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Are we ready to wiggle?

Not really…. first, I’m going to restore my iPod touch to factory original condition first. That means it’ll have firmware 1.1.1, not jailbroken, and empty inside (no music, apps, whatever.) That was how the Apple delivery man hand it to me (minus some scratches.) Beside, let’s make sure no traces of previous jailbreaking hacks are left behind that may interfere with this jailbreaking. OK?


  1. First, let’s get a copy of the version 1.1.1 firmware file using the Yes, no funky Safari or even Firefox. The faithful provides the best error-free download. To download, launch Terminal, and then copy & paste the following long-line of text into your Terminal (it looks like this.) Hit Enter to start.

    curl,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw -#
    If the process abort for whatever reason, make sure you delete the incomplete file from your Home folder first before you try again.

  2. You can Quit the Terminal once the percentage progress indicator shows 100%. The firmware file is now in your Home folder.
  3. OK, we need the version 1.1.2 firmware file as well, so let’s repeat the process with the following long-line of text:

    curl,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw -#


We’ll need both the version 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 firmware files. So let’s download them using Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser):

Firmware version 1.1.1 – Download (Exactly 157,906,686 bytes)
Firmware version 1.1.2 – Download (Exactly 165,567,897 bytes)

The resulting files should be named “iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw” and “iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw” respectively. Do not decompress or manipulate them in any way, such as allowing your anti-virus/ anti-spyware/ anti-mac program to clean/billgatize the downloads. Double-check the file size before you proceed any further.


iTunes 7.5 for Mac OS X users is recommended, while Windows users can use either iTunes 7.5 or 7.6.

Mac OS X users: If you’ve upgraded your Mac OS X’s iTunes to version 7.6, you’ll need to download and use the iNdependance app later on, or downgrade your iTunes to version 7.5. *[Feb 28 Insert] You’ll need iNdependence 1.4 Beta 5 if your iTunes is version 7.6.1.

(Feb 13 Insert) Please temporarily disable your anti-virus/anti-spyware and any other programs that may interfere with the jailbreaking process. Do you have 3rd party programs that accesses iTunes in one way or another, such as AudioScrobber, lyrics fetcher, album cover downloader, sound enhancer, driver for your special sound card, etc? Disable all of them! Also, pull out to disconnect all usb devices except for the mouse and keyboard. Maybe reboot your PC to get it into a clean state first too.

  1. Connect your iPod touch to your computer. Make sure it shows up in iTunes.
  2. Put the iPod touch in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode as follows:
    • Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons.
    • Release the Power button when you see the iPod disconnects and disappears from iTunes. This takes place in about 10 seconds. The iPod’s screen is blank.
    • Release the Home button when you see this (or this) pop-menu message, and click on “Check” (or “OK”). The ipod touch’s screen is still blank. Next, this popped up. Click on “OK” to continue. You should see your iPod touch in your iTunes round about now.
    • Press and Hold the Option Key (the SHIFT key for Windows) and click on the “Restore” button. Then select the firmware 1.1.1 file you just download in PART A, and let the restoration begin!
  3. Unlock the iPod and go to Settings and setup your Wifi, making sure HTTP Proxy is Off.
  4. Now go to Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock and set it to “Never”.
  5. In iTunes, be sure to set it up as a new iPod, un-tick the option to “Automatically sync songs to my iPod”, and “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected”. Click “Apply” and “Sync” to finalize the options you just set.

    Feb 12 Insert: Failure to carry out above seemingly trivia instructions and you will experience a Keyboard Freezing issue that renders your jailbroken iPod touch pretty much useless.

  6. Launch your iPod touch’s Safari, and surf to
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll tap on the “Install AppSnapp” link. Your Safari will load the link, and suddenly freak out and your iPod touch returns to the Springboard. Done right, you will see a spinning wheel download progress indicator (it looks like this) while your iPod touch downloads and installs AppSnapp in the background. If you don’t see the indicator (within no more than 2 seconds after tapping the said link), re-apply this step until you do! Yes, keep on trying…, and trying…, and trying…. Depending on connection quality, sometimes it took me well over 4-5 tries before the indicator appeared! Some users report trying over days. That’s right, days! But of course, if conditions are right, you’ll get it on the first attempt. My best advise is to have a good internet connection, and perhaps try again at odd hours. Properly done, you’ll see in your Springboard a new icon named “Installer”. Your iPod touch has been jailbroken to version 1.1.1!



