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  1. ************************************************************************
    Please also browse through the older commentary posted here first for your quick answers.

  2. Hello. I was wondering if I could quote some of your articles on my website. I would give you the appropriate credit and I would have a link to your website. Please email me. thanks.

  3. I got stuck in Part D number 9: everything went good until my ipod touch rebooted and i know you mentioned that it would freeze at the recovery screen and to wait it out…but mine hasn’t rebooted again and it is stuck at the recovery screen what can i do?

  4. Nevermind… an update for people that are having the problem of getting stuck in the recovery screen after installing the upgrade…well first open iNdependence (assuming you are a MAC user) then it will recognize your ipod touch then it shouldn’t be activate it so click activate…then follow the instructions which is to reboot the ipod…then it will still be stuck in the recovery screen…but now connect it to your computer and open itunes…it will recognize your ipod a nd pum is there…now set it up as a new ipod and it should also install the apple applications (weather, mail, notes, stocks, and the home wiggle feature)…so there you go…and 1.1.3 ipod touch jailbroken.

  5. Thanks for everything. But I have a problem on my Ipod touch. I’ve already done jailbreak my 1.1.3 firm. Now, when I install any app, it says “Main script execution failed!”. Can you help me about it? I’m looking forward your reply asap. That’s really really good job!

  6. thanks so much for the guide it worked great until I got into Installer and tried to add in the Mad Pike source where installer keeps freezing, any help?

  7. @Craig

    Hey sure why not? 😛

    Where’s your site?

  8. @William

    Thanks for the tip! I hope others find it useful too.

  9. @ismail

    Two possibilities I can think of now:

    1. The app you’re trying to install is not compatible with 1.1.3.

    2. Another app is in your Installer’s Queue system; click on Clear Queue and try again.

  10. @Brian

    Freezing keyboard is caused by skipping Step B5.


  11. @ rupertgee

    Great guide- tried this method like 50 times now, quite literally, and can successfully jailbreak to 1.1.3 but find my touch to be unstable and regularly freezing after jailbreaking.

    any clue as to when the official dev team will be releasing their version of the ziphone method????

    thanks in advance.

  12. my ipod is fine jailbreaking 1.1.1 and installing ‘oktoprep’ but whenever i try to upgrade (by pressing the shift key and pressing upgrade) to 1.1.2 it upgrades fine but deletes the installer icon on the springboard… is there anything that i am doing wrong as i am following the instructions as they are written

    email or add an insert please thanks


  13. @AK

    Most likely they’ll release it after the SDK (+ new firmware) has been released. Else Apple could maybe fix the exploit they’re using in their application. So, it’s better for them to wait till after the release by Apple.

  14. @ Brian

    When you Restored it back to firmware 1.1.1 ,Did you set it up as a New iPod and click sync when you were done ?

    I think the best way and the most stable way to use this method is to ssh into your ipod and upload the 1.1.3 firmware, that way you don’t loose any information when your upgrading to 1.1.3!

  15. @ Fredd-E

    Thanks for your reply, do you have a rough idea when the SDK and new firmware might be out, just so I know that if its going to be a long time I can keep trying with this method??

  16. @ AK

    Word on the street is, there’ll be an Apple event 26th of February. Check out this rumour:

  17. Thanks for this guide!!

    Muito bom!! Tudo funcionando!!

  18. hi, i got a 1.1.3 with software upgrade itouch, using mac leopard 10.5.2 and itunes 7.6 . anyways i followed the steps up to part D-6. i couldn’t find the “official 1.1.3..” so i added the other source. but as soon as i saw the “1.1.3 jailbreak devteam” i clicked on it and installed – now it is downloading (“running install script – have a sandwich.”) something. did i do something wrong by clicking on that instead of looking for the “official…”?
    oh, and mind i ask, what is that ssh checkbox on that jailbreak install? i don’t understand a thing about hacking and stuff.
    thanks for the guide! really helped me (so far)

  19. @AK

    I’ve not heard anything from the team except they’ll release it after Apple released the SDK. They are now saying that would be firmware version 2.0!

  20. @oli

    That’s normal. You must install oktoprep first before you Shift+Upgrade. After the Shift+Upgrade process, the Installer goes missing. The following step, which is to run Windows.bat, brings the Installer back.


  21. @Fredd-E

    I tend to think Apple will fix any explots half-heartly. Jailbreaking brings them more sales. They just can’t openly acknowledge it…. 😛

  22. @ed

    The 1.1.3 package you installed is fine; just takes a little longer.

    You should learn about how to use SSH. Many apps requires it to install or fix. Fortunately you’re on a Mac and I got just the tutorial for you.

  23. Question: Does AFP work just as well as SSH, or is SSH better in some way?

  24. Your guide is absolutely amazing, it helped me alot. Ive jailbroken to 1.1.3 with the installer app. I can only successfully download a very limited amount of apps. Most of the time when I try to downlaod an app it says “downloading package” then “installing package” the intalling package loading bar goes nowhere, and then installer shuts itself down and my ipod goes to the homescreen. How can i fix this?

  25. thanks rupert, i’ll take a look at that tutorial carefully!!

    oh and by the way, i thought my ipod had frozen, so i clicked the home button. then i got back to installer and downloaded the community package – gladly that “official…” appeared on system! i’m updating it via that “upgrade” behind-the-bars apple icon. and it’s way faster to download (99% as i write, extracting now).

    thanks a lot for this guide!! keep it up!

  26. Rupert,

    How do you SSH into your ipod? When I opened the Gee theme folder I didn’t see the 1.1.3 file. Do I just download the one file that doesn’t say MACOXS by SSHing with that Cute program or something?

    Thanks, Mr. J

  27. gaahhh help please!! it froze during the decompressing thing… i restarted it, tried again but after reading the already downloaded file, it started to freeze again!! it shows the apple logo, crash then reboot, and over and over again……. what should i do? it’s not showing on my itunes either…

  28. My ipod just went into recovery mode. Like i said before, i had a jailbroken 1.1.3. What do i do now? Do i need to redo the entire procces from 1.1.1?

  29. DividedByZero…

    My personal preference would be AFPd.

    AFP just seems to be quicker, and it’s a more natural file navigation in my opinion, as it shows up in a finder window, and SSH has to be done in an FTP client. Also, once you enable “broadcast” in AFPd on your iPod, it’s “just there”. Allowing you to easily add it to your keychain, and connecting to it like any other network share!

    Your mileage may vary, and be sure you don’t make the mistake I did. Install the BSD Subsystem first! And be sure to use the .3 version found on the authors site. Which is here:


  30. Hi there, I just followed all steps but at the end it gets stuck on recovery mode (after 1.1.3 upgrading). Then I realized I left “manually manage” checked (all the others unchecked as the guide says). Does that affect the jailbreaking process at any matter? Thanks!

  31. @DividedByZero

    AFP is a file transfer protocol. sFTP, a part of SSH, is the same. But the main function of SSH, which is to issue unix command, is absent in AFP. To for us mac users, we’ll use AFP to connect and mange the files in our iPod touch, much like PC users use sFTP (which we can too). But when it comes to issuing commands, it’s to use good old Terminal to SSH it.

  32. I need some help I can’t downgrade my ipod to 1.1.1 and I’ve tried everything the guide told me to help please!!

  33. I cant install oktoprep im stuck at that point, im at: PART C – JAILBREAK TO 1.1.2
    im trying to download it from hackthatphone i already putted it as source but when i put isntall it says:
    Package download failed!
    any clues?

  34. @chris lopez

    You’ll have to tell us why you can’t do it. No electricity at home? No comprehendo english? No iPod touch but a iPod Classic? What?!


  35. @MarcoM

    Try again, but this time tap on the “CLEAR QUEUE” or “CLEAR ALL QUEUES” button first.

  36. @Ahiru

    Leaving “Manually manage music and videos” unchecked is fine. Try rebooting your computer and the iPod touch to see how it goes.

  37. @Nick

    Please read the black box just above PART E.

  38. cleansed the queue´s but still the same prob, i have a 2 mb/s connection so internet aint the prob. maybe the server is off?

  39. @MarcoM

    Probably. 😦 Maybe you’ll have to try again at off-peak hours?

  40. k, ill try again in some hours to see if i can, and get back at u 🙂

  41. I did jailbreak again. and I intalled a lot of app. but finally while I install Apollo (IM) app, it says again “Main script execution failed!”. How I can solve this problem? I know you certainly have an idea, hero. Please help me.

  42. @ismail

    “Main script execution failed!” is a common error for apps that are not compatibe to 1.1.3 amongst others. You could also be running out of flash drive space to install it. I sugest youlook around about Apollo to see if there’s a fix, as I’m not familiar with the app.

  43. Hi Rupert! Can I unplug my iPod from the usb after Part C is done? (I mean, to download the 1.1.3 upgrade) `Cause I don’t have wifi at home, I gotta hook it up outdoor but my MacBook`s battery won’t last that long. Would it interfere if I unplugged it? If so, when should I plug it back – after the upgrade is done? (the part it gets stuck on recovery mode?) Thanks again.

  44. dunno if you want to had this to your guide or if it will help anyone but for PART C – JAILBREAK TO 1.1.2 when you can the “tweaks 1.1.1” if you download the “community sources” then go back to install the “tweaks 1.1.1” and all the others you should need later should now show up

  45. hey…i got stuck in “Part D” and setup 6 after downloading the restore file its say “copying data to system image” and its stucks at 34% for as far as forever.. :S i hve tried quite a few times now n i m stuck with the same thing
    help please.

  46. line c 1 install oktoprep

    the ipod says “error package failed”

    have done it three times and it still doesn’t work.
    internet is availible!
    what can be the problem

  47. Rupert help!! I tried again from the start. When I tried to download and install OktoPrep, it shows up an error and won’t download it. Note: I’m using the hackthatphone source ’cause I couldn’t find it via Tweaks as usual.

    I read somewhere the OktoPrep is now included in the installer from jailbreakme, is it true?

  48. @Ahiru

    You are suppose to disconnect your iPod touch from your Mac. 😛

    As for oktoprep gone missing the second tiime around, it goes to show different ISP has different cache. My suggestion is go back to where you once had it found in the installer.

    Yes, it’s included in AppSnapp but it doesn’t works. Nobody seems to know why:

  49. @Naveed Ahmad

    Did you carry out Part B5? It erases and frees up space in your iPod touch.

  50. @danny

    Try again, but this time tap on the “CLEAR QUEUE” or “CLEAR ALL QUEUES” button first.

  51. It’s me again, I managed to do all steps but now I’m stuck at the end of part D (right when the ipod shows up that “connect to itunes” screen).

    Should I connect it? It didn’t reboot so far, still showing it after I turned it off. Shall I try again, wait or plug it in??

    Thanks again, thanks for your time also!! Great guide by the way…

  52. Pardon my spamming…

    Guys, if any of you were trying to install oktoPrep via that hackthatphone source, I had the same problem earlier today.

    What I did was -> install the comunnity package first, then a lot of apps will show up in installer. And so OktoPrep (via Tweaks 1.1.1 – it will show up).

    Hope it helps out anyone who’s getting stuck trying to install oktoprep from hackthatphone.

  53. hi there, ive tried to install the upgrade but keep getting error messages saying “package download failed:can’t connect to host” but internet is connected. i also can’t refresh sources. i’ve tried tapping on ‘clear queue’ but still doesnt work. i can’t even use safari now! can you please help?

    Thanks, Eva

  54. Rupert, sorry again for spamming…..

    Thanks for the guide, I managed to make all the way…

    May I suggest you to include a “D-10” – in D-8 you say to unplug the ipod from the computer, but I was afraid to re-plug it after 1.1.3 upgrade (that’s why I kept getting the recovery screen). Right after I plugged it in, it showed the unlock screen again as you mentioned. Thanks.

    just a ps: trying to add the source mentioned in part E, but it seems to be frozen there… Is that normal, to take a long time to add the source?

  55. Keyboard is freezing – but I’m pretty sure I followed B-5 steps correctly….. I use a Macbook pro, iTunes 7.6, any ideas? Thanks,..

  56. @Ahiru

    Did you install OpenSSH and SSH into your ipod and upload Firmware 1.1.3 then upgrade from there?

    I would highly recommend it,because using wifi you always take a chance of losing data while downloading, so that may be why you guys are having freezing issues when you try and add a new source.

    If you don’t know how to ssh into your ipod here is a good tutorial on how to

    Good Luck

  57. If that link doesn’t work just go to youtube and type this in the search bar, “How to use Cuteftp Pro also where to Download it”.

    Just click the first video that comes up, the video is from iPodtouchmaster.

    Windows users only..

  58. Hi i got problems on Part C – 8.
    After doing all the previous step´s with out problems i got an error justs after selecting “jailbrake!” (Windows.bat).
    “This utility can only be used if you have already run OktoPrep before updating to 1.1.2”

    and i allready done that.


  59. I can’t find the OktoPrep on my installer and when i add the hackthatphone Source “Hack That Phone tools” doesn’t come up.
    Any ideas on how to help?

