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This guide is for Mac OS X users only….

So you want to jailbreak your iPod touch to firmware 1.1.3 but you can’t because you cannot use iTunes 7.6 to jailbreak it. Fret not, just downgrade your iTunes from version 7.6 back to good ‘ol version 7.5 with the following simple steps.

Feb 10 Update: It’s possible to jailbreak in Mac OS X’s iTunes 7.6, but you might still want to downgrade your Mac’s iTunes 7.6 to 7.5 for other reasons, such as avoiding the annoying nagging screen of January Software Upgrade. So here’s how to do it:

  1. Download a copy of iTunes 7.5 from here. Do not proceed any further until you have a copy!
  2. Download and install “Pacifist” in your OS X. Do not proceed any further until you have installed Pacifist.
  3. Look inside ~/Music/iTunes/. You’ll find there’s a folder by the name of “Previous iTunes Libraries”, and within it a file by the name “iTunes Library XXXX-XX-XX” (XXXX-XX-XX is the numeric date you upgraded iTunes to 7.6. Mine’s 2008-01-18, ie, I upgraded to 7.6 on that faithful day.)


    “~/” mean Home. Therefore, “~/Music” means the Music folder under your Home folder.

  4. Launch iTunes 7.6, and create a new Smart Playlist with the following criterias (it looks like this):


    Date Added: is after: XX/XX/XX

    Replace the Xs with the date you upgraded iTunes, minus one day. For my case, I upgraded on Jan 18, 2008, so I fill in the date as 1/17/08.

  5. Name the Smart Playlist “New Since 7.6”.
  6. Select and right-click on the “New Since 7.6” Playlist, and choose “Export Song List …” from the popup menu. When prompted, save it on your Desktop in “XML” format. If you have playlists you created after upgrading to iTunes 7.6, export all of them too.
  7. Quit iTunes.
  8. Move the entire /~Music/iTunes/ folder to your Desktop.
  9. Delete the following seven files:
    • /Applications/
    • ~/Library/Preferences/
    • ~/Library/Preferences/
    • ~/Library/Preferences/com.iTunesHelper.plist
    • ~/Library/Cache/ (if it exists)
    • /Library/Receipts/iTunesAccess.pkg
    • /Library/Receipts/iTunesX.pkg
  10. Empty your trash.
  11. Shut down your Mac, and then start it up in SAFE MODE.
  12. Mount the iTunes 7.5 .dmg file.
  13. Right-click on iTunes.mpkg and select “Open with… Pacifist” from the popup menu.
  14. Select “Authorise To Run Tasks as Root” from the the “Authorization” menu, and key in your password.
  15. Select and highlight “Contents of iTunes.mpkg” in Pacifist, and click on the Install button. You must get this slide down menu after that.
  16. Let Pacifist install everything. Whenever Pacifist complaints that something already exists and prompt you to “Update, Replace, Leave Alone, Stop Installation”, always select “Replace“.
  17. Reboot your Mac normally after Pacifist is done.
  18. Launch iTunes once, and quit. You’ll notice your library is empty. Sob sob.
  19. Look inside the “Previous iTunes Libraries” folder that’s on your Desktop again, and rename that file “iTunes Library XXXX-XX-XX” to “iTunes Library”. After that, move it into /~Music/iTunes/ overriding the existing copy.
  20. Move the “iTunes Music” folder from your Desktop into /~Music/iTunes/
  21. Launch iTunes. Your old library is back! Everything, playlists, song rating etc is intact, except it’s only up-to-date as of XXXX-XX-XX.
  22. Now you want to import the “New Since 7.6.xml” file (and any other playlists) that you exported earlier.
  23. Wham bang, thank you m’am; even your new songs and videos after you upgraded to 7.6 are back!


Your iTunes downgrading is complete and everything’s intact. You can proceed to jailbreak your iPod touch using the Official Dev Team method, with a GUI developed by Conceited Software.

A special thank you to Johnathan who pointed out to me I could use AppZapper to find out the necessary iTunes 7.6’s files to trash.


Don’t be a wise guy and just install iTunes 7.5 by double clicking on the iTunes.mpkg file. It won’t work. Your iPod touch will never show up in the downgraded iTunes if you do that!

If you want to use AppZapper to uninstall iTunes, just make sure you only tick those seven files listed.

