade a week plus ago to run on my jailed iPod touch. But now with a jailbroken iPod touch 1.1.3, I needed that package to reinstall them, but I no longer can. Sigh. I shouldn’t have re-do this tutorial but I wanted the ability to play DRMed music. It’s now a big regret.

  37. Rupert,

    I hear your cry.

    Add this source like I told you last time and you can have your apps again:

    It’s in the iphone 1.1.3 applications cat.

    Kee up the good work.

  38. @tmad40blue

    There’re some progress indicators…. 🙂 Anyway, if it’s done right, you’ll see a message about it. Its’ then suppose to reboot the iPod touch for you. If that didn’t happen, just reboot it yourself.

  39. @Lobang King

    Thank goodness for that!

    i hope it doesn’t get pulled too.

  40. @Mike,

    How long did your installation of 1.1.3 took? If about 10 seconds; you didn’t run the iJailbreak app. If less than half an hour, you didn’t complete the installation properly.

  41. Hi,

    Very useful – I had done this before, but for some reason my ipod went into recovery mode running 1.1.3. I was watching a podcast through mobile cast when it crashed.

    Anyway – I have a feeling there may be many times I have to run this – there must be a way to transfer the (150mb) 1.1.3 update file to the ipod to save having to download it direct each time? I would have thought that would make the whole process more stable, and make my life easier!

  42. Still no luck. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to downgrade – I’ve followed every suggestion I can find on the web, but still get error 1. grrrhhhh!

  43. Still no luck. I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to downgrade – I’ve followed every suggestion I can find on the web, but still get error 1. grrrhhhh!

  44. It downloads and installs it and then it looks like it reboots. After the Apple logo at boot, the screen goes to the one that shows the battery and the slide to unlock screen. I don’t think there is anything else it does after that point. Once there, it still has 1.1.1 installed. It took about 40-45 minutes to do that. This is the case on both iPods.

  45. The following apps don’t install if you Jailbreak from a 1.1.2 iPod touch:

    iSlot 0.41,
    AFPd 0.2
    MobileFinder 1.8.0
    ScreenShot 1.2.1
    SysInfo 1.0b
    Utlctl 0.35

    They installed and worked fine when I previously Jailbreak from a 1.1.1 iPod touch!

  46. An easy solution to the jailbreak me problem is to type in the url bit “” and it works straight away instead of repeadadly trying.

    [RupertGee’s Reply]

    Hi Will

    That’s not a good idea. Sure it works, but after you have jailbroken your iPod touch and depending on which method you chose to jailbreak it, the first time you launch Safari it will go and install AppSnapp again. Unless you are quick to stop it, strange things can happen.

  47. I redid EVERYTHING and it worked on my Touch, working on my wife’s now. Now I just need to find the apps for free…

  48. Mike, look no further than scrolling up the page to comment of “Lobang King”. wink.

    Good tutorial, Rupert. Thanks so much!

  49. Thank you so much Pete. Nice!

  50. @MikeC

    You want to tell us at which Part and which step you gotten the error. We might be alew to help if we have the details.

  51. I followed every single step properly. I did the jailbreak from 1.1.1 but rhen after 1hr. And 15mins. I heard a beep and when I cjrcked it was on the battery indicator screen. But nothing changed and it said 1.1.1 on the About. Nothing changed! I tried twice but the same result. The BSD Subsystem is not there in the uninstall page but the 1.1.1 jailbreak icon is still available
    But then it is more like a terminal, it doesn’t run the jailbreak process again.

    Both times I used freshly restored, no music or any other data on my iPod.
    When I jailbreak using the method it installs the v3.0b8 when I try to update to v3.0 it keeps saying package download failed, believe me I tried nearly 30 times! Anyone experiencing the same?

  52. Nice one Rupert, it worked perfectly 🙂

  53. Hi Rupert,
    Where to begin… basically I spent a couple of days trying every method (including yours) I could find on the internet: Nate Trues, iphuc, iNdependence. They all give error 1. But it wasn’t always thus. I had 1.1.1 jailbroken, then 1.1.2. Then I successfully jailbroke 1.1.3 using Nate’s JB113 (I’m on a mac BTW). This worked fine – except that it was the upgrade for the iphone not the ipod, and it didn’t have any alarm sounds. I know that sounds trivial but I use alarms a lot and it wasn’t any good. so I did a restore with the official ipod update and also bought the apps. From that point I haven’t been able to downgrade and start again. I hope this info is of help.