  60. Great guide! I successfully followed it last week and have been playing around with it since. I finally got around to setting up mail and have a problem. The only message that shows up is one that says “Load 25 more messages.” When I tap that is seems to fetch but no messages show. Any ideas? Should I redo the entire process? Is there an easy way to get a clean jailbroken 1.1.3 without going back to 1.1.1 and following all the steps? Thanks!

  61. @Mark

    I would try this. Go to Settings -> Mail -> Show, and change 25 to 200.

    That might kick your Mail’s preferences setting into action. Revert to 25 if it works.

    If that doesn’t work, I’ll check the permissions of the following folder:


    It must be at least 755. You probably need to reboot your iPod touch to make the change take effect. Try 777 if 775 is not good enough.

    Otherwise, I’ll go to Settings -> General -> Reset: Reset All Settings

  62. @Ashley

    Please check out Ahiru’s tips.

  63. @Ahiru

    Thanks for the tip on Community Sources.

    The keyboard freezing problem is supposed to be caused by using the “restore” option instead of “Set up as a new iPod”. Maybe you didn’t clip the Sync button after that? You may have clicked “Apply” but that’s not enough. You must click “Sync” at least once after “Apply”.

    Regretfully a freezing keyboard (something I never experience before) renders the iPod touch pretty much useless. You’ll re-do everything. 😦 Remember to “Sync”, ok?

  64. @Manune

    Maybe, just maybe, you didn’t exit Installer after you install it? You know… if you exited, there’ll be a spring wheel indicator as Springboard restarts? That’s the final process of installation. I forgot to exit once and gotten the same message you do.

  65. @Eva

    Something has gone wrong with your jailbreaking if you can’t even use Safari. I suggest you re-do from scratch.

  66. Hi RupertGee! Wonderful guide! Haven’t tried it yet, though… I’m not sure if I have the guts to do it.. =P
    Cause it seems like an awful lot of people has got the Ipod totally frozen, right?
    I wanna be really convinced that it will work before I try it.

  67. Hey Rupert,

    So I jailbroke my iPod Touch 16Gb a couple of times now… And your guide works great.

    BUT…. after a day when I switch on the iPod to listen to some tunes. It freezes and tells me to connect to my computer. And it tells me that I need to restore…

    This happened like 4 times now.. and I am a bit tired of it. You know what is going on?

  68. @KC

    That’s something new to me.

    I would go to Settings -> General -> Reset: Reset All Content and Settings

    I once had a no-audio problem, and doing above solved it. Your case might be due to some weird settings error too.

    Be warned that you have to sync everything again, not to mention resetting up things like your Wi-Fi and emails accounts. It’s still worth a try.

  69. Well I am back at hacking to 1.1.2 .. but it appears that the OkPrep is taken offline…. *sigh*

  70. @KC

    I replied too late? 😦

    Anyways, check out Ahiru’s tips.

  71. thanks for that tip.. that worked… so now on to the jailbreak. 😀

    But you never encountered that error that I had before? It is really annoying because you can’t do anything. Not even synching… just restore 😦

  72. @Jesper

    Hey there, you’re being too cautious. Commentary area like this is always overwhemled by failure reports than success. What you can do is scan through them to learn from other’s mistake, the most common of which is ignoring seemingly trivia instructions. You’ll be glad you jailbreak and hit your head why you didn’t do so sooner.

  73. Thanks for the answer Rupert! However, I haven’t got time to jailbreak it now, cause I’m going over to see my grandmom and stay there for some day… But after that I’ll probably make a try! =)

  74. @ Manune

    Are you sure you hit Shift update after you installed app snap and oktoprep?

    you might have hit Restore when you were trying to upgrade to 1.1.2, hence the reason why you are getting the error “This utility can only be used if you have already run OktoPrep before updating to 1.1.2″.

    Just My 2 Cents !

  75. Rupert, I’ve just started a bit with downloading the two firmwarefiles.. But when I start download them it says that the two files are 151 and 158 mb. Weren’t they supposed to be 157 and 165? My antivirusprogram hasn’t done anything to them.

  76. When I’m gonna install OktoPrep it just says Error
    Package Download failed
    Please help Rupert!

  77. i can add that I only found Tweaks (1.1.3) and Tweaks. No Tweaks (1.1.1)
    So I did as it said here:

  78. Hi there!!

    Thanks Rupert for your time!!!

    Well, I did transfered the 1.1.3 ipsw via ssh ftp (downloaded open ssh and bsd after that).

    I’ll try to keep in mind to sync it after applying, but do I have to do it after I install 1.1.3? It shows up the same “set up as a new ipod” screen (right after it freezes in the “plug to itunes” screen).

    The iTunes opened and the ipod came back to unlock screen – but I unlocked it before I set it up as a new ipod, etc…. Could that caused the keyboard freezing problem??

    Anyways, after that, the itunes automatically installed the software upgrade – I had a full jailbroken 1.1.3 touch with software upgrades – right after part D (even before typing the source from part E). Could this be the issue instead? (I had the installer showing on screen, a few apps I downloaded and had the january apps with wiggle)

    I was just wondering… I’m gonna try again next week. The only reason I want to jailbreak my ipod is that I don’t have wifi at home, neither at work…. and I want some games on it… I don’t mind paying for software/games (which I did and bought the software upgrade) – and when I found out the games from ipod classic I bought via itunes wouldn’t work on my touch, I was like – gotta jailbreak it… (I had a classic, which is now broken).

    Just a reminder – Remember to install the Community Sources right after you access the Installer for the 1st time… Then [[Tweaks 1.1.1]] will show up! Someone hack that hackthatphone source cause it’s not working… at least for me and a few I’ve been reading…

  79. Ahiru when I tap to install Communitu Sources I just get the same error

  80. Regarding the mail problem I mentioned above – Setting permissions and a reboot fixed it! Thanks so much for you assistance. I was almost ready to start all over from scratch.

  81. RupertGee 2
    First thing when you mentioned “restart installer” what i did is, on my IPOD press the only fisical button i see, i don´t know if that was correct couse i don´t see the spring bar you are talking about.

    Yes i push the shift and restore option, i did that very carefully selecting the second installer iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore

    what´s not cleare enought and i did is the exact same thing that on PART B omitting the number 2 using iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore

  82. thanks!
    but now im having problems installing oktoprep whenever i try to download it, it comes up saying “package download failed!”
    i have tryed repeating the whole process again (from restoring) but i have had no luck.

  83. I had trouble downloading and installing some apps (oktoprep itself including) for a couple of reasons:
    – the place where I hook my ipod on the net is kinda crowded sometimes, so the connection gets really poor depending on that
    – another situation, I was a bit off placem behind a wall, which made the connection slow as it was frozen.

    The other odd reason is that I tried to download from hackthatphone – the 1st time I tried, like a couple of days ago, it worked. But yesterday, when I restarted the jailbreaking process, it wouldn`t – got the Error Package thing…

    I solved it downloading the community source right after the installer is loaded for the 1st time. If that doesn’t work either, check your connection…

    – Just a question:
    If I jailbreak till 1.1.2 only, will I be able to put more icons on screen without the home screens features from 1.1.3? I might try again but if I keep getting the keyboard freezing, I might just stay at 1.1.2…

  84. Second time i did it worked fine, for sure i did something wrong probably i selected restore instead of update while on PART C -2 on on the first attempt but thank´s anyway, and great great work

  85. I got the frozen keyboard problem even though I followed step B5 faithfully. However, for part D, my ipod touch was not connected to the PC at all throughout. Does that matter? Also, just as Ahiru, do I have to set up as new ipod after I install 1.1.3? Will that matter?

  86. Noopha

    Yes , Always set it up as a New iPod !

  87. Hey great guide
    I get the same keyboard freezing problem

    I finished the entire guide and of course, i cant add sources.

    I went to itunes and unchecked all that was needed to be unchecked and I set it up as a new ipod.
    I reallllllyyyyyy want my ipod to work. Do I really have to restart from scratch? It took me over 4 hours to get where I am. I would really appreciate help

  88. Should I disconnect my macbook before it tries to install the January apps on my ipod after 1.1.3 upgrade is done? Haven’t tried that yet… Could that prevent the keyboard freezing along following the “new ipod / uncheck auto upload – open itunes / apply – sync” steps?

  89. when i connected my ipod to itunes (windows, 7.6) it said “The iPhone has no SIM Card. Please disconnect your iPhone, insert a SIM Card, and try again.” But afterwards, it went to the slide to unlock screen.

  90. I’ve noticed that when its “stuck” in recovery mode, the battery icon will show in the top right corner. To kick it out, all you have to do is connect to iTunes. Your only screwed if it doesn’t show that. Hope this helps if youve had that problem. Also has anyone had an issue with the keyboard after using this upgrade? Whenever I type, it freezes completely. And it is EVERY time. Any suggestions? Iv’e re-jailbrokwn 113 five times now, but always experience this problem.

  91. i have tried this method 3 times now and it works fine but when i start to install apps it shows the little loading circe as normal but it never goes away, and when i restart my ipod it does the same thing before it even gets to the unlock screen. Please help!


  92. Hi Rupert!

    I’ve got a newer 8GB iPod Touch (1.1.3 OTB) but am having a heck of a time jailbreaking it. The part I’m stumbling on is this part of your tutorial:

    The Installer App is now in the Springboard. Tap on it, and scroll to the “Tweaks (1.1.1)” category and installed “OktoPrep”. Quit Installer after installing it.
    Valentines’ Day Insert: If you can’t find OktoPrep in above, then add the following new source to your Installer:
    You’ll find it in the “Hack that Phone tools” category after adding the new source.

    So I couldn’t find OktoPrep in the Installer so I went ahead and added the hackthatphone source. Found OktoPrep there… but when I tried to install it I got:

    ERROR: Package Download Failed

    Just for kicks I tried to install something different… in this case OpenSSH. And it now gives me the same error.

    Do I have to restore to 1.1.3 and start all over again or is there something I can do at this point to continue?

  93. When I try to install OktoPrep it always says package download failed for some reason. Would like your help. Thanks

  94. Is there an echo in here? 😉

  95. Do I see right? Are you working on a new guide for use with iTunes 7.6? That’d be awesome!

  96. ****************************************************************************

    I have gone thru this guide again to jailbreak my iPod touch, primarily to find out why so many of you are having problem with OKtoPrep.

    It turns out the procedure has changed. You *must* now manually add the “Community Sources” package in Step C1. Previously it wasn’t necessary at all. After adding the said package, the “1.1.1 Tweaks” category will appear in the Installer, and you’ll find “OktoPrep” within it.

    I’ve updated the main post with the new instructions.

  97. @DividedByZero

    Grin. I wanted to find out why pple were having probems with OKtoPrep and whether iTunes 7.6.1 for Mac breaks anything (it does.)

  98. @Kevin, Ben Steffen,

    Please read this.

    Please tap on “Clear QUEUE” if the button shows up after you tap on “Install”.

  99. @Ahiru

    Yes, you can have more than one home screen in 1.1.2 too. The only difference is you’ll need the Customize app to re-arrange your icons.

    I think it doesn’t matter if your leave your MacBook connected. Installer doesn’t need your iTunnes at all; everything’s done thru Wi-Fi.

  100. Well it took me a few tries, and the downgrade to iTunes 7.5 really helped. As soon as i figured out that my and coversutra had to be closed for the restore/upgrade process everything was a breeze. Thanks for the great step by step guide!

  101. ok, serious problem. every step worked but now I am beginning the january update, and when I start Part E Step 1 to add the new source, my keyboard is not there, and the ipod freezes. sys info: 16g Ipod Touch, itunes 7.5, mac leopard.

  102. never mind, delete all of my previous comments. ran through all the steps again, and now she works. thanks again!

  103. Thanks again Rupert!!

    Things I noticed that [might] have something to do with the keyboard freezing (or not):

    * I’m on a Macbook pro, running Leopard 10.5.2, using iTunes 7.6

    – After upgrading to 1.1.3, it froze on that “Plug it to itunes” screen (recovery mode).

    – Before I tried to plug it in, I tried a few times to restart it, hard reseting it. Maybe I shouldn’t have, and should have plugged it in right after upgrading?

    – When I plugged it in, it came back to the unlock screen. BUT I forgot to:
    – Uncheck the “Automatically search for updates” box on iTunes preferences. In that matter, I bought the January apps via iTunes, and then iTunes automatically installed the apps on my ipod……
    – That’s why I was wondering if I should have disconnected my mac, turning airport off or something…
    – When I came back to my ipod, wiggle feature and the new apps were on screen – along the installer… BUT I didn’t download the 1.1.3 new features via that Part E source – it was via iTunes…

    Could that have something to do with the issues I’m having? I was still able to install new apps and run them, but the keyboard…. gahhh!

  104. hey.i dl-ed the 1.1.1 restore for windows.
    but when i hold shift + restore and click on it an error comes out.

    help please.

