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Hey people, I finally found a worthy reason for you to update to firmware 1.1.3, and it’s not just for the cute wiggling icons I love so much — it’s lyrics display!

It’s part of the US$19.99 “January Software Update“. Strangely Apple didn’t annouce this as a new feaure.

To display your embedded lyrics, go to the “Now Playing” screen, tap on it and voila, lyrics you can sing along pops right up! Very nice!

The new feature does not fetch lyrics from the internet. You must embed them yourself in iTunes. I’ve been using an OS X widget, TunesTEXT by Cyan Image Chamber, for almost two years to fetch and embed the lyrics automatically. It’s been working great and almost never fail to get the right lyrics. It’s highly recommended, more so if you need lyrics of Japanese songs.


  1. Apple actually announced the lyrics feature. You can read the text in I guess nobody paid attention though. Oh, and guess what? Apple already announced the 32 GB iPod Touch! Why I’m not surprised?

  2. The tip was on Apple Web……

  3. hey rupert,

    i cant really seem to get the lyrics to pop up. How do you actually do it ?


  4. Muhaha… So Apple did announced this new feature afterall. I was like totally missed it. Grin.


    32GB seems like a lot but thank goodness the iPod touch’s thin-ness remains the same. Mine’s only a 8GB and it’s always half-empty as I only sync songs I rated 4 or 5 stars… which aren’t many but enough for a few hours of non-stop play back.

  5. @Alex, the lyrics must already be embedded in the mp3 files itself or nothing will be shown when you tap on the “Now Playing” screen. You can embed the lyrics in iTunes by “Getting Info” on a song and click on the Lyrics tab.

  6. I don’t suppose this feature works with v1.1.2 Rupert?

  7. @Vanya

    Unfortunately the answer is no.

    Hey, why not upgrade to 1.1.3 using the Official Dev Team, GUI method? It’s pretty good. Just some apps need to be updated for compatibility. 😦

  8. Yah, that’s what I plan to do(using my dad’s laptop, coz I told him to not update iTunes :P). But the only problem I have is that my Home buttom isn’t the best…so i’m not too sure if i can get into the DFU mode. The only way the Home button works is if I tilt it a special way…so wacko. And basically the only things I want to run on 1.1.3 are the Gee Theme (totally love it), iPhysics, Advance prefs, books, dictionary, and the NES emulator. and perhaps the fake Bluetooth icon in the status bar 😛
    So is it definite that the iPhone apps work perfectly with this ‘break? Thanks very much.

  9. how do you exactly use the texttunes

  10. @alex

    Launch iTunes and play a song. Launch the widget and it should automatically fetch the lyrics fron online lyrics databases, display it, and finally embed it in the song’s mp3 file itself.

  11. ok this is another sore question…
    sorry.. but do you know of one for P.C

  12. Is there a Windows equivalent of TunesText? If not what do option do Windows users have? I’m tired of copy pasting every lyric.

  13. vvvvvvvvvvvvvood

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