  54. I should also say I’ve tried it on iTunes versions 7.6, 7.5 and 7.4.2 (including downgrading the mobile device drivers) and it still won’t work. Just going to have another go… just in case…

  55. Well, colour me confused… but I’ve just tried it again and it worked… after two days…
    The only thing I did differently was walk away and leave it, rather than stare at it. Go figure… anyway on to jailbreak 1.1.1!

  56. I have jailbroken my ipod, i think. but i can’t find the, Webclips, etc. still…

  57. I have But then when I tried installing the applications, it is not able to run. 😦

  58. Also after jailbreaking (and I know I followed all the steps..), it says I need to install BSD Subsystem first. And when I went to Categories–>System–>BSD Subsystem, it gives me that same message. How do you remedy this?

    Thanks so much.

  59. @Pearl

    Webclip is part of the “January Software Update” package. You’ve only jailbroken your iPod touch. That doesn’t give you the Jan Software Update.

    As for BSD, that’s very strange and my best advise is to re-do the jailbreaking. I’ve done it four times and it just works.

  60. @MikeC

    Tell you what, let’s pretend you need to send your iPod touch back to Apple for repair becoz, say… it doesn’t charge. You wouldn’t want Apple to know you jailbroken it before. So you have to restore it to factory condition before sending it back. Do that. (Official How-to)

    Of course you needn’t send it back. We’re just pretending. This way after you restore the iPod touch, it’s cleared of whatever jailbreaking you have done before; there won’t be any traces of varios jailbreak hacks left in it. Everything’s wiped out.

    This way, you can start a completely fresh jailbreak using this post’s method.

    I hope you know what I want you to do, and cross my fingers that it works.

  61. Hey Rupert any idea why my iPod wouldn’t download the latest version of installer properly. Everytime it reports that download failed! Someone help me. Is there any method to manually update it?

    Its a freshly restored ipod v1.1.1 with no misic or any other media files on it.

  62. Hey there, I just wanted to thank you for thi tutorial, I used it before…. However, I wanted to point you out to this video tutorial that you can pull a few points from:

    The main suggestion that I think you should add are the easy instructions for upgrading to 1.1.2 with iTunes 6 by simply running iNdependence 1.3.2

    The other suggestion I have is checking out the wireless upgrade to 1.1.3 that user posted (from source It uses the same technique as your suggested way, but is more visual and would likely keep people from messing with their iPod before the process is complete.

    Again, thanks for your tutorial. 😀

  63. @Rajesh,

    Try again next days; many users are reporting issues downloading updates. The repository must be acting weird.

  64. Hey Rupert,

    i can not get the apps installed. The iJailbreak App asks for a password, that i do not know. Any ideas?

    Thx Crockett

  65. @crockett

    That’s weird.

    Try alpine, or dottie. 😛 Other than these two, maybe try your own password.

    If you read the BSD warning before its installation, you are told not to change the password or springboard will crash repeatly… but that’s not the problem you’re having right.


    iJailbreak ain’t suppose to ask for password.

  66. I tried these passwords and i did read the warnings… Still can’t use the iJailbreak App.

    But I used the repository to unlock the Apps and the wiggle feature.

    One more thing: After the jailbreak to 1.1.3 over 1.1.2 use the BossTool to relocate the iPods fonts. If you don’t you just have 6MB free disk space instead of 90MB 😉

    Good luck to all of you.

    Thx and greets Crockett

    @Rupert: Your Blog is awesome… thank you so much again 🙂

  67. I jailbroke my friend’s ipod touch last night. the upgrade was still in the iJailbreakme folder….so RG, maybe you should update it as it’s back…and not pulled off…

  68. Hello All,New to this page and jailbreaking the ipod touch. I followed the guide on this page and everything worked great.