  105. @Ahiru

    The keyboard freezing issue is primarily identified to not performing Step B5 correctly. 😛

    Haha, you bought the JSU after jailbreaking to 1.1.3? 😛 I’m glad Apple accomodated your jailbroken iPod touch.

  106. @Jervis

    Please go through PART B1, B2.1, B2.2 and B2.3 before you shift+restore.

  107. @ Rupert

    No, lol! I’ve bought the apps before even trying to jailbreak it……..

    But after jailbreaking through 1.1.3, when I plugged it in, the iTunes opened, the ipod returned to the unlock screen, BUT the itunes automatically updated my ipod with the January apps……

    Anyways, thanks again! Hey, I’m gonna try the ziphone method, I could only find the v2.4, will that work too?

  108. I still got keyboard freezing problems on my 3rd try even though this time I could go all the way to getting the 1.1.3 apps. And yes, I did perform B5 correctly.

    Please help? =(

  109. I forgot to ask that since Installer is already version 3.0 in the 1.1.1 jailbreak, why do we still need to update it in step D2?

  110. i cant find the source i need to get the real oktoprep that is working can u give me the source??

  111. @noopha,

    yeah I am getting the same thing. I did all the steps required, and don’t think I missed any steps. Very bizar…

    Ow well back to restoring to 1.1.1

  112. I’m starting to think the keyboard issue occurs on 16gb models…

    Is anyone who has the 8gb model experiencing the freezing problem??

  113. @Ahiru

    Well, u may be correct. I have a 16gb model and am experiencing the freezing problem.

    The ziphone method apparently works on 8gb models only.

  114. I get a package download failed error when I try to install OkToPrep.

  115. when i am in recovery mode, i plugged it into my pc for ibrickr then itunes automatically synced it and i got the new apps since i bought them before i knew i could get em for free. is there anything wrong with this process?? cause installer still works fine for me

  116. I Jailbroke my iPod Touch to a 1.1.1 from a 1.1.3. I tried to install OktoPrep from installer but after it seems to download it has an error message of “Package download failed”. I jailbroke to 1.1.3 previously but my iPod touch had problems after a few days. Is there something I’m doing wrong now? Thanks.

  117. After i restore to 1.1.1 my itunes don´t ask me if its a new ipod or not, it just skips this part and go directly to `´sync my itunes…´´
    How can i do this ?

  118. After the restore to the 1.1.1 my itunes do not show the screen where it ofer me to select my ipod as new… it jumps right to the next one, offering the Sync option…

    What am i doing wrong ???

  119. Thanks rupert, i’ve finally jailbroken it to 1.1.2 but now having trouble upgrading to 1.1.3. i followed all of your steps very carefully, right up to part d, step 9. i pressed ‘yes’ and it starts restoring but the percentage always remains on 0! after about half an hour, it suddenly just reboots itself without being jailbroken to 1.1.3. can you please tell me why this is happening? i’ve done it at least 10 times but ends up with the same results. please help!



  120. I’m a windows user and I’m using iTunes 7.6.

  121. wow. it works. hot damn.

  122. @Ahiru

    ok i removed the BS app and mine stopped locking up when typing but it still locks up when i try to add any source manually

    running 1.1.3 on a 16gig itouch
    going try reinstalling bs to see if that helps if not i going to rebuild back to 1.1.2 till a more stable or a patch comes out for 3

  123. Hey Rupert,
    I see that many people still have the ‘freezing keyboard’ problem, although they say they did Step B5 correctly.
    I believe this means that step B5 isn’t really the cause for the freeze.
    I also have the same problem, hoping somebody will have an answer soon, without having to redo the whole process. Can’t you think of something smart again like setting a certain number from 775 to 777 somewhere with SSH? 😛
    greetz, Bob

  124. I pressed the “no” button on the RESTORE option by mistake jsut before the long automated 1.1.3 jailobreak but it seemed ot work ok. I hope! NO problems so far.

  125. I followed all the instructions, AND B5, but my keyboard is still frozen. I did the entire process twice aleready but still have the same results.

    I am on Windows XP, with an 8GB ipod touch and iTunes 7.5.

    Please Help. I really don’t know what else to do. I tried ipodtouchmaster’s jailbreak previously but that had trouble supporting summerboard and i make my own themes so not having that would be a huge concern. now, it’s only available for 1.1.3.

    Please Help.

  126. o, and after it was done, it gave me the connect to itunes screen so i connected it to iTunes and it worked fine.

    Should i have used iBrickr?

    If i should have, it would suck b/c that means i’d have to restre to 1.1.3, downgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak,then upgrade to 1.1.2, jailbreak and then upgrade/jailbreak to 1.1.3. I’ve been through this process about 3 times in the last 2 days. and about 4 times in the last week.

  127. K never mind,
    for people with an 8gb ipod itouch and keyboard freeze problems – simply do the zibri ziphone jailbreak. Takes about 1 min. and works unbelievably perfect. Starts from a fresh 1.1.3 version.
    Good luck!

    p.s. no offense to this guide or whatsoever

  128. i just ninished jailbreaking an 8 gig ipod to version 1.1.3 with the installer app.

    it had keyboard freezing and ive performed step B5 correctly

    ive also tried redoing everything, only to find the same problem with freezing.

  129. 16 gig ipod here with keyboard freezing problem. Know for sure I followed B5 also. I think there is defenitely something going on here that hasn’t been discovered yet. I’m gonna hold off on 1.1.3 for a while. I’m having enough fun with 1.1.2 jailbroken right now.

  130. hey i’ve been having a problem jailbreaking my 1.1.3 with itunes 7.6 .

    it was a problem stated above but your solution didnt fix it for me. when i am on the first part windows i download both files, i left them alone, they are the same exact bytes as before.

    then i did 2.1 2.2 and 2.3 and then tried to restore. i got the “could not restore, unknown error [1]” message. then i read on here someone else had that problem, you said to skip 2.1-2.3 and just shift click restore. it still comes up with the same error message. so i just re-restored my ipod back to 1.1.3 and its blank, nothing on it and it still wont work. any suggestions?

    by the way, your doing a kickass job answering all these questions for everyone, your the man!

  131. Wow thanks for all the info, I Have a problem I got stuck in PArt D, when i try to update installer to 3.0 it says that there’s a Main script error what do I do?

  132. alright.that helped.but now theres another problem.after i downloaded the zip file to jailbreak 1.1.2 i cant seem to open the windows file.i double click it but nothing using please.


  133. yo, doing stuff on my mbp, successfully went through downgrading to 1.1.1 then i managed upgrading to 1.1.2 and went to step three that is jailbreak while havin 1.1.2 the problem sems to be like i was doing that on itunes 7.6.1 the newest one, why? coz on itunes 7.5 i cannot locate my touch…so to cut the story, after jailbreaking my touch got stuck, and using iNdependence didn’t work coz of my itunes version, i reversed changes,my question is what i can do, how i can successfully install lower version of itunes to see my touch, or any other piece of advice is needed….any suggestions? please?

  134. Regarding the keyboard freezing error, I found the following information:

    “welll ok here. i just fixed it.

    the trouble i felt is summerboard….

    i just fresh re firmware from 1.1.1 jb to 1.1.2jb and den restore to 1.1.3 [after i saw the ziphone method]

    after i jailbreak 1.1.3 i install whole bunch nessary app, and den the last thing i install Summerboard and it freeze keyboard after i install SB.

    so i uninstall it and everything is fine now.

    well i hope this is help.

    i hope i can get a REP for this jajaa

    enjoy Ipoding~

    omg without SB . ipod seems to be sucks .. lol SB is easy den others.”

    ( source : )

  135. Just a note to say THANKS for all your work! Got it going with only a couple of hiccups:

    1: The Unknown Error(1) due to not properly putting the ITouch into DPU mode. Sorted this by following the instructions at
    (section headed DFU Mode – The sound method (Windows ONLY! Alternative method)), which worked infallibly.

    2: The frozen keyboard, sorted (I hope) by going through the whole process again.

    3: ITouch stuck at the screen with the USB lead and ITunes logo (restore?). Happened twice – both times sorted by connecting to ITunes, which gave it a jolt.

    Once again Rupert, thanks for a truly stupendous effort.

    Now to install some apps…

  136. BTW re the frozen keyboard – I should say I’ve got the 32 gig ITouch, and am running Windows Vista basic (spit)

  137. If the jailbreak was done right, there should be no connect to itunes image , it should restart right after the upgrade is done and be in sleep mode…

    I would highly suggest you guys SSH into your ipod and upload the 1.1.3 Firware before you proceed to upgrade and then there should be no errors.

  138. @ Rupert

    Seems alot of WINDOWS users are having a hard time running Windows.bat.

    The reason behind this is because they don’t have Java installed, so they will need to install Java before they can jailbreak 1.1.2!

    You might want to add that under Part C #5


    Most window users are gonna want to download Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Online * filesize: ~ 7.1 MB

  139. rupert-

    i did everything, messed up the keyboard thing, and i wantto start over. However, regardless of whether or not i plug my ipod into the computer, neither iTunes nor independence will recognize it. I’m using 10.5.2 on an iBook g4 with a 16 gb iPod Touch. I really need help, just to get my computer to see the iPod again.

  140. also the ipod won’t boot into that firmware mode where the only thing visible on screen is the usb device and ituens logo.

  141. @ Legacy

    Where can I get the 1.1.3 file? Where do you put the file on the Ipod? Is there a tutorial somewhere that will walk me through this? I’m a windows user.

  142. I get the keyboard freezing too, Im on a PC with iTunes 7.6 .

    where you say:

    un-tick the option to “Automatically sync songs to my iPod”, and “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected”.

    does that mean I should have :
    “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected”
    ticked or unticked? wasn’t really clear so I unchecked it…

  143. I’ve got all the way to Part D-9. The ipod downloaded to 1.1.3 fine but they once it started to reboot a bunch of times and it hasn’t stop since, it’s been over 8 hours. Its not stuck in recovery mode or anything, but it keeps rebooting time after time. The ibrickr doesn’t work. I also tried to restarted the computer and nothing works. The ipod doesn’t show up in iTunes at all. Please help.
    I’m have a 8G Ipod Touch, using windows and itunes 7.6.

  144. Hey Rupert I finally got your method to work on my iPod touch ,(16gb) on mac (10.4) with itunes 7.6, after about 6 attempts. I followed all your steps perfectly every time the last time , however, I used “disk for ipod” to get a copy of 1.1.3 into my ipod for the update. Also when the update was complete I ended up going into recovery mode ( again). So i used independence to bump it out instead of a hard restarting it (I feel that independence was the key).

  145. I don’t know what’s going on, I’m trying to do this again from the start but now iTunes shows up an error (unknown error 1) when I try to restore my ipod to 1.1.1… I’ve done that before with no sweat…

    Any ideas on how to solve that? It won’t downgrade anymore for some weird reason…

    (using iTunes 7.6.0, OS X 10.5.2, 16gb touch)

  146. Nevermind…

    I solved it, by releasing the slepp/power button RIGHT AFTER the screen has gone blank…. (I was holding it until the little apple logo appears)

    But I’m sure I did like that a few times before… anyway…

  147. [[[[ iPod Touch 16gb 1.1.3 jailbroken WITH NO KEYBOARD ISSUES ]]]]

    Hi again people…

    Well, I managed to make all the way throught part E following every single word Rupert wrote here.

    BUT, I’ve had a problem with the keyboard freezing before. And I know a lot of people has had that too.

    Some parts of the GUI aren’t clear (pardon me Rupert) so I tried a few steps on my own…

    – Please note I haven’t connect it to the iTunes just yet (I just finish the jailbroken process)

    – First I’m on a MacBook Pro, Leopard 10.5.2, iTunes 7.6 and got a 16gb ipod. Used the openSSH method.

    – Right after installing the bsdsubsystem, I restarted the installer, then I downloaded the openSSH package.

    – Then I switched it off. Followed the next steps like written.

    – After the recovery mode screen (when I upgraded to 1.1.3 VIA ssh), I disconnected my MacBook – turned the airport off, I plugged my ipod in, the itunes opened, it unlocked my ipod (from the recovery screen), I set AGAIN as new ipod, uncheck the proper boxes as “open itunes” and “auto sync”. Applied again, then sync’ed again and again (like Rupert said, just to be sure).

    – Disconnected my ipod

    – I downloaded the BSDSubsystem again BEFORE part E. Then quit the installer and swithced my ipod off again.

    – Turned it on, checked the keyboard – no freezing whatsoever. Then I rechecked the configs – such as auto lock to never, renew ip leash and stuff.

    – Only then I added the source to transfer the new features (the JSU) – the first time I did, iTunes automatically put them in.

    – I tried playing with the keyboard – fine. Restarted the ipod, fine again.