Do yourself a favour and launch Software Update now. You’ll see that iTunes 7.6 is available! Yiaks! Now highlight it, and select “Ignore Update…” from the “Update” menu. This will stop Software Update from notifying anyone sharing your Mac about it. Otherwise, that person might think you don’t know about the “latest” version and update it for you to surprise you. Worse, yourself accidentally click the Install button and you end up hitting your head against the wall, again. “Ignore Update…” now. 🙂


  1. where the hll is the home folder

  2. it wont let me export my playlists

  3. @chris. The Home folder is in Finder. Click on Finder, and you’ll find it on the left side panel (Mac OS X Tiger. Could be different in Leopard) It’s the one with the icon of a house, with a mini-chimney. Hope this helps

  4. Thanks for helping out, Vanya!

    I usually just tell them to Go Home, ie, select “Home” from the “Go” Menu in Finder. You’ll see a new Finder window pops up at … Home. Neat eh? 🙂

  5. My pleasure. Haven’t got much else to do on a cold Saturday, except for search around blogs and enjoy my iPod XD.

    Yah, very neat.:P

  6. So, once this is done and my iPod is jailbroken, what happens if I upgrade iTunes to 7.6 again?

  7. @Jorge

    An already jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod touch works just fine in iTunes 7.6, so yes, you can upgrade to 7.6 after jailbreaking it in 7.5.

    But of course, then you have to cross your fingers and hope you don’t need to re-jailbreak.

  8. You’re a star. Thanks.
    I can see my iphone again…

  9. i moved the music/itunes flder to my desktop but i cant find those seven files t delete

    Rupert’s reply:

    Go to Finder and select “Go to Folder …” from the “Go” menu and copy and paste the following into the text field:


    That should bring you to the folder with, and com.iTunesHelper.plist.

    Repeat above procedure for the rest.

  10. i cant find my music on itunes how do i get them back on there and i cant find those seven files to delete please help please!!!!!!!

  11. rupert my music is stuck on the xml thing i think i totally screwed myself over on this one
    i cant find my music how do i get them on there
    i cant find those seven files to delete and i need help really badly bad. i cant find the previous itunes library any more i really need help!!!!!!!! i had like 600 songs in my library and its all gone !! im totally fucked dude seriously need help.!!!!!!!!!!!!! please respond please.

    Rupert’s reply:

    What do you mean stuck? Whatever you do DO NOT empty your trash. They might be in there?

  12. Chris….

  13. ya

  14. Are you using a Mac?

  15. hello? Rupert ANSWER ME!!!!

  16. yes MacBook

  17. OS X

  18. answer me

  19. scroll back up for my replies, chris.

  20. Crap.

    Apparently my library still can’t be read because:
    “it was created by a newer version of iTunes.”

  21. @Janee

    You didn’t delete all 7 files of step 9, and/or you missed step 19 completely.

  22. I couldn’t find one or two of them anywhere on my computer.

    The way you instructed to find them didn’t work for me, so I manually found 5 or 6 of them.

    I never made it to step 19.
    When I went to open up iTunes on step 18, it wouldn’t open.
    I’ll try and find the remaining files from step 9, but otherwise I think I’m in a bit of trouble.

  23. The file I cannot find is the QCCompositionRepository cache file.

  24. @Janee

    From its name, I figured it’s a cache file and that means it may not exists on every Mac. It’s okay not to delete it; in fact, we can just pretend someone has deleted it for you.

    I’ll update the post to reflect this new finding.

  25. Awesome guide, I’m back at 7.5 now – thanks a million!!

  26. hi thnx for your guide.
    i didn’t find the two files under the receipts folder… as i don’t have any folder named like this in my mac. I’ll just assume they’re not necessary or that somebody else deleted them for me, as you told another user about the cache folder.
    thnx again man

  27. @franco

    Hello from Singapore. Yah, the receipts aren’t that important. They will be regenerated after you install iTunes again.

  28. Hey Rupert, first of all,
    thanks for the tip!!!!

    Does this downgrade works for jailbreak the iPhone also?

    Thanks in advance bud!

  29. Followed the directions perfectly but its telling me The file “itunes library” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes????

  30. yes you can jailbreak 1.1.2 with iTunes7.6

    upgradi to 1.1.2 wen you fenech quit iTunes7.6

    and Drag your iTunes7.6 to the TRASH
    than click ( jailbreak.jar wen it done
    Move back your iTunes7.6 to Applications
    and your done.

  31. @Tra1

    I believe you missed Step 8 or 19.

  32. @loan

    That’s a first time I encounter such as strange problem. Do this to get it out:

    Turn of the iPod touch.
    Disconnect the cable.
    Press and hold the Home button while you reconnect the cable.
    After iTunes launch and suggest you restore it, dismiss it and see if your iPod touch is jailbroken. Otherwise redo jailbreaking.