    I find this totally amazing and wish it were the default settings for the ipod touch and iphone. However I had a couple of issues after following the guide I originally brought the $20 upgrade from apple for the ipod touch.

    After jailbreaking and installing the ipod touch apps update from the installer I get and error in itunes when I try to sync I get “iTunes was unable to install the software upgrade because of and unknown error” I tried the following removing the update folder from user/library/iTunes I also notice there is a new folder named “mobile updates” which has the iPod touch apps update inside. Anyone know how to remove this error so I do not receive it every time i sync?

    Last two questions how do I back up my current jailbreak this process took a while is there anyway I can back it up to a folder on my mac and restore it later just incase?

    Also I am unable to sync my mail account settings after the jailbreak all other items that can be synced under the info tab example bookmarks,contacts etc but the mail accounts do not appear at all.

    For now I will try to set them up manually on the iPod. I would appreciate any help sorry for the long post. Thank you for making this blog and all the information it provides 🙂

  69. @Jada855

    what you can do is logout of your iTunes Store Account before you connect your iPod touch. This should stop iTunes from checking if you have purchased the apps. iTunes can’t complain about error if it doesn’t know if you bought the apps.

    Unfortunately there’s no known way to backup the iPod touch’s in its jailbroken state. I wish there is!

    Your emails are not synced from your Mac, nor through iTunes. You have to go to Settings and under the Mail option set up your emails. It’s as if your iPod touch is a second and independent Mac, as far as emails are concerned.

  70. Hi there!
    I have just one simple question:
    Is it possible to have jailbroken Ipod Touch 1.1.3 with the apple bonus apps in it?
    thanx for your answer
    (ipod touch 1.1.3,itunes 7.6,bonus pack not purchased)

  71. im getting a weird error after i hcked my ipod touch it says: iTunes could not install the iPod Touch Software Upgrade because an unknown error ocurred ocurred (0xE800001) plz help what do i do?

  72. @swen

    No one really know. But like yourself I have purchased the apps, yet I jailbroke my iPod touch, then installed it via the Installer.

  73. @Jonny Lovely

    Did you purchase the January Software Update from Apple? If you did, logout of your iTuns Store account before you connect your iPod touch.

  74. Hi RupertGee, I’ve followed your great guide to Jailbreak my ipod touch from 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 and everything works fine, except for Summerboard which doesn’t seem to be able to install. It says Package Download Failed whenever I try to install Summerboard.

  75. wait, after the end of step 2b, am i suppose to jailbreak 1.1.2? after i upgrade it to 1.1.2? like im suupose to use jailbreak.jar(?) please helppp 😀

  76. @borebore

    Yo! Yah, the current Summerboard version 3.1-1 won’t work in your “Nate True method” jailbroken iPod touch. It requires the “official dev” method of jailbreaking, which has to be jailbroken from a 1.1.2 firmware.

    Tell you what… unless you really need Summerboard, forget about re-doing the jailbreaking. Becoz as of now, the official dev method, although can use SummerBoard, has broken plenty of 3rd party apps that run just fine under Nate True’s method! Damn jialat hor?

    Hang in there… and let the developers sort out the mess:

    Something good should be out soon… then we all go jailbrake properly. OK?

  77. @aznryouko

    OMG, PART 2B’s Steps 4 to 6 were accidentally hidden by mistake. Thanks for pointing it out!

  78. oh yeah, ok i have now jail broken 1.1.3, but my touch doesn’t do the wiggle free and be able to move around.. i followed every step you did, is there something wrong?

  79. @aznryouko

    With this tutorial you have only jailbroken your iPod touch so that it can install 3rd party apps. That has nothing to do ith the wiggling icons thingy, which is part of the $20 software update from Apple. To get it reactivated on your jailbroken iPod touch, follow the comment post of Lobang King above.

  80. Thanks a bunch, Rupert! This finally worked in getting to play DRMed M4P-files to play under 1.1.3-JB!!
    Only thing I had to do was using iNdependence to get the iTouch out of recovery-mode after going to 1.1.2, as told here above by Trevor. Maybe add that to this excellent howto.
    Apllied your Gee-theme too. 😉

  81. I have successfully hacked my 1.1.1 touch, and updated it to 1.1.2. I also ran Jailbreak.jar and it finished. But all I have is a screen telling me to plug my Touch into iTunes. Is this what you mean by rebooting?