  1. The Installer App is now in the Springboard. Tap on it, and go to the “Sources” category to install the “Community Sources” package. After that, go to the “Tweaks (1.1.1)” category and installed “OktoPrep”. Quit Installer after installing it.

    Valentines’ Day Insert: If you can’t find OktoPrep in above, then add the following new source to your Installer:
    You’ll find it in the “Hack that Phone tools” category after adding the new source.

  2. Go back to iTunes, then press and hold the Option key (SHIFT key for Windows) and click on the “Update” button (and not the Restore button you click on a short while ago!), then select the 2nd firmware file, iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw, that you downloaded earlier in PART A.
  3. Restoration begins and not surprsingly went through without a hitch too.
  4. Your iPod touch will reboot and reconnects to iTunes. Do dismiss iTunes’ prompt to Update to version 1.1.3!
  5. Next, go download the from Conceited Software to the Desktop and unzip it. At this point, it’s critical to QUIT iTunes while keeping the iPod touch connected to the computer. I repeat, Quit iTunes but keep iPod touch connected.
  6. Look inside the 1.1.2-jailbreak folder, and double click on “jailbreak.jar” for Mac OS X (or “Windows.bat” if you’re on Windows).

    Feb 24 Insert: Attention PC Users: You need Java to run Windows.bat. If your Windows doesn’t already have Java, you can go here and choose to download and install “Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Online * filesize: ~ 7.1 MB”.

  7. Do not tick “Install SSH”, and leave the password as “alpine”.
  8. Jailbreaking will take place right after you click on “Jailbreak”.
  9. When it’s done, your iPod touch will reboot twice, or more. Do NOT touch it during this period. You’ll unlock it if about 2-3 minutes has passed and the iPod touch has fallen asleep.

    Attention Mac OS X iTunes 7.6 Users: Your iPod touch after rebooting will be stuck at the Recovery Mode screen. Your iTunes 7.6 will want you to restore it. Don’t!

    Mount the iNdependence .dmg you downloaded earlier. Double-click to run the and just sit back and watch your iPod touch. iNdependence will kick your iPod touch out of Recovery Mode and brings it to the Unlock Screen. Yippy! You can quit and trash iNdependence after that.

  11. Go to Settings -> General, and you’ll see it’s firmware 1.1.2… and the Installer app is in the Home screen.



As of today there are a number of methods to jailbreak to 1.1.3. In my opinion, the correct method is the Official Dev Team method.

Best of all, Conceited Software (maker of AppSnapp, OktoPrep and Jailbreak.jar you used earlier) has provided an installer package to easily upgrade your 1.1.2 jailbroken iPod touch to version 1.1.3. It’s a long process, but there’s a nice GUI (Graphical User Interface) that tells you what’s going on.

Let’s do it.

  1. If your ISP requires proxy, go to Wi-Fi settings page to update it.
  2. Launch Installer, go to the “Sources” tab, and tap on “Refresh” button. After that you’ll see that a new Installer version 3.0 is available. Update it and exit Installer. Feb 23 Update: Ignore that; current version 3.0 is already installed.
  3. Tap on Installer again, and in the “System” category, select and install the “BSD Subsystem” package. (If you don’t see this package, then go to the “Sources” category, and install the “Community Sources” package. After refreshing your sources, the “BSD Subsystem” package will show up.)
  4. After installing BSD Subsystem, it’s mission critical that you power-down and re-start your iPod touch.
  5. Do it now (by pressing and holding the power button until the red-slider appear….)

    Advanced Users Only: You’ll want to install the OpenSSH package at this point too if you plan to perform a time-saving trick outlined in the next black box below.