    *** Please note a few things: ***
    – Haven’t plug it back on my Mac nor transfered any music files whatsoever.
    – Haven’t downloaded any Apps by now (only BSD and the madpike05 source)
    – I always clicked on “Donate Later” on installer (if that makes any difference)
    – I haven’t modified ANY config stuff whatsoever during the 1.1.3 upgrade process to the final step. I simply checked – the click sound is on Both as default, haven’t changed my wallpaper.

    Just to keep in mind, the keyboard is up and running SO FAR. Gotta download some apps, change the config and stuff. Then I’m gonna connect it to the iTunes just to find out how it goes, ’cause the keyboard freezing might be something else…..

    And thanks Rupert for your effort and time on this guide!!!! *claps*

  148. – Okay, I opened iTunes, ***my mac is not connected to the internet*** and tested my ipod.

    – It shows 1.1.3 (and that’s it, doesn’t show the “With software upgrade”) on iTunes. The 1st time I jailbroke it, it showed that.

    – I transfered some music, while it was playing, I typed a bit of “aosdfasf” on Notes. No problem. I set the Weather to my home town. Keyboard worked fine.

    – I downloaded a simple game via installer, refreshed it, then I turned it off. No keyboard freezing after that. SO FAR.

    – I surfed through some websites via safari, typing every url. So far so good.

    – Notice another thing: haven’t activated the YouTube feature (it tells me to connect to the iTunes with internet connection to enable it). I don’t know if leaving my iPod on my mac while itunes is doing “something something” via net is going to freeze its keyboard. Just trying things…

    Anyways, I hope someone else with a 16GB ipod touch that had keyboard freezing issues finally find a way, like I did!

  149. Allow me another report…

    – Turned the click sound off, changed the brightness, downloaded another apps, added new sources…

    No keyboard freezing whatsoever, so far…

    Haven’t connected to the itunes with internet connection – JUST in case……. I’m afraid that might have something to do with the keyboard freezing issue (or not) oh well…

  150. @ Ahiru…

    Sounds like you have it figured out there!
    Good Job!

    I asked this of Legacy a few hours ago, but he seems to not be on right now…So can you tell me where I can download the 1.1.3 file and where to put it on the Ipod when I ssh into it?

  151. i did as per instruction to upgrade my ipodtouch frm 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 but i can’t see in settings 1.1.3 version it still shows 1.1.2 after doing all that.

  152. @Beve54

    Check out part D-7, the box below it… There’s a link and also there’s this tutorial from Rupert

    My ipod’s keyboard is up and running with no freezes…. (note that I use a 16gb, which I thought that might be some compatibility error but someone claimed that had the same issue on his 8gb)

    – One thing I haven’t tried and not willing to (at least by now, that I won’t have the time to do the whole process again) – the YouTube feature doesn’t seem to work ’cause it asks me to enable it via iTunes, which has got to be connect on the internet… The 1st time I tried (the jailbreaking thing) I had my Mac connected on the net, and iTunes automatically uploaded the JSU in it… I could install apps but the keyboard was freezing… Now it works just fine!

  153. Hi, I have a Itouch and I got to execute the Jailbreak 1.1.2. But after execute the Part D-7 my Itouch got resetting forever. So I recovery the original OS 1.1.3 using Itunes. After that I try to put my itouch in DFU Mode but it is impossible. I press both buttons together but happen like pressing only Power button. I think the DFU mode was unabled in my device. I use ITuner 7.5 on Windows XP. what i need to do now to put my device in DFU mode? Is it posible to use any tools to put the itouch in DFU mode?

    Please help

  154. hey i accidentally ticked “Install SSH”. Is that going to mess anything up?

  155. sorry, my bad i just. I didn’t completely look through the whole guide. I just did and i found the answer to my question.

  156. @ Ahiru

    Thanks…I feel like an idiot…

  157. @Beve54

    No problem! Glad I helped!

    Well I felt that too when I 1st tried lol, never tried to unlock/hack/jailbreak anything whatsoever…

    Try it out and tell us how it goes!

  158. i followed all your steps correctly.i now have a jailbroken ipod touch 8G 1.1.3 but when i click installer there are no packages.and theres only one please.


  159. whenever i try 2 jailbrak my ipod touch. and d ipod is in recovery mode…i hold down shift then press restore and click the 1.1.1 version it starts 2 restore, then as it appears to b ending it says an unknown error occured

  160. someone plz help me

  161. @Jervis

    Have you followed Rupert’s guide as it says? It should work fine. If no packages shows up, try adding some sources!

    Anyways, since you got the 8gb version, why don’t you try this instead? If you are a Windows user, try downloading the windows version of ziphone, it should work!

  162. @Jervis-

    You have to go into the “Sources” catagory and install “Community Sources.” That’s where it’ll be.

  163. @David

    Congrats, since the Installer s in it your iPod touch is fine.

  164. @Jonathan Molo

    Package download error is usually caused by you trying to install an imcompatible app, and it’s still in the Queue. Tap on clear queue should resolve it.

  165. @G-MaK & GuiMakul

    That’s weird. What you can do is unplug your iPod touch and quit iTunes. Then launch iTunes again. After it has stabilized down, plug in your iPod touch. It should then see you have a fresh iPod touch and ask you about the options to set it up as new or restore from a backup.

  166. @Eva

    I… don’t… know… what’s happening to your iPod touch. This is the first time I hear about such as behaviour. My only suspicion is somehow your Wi-Fi connection is bad?

  167. @Bob

    Ha ha, no offense at all Bob. I wish ZiPhone works for everybody! Really. It’s hurts like mad to see pple frustrated in trying to jailbreak using other methods; too many factors can affect the outcome! With ZiPhone, it’s just a simple matter of clicking one button and it’s all over in 45 seconds!

  168. @everyone having the keyboard freezing issue

    Sorry I can’t offer any assistance. I only know not performing B5 is one chief cause, but seeing you guys suffering the same faith even after performing B5 correctly, I’m dumb founded what went wrong.

    However, I want to ask — do you guys set English as the “International Language”?

  169. @Jarod

    Sorry you misunderstood me. For an iPod touch that is running firmware 1.1.3 (presumbly not jailbreakon yet), the only way to downgrade to 1.1.1 is to first enter the special DFU mode (that’s as outlined in B2.1 to B2.3.) Otherwise you’ll get error (1) when you shift+restore.

    A fuller guide on downgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 is at the following post. Maybe it can steer you to perform the steps correctly:

  170. @oddrax

    When the guide was written, we needed to update the Installer to version 3. That has changed. It’s now already at version 3.0 when we installed AppSnapp.

    Sorry for not updating the guide to reflect it.

  171. @macieq wozniak

    I don’t know if it’s possible to just re-install iTunes 7.6.0 on top of 7.6.1 to overwrite the later.

    But if you want, you can downgrade iTunes all the way down to trusty 7.5. The guide is here:

  172. What is the program u use to access the ipod touches local files. For example, when it tells u to go to /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/to install gee theme, how do u access that folder? please help ASAP!

  173. @aztaki

    Hey, don’t spit on Vista. 😛

    So glad everything works out. Yah, Steps B2.1 to B2.3 is the DFU method (as mentioned in B2.0). But the funny thing is many pple simply skip it because they already know how to Shift+Restore when they jailbroke last time on their iPod touch with firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2. Since their old ways worked, they skip it to save time and instead frustrated them instead. 😦 The DFU mode is a *must* for iPod touch on 1.1.3.

  174. @Legacy

    You’re the best! Thanks for the tip and suggestion on installing Java for PC. I’ve inserted the instructions. That should solves a lot of headaces. 🙂

  175. @Jimi

    Try this… just to get your iPod recognised and visible in iTunes.

    -Power it off by holding down the power button until the screen goes blank.
    -Disconnect it.
    -Reboot your Mac.
    -Launch iTunes and wait for it to be fully loaded and becomes responsive.
    -Press and hold the “Home” button (the one on the botton of the screen). While holding it down, plug in the USB cable.
    -Your iPod should turn itself on automatically and goes into the Recovery Mode… and hopefully appear in iTunes as well.

    If the above doesn’t work, please try your best and perform the DFU Mode, Steps B2.1 to B2.3. Do it blindly, but counting 10 seconds as per timing to release the relevant buttons.

    The full instructions to enter the DFU mode can be found below. You can start at Step 3:

    The above will work — it has happened to me before (a few times) and the above gets me my iPod touch back.

  176. @Beve54

    Scroll back up to the tip and just click on the filename in cyan colour. The 1.1.3 firmware file is right there waiting for you.

  177. @Sven

    Unchecking both is the right way. woot.

  178. @Ashley

    You have a 8GB iPod touch, iTunes 7.6, and Windows?

    What are you doing here?! 😛 Your setup qualifies for the super duper ultra fantastic even great grandma can jailbreak, ZiPhone method!

    Read the enclosed instructions.

  179. @Arthur

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ve inserted your suggestion to the post. Muack.

  180. What is the program u use to access the ipod touches local files. For example, when it tells u to go to /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/to install gee theme, how do u access that folder? please help ASAP!!

  181. @Ahiru

    My dear Ahiru! It’s so exciting to read your report I read it three times! Everytime I awaits anxiously for the climax and could hear the James Bond theme playing in the background for more excitement!

    Thanks so much for the feed back. It sounds to me the problem is iTunes automatically installed the purchased JSU. In that case, solution is very simple. You’ll remove it from your Mac. If it’s not there, iTunes won’t know you bought it.

    The file to remove is ~/Library/iTunes/Mobile Applications/iPod touch App Pack.ipa

    Do NOT delete it without backing it up first — I drag and drop the “Mobile Applications” folder onto Disk Utility to create a .dmg backup before I delete the file.

    Throughout my jailbreaking, my Mac and iTunes have always been connected to ther Internet. The difference is, even though I too bought the App, I removed it before I jailbreak.

  182. @dany

    You must have missed out some steps? After jailbreaking to 1.1.3, the “About” screen will show the firmware is 1.1.3. 😦

  183. @Jervis

    Hmm… look inside the “Sources” category. There should be a package named “Community Sources”. Install it. wink

  184. @Mykell

    Please don’t put your iPod touch in Recovery Mode to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1. You *must* carry out steps B2.1 to B2.3 exactly as told.

  185. @David

    You can SSH into it, or use AFPd if you’re a Mac user.

  186. Hey didn’t know about the Ziphone method till now. But I can’t seem to find the link on that page to download anything. I must be really tired or something.

    And I still have the same problem. I can’t get the ipod to stop rebooting itself. And iTunes or even the computer itself don’t seem to recgonize its connected.

    Any ideas?

  187. @ Windows Users

    If you want to SSH into your iPod using windows , you can use to programs that I know of.

    CuteFTP Pro and WinSCP

    here is a link for CuteFTP pro

    Good luck

  188. I was unsuccessful in doing the ssh method. I still had the broken keyboard. I did have a bunch of programs installed from playing around with 1.1.2 and installer so I will try again from the beginning and report back. I’ll also try doing what Ahiru did when he was successful.

  189. @Rupert

    hey it didn’t work. I tried both of your methods, then i moved back to itunes 7.5 again and tried them again. they didn’t work. My iPod seems to be completely broken and useless. Is there any way to fix it? Even SSHing and deleting certain files? This is killing me. It’s a $400 brick.

  190. Well…I’m done trying to get this to work. I’ve done it three times now and keep getting the keyboard freezing problem. I tried installing a package that lets you turn off the “auto correct” feature (thinking that might be what’s causing the freezing) and it didn’t help. I set the key board to be english (uk) instead of english (us) and that didn’t help. I even tried changing the language to Spanish, and that seemed to help. I could type in the url needed to add the source to add the iphone apps, but when I would press go, it would freeze.

    I’m just gonna wait for 1.1.3-4 of the jailbreaker before I try again.

  191. hey
    after step D 9, my ipod just stays looking like the cord trying to connect to the itunes sign.
    this has happened to me like 3 times already and i am really angry. can you tell me how to get out of it so i can use my ipod?

  192. alright.everything’s fine now.thanks. 😉

    just keyboard keeps freezing and i have to keep restarting my ipod.

  193. er.there’s no solution for keyboard freezing?
    if so,i gotta uninstall installer.that would SUCK SO BAD.

    please help.need it desperately.


  194. oh and another thing,if i download themes from the installer how do i use it?

    thanks.sorry for so much trouble.

  195. @Jimi

    Jailbreaking can’t brick an iPod touch. No way.

    Give us more details why it isn’t working for you and we’ll try t o help you out. We’ll need to know your setup, ok?

  196. @Jervis,

    Are you saying you managed to jailbreak using ZiPhone method but your keyboard freezes?

    If I’m not wrong, Zibri wants you to restore to 1.1.3, and after that perform, basically, Step B2.1 to B2.3 before you run ZiPhone.

    Let us know, ok?

  197. @RupertGee

    Thanks for the enlightenment on that file!!

    Anyways, I simply disconnect my Mac when I use iTunes to sync music/stuff…

    Still works fine!!