  82. @Ryan

    No Ryan. Your jailbreaking failed if you only get and is stuck at that screen (it’s the Recovery Mode screen). You get this failure because you are using iTunes 7.6. To successfully jailbreak to 1.1.2, iTunes 7.5 is a must.

  83. I was able to upgrade to 1.1.3 using iTunes 7.5. But as I was trying to download third party apps, sometimes it doesn’t completely download and it just goes back to my home page and no icons are present. Anyone else experiencing this?

  84. @Pinky

    There are 3 possible reasons that I can think of:

    1. the app is not compatible with your jailbroken iPod touch; too bad.

    2. the repository is down; try later.

    3. you have cues with non-compatible apps; clear your ques and try again.

  85. @Ryan: use iNdependence to pull the iTouch out of recovery-mode (it’s in Google Code – just search for it in Google itself).
    That ‘ll do the trick to continue going from 1.1.2-JB to 1.1.3-JB.

  86. Rupert, now when I try to install an app, I’m getting this error.


    Main script execution failed!

    By the way, how can I clear the ques?

  87. Thanks RupertGee. Guess i’ll wait for the summerboard fix to be out. Happy Lunar New Year!

  88. I never realized that my itunes was in 7.6
    I thought it was still in 7.5 because I never upgraded it myself. I use a shared mac, so another user must have upgraded.

  89. Oh, and thanks for the help. :]

  90. I downgraded my itunes to 7.5, but it no longer recognizes my Touch. I deleted the itunes 7.6 app and installed the itunes 7.5 app. Is this the right way to downgrade, or do you know of another?

  91. Here’s another source for the January Software Update:

  92. That was probably a bad move, Ryan. One should not downgrade OS X software by installing it over a newer version. Sometimes it’ll work (for simple little apps) but usually not.

    I should tell you what I’ll do if I make the same mistake as you but you ain’t gonna like it; clean install my OS X. That’s a daunting task. So… I get an external USB drive, and install OS X on it. Then I jailbreak on this special bare-minimum OS X of mine.

    Oh… install iTunes 7.6 again to fix everything back to normal.

  93. @borebore,

    Huat ah!!!!!

  94. @pinky,

    You clear the queue by tapping on “Clear Queue”.

  95. Hi Rupert,

    thanks for the guide, but is there any way to download the 165MB worth of data onto my PC and transfer it onto my Touch? I’m at work and there’s no wifi, so I’m using my mobile phone’s GPRS connection 😦

    I have 1.1.2 jailbroken, so have SSH and Installer. I’ve installed iJailBreak and it’s ready to go, but it’ll take 12 hours to download 165MB through my GPRS connection!

    Any advice?

    Thanks 🙂

  96. Rupert Gee,

    My Hero. As always, a clear, concise, and cutting edge entry on keeping up with sticking it to the man.

  97. @Rumik

    It’s possible to download the firmware file but then I have no idea where to upload it to. 🙂

    My best advise is visit your neighbourhood StarBuck with free wifi, perhaps? Or visit Singapore; we have Wireless@SG, which is free Wifi access all over the country. 😀

  98. Dude, excellent guide! After tapping on IJailbreak I went to sleep and woke up with a jailbroken 1.1.3 machine, sweet..

    tnx again dude


    It worked and I solved my iPod recognition issue. 🙂 Just had to update my Mac OS X.
    *hits forehead*

    Now one last question.
    What do you download to use the wiggle icon feature so you can rearrange the home screen?


  101. Sheeesh.
    All I’m dealing with is more problems.

    So I went to a source someone suggested and my iPod ended up freezing, then automatically restarting.
    And Installer seems to have downgraded or something. It’s only source is just the AppTapp and half of the categories from before are also missing.

    What did I do wrong?

  102. Scratch that last question. :]

  103. @Janee

    That wiggling icons thingy is not part of this jailbreaking. You gotta install the “January Software Update” to get that new feature. It’s cute!