  7. Are you sure you have rebooted your iPod touch? OK, launch Installer and go to the “System” category and install the “Official 1.1.3 Upgrader” package. As of writing, it’s version 1.1.3-3. The “Contact” info is Conceited Software. It’s only 453.4 KB in size!

    Feb 15 Insert: CAN’T FIND OFFICIAL 1.1.3 UPGRADER? Some of you can’t find the package in the System category yesterday. Please try again. A new Community Source package is out and you should always update your apps and sources. After that the Upgrader should re-appear.

    Feb 17 Insert: Here’s a new source for the Upgrader. After adding the source, you can find it under the “iSpazio Unlock Tools” category:

  8. After installing the Upgrader pakage, you will find a new icon named “Upgrade” in your Springboard.

    Tip for Advanced Users (Provided by CyberGreg of

    At this point, you can SSH into your iPod touch and upload a copy of iPod1,1_1.13_4A93_Restore.ipsw to /private/var/root/Media. Doing so, the will be able to complete its task quicker, in “… about 10 minutes …”, as it doesn’t have to download the 1.1.3 firmware file from Apple.

    Footnote: CyberGreg claims 10 minutes total time spent. I suspect that includes opting out the restore option in Upgrade by tapping “No“. I spent in all 21 minutes without the mentioned Restore process. Maybe my Wi-Fi and/or 3Mbps broadband plan suxs.

  10. (Feb 11 Insert) Disconnect your iPod touch from your computer. Do it. Done? Sure?
  11. Tap on Upgrade to start upgrading. When you see this pop-up prompt, make sure you tap on YES.


When the upgrade process is done, your iPod touch is jailbroken to 1.1.3!

But it’s a long, boring but thankfully, fully automated process. Go do something else while that’s going on. Just make sure the process isn’t interrupted by anything… such as a poor Wifi connection, low battery… whatever.

And if after the long wait you find your iPod touch reboots but enters and seemingly stuck in Recovery Mode, don’t panic. That happened to mine too. Just wait it out. It will self-reboot again, and you’ll see the familiar Unlock Screen afterwards.

Attention PC users:

If your iPod touch is seemingly stuck in Recovery Mode, go download iBrickr and run it. It’s reported that iBrickr can get your stuck iPod touch out of its misery and let it boot normally into the Springboard. You can trash iBrickr after that.

A user feedback that rebooting his pc and running iTunes again kicked his iPod touch out of Recovery Mode. Try it.

[Feb 24 Insert] Attention Mac Users: If your iPod touch is stuck in the Recovery Mode after completion of the Upgrade process, you can try using iNdependance to kick it out.


Guess what, it’s been a while but we’re finally ready to wiggle!

  1. Launch Installer and add the following new source:

    Be careful typing the url; iPod touch’s auto-capitalization feature insists on changing “.xml” to “.XML” unless you dismiss it.

  2. Refresh your Installer after that.
  3. Go to the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category, and install “The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps” package.
  4. After installation and unlocking your iPod touch, you’ll be greeted by this pop-up window indicating your iPod touch’s icon can wiggle.
  5. You really own a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod touch.

Thank you for reading this guide. Have fun with your iPod touch!

If you are leaving a comment to seek help, you must tell us if you’re a Mac or PC user, your iTunes version, exactly at which step you run in problems and any other relevant info. Help us help you. A one-liner “I get error message” is moronic.

Oh, you might like my handsome Gee Theme; it’s designed and updated to show off your 1.1.3 jailbroken iPod touch.