    For all those 16gb ipod with keyboard freezing problem owners, try deleting that file (backing up 1st) and see how it goes…

    Anyway, for some weird reason, I got like 500mb of installed apps (among the system and stuff) even though I read it’s got only 300mb of system partition… I haven’t installed any boss tool whatsoever… Could that affect my ipod in any matter?

    Thanks again Rupert for your time and effort!

    ** Keyboard freezing is NOT an issue on 16gb iPods **

  198. @ Beve54

    email me at

    Well get your ipod jailbroken to 1.1.3 with no issues !

  199. NIce 1 bud!

    Followed all your instructions to the letter…

    Just got my ipod touch(8gb) fully operational & jailbroken including the
    new apple apps that i bought last week.

    Just to let you know, I hand to put the ipod back into DFU mode myself after following part D to the end.

    The ipod only displayed a black screen with the time battery & airport info.

    Independence couldn’t “see” it until I forced into DFU with the sleep & home button combo.

    MBPro Dual 2.4Ghz / 10.5.2 / iTunes 7.6 (29) / Independence 1.4beta3 / Ipod touch 8GB (Uk model, started at 1.1.3 firmware 4.??)

    Again, Nice1!

  200. @Ahiru

    Hey, it’s nice to have a larger partition at half a gig! I envy you. 😛 I don’t think it will affect the iPod touch’s performance. If anything, it should improve it especially when the amount of free space left is little.

    It’s been my pleasure to be of any little help. Go enjoy your iPod! 🙂

  201. @J

    That’s cool. I’ll keep your tip in mind the next time someone needs help on the same issue. I’ve been very lucky; everything I do just work. 😦

    Oh, the number behind the version number can be ignored; it’s Apple internal number and different versions get a different code.

  202. rupert-

    ok the ipod will:

    -boot up into the normal mode
    -freeze when i use the keyboard
    -boot up into the mode with the usb plug and the itunes logo.
    =allow me to ssh in.

    the ipod won’tt
    -be recognized by itunes
    -be recognized in any way by any computer via usb

    thanks for your help rupert.

  203. I have one thing to say, and thats THANKS a gizillion. I’m sure i speak for many others when i say that this guide is fantastic and irreplaceable. Its an absolute godsend.

    I used this guide a couple weeks back, and it worked. When i tried to do it again today, i constantly kept getting the frozen keyboard error. I was following the instructions down to a dot (or so i thought).

    Then i gave it one last go, and it worked. The only thing i did different is that, once i downgraded it to 1.1.1 via DFU, i restored it to 1.1.1 again, just to make sure.

    Also, (i think this was the key factor), before i was getting steps B4 and B5 mucked up. Now i realized what i did and i now have wiggly icons! XD

  204. Hi was wondering if this was an ok way to get out of the plug to itunes screen that happens after you jailbreak 1.1.3. The way i got out of that screen is i just plugged my ipod touch into my computer and then it wasn’t in the plug to itunes screen anymore. Is that ok or will it mess something up? Also if i don’t do that, how long do you usually have to wait for it to restart?

  205. rupert- i posted my setup before, here’s the total of our interactions so far:

    ME: i did everything, messed up the keyboard thing, and i wantto start over. However, regardless of whether or not i plug my ipod into the computer, neither iTunes nor independence will recognize it. I’m using 10.5.2 on an iBook g4 with a 16 gb iPod Touch. I really need help, just to get my computer to see the iPod again.

    YOU: Try this… just to get your iPod recognised and visible in iTunes.

    -Power it off by holding down the power button until the screen goes blank.
    -Disconnect it.
    -Reboot your Mac.
    -Launch iTunes and wait for it to be fully loaded and becomes responsive.
    -Press and hold the “Home” button (the one on the botton of the screen). While holding it down, plug in the USB cable.
    -Your iPod should turn itself on automatically and goes into the Recovery Mode… and hopefully appear in iTunes as well.

    If the above doesn’t work, please try your best and perform the DFU Mode, Steps B2.1 to B2.3. Do it blindly, but counting 10 seconds as per timing to release the relevant buttons.

    The full instructions to enter the DFU mode can be found below. You can start at Step 3:

    The above will work — it has happened to me before (a few times) and the above gets me my iPod touch back.

    hey it didn’t work. I tried both of your methods, then i moved back to itunes 7.5 again and tried them again. they didn’t work. My iPod seems to be completely broken and useless. Is there any way to fix it? Even SSHing and deleting certain files? This is killing me. It’s a $400 brick.


    Jailbreaking can’t brick an iPod touch. No way.

    Give us more details why it isn’t working for you and we’ll try t o help you out. We’ll need to know your setup, ok?


    ok the ipod will:

    -boot up into the normal mode
    -freeze when i use the keyboard
    -boot up into the mode with the usb plug and the itunes logo.
    =allow me to ssh in.

    the ipod won’tt
    -be recognized by itunes
    -be recognized in any way by any computer via usb

    thanks for your help rupert.

    i appreciate your patience rupert.

  206. @ Jimi Just hold the Home key and the Sleep button untill your computer recongnizes it and don’t let go untill it does !

  207. @ legacy
    thanks for trying. I just held them down for 10 minutes while it reboot into the itunes logo+plug screen over and over (plugged into computer whole time) and it didn’t do anything.

    this really seems to be a big problem

  208. hi, i had a problem here. from 1.1.3 i restored to 1.1.1 and i’ve been trying to dl the programme (appsnapp) from but the dl just cant be gg on. either it hangs or just spring back to the springboard. i’ve been trying this for 2 nights, pls help..

  209. Hi, i just noticed something, while updating the firm wire i noticed that there is supposed to be a plug ipod into itunes picture. But instead it only has a little loading circle, not the picture. Does this matter at all?

  210. @ jimi ,

    I would try uninstalling itunes and then re-install it , then see if that works..

    But make sure you make a copy of your itunes folder so you don’t loose any music ans such

    Good luck

  211. Firstly, i think i speak for alot of people, when i say THANKS. Honestly, i dont know where i’d be without you and your guides. They are all fantastic, this including.

    But i did have my problems. I tried it a couple times, following the instructions down to the dot (or so i thought) but i kept getting the frozen keyboard error.

    I tried one last time, except this time after i DFU-ed down to 1.1.1, i restored to 1.1.1 just to make sure.

    But what i think is was that gave me sucess was, i followed steps B3 and B4 in the right order, whereas last time i was swapping them about.

    So, if you are about to do this guide, follow it to THE PIXEL

  212. Hi was wondering if this was an ok way to get out of the plug to itunes screen that happens after you jailbreak 1.1.3. The way i got out of that screen is i just plugged my ipod touch into my computer and then it wasn’t in the plug to itunes screen anymore. Is that ok or will it mess something up? Also if i don’t do that, how long do you usually have to wait for it to restart ?

  213. @john

    No longer than 5 minutes

  214. how long is part D9 supposed to take exactly? all the required elements went right to 100%, and it’s been hanging out on “Attempting to reboot…” for about 30 minutes now.

  215. Hi, I was upgrading my firmware to jailbreak 1.1.3 using the DevTeam method and I have noticed something: After waiting for about two hours for the package to download (you know, it tells you to make a sandwich). It said it was a twenty percent power so I plugged it into the wall. I notice it went into sleep mode and then is now in Recovery mode and giving me the “Connect to iTunes/Computer” icon. Should I hit “restore” with the “shift” key (PC) and use the iPod1,1_1.13_4A93_Restore.ipsw to update? Or what should I do in your opinion?

  216. when you downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1, does it delete all the stuff on your ipod? (music, videos,etc.)

  217. For all you people having trouble with the freezing keyboard, and know you’re doing step B5 correctly, are you using Vista? I tried about 5 times (as all you know that’s about 2 hours straight) on my Vista Premium laptop and it didn’t work, kept freezing. I got frustrated and decided to try it on my XP desktop and it went through the first time. I got it all installed and went to type in the address for E9 (cringing and ready to almost throw my Touch if it froze again) and it went through perfectly. Tried typing in Safari after, and worked great! So, maybe it has something to do with Vista? I dunno. I do know that later I got it stuck in the apple circle of death (playing with settings and programs I believe were only meant for iPhone) and my Vista laptop again was useless, first try on my XP desktop, worked perfect. So, try it on a computer other than Vista. (by the way, the laptop was brand new, got it the same day I got my Touch [2-22-08])

  218. Yes, it does. You must set it as if it is a brand new iPod for it to work properly.

  219. by following all the steps one by one, I manage to install the 1.1.3 on my new ipod touch 32Gb. Iam using xp and itune 7.6.

    the only problem i encounter is when i try to send e-mail via yahoo it says wrong username or password, but the good thing is I can still receive e-mail from my yahoo account.

    what seems to be the problem?

  220. @rupert

    i used the GUI method.not Ziphone running on a windows PC using iTunes 7.6,on a 8GB touch.i dont know how to jailbreak1.1.3 using ziphone.where can i find help links?

    im currently restoring my ipod on guess it’d be back to its original do i begin?

    i appreciate your patience rupert.
    thank you.

  221. I have a problem, my computer doesnt open windows.bat.
    I have installed the new java, from the link. But it doesnt open the program.

  222. @rupert

    i restored my ipod and the keyboard still freezes.its not i have to send it in for repair?

  223. @ Jervis

    what firmware was it restored to?

    Go to settings/General/About and let us Know the version you are running

  224. I take back what I said about vista. Apparently I got lucky twice in a row. I wanted to start from fresh (not installing apps then uninstalling them, now that I know which ones I want) and so far I have tried 3 times and it still won’t work. On either computer now! I do everything right. It’s so annoying!!

  225. @ David

    If SSH dosnt work, or if you dont have a router Go here .
    and if your on a mac you can use you ipod as disk

  226. @riel

    Please just keep trying… but this time do it at a different hour. If your ISP imposes proxy, you can try enabling or disabling it too.

  227. @john

    It doesn’t matter; I never noticed the change. 🙂

  228. @Mark

    Ouch! Sounds like your iPod touch was a lready jailbroken, except it can’t reboot properly. You are suppose to follow the instructions as outlined in the blackbox under D9. Instead, what you did is effectively restored your iPod touch and wiped out your jailbreaking effort. 😦

    Try again.

  229. @Richard

    Yahoo email didn’t even work prior to 1.1.3; it’s a Yahoo issue and not related to jailbreaking. You’ll have to look for the solution elsewhere.

  230. @Jervis

    Here you go for the ZiPhone GUI method. You’ll love it!

  231. guys you can also jailbreak and upgrade to 1.1.3 at the same time all thru wi-fi but you need to downgrade it to 1.1.1 and jailbreak it first. so i followed rupert’s instructions up to end of part B, which i ended up with a jailbroken 1.1.1
    from there i used wi-fi to jailbreak to 1.1.3
    the entire process took me an hour but now i have a jailbroken 1.1.3 with all the applications(including the wiggling icons) that apple is asking us to pay $20 for.
    check out this site:

    rupert, i hpoe i didnt offend you or something by posting this. i just want to help out others who got stuck jailbreaking like me. you and legacy had been a big help. peace man

  232. I have tryed this same method about 4-5 times now and i have the keyboard problem everytime. I fixed this by going through till you have 1.1.2 jailbroken then i add source ” http:/”
    This source allows you to download 1.1.3 jailbreak and apps by just clicking install. you have to have “Community Sources” and “BSD subsystem” installed. This has work for me and i hope it helps

  233. @allan

    No offense whatsoever. Wr’re aware of iJailbreak. In fact, we used to use it until better (andmore correct) method came along. 🙂

    But I haven’t tried the latest version and don’t know how good it is.

  234. Hi,
    i am having trouble updating my BSD Subsystem, i have version 1.5. will that work?

  235. it says that there is an error and it cant update

  236. Thanks for writing up such detailed instructions– it worked like a charm for me, and even put me at ease during parts where I thought I screwed up my iPod.

  237. After I finished upgrade to 1.1.2 and started windows.bat, the uploading has been
    taking almost 2 hours and no response. Can anyone
    help me about this?

  238. @rupert
    so far my ipod touch is working perfectly well…… what problems have you encountered with the iJailbreak method?

  239. I have followed this instruction perfectly but I can say that I’m stucked at Part C – 8. It seems it cannot upload to my ipod touch.
    Is it possible? this is my 2nd time but my touch worked perfectly.

  240. @rupert

    i cant find the instructions. =.=”
    i feel like smashing my ipod on the wall.i’ve jailbroken it to 1.1.3 following the GUI method.Everything’s perfect except that the bloody keyboard keeps i decided to restore it back to its original version 1.1.3 and the keyboard still freezes.
    i need help desperately.should i follow the GUI jailbreaking method once again?
    and if the keyboard freezes,what am i suppose to do?

    can ANYONE help me?
    i run on windows XP home with iTunes 7.6 on a 8GB iPod touch.

    i appreciate your patience rupert.thanks you so much.

  241. @ Jervis

    You have an 8 GB iPod touch , so Ziphone should work for you and it only takes 45 seconds to jailbreak 1.1.3 !

    You just need to make sure you reatore to 1.1.3 using itunes then Ziphone.