  33. @Jeremy
    Goosh, 32GB! How long does it take t sync to its brim man? I’m so jealous!

  34. hey i got it to work by just deleating those files and renaming my itunes library and it works fine everything says its 7.5 except system update it says its 7.6 maybe because i had a 7.6 version of itunes on my desktop

  35. hey wah if I cant find the /Library/Receipts/iTunesAccess.pkg
    i dont have a folder called receips, should i continue any way without deleting them?

  36. oops i missed step 19.
    Thanks RupertGee

  37. I’m trying to downgrade to itunes 7.5 but after creating my new playlist it won’t give me the option to “Export song list” instead this is all I get.

    What else can I do?

  38. *new smart play list

  39. @Pinky

    It looks like you skipped Step 4. From your screenie, your list is empty… and that’as why you don’t get the option to Export.

  40. Thanks Rupert 🙂 silly me.

  41. In safe mode Pacifist just shut down every time I click on authrization and if I turn it on again and do install, the window appear but after that again it shut down… I installed anyway in normal way itunes on safe mode but again it doesn’t see my iphone…. fuc….ing apple!
    On my windows PC (a very old one) everithing works nite! How can be that an iphone can be ulocked and jailbroken just with an horrible WIN pc??????

  42. @Max

    Why you blame Apple for Pacifist? 🙂

  43. i cant find an receipts folder 😦
    where is it.. there is no receipts folder in my library folder 😦 and my spotlight also does not find it

  44. And i also cant install the file cause of the same problem as max it has.. everytime i want to install it the damn program shuts down! how can i fix this problem?

  45. Hi, when i had my iTouch jailbroken (I paid $30 BTW) iTunes 7.6 is showing an error = “iTunes could not connect to the iPod because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000022).” I called the guy up that jailbreak my iTouch if he could fix it, now he wants me to bring my macbook for him to try & fix… but then I saw your site… so, should I just follow your downgrade of iTunes or pay the guy to maybe fix it? pls. HELP!!! do you know what error (0xE8000022) is? Confused & scared – not so good w/computers

  46. BTW, I have Mac Os X version 10.4.11.

    Thanks for what ever help you can give me.

  47. Tnx… i let my hubby read this, took him a few hours to do suggestion but am happy to say… it’s working. Thank u so much.

  48. Rupert, you’re a genius! Your instructions are so, so clear and everything always works if they are followed. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. You have helped me so much with my Ipod touch. Now I am waiting for my brand new Iphone 1.1.3 to arrive from Apple UK so i can jailbreak it!

  49. I was having issues with Itunes so my copy is installed from the apple website rather than upgraded. I therefore have no Previous libraries folder I do know that this copy was installed Feb 5 2008 should i use that for my date?

  50. ummmmmm…… my itunes wont open up, step 18!! it says the file “itunes library” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version

    what have i done have i messed up itunes??

    thanks for your help


  51. OK
    when im creating my smart playlist
    are these the only songs going on my new itunes
    because i only have 25
    im confused if im doing this part right

  52. You are a legend… only one thing, I’d say that I had a similar problem with not being able to open itunes cos it said there was a newer version still present. I just skipped to point 19 and re-entered my library manually after changing the name of my library xx.xx.xxxx as it wasn’t coming up. Worked a charm.

  53. hi Rupert i tried to empty my trash to delete the seven folders but it will only delete a few because it says iTunesHelper is still running

  54. nevermind i just restarted my computer and then emptied the trash when no apps were running

  55. Rupert,
    Is the procedure for downgrading iTunes from 7.7 to 7.5 the same as the downgrade from 7.6 to 7.5?
    iTunes 7.7 has really screwed things up.
    Otherwise, what do you recommmend?
    Thanks a mil.

  56. Hi Keith

    I have downgraded my Macintosh’s iTunes 7.7.x to 7.5 numerous times because I hated firmware 2.

    Each time I followed the above superb tutorial by the nice folks of iClarified. It’s easy. You should have no trouble downgrading yours.

  57. i bought the new macbook air which comes with itunes 7.6, i was scared to connect my iphone which is jailbroken many times with windows. mac is first for me. want to downgrade to 7.5, followed your steps but cant download pacifist.already trashed itunes 7.6 using now completly

  58. ok finaly downloaded pacifist. how do i delete itune 7.6

  59. pacifist is stuck at /library/documents/help/ipodhelp.helcontents/resources/english.lproj/ipodHelp idx

  60. gee thanks for your help!!!! i finally managed to get it right. thanx

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