    Scroll up and read Lobang King’s post. wink.

  104. @jOHN

    You probably didn’t perform PART 1 Steps 2 and 3 correctly, or you missed them completey. You cannot just click Option+Restore in iTunes without first going through both steps first.

  105. Yeah, I found someone on Youtube who actually made a program so you can them for free, as long as you wait about an hour for it to install.

    So I’m good for now.
    I’m figuring out how to prevent Installer crashes.
    Any tips?

    Andfir some reason, SummerViard themes aren’t working either. Oh well, that’ll come around eventually.

    Thanks for all your hard work and handling all this chaos and my endless questioning. :]

  106. I suck at this touch keypad still.

    In case you can’t decipher my amazing typos:

    And for some reason, SummerBoard themes…


  108. I did it!
    Thanks very much!!!

  109. I did all the process and got it right… the only problem is I can’t change the language of my iPod Touch, i mean it’s selected “spanish” but everything is in english… any idea???

  110. @Israel Valencia

    Make sure you tap on “Done” after selecting your language.

  111. when i do every thing up to the jailbreak part and i start it it does not give me any progress bar like in the picture all it says is permission denied any clue?

  112. Apparently the ijailbreak method from 1.1.1 doesn’t work for me. When I run the package, I get permission denied errors. Also, Installer keeps forgetting that I have BSD Subsystem installed.

  113. WOW just use ziphone it takes 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. hey…what if i have a PC??? i really want to jailbreak my itouch just the way u did it, because those youtube vids are no help

  115. btw ty

  116. @itouch help

    Try this very simple & fast method:

  117. Hello, Today I tried to install the jailbreak in my ipod, and when I finished installing, I opened the itunes, and then it says that the iPod cannot be open because of a error , and then I tried to install again , and now my ipod only stays with the screen with a lot of codes, what should I do?
    thanks .

  118. @thomas

    You’ll want to try the following method instead; this one’s obsolete as reflected on the top of the page.

  119. hey, i was wondering that if you restore the ipod touch to version 1.1.1 if you still get the features like maps and stocks and notebooks after it is jailbroken. i haven’t jailbroken yet becuz of that


  121. @muza
    you can, but first you will have to find repo for it.ipod touch master has them, but don’t know his repo off the top of my head

    you alright bro?

  122. @Vanya and muza:

    I think it’s

    Go down to iPhone 1.1.1 Aplications and install the stuff in there.

  123. i think i busted my itouch im not sure if its from the jailbreakin but it probably is… when i take it out of the charger and listen to music or something it shuts down after a few seconds even though the battery life is almost full.(btw i restored it now its v1.1.2 not jailbroken)
    if anyone can help or has any sugestions ill be so grateful

  124. Hi guys, I’m having an issue here and I can’t find out what I am doing wrong.

    I downgraded my firmware to 1.1.1, downloaded the Installer, BSD Subsystem package, and finnaly, the iJailbreak app. I get stuck at this point.I execute this last app and wait all that loooong time until it completes and restarts the iPod automatically. However, when I check the firmware in settings menu, it still shows 1.1.1. I tried this procedure like three or four times, with the same result. Now, what am I doing wrong? Someone help me please!

  125. Thanks for the instructions. My iPod didn’t reboot by itself. Holding only power button won’t reboot it either. I had to hold both home and power button and then it worked.

  126. hey. I tried to update to 1.1.3 using iTunes (hold shift + update) u know the process. It started to extract the software. But when it came to installing it on the iPod, it failed and the iPod got stuck with the iTunes and cable sign. PLugging it and opening itunes only said it’s in recovery mode. Restoring to 1.1.3 didn’t work. Even restoring to 1.1.2 didn’t help. A few moments later, the iPod rebooted and now it’s stuck for over 10 hours on the apple logo. iTunes doesn’t even recognize that I connected it when I do. It just stays the same… can u help me plz?

  127. Download ZiPhone, click the ‘Advanced’ tab, then select normal mode. Make sure your iPod is connected

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  130. How do u get tyis thing to work. Im freaking lost!!!!!!!

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