  242. ER.its just a blog.where’s the dam link?

  243. sorry for being just friggin frustrated.

  244. @rupert/legacy

    I’VE DONE IT.Thank you so much for your help and patience.i used took me 2 tries but i keyboard freezing whatsoever.
    alright.anyone got url’s for cool sources? 😀

  245. @Mason

    Hmm… how did you get version 1.5? I have no idea if that’s good enough. Just keep on trying till you get the latest version.

  246. @Mitchell

    Do you have Java? 2 hours is nuts! Windows.bat should take less than a minute to complete.

  247. @allan

    It was my favorite method until this method came along. I dun recall anything “wrong” with it….

  248. @Jervis

    ZiPhone’s great, isn’t it?

    Well, add the Community Sources package for a start.

  249. @ Jervis

    Glad to see you got the Ziphone method to work!

    Here is a good list of sources and a brief description of each Source

  250. @rupert took me like seconds.
    thanks so much rupert.but i cant seem to install BSD subsystem in the installer.without that,the installer’s kinda useless. =S
    any solutions?

    btw,if you didnt know,theres a website giving away free cash,ipods,imacs,PS3’s and lots lots more.No credit cards register.

    here’s the link if anyone’s interested: [I have removed the link; let’s not promote this sort of things. rupert]

    once again,Thanks so much rupert.

  251. Hi there!!

    Hey Rupert Sir, do you know how can I make “bookmark” icons via ssh?

    I saved a couple of webgames, and I was wondering if I can add them as a home screen icon (as one would do when accessing the net via wifi, just adding the link to home screen). Is that possible? Does the ipod read the .webarchive file (the full web app in html)? Where should I put them, folder-wise?


  252. rupert- i posted my setup before, here’s the total of our interactions so far:

    ME: i did everything, messed up the keyboard thing, and i wantto start over. However, regardless of whether or not i plug my ipod into the computer, neither iTunes nor independence will recognize it. I’m using 10.5.2 on an iBook g4 with a 16 gb iPod Touch. I really need help, just to get my computer to see the iPod again.

    YOU: Try this… just to get your iPod recognised and visible in iTunes.

    -Power it off by holding down the power button until the screen goes blank.
    -Disconnect it.
    -Reboot your Mac.
    -Launch iTunes and wait for it to be fully loaded and becomes responsive.
    -Press and hold the “Home” button (the one on the botton of the screen). While holding it down, plug in the USB cable.
    -Your iPod should turn itself on automatically and goes into the Recovery Mode… and hopefully appear in iTunes as well.

    If the above doesn’t work, please try your best and perform the DFU Mode, Steps B2.1 to B2.3. Do it blindly, but counting 10 seconds as per timing to release the relevant buttons.

    The full instructions to enter the DFU mode can be found below. You can start at Step 3:

    The above will work — it has happened to me before (a few times) and the above gets me my iPod touch back.

    hey it didn’t work. I tried both of your methods, then i moved back to itunes 7.5 again and tried them again. they didn’t work. My iPod seems to be completely broken and useless. Is there any way to fix it? Even SSHing and deleting certain files? This is killing me. It’s a $400 brick.


    Jailbreaking can’t brick an iPod touch. No way.

    Give us more details why it isn’t working for you and we’ll try t o help you out. We’ll need to know your setup, ok?


    ok the ipod will:

    -boot up into the normal mode
    -freeze when i use the keyboard
    -boot up into the mode with the usb plug and the itunes logo.
    =allow me to ssh in.

    the ipod won’tt
    -be recognized by itunes
    -be recognized in any way by any computer via usb

    thanks for your help rupert.

    i appreciate your patience rupert.

  253. Hi, I just bought the iPod touch 32 gb and I am very interested in jailbreaking it. I have Iunes 7.6 and using windows xp. I was wondering which way would be the best to jailbreak, this way or using the ziphone way? Also would I have to save my movies and videos from itunes before I jailbreak and if so how would I do it. Thanks

  254. dear rupert my keyboard keeps freezing i have a sixteen gig ipod touch and i’ve tried your method along with others but to my avail the keyboard keeps freezing on all applications any advice

  255. @skylite82

    hold your home button and power button at the same time.after it turns off let it chill for an hour or so.if it still does not work,go into restore mode.[hold home button + power button till ot goes on restore mode]

  256. @Jervis

    Hmm… how come you can’t install BSD? If it’s not in the Installer, then go to the Sources category and install the “Community Sources” package first and it should turn up.

  257. @Ahiru

    Many sites only have a boring icon. Fortunately you can change it to one you fancy. First you must find its boring icon in one of the sub-folders under ~/Library/WebClips, and then simply replace the icon.png to one you like. The dimension is 60×60 pixels and it’s a png file.

  258. @Jimi

    Your iTunes is probably corrupted in one way or another. It’s best to reinstall it. For test, be sure not to install any 3rd party apps.

  259. @dkadanny

    There’s no need to back up your music & videos already in your computer before jailbreaking. Jailbreaking only wipes out those inside your iPod touch.

    For a 32GB iPod touch, this is the most reliable way to jailbreak it. But if you hang in there for a little while more, I heard the ZiPhone method will soon be able to jailbreak a 32GB too.

  260. Gee, firmware 1.1.4 is out! I wonder what’s new?


    More importantly, I wonder if it breaks this method. My guess is it shouldn’t. Afterall, the grabs a copy of the 1.1.3 firmwware itself (or we can upload it ourselves) instead of blindly download the current version in iTunes (which is 1.1.4).

    But to be safe, I should try. 😦


  261. i’m going to try this whole process again and see what happens any suggestions?

  262. Rupert-

    I’ve tried it on 3 different computers. Do you still think it’s iTunes?
    do you mean don’t install any 3rd party apps on the iPod?

    thanks for trying.

  263. Thanks Rupert. I think I will wait. I’m just so ready to download apps and play games. Its going to be hard to wait. 🙂

  264. almost done with the upgrade to 1.1.3 are there any ways to help if my keyboard freezes ?

  265. i have itunes 7.5 im on hp windows and im still having touble with the keyboard freezing any help would really be appreciated …. i also have a sixteen gig ipod touch help please

  266. First, I must say this has been the best place to oome and jailbreak my touch.
    so easy, and straight forward. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!

    But I have some questions.

    1) at part E, when you have to enter that source, where exactly do you enter it, because I’m having the hardest time trying to find the place where I enter it

    2)I’m trying my hardest to install wallpapers
    but nothing I do lets me see them

    your help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  267. @Jimi

    3 computers? I’m very lost on why your iPod is like that. I would restore it to factory condition and see that it gets recognised in iTunes. If it still doesn’t get recognised in its unjailbroken form, just call Apple and tell them it’s broken.

  268. @skylite82

    I don’t think anyone has a definitive solution on the freezing keyboard issue. I for one never experience it. Some are able to resolve it but others like Jimi has even larger issues. 😦

    It’s a pain. Over time, we’re able to identify the culprits of various issues except the keyboard freezing. Sigh.

  269. @RJ

    1) To add a new source, launch Installer, and tap on the “Sources” tab (it’s near the botton-right of the screen). Then tap on “Edit” (top-right), and you’ll see and tap on “Add” (top-left.) After that simply type in the new source’s URL. Be careful what you type; url is cAsE sensitive.

    2) I don’t know how to do it in Windows but found a video that explains it for you.

  270. Rupert-

    Is there a way to reformat it to it’s factory standards without using iTunes? I can still ssh into it and stuff.

    thanks man.

  271. Hey, your jailbreak works flawlessly for 1.1.4!!!! yay!!!! DONT USE ZIphone ON 16 OR 32 GB MODELS UNTIL THERE IS AN UPDATE!!! IT WILL CAUSE MAJOR STRESS

  272. wow thanks
    you’re truly a genius!

    With your help, I finally was able to unlock my touch
    all the other ones were way too complicated

    but your method was perfect
    and you’re the only one that really
    shows how to do it on a mac

    thank you
    thank you!

  273. @Rupert
    Nice guide…
    but I’m stuck!
    I have an 8 gb iPod touch, and mac os x leopard running iTunes 7.5
    I jailbroke 1.1.2 successfully – all the apps, games, etc work fine. I installed bsd subsystem and restarted my iPod, then installed the upgrader. When I ran upgrader, it looked like it was stuck at Downloading restore ipsw : 100% so I restarted it. When I ran ugrader again it said extracting files…. It got stuck a few times so I restarted it. Now its extracting over 200%!!!!! I tried uninstalling the upgrader and reinstalling bsd subsystem but the upgrader still said Extracting: 247%. Help!

  274. by the way, i know that having the old posts up there is helpful to some people, however when i was trying to jailbreak a while back i was using the old posts instead of the new ones, just fyi. Thank you so much tho for the method, its amazing

  275. i have a big problem; every time i download the 1.1.1 firmware downgrade file, the file becomes a read only file. The icon doesn’t look like a white box. What do i do.

  276. dude…I’ve been looking for a tutorial like this for months…i relly appreciate your tutorial thanks dude

  277. @Ramin Kohanteb

    How were you able to go to 1.1.4? Just curious, did you load 1.1.4 instead of 1.1.(?)?
    And, I had the freezing keyboard problem over and over and then did itouchmasters and no freezing keyboard. If freezing keyboard was a problem before, will it be if I do 1.1.4?

  278. am using a pc

  279. @Craiger-

    You can download it here:

    But I don’t know if you want to try anything until the Dev Team has officially given the all-clear.

  280. @rupert

    how do i downgrade from 1.1.4 to 1.1.3 ?

  281. @ Jervis

    Whenever you try and Downgrade, always put your iPod in DFU mode

  282. @ EBEN

    Use a different Browser when downloading Firmware.. Firefox works the best or you can grab the safari beta for windows.

  283. @thegpc-

    Worse that could happen is I could have to redo my JB to 1.1.3, correct? And, how do I do 1.1.4 instead of 1.1.3?

  284. Forget that last post, jsut found ruperts post on hwo to do it…

  285. @Rupert

    Hey thanks again… But can you name a folder in that WebClips folder so I can test if I can manually add some webapps? For instance, could it be ~\Library\WebClips\Game1 ?

    Do you have a bookmarked webapp in your ipod? What kind of files are stored in its folder? I wanna try to put some html based webapp so I can use them offline (don’t have wifi at home nor at work..)

    Thanks in advance!

  286. @Rupert

    Hi it’s me again, never mind the post above. Anyways, I hooked my ipod on wifi, saved a homescreen icon. Now, I’m trying to “redirect” the “URL” string in its info.plist file (found in the homescreen folder, in WebClips you mentioned) to a .webarchive (the webapp .html to run offline) in my ipod.

    Is it even possible? I tried to change the url string to something like (without “) “/private/var/root/mobile/Media/Library/WebClips/(foldername)/(file.webarchive)” but it didn’t work… As safari would only open “real” urls, and not some folder inside the ipod (as Internet Explorer).

    Can you tell me if that’s possible? To open offline htmls?


  287. Just to let you know, if your iPod is stuck in Recovery mode after the jailbreak, you can just plug it into iTunes and it’ll go back to normal. It won’t change the jailbreak.

  288. @Rupert

    Never mind again, sorry about spamming!

    Thanks a lot, just accessed the ispazio source and found a way to do what I needed!


  289. i have all 3 web browers so i will try it on all of them, and i will let you know how it goes

  290. i am still having the same problem, i tried downloading the 1.1.1 downgrade firmware file with all the 3 web browsers, but file is still a text file.

  291. @eben, even the file at the beginning of the thread? And the 3 browsers are Safari, Firefox, IE? Here’s another link I found, hopefully it works (1.1.1 firmware):

  292. it still doesnt work but thank you sooo much for your help i really appreciate it

  293. @Eben:

    If you’d give me an email request at, I’d be hapy to attach the file to an email.

  294. yeah that will be great
    i just sent you the email

  295. What are we going to do about 1.1.4???????????????????? How to jailbreak?????

  296. @Eben-

    Sorry… I tried sending it, but the max file size for Gmail is 20MB, while the 1.1.1 file is 150MB… Sorry man.

  297. @Mr. J:

    Zibri is working on it, with his ZiPhone application. He’s modding it both for 1.1.4 and for use with 32 (and I think 16) GB iPods.

  298. its cool, thanks

  299. well since the 1.1.1 firmware downgrade file doesn’t work on my pc, i am forced to use a mac. But unfortunately i have itunes 7.6. is there a way to just install the 1.1.1 firmware without downgrading to itunes 7.5

  300. jailbreak 1.1.4 anyone?

  301. Thanks a lot!

  302. i have jailbroken 1.1.3 on my iPod touch but when i open installer and added the source for the apps, it freezes/stucks at ‘refreshing sources…’ after i click OK. i tried pressing the sleep and home button but its still stuck. Any idea why? Please help me.

  303. @Faris

    I experience that, occassionally. When I tried Safari, sites don’t load too.

