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STE posted a valuable insight into the recent 1.1.3 firmware update. It’s important enough I re-produce it here for youre reading pleasure.

It’s true; the situation now is quite messy due to the different jailbreaking methods available. I had opted for the Nate True’s method even though I know it isn’t exactly right as it offers best 1.1.2 compatibility. But I have since gone with the official dev team method, despite losing the ability to install quite a number of useful apps.

If you must find out, here’s one way to know which methods a jailbroken iPod touch is using:

  1. SSH into your iPod touch.
  2. Try and navigate to /private/var/mobile/
    • If you can, the iPod touch has the right 1.1.3 structure.
    • If the directory cannot be found, or is a symbolic link (alias), you have Nate True’s special file structure.


_________________ The article is reproduced below _________________

The release of the 1.1.3 firmware has caused a ton of headaches for developers and package maintainers. Many packages store media and preferences under /var/root/Media and /var/root/Library. With the release of 1.1.3, most packages will now need to store that stuff under /var/mobile/Media and /var/mobile/Library.

For developers, they have to write their apps to be firmware version aware, so that they can read/write from the correct location, depending on what firmware they are running on. For packagers, we have to install/uninstall that stuff from the right place, depending on the firmware.

It’s a nightmare.

Nullriver has released the full 3.0 version – no beta any more – of This release allows packagers to install the stuff mentioned above into ~/Media and ~/Library and will put it in the right place, based on the firmware of the device.

This version of also provides packagers with the ability to check how much free space is available, before installing, so that we don’t fill up the root partition any more. It also adds features that will help in migrating applications out of /Applications to other locations. There is more – this release is really chock full of stuff to make life easier for all of us.

It is imperative that you upgrade to 3.0 as soon as possible. By that, I mean NOW. Right now, today. I am going to start releasing package updates today that will rely on the new features. They will not install correctly on older releases of If you run into any trouble and find you need to manually download and install, get it from here, which always points to the latest version. Other repositories will start using these new features shortly, too, so it really is in your best interest to upgrade right this minute. If you do not, and you have an issue installing any of my packages, my response will be “please upgrade, try again, and only come back if you still have a problem”.

To prevent this kind of chicken-and-egg issue in the future, one new feature in this release is the ability for the package maintainer to specify a minimum version required for the package to install. Unfortunately, this time, we can’t really use it, because the older Installer.apps don’t understand that feature.

For a full listing of changes in this release of, please see the “Featured” page in your current



  1. i have 1.1.2 jalbroken and am fine i will wait for a easy an good mode of jailbreak 1.1.3 or something better

  2. Yah, that’s the attitude; use whichever method that suits your needs. That’s of course until every developers stick to just one standard.

  3. Hello All, I can navigate to /private/var/mobile/ using ssh it has a shortcut arrow next to the folder. By default cyber duck ftp puts me int he /private/var/root directory I am thinking this is just a shortcut to the actual directory.

    I also noticed that when accessing summer board on the iPod touch inside the themes section I have two unknown themes .AppleDouble and :2eDS_Store I can actually select them as a theme but nothing happens. There are also no sounds for the clock widget.

    I figure something got mixed up during the jailbreak I will try the process again soon. Currently running a jail broken 1.1.3 and the update apps.

  4. @Jada855

    Hi there. Do you remember which jailbreak method you used? The short-cut (actually a symbolic link in Unix terminology) tells me it’s *not* based Apple’s new file structure, especially when it links to root. It looks like the method you used took a work-around for compatibility with 1.1.2’s sake.

    It’s brilliant, and probably harmless. I’m curious about it and want to jailbreak mine to try it out.


  5. @Jada855

    Oh I forgot. .AppleDouble, .DS_Store are actually Mac OS X’s files that were left behind when the programmer accessed the iPod using via OS X< through AFPd.

    You can delete them at will and not cause any problem. They are not SummerBoard’s theme.

    Grin. I didn’t know the Clock has sound; I rarely use the earphone when I treat the iPod touch as if it’s a pda. 🙂

  6. hey, how come AppSnapp won’t install right now? This is the 3rd pod im jailbreaking and its not working…is it down or something?

  7. Hello RupertGee, Thanks for the reply. My method for jail break was as follows. Initially I had a brand new 1.1.3 with a $20 upgrade.

    I down graded to 1.1.1 and jailbroke version 1.1.1 inside the installer was the ijailbrake package to upgrade version 1.1.1 to a jailbroken 1.1.3 I proceeded to install the package after it was installed there was and iPod touch software upgrade in the installer to install and get the new iPod touch apps for free. So I installed and it and here I am.

    I followed the steps on this page from your blog

    thanks again I will try to delete those files. I too use my iPod touch as and awesome pda 🙂

    I actually could not get appsnap to install. It would quit safari but I never got the progress bar after trying all day.

    I forgot to mention in the beginning I used and os x app called iJailbreak to jailbreak 1.1.1 and from there I installed the iJailBreakMobile to upgrade 1.1.1 to 1.1.3

  8. @thebot

    AppSnapp has always been strange in that sense. Just try again at a different hour. It was too busy to serve you when you tried it.

  9. @Jada855

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll update this info later on.

    Yes, AppSnapp is a strange beast. I sometimes can get it to work right away, but mostly it just refuse to do anything. It can be frustrating.

    My best advise is to guve up trying after a few attempts, and try again a few hours later when, hopefully, the rest of the world has gone to sleep and the AppSanpp server can serve you properly.

  10. Just a line to say many thanks on the downgrade tutorial on 7.6 to 7.5 – Great!!

    On another note, I have a jailbroken touch 1.1.1 which has been restored through Itunes 7.5 to 1.1.3, it wasn’t recognised on my 7.6 itunes hence the downgrade – is it possible to jailbreak again?? if so what do you recommend?

    Thanks for all the info and hard work.


  11. @Dazza

    Certainly by all means jailbreak it. The following guide is popular.

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