    Basically, it’s an ISP issue. You’ll just have to try again later. 😦

  304. @Jimi

    I’m afriad I don’t know if it’s possible. To be frank I don’t see why nt except I don’t know which program to use. 😦

  305. @Ramin Kohanteb

    Wow, that’s great news. I shall update the post once I tried it.

  306. @Ahiru

    I just tried .webarchive and it’s quite obvious to me the mobile Safari doesn’t understand it, even though it was created by its bigger brother. 🙂

    So I tried something else, good old html. I use Firefox and use its “Save Page” function. Then I uploaded the content (a html file plus a folder containing the necessary graphics/other files) into:


    Then simply launch Safari and type


    But of course, you’ll have to install the Apache package first. It’s under the “Network” category. Oh, if your offline site runs on php, then you’ll need to install the php package as well. You should read the below post for instructions on how to set up php.

  307. @EBEN

    If you just want to downgrade and jailbreak 1.1.1, iTunes 7.6 is fine. The problem with iTunes 7.6 is jailbreaking 1.1.3.

  308. @Faris

    Did you install the “Community Sources” package first? Do that and see how.

  309. SOB. I’m jailbreaking from scratch to see if I can go all the way up to 1.1.4.

    18:25 – Sheesh… — long time no see! 🙂
    18:54 – After 1,200,524 tries, I still can’t install AppSnapp. I hate AppSnapp.
    18:56 – Hey, let’s run ZiPhone on 1.1.1!
    18:57 – Hehehe. Didn’t work. Well.. it went through the motion.. but 45 seconds later, no Installer in the Spingboard.

  310. 18:59 – Let’s restore 1.1.2, and run ZiPhone on it.
    19:04 – K, I’m ready. Zibr do your magic on 1.1.2!
    19:05 – Nope, doesn’t work either. It’s probably that “root” vs “mobile” thingy.
    19:10 – Restored to 1.1.4 and ran ZiPhone; it just works. Too easy. Eat your heart out Jeremy. 😀

    Sigh… looks like I’ll try again tomorrow morning. It has always been super easy to install AppSnap in the morning (UTC 23:00 to 02:00 hours)

  311. thanks

  312. @Rupert

    Thanks!!! I tried that iWebSaver thing, but most of apps run in either php or something else, which doesn’t seem to work (it loads the front page for i.e.)

    Well I gotta try via FireFox then! Thanks for the tip!

  313. @Rupert
    Have you guys tested out the ipod touch microphones???

  314. Thanks a lot for the tutorial, worked like a charm. However, I’m having problems with summerboard in 1.1.3.

    I followed this jailbreaking method completely, but when I install summerboard, it shows “inactive.”

    I’ve also tried installing “1.1.3 summerboard fix” from installer, didn’t help at all.

    Any fixes for this yet? Thanks in advance.

  315. wen u try to open the independenca app it doesnt do anyhting for me please help

  316. ty so much

  317. can u stilll put muxic on it?

  318. Hi. I’m trying to jailbreak my 32gb touch on windows but I can
    t get past Part B3 setting up wifi. it worked before I tried to jailbreak but now it says it cant find the server and in settings under wifi under my network its blank. I tried entering the ip address and everything but it keeps erasing and now I cant go any further. Please help. Thanks

  319. Hi Rupert. I downgraded my touch to 1.1.1, oktoprep installed fine, updated to 1.1.2. Everytime I got stuck for jailbreak can’t recognize my ipod. I did close iTunes leaving ipod connected, also tried shutting down all the itunes-related processes, still not working. Why?


  320. @ Bryan

    When you install Summerboard it tells you to reatrt your iPod in order to get all functions to work properly..

    Turn off your iPod and then power it back on and hope for the best!

  321. Hi. Jailbreaking to 1.1.3 has been a breeze but I’m unable to locate ‘OpenSSH’ under ‘Install > System’. Thanks in advanced.

  322. Hi, please delete the comment. I re-installed community sources, BSD subsystems and found it. Thanks. Love your guide, it’s been great. From a Happy Mac User. =)

  323. @EBEN

    No, I haven’t come across one on sale in Singapore yet. It should be fun!

  324. @dkadanny

    Go toSettings -> General -> Reset: Reset Network Settings.

    That should tell iPod touch to clear some files and let you resetup your wifi.

  325. When says its installing oktoprep, ignore it because it it doesn’t work.
    Make sure you install it properly in

  326. Hey, once I get to Part C5, when I run Windows.bat it tells me that I didn’t install OkToPrep before upgrading to 1.1.2. which I did. Any advice?

  327. Thanks Rupert! It worked! 🙂 I Have Jailbroken my 32gb iPod. My only problem I have now is that after I updated to 1.1.3 jb everything under installer is erased. Do I need to reinstall community services and bsd or what should I do? Also, how do I know what sources I should Install? Any recommendations? 🙂 Thanks

  328. Don’t mean to be a bother but any fix for google map? Keep getting location can not be determined. have wifi connection with good signal. Thanks

  329. @YeahDood

    Ouch, that hurts. Regrefully if you’re already at PART C5 and ge that message, you have to re-do from scratch.

  330. @dkadanny

    Yes, do reinstall the Community Sources package gain. It’s weird, sometimes my Installer also erase everything but usually it doesn’t. In any case, reinstall the package is easy.

  331. @dkadanny

    Despite some claims “Locate Me” does work in an iPod touch. It’s just that it’s not supported world-wide and in certain less populated areas in the US.

    I’m in Singapore… it does work most of the time but once pin pointed I live by the beach. I wish!

  332. @ YeahDood

    99% of the time people RESTORED to 1.1.2 then tried to jailbreak, when you should have, “Updated” to 1.1.2! Hence the reason why you got the error

  333. @Legacy

    Alright. Thanks! I’ll give it a try and hopefully it works =)

  334. hey, I tried this atleast 5 times restarting my computer every time, but everytime I run windows.bat (im using pc) it stops when i click jailbreak and says my ipod is disconnected and I am positive it is because it shows on itunes. i ended all processes having ipod,apple,or itunes in the name. What should i do? please help!

  335. Thanks so much for the amazing guide, Rupert! To every one whose keyboard gets frozen after the jailbreak, I fixed my problem by choosing “No” when Upgrader asks you if you want to restore. Hope that helps some people out!

  336. It work! Great Rupert! I just gone in deep panic for 5 minutes after the upgrade to 1.1.3… because my iPod freeze… I connected it to the PC pushing power and home togher and it gone in recovery mode… exit and restart, and everything gone fine! It’s amazing! Thanks a lot!

  337. Hey Rupert I really need some help. I was jailbreaking my ipod touch 8gb using the windows edition and I thought it was working but it has been stuck on the screen
    [BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0] for over an hour and it doesnt pick up in Itunes either. I tried all the troubleshooting but none have worked. Any help you can give me will me greatly appreciated.

  338. @Bijan

    I’m a Mac user and don’t really know how the windows.bat file works. Legacy helped many pc users on this issue. He advises, among other things, installing Java if your PC doesn’t even have it in the first place. 🙂 Please scan thru the commentary for his very helpful tips!

  339. @mdziedzic

    Did you use this or the ZiPhone method to jailbreak? The “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” error is common in the ZiPhone method only, and does affect some newer 8GB iPod touches.

    You cannot use the ZiPhone method to jailbreak your iPod touch. You have to use the method outlined in this post instead. It’s long and tedius but it’ll work.

    To get your iPod touch out of its misery, follow Craiger’s tip below:

  340. @rupert

    i have a problem.i connect to the wifi network but theres no connection.its connected but i cant excess the internet or installer. it says “unable to find host” but im connected to the wifi.

  341. @ Bijan

    When you try and jailbreak 1.1.2 using Windows.Bat

    Just Quit iTunes and run Windows.bat

    Don’t worry about closing any other process’s in Task manager.

    Good luck

  342. Everything worked very well up until the end. My iPod Touch sat in the Restore Mode for about 2 hours without me touching it (except the occasional home button nudge). Still no functional iPod. I was about to give up when I read the Windows cautionary blurb.

    I took the updated 1.1.3 iPod and plugged it into a virgin XP iTunes install (7.5) and it just booted the iPod back into a usable life!

    Thanks Rupert you are truly a community resource.

  343. instead of jailbreaking 1.1.4, can i just install firmware 1.1.3, and jailbreak 1.1.3? and when i had a 1.1.3, i tried to downgrade it to a 1.1.1, it would go into an installer, but then in the middle of the installer it would stop, then quit saying it couldnt complete the downgrade. the file is currently named: iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw

    and @ Jervis,

    i had the same problem, 1.1.4 was the update that fixed that (or at least im 90% sure)….

  344. I have a problem that does not seem to be listed above. I have an 8 gig touch working well on 1.1.2. I’m trying to upgrade to 1.1.3. I follow all the steps above and get the upgrade icon installed. When I touch this icon, I get an error message: Not enough free disk space to proceed.

    The summary page on Itunes says I have 532 MB free. surely that should be enough space to install 1.1.3?

    Any suggstions?

  345. help, I did everything in the tutorial but when the jailbreak 1.1.3 finally downloaded and completed, my ipod tries to boot up, but only gets to the part where the apple is on the screen when it starts up, and then shuts off. It will do this repeatedly, it has been doing this for a very long time. What can I do?

  346. What an awesome guide! Just to add though – for people who has troubles with the WINDOWS.BAT NOT WORKING i.e. just blinks a command prompt when opened. Try opening the jailbreak.jar file instead of the windows.bat. Worked for me. Also, after clicking jailbreak and it finishes, manually switch off the touch and then back on. It’ll reboot itself after this. The guide tells the rest! Again, nice one for the tutorial! 😀

  347. @Anon+++

    Yes you most certainly can use ZiPhone on 1.1.3. In fact, it was the choice for may.

  348. @Arthur

    Sounds like you skipped some steps. Be sure to follow everything even if they sound trivia.

  349. @chiaccio

    That’s something new to me. Tell you what, to restore your iPod touch to factory condition, do this:

    -Disconnect it and power it off.
    -Press and hold the Home button while you plug it in the usb cable.
    -The iPod touch will turn itself on… and momentarily go into Recovery Mode.
    -Follow iTunes’ instruction to restore it fully in unjailbroken form.

    Once it’s back in good condition, re-do this guided instructions and don’t omit any step.

  350. @dedPiksil

    Is that an XP, Vista or Mac you have?

  351. @ Arthur

    If you want to free up disk space on your ipod install Bosstool and select Free up Diskspace and choose relocate fonts, that should give you about 80 MB of space on your Boot Drive.

    The ipod is made up of 2 Partitions 1 for the OS and the other for Media.

    Unless you follow this guide to the Letter your gonna find yourself getting errors at the end.

    Good Luck

  352. Hi, I’m having a problem. I installed iPhysics and tried to install a level but the level wouldn’t load and I tried several times so I tried to uninstall but it wont I keep getting an error “main script error” and now I’m having problems installing as well. Is there a fix for this. Please help. Thank you

  353. im hesitant to jailbreak my ipod ill use this tutorial but only if i can get proof it works 90% of the time im reading comments and all these issues are making me very nervous about this tutorial so if some people could reply with their experiences that would be great!

  354. RG thanks for your help with my error. But I need help again. I fully jailbroke my 8gb itouch using your method. I use window. I was having problems with my ipod after the jailbreak , (it kept freezing, keyboard wasn’t working, ect.) So I decided to try to restore it. While I was doing that an error poped up after the [preparing iPod for restore…] that said “The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1603).” I have tried to do the same process several times but the same thing popped up. Now the screen is just stuck on the itunes logo with the usb cord pluged in screen. I tried putting into DFU mode or whatever but was unsucessful at that too. So now I am stuck. Is there a fix for this. Please help. Thank you

  355. i have the 16gb touch and got this to work fine…the only thing that isnt working right now is the summerboard themes…everything i dl the fix i think to i dunno why this isnt woring…any reason?

  356. @mdziedzic

    You didn’t enter the DFU method correctly I’m afriad. If you do, you won’t get the 1603 error. The DFU mode is *not* the same as the Recovery Mode. 😦

  357. One other thing when i dl the MIM appt it got rid of my contacts icon so now i guess i dont have contacts?(even though i had none anyway) and i got summerboard to work but it seems like some of them work and some dont(the ones i used to have msotly dont work and other do) kinda odd…neither a big deal but a little annoying..any suggestions…steven

  358. @ Steven

    SSH into your ipod and move the themes from your Root Folder to your Mobile/Summerboard themes folder and that should do the trick.

    @ Bob Water

    I have Jailbroken over 15 iPod’s using this method and there has been no problems at all!

    I recommend you SSH into your iPod and upload the 1.1.3 Firmware and select No to Restore when the upgrader ask’s.

    Good Luck

  359. what is ssh and how to i get it?

  360. Hey legacy thanks for the help and i hope it work but i dont get exaclty what you mean could you be a little more basic on your help because im not that great with this…thank you so much

  361. to rupertgee

    I’m using vista ultimate 64 🙂

  362. Hi Rupert, sorry if I ask to you, but I got problem in login with term-vt100 so I followed this:

    chmod 4755 /usr/bin/login
    mkdir -p /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib
    ln -s /usr/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib /usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib/.

    But now my springboard self reset, I rolled back with chmod and deleting the simbolic link but it doens’t work. I can only access via SSH.

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

  363. @Stefano

    Did you rolled back the permission for login too?

    The command is:

    chmod 0755 /usr/bin/login

    Reboot your iPod touch after that. Everything should be back to normal after tha since that’s the only changes you made but didn’t revert.

    I suggest you uninstall term-vt100, then manually download and install the latest version from below:

    It just works like it should. No modication required.

  364. i installed openshh but its not showing up on the home page HELP!

  365. also my upgrade to 1.1.3 is taking for ever any suggestions? thanks

  366. Hey just wondering if anyone could answer me: I have already jail broken my ipod touch, i bought it on a 1.1.3 firmware and i was wondering if there is a way to jailbreak it with Ziphone, because i tried it once and got the bsd thing, just wondering if i need to try multiple times or something or is it entirely impossible?

  367. i am kind of getting tired of all of my apps, does anyone have any other cool ones other than:
    Appflow- apps in coverflow
    LedBanner- Scrolling text
    Iano- piano
    text edit
    touch pad

    (if you could post what the app does that would be amazing)

  368. @Ramin:

    Well, it depends on if you have an (older) 8GB iPod or if you have a (newer) 8GB or 16GB or 32GB iPod. It’ll only work on the former.

    As for apps, I like iSolitaire, Mines and iSlots to kill time. EvolutionRGB is a fun thingy too.

  369. Thanks, one more question my cousin hase an iphone (8gb) bought like three months ago, if he uses ziphone will he have do try it multiple times?

  370. @Ramin:

    Your cousin’s iPod should be fine with ZiPhone.

  371. I have tried to jailbreak about 6 times now. I keep having the keyboard freeze issue despite following the instructions every time. I know it is step B5 that is supposed to cause it but i do that just like you say to. Please help.

  372. A friend of mine gave me passwd and master.passwd from his iPod, loaded into my with scp and now works! Fine… one night without closin’ eye! The problem was the user mobile wasn’t able to login and execute springboard…

  373. hey i followed the guild till part c and it worked great good work. but i screwed up at part d step 9. after running upgrade it just goes back to the springboard, i turned it off and now it won’t turn back on. it’s stuck on the apple symbol and sometimes has the loading image. can you please suggest something, i tried ibrick and resarting my computer and itunes. btw i’m using a PC
    any help would be appreciated 😀

  374. Hey RupertGee.

    I have done everything in your guide, totally successful until the ‘update’.

    It was going great until 53%.
    It is now stuck on ‘Downloading restore Ipsw 53%’.

    I’ve been waiting for what seems forever and it hasn’t moved, not 1%.
    What can I do to either restart the process or finish it?

    -I dont really want to have to totally restore the iPod and start from scratch, is there a way?

    Kind Regards.

  375. Sorry to spam, never mind I managed to figure it out and I now have a jailbroken iPod.

    Thanks ever so much for this guide, I spent hours trying to find something like this.

    You really are a pro. =]

  376. @Alexander

    I don’t know if this will work but no harm trying…

    -Disconnect & power off the iPod touch.
    -Connect the iPod touch while you press & hold the Home key.
    -iPod touch turns on and goes into Recovery Mode.
    -iTunes detects it in Recovery Mode.
    -Dismiss iTunes’ message.
    -Turn off the iPod while keeping it connected.
    -Power up the iPod and *hope* it boots normally.

  377. @Ramin Kohanteb

    You must try Touchpad Pro. You use your iPod touch as a touchpad (you know… that mouse thingy on MacBook/Pro) and even as a Remote Controller.

  378. @bob water

    OpenSSH does not has an icon; it’s a protocol engine that works underneath.

  379. Hi. This is a great guide. However I cannot find the Unlock Tool in Installer. I have installed the iSpazio repo source but I can’t see which file to use to install the Official 1.1.3 Upgrader. Can you advise?


  380. Ok never mind… I found which one I should use!

  381. Hey!
    Just to say thank you for your help with this awesome tutorial!
    I had the keyboard freeze issue after jailbreaking to 1.1.3 so I did the whole process all over again, with taking special care of the part about setting the iPod as new and so on and then sync it, and now it works just fine!

    So maybe I am part of these lucky users for who it works this way, but usually I’pretty unlucky in these kind of things. It may be as well the actual fix.

    Good luck anyway to those with the keyboard freezing issue.

  382. Simply amazing. Thank you Rupert Gee 🙂

  383. idk were the file is so i can restore it or w/e

  384. Thank you SOOOOO much!!!! I just started over and went through your process it was very easy and quick. You are greatly appreciated God Bless.

  385. Oh and b.t.w. i just thought i might add that you might insert ( i didnt see it but its possible i read over it ) that the battery should have a decent charge before you do the last 1.1.3 upgrade because, like you said, it does take awhile.

  386. One quick question, can i update iTunes to 7.6?

  387. @rupert thanks a lot for touch pad, i used vnsea before, but it was soo slow, and touch pad works like a charm, thanks

  388. @Justin. Sure, you can upgrade, but there’s a new version now, 7.6.1. Latest independence is compatible, should you want to rejaikbreak for whatever reason

  389. @cas3y2425
    ‘Go’ ‘Home’ in Finder

  390. This is an excellent guide, I thought that i would mention that everything that has to do with ssh can be bypassed by using iphonebrowser to gain direct access to your ipod touch. I cant wait for a 1.1.4 FM jailbreak guide, the Ziphone method doesnt seem to be a stable method.

  391. PLEASE HELP!!!.. I followed all steps and all was great… I was in installer just downloading away.

    Here is my problem.. ONE, just one app didn’t load so I went to uninstall BSD SubSystem and re-installed it but it gave me an execution error… Now every app I try and load gives me the same error…even apps i had loaded before..

    Can I fix this without having to start all over… I already tried clearing the queue and doing it again… But I get the same error..


  392. @ Lkoch

    I did it about 15 times and followed the instructions exactly and had the same issue..

    Heres the trick that worked for me… Instead of running the official jailbreak.. if you read down in the second box right before the instructions for upgrading to 1.1.3… it says to load a new source… ISPAZIO (too lazy to scroll up), but you will see it… Anyway in one of the new folders you will see another Official Jailbreak… but its by Dev____ something… Anyway if you do that one, it will tell you to get a sandwich.

    That will work… Try it, Let me know.

  393. after the upgrade to 1.1.3 is done my ipod touch goes straight into recovery done with the arrow pointing to the cd.

    i then connect my ipod touch to my mac laptop and try yo bring it out of recovery mode with iNdependence but that dosnt work it says “connection failed couldnt get baseband version” but the status wheel is still spinning . what do i do?

    once i opened up itunes and then it pulled it out of recovery mode but then i get a frozen ipod touch.


  394. just downloaded iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 and dosnt work so my ipod touch is still in recovery mode

    and im to scared to open itunes because i know it will make it freeze!! my itunes is 7.6

  395. so it looks like this works for everyone except me.

    whenever i download the installer on 1.1.1 it works, and then i unstall the the oktoprep and that works, but once i upgrade to 1.1.2, the installer is gone…


    any help is much appreciated.

  396. I’ve read but couldn’t find reference to this:

    i just finished jailbreaking my 32gb touch. everything works well



    when i click on mail icon, a white screen appears (as if entering the mail program) but disappears within seconds.

    i have an email account installed, i tried to delete account. everything seems to be ok, but account does not disappear.
    i tried to add a new email account and again everything seems ok, but account does not appear in list of accounts.

    Please let me know if there is anything i can do to resolve this problem.


  397. It is stuck on atempting to reboot on the last step of part D

  398. ignore my last message! i am really sorry 😦 Like the instructions. They work really well !

  399. @ 2K

    Read just above your comment.. Instead of installing the Official Jailbreak.. Load the Source ISPAZIO and load the Installer by DevTeam… I was having the same issues and now its working perfectly

  400. @ Ross

    The Installer does disappear, that is part of the process… On the next step, you download the JailbreakZip and double click the JAR file and it will put the Installer back in…

    The first couple of times I did it, I was worried too. I was thinking of leaving it at 1.1.1…. which a couple of people I know have done. They have all the same Apps and it is extremely stable. Keep that in mind.

  401. hi, i have a question. i want to jailbreak my 16g ipod. I have 1 question, i bought it after the 1.1.3 so i have all the apps. now if i jailbreak it and then restore it on itunes i will get the 1.1.3 firmware with all my apps??? as i got it???

  402. thanks christian lopez

    ill try that, sorry for the delay im from england and its 7.12am now

  403. Hi rupert, i think what you have done is fantastic, although im having a bit of trouble with downgrading.

    I cant downgrade to 1.1.1 from 1.1.3, im using microsoft xp proffesional and everytime i try it always says

    “The Ipod could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1)”

    Ive tried numerous times but still no change, please help.

    future regards.

  404. @ross

    Installer is gone until you run Jailbreak.jar (or Windows.bat) in Step C6. 😛

  405. @ Seb

    Don’t skip Part B2. Follow its instructions to the tee even though you already know another way to seemingly accompolish the same thing — it isn’t.

  406. After trying a slightly different way I found the same problem here. My touch would not download the 1.1.3 update but after a few searches on how to use SSH i copied the file to the touch, started again and it worked just fine.

    Thanks alot

  407. **************************************************************************
    *** ATENTION: This Commentary Section is Closed
    *** Please post your new comments by clicking the following link:
    *** Thank you.

  408. I’m trying to install Bosstool as you suggested, When trying to install it, I get an error message saying that I must first install BSD Subsystem or Cydia. I cannot find Cydia. BSD Subsystem I found, when I pressed “install” It tells me I must first install BSD Subsystem or CYdia.

    Crazy? Any suggestions appreciated.

  409. Please ignore the above, I got it to work. FWIW, moving the fonts did not do it. I had to wipe all the music. I’m hoping to get it back when I sync. Thanks for your help.

  410. The Installer App is now in the Springboard. Tap on it, and go to the “Sources” tab to install the “Community Sources” package. After that, go to the “Tweaks (1.1.1)” category and installed “OktoPrep”. Quit Installer after installing it.

    how exactly do you install the community sources package?
    im trying to ionstall oktoprep but tweaks(1.1.1) isnt in there.
    help please?

  411. @ Adam

    If you go to installer , you will find a folder called Sources, Now inside that folder you will see a package called community sources.

    Open up community sources and press install in the upper right hand corner.

  412. **************************************************************************
    *** ATENTION: This Commentary Section is Closed
    *** Please post your new comments by clicking the following link:
    *** Thank you.

  413. Hi rupert,

    Pls excuse my silly question if it may sound to be.

    I just got my iTouch, first gen, 16gb, version 1.1.2.

    May I know if it can be jailbroken?

    Wld appreciate your reply! Thanks a mil.


  414. finally got 1.1.4 jailbroken and it perfect. i was having problems with the keyboard freezing every time i went to installer sources!!

    what i found out to do was to jailbreak it using the ZIPhone gui. i opened up ZIPhone i then went file clear NAVRAM it did stuff to my ipod but didnt jailbreak it, but once it did that i then jailbroke it.

    straight after that i went to contacts add then typed rubbish for 20 secs (not the word rubbish just random words) then saved it, went straight to installer sources in typed in the ispazio source it WORKED!!!!! no mre freezing keyboard

  415. i was doing the jailbreak and i was jailbroken to 1.1.2 then i went to installer and began the 1.1.3 upgrade. i let it go then it got stuck on the recovery mode screen. i tried independence, but it isnt working and everytime i try to run it the program fails. i also get error # 0xE800022. thanks

  416. Thank you for explaining this method.
    I got stuck on D9, mi iPod touch says “Copying data to system image: 6%” and i’ve tried a lot of times but i’m still getting stuck here. I’ve read what you’ve told to Naveed Ahmad in but although I’m doing every step, I can’t avoid this mistake.
    My iTunes version is Thanks

  417. I like ipod classic ,Great Work

  418. hi!

    still up? i can’t seem to find the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category when i tried to add the source. i also tried but still there were no categories. thanks in advance.

  419. I just downloaded 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 and rebooted my ipod and tried to shift restore it. I selected 1.1.1 and itunes told me it was taking out my old software. As soon as that finished it gave me an unknown error message.

    Im not sure what version my itunes is… could that be the problem? Should I try to redownload 1.1.1 ? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  420. When i hold option and press restore and choose 1.1.1 file its says extracting but then it says unknown error 20. What does that mean?Someone plz help me

  421. my ipod wont restore
    1.1.1 is not compatable

  422. are you sposed to extract the files after you download the zip?

  423. Angry Birds Space is one of the most original games out there. I think it surpassed previous versions of the game. One should think of planes very different from Newton. Another success of the Finns!

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