  • Why do I have to install BSD again after my iPod was jailbroken to 1.1.3 when I know I already installed it in PART D Step 1? Did something went wrong?
    Everything’s OK. Do you remember clicking “Yes“? You probably did since it’s recommended that you do. That’s to restore your iPod touch to a clean state. Well, after restoring it, the BSD Filesystem you installed earlier is gone! Just install it again. No worries.
  • Why don’t you let me Install SSH in PART C Step 6? SSH is important!
    Well, for the same reason as mentioned above, plus that SSH is inferior compared to the OpenSSH package by Ste. For one thing, it doesn’t kill your battery. So go ahead and install OpenSSH (it’s under the “System” category) if you need SSH.
  • Why can’t my icons wiggle after I did PART D?
    You aren’t groovy enough. So, lossen up and spin some grooves by The Earth, Wind and Fire. Then use your groovy finger to tap and hold on any icon for a second… and the icons will goove with you.
  • Does jailbreaking void my warranty?
    Of course it does, technically, but see Can I unjailbreak?
  • Can I unjailbreak?
    Yes you can! Simply restore your iPod in iTunes. After that no one will know it was once jailbroken … and as long as you keep your mouth shut!
  • Why can’t I install an app that I know is compatible with the 1.1.3 firmware?
    You probably tried to install an imcompatible app earlier, and it’s still in the Installer’s queue system. Just “Clear Queue” first, and then install the compatible app.
  • Are you really … “The King”?
    Well my hands are shaky and my knees are weak. I can’t seem to stand on my own two feet. Now who do you thank when you have such luck? I’m in love. I’m all shook up. Uh huh ohh yeah, yeah! I’m all shook up!
    Oh, pardon me. No, I’m not the King. (Burp)
  • Installer tells me I’m running out of disk space, but I only have a few songs in my iPod touch. WTH?
    The iPod touch’s flash memory is divided into two partitions. The first is fixed at 300MB in size and contains the OS, your Apps etc. The second partition is the capacity of your iPod touch minus 300MB allocated to the first partition. It contains your songs and videos. It’s only the 1st partition that is low on disk space because you have installed a lot of apps. The easiest way to free up 8MB of 1st partition’s space is to delete all the Wallpapers (they are those in Settings -> General -> Wallpapers) by SSHing into your iPod touch, and navigate to /Library/Wallpaper. Removing all the wallpapers, or just those you don’t like, has NO impact on the usability or stability of your iPod touch. Freeing 8MB gives you enough free space to install lots and lots of new apps!
  • Do I need to install the “1.1.3 Fix Mail” package?
    Nah… that’s for some second rate 1.1.3 jailbreak methods.


Feb 10: Inserted CyberGreg’s fabulous time-saving tips, and instruction for using iNdependence with iTunes 7.6.
Feb 12: Colorized to highlight instructions to avoid the keyboard freeze issue.
Feb 13: Inserted in PART B suggestions to keep PC free of programs that may interfere with jailbreaking.
Feb 19: Mirrored the post to a new entry in order to start the commentary section a fresh.
Mar 8: Mirrored again!

ABOUT THE COMMENTARY — To keep the commentary managable and useful for others seeking help, any comment that does not give sufficient details will be deleted. Always tell us exactly at which step you run into problems. Leaving a one liner “I keep getting Unknown Error (1)” won’t get your anywhere.


  1. Please browse through the older commentaries posted here first for your quick answers.

  2. hey RupertGee first of all thanx ur tutorials were excellent. every thing is working fine icons are wigling but the problem is that ipod hangs after few minutes especially in safari or anything where internet is needed.i reinstall bsd but no success.please help

  3. Attention all:

    Very good news by the Official Dev Team:

    “Both tools are undergoing intensive developing and soon will be ready for public consumption.”

    I’ll wait for sure!

    This is the thing we’ve all been waiting for, custom firmwares which will make it possible to jailbreak through iTunes! And it’s possible to revert back to out-of-the-box firmware as well. EPIC!

  4. alright so i was trying to restore a jailbroken touch and used the ziphone method and it got hung up half way through and just froze so i just pulled the usb out thinking i could start over and now the white text just scrolls forever it starts out like it should from ziphone but then says it need configuration and after that it keeps repeating the command “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0″ i have i tried a forced restore and connecting it to itunes but it doesnt even come up on the computer.its like it doesnt reconigize that its an ipod or something. the text scrolls down even it if is unplugged its just stuck like that. i need some help please.

  5. I’m upgrading to 1.1.3 and the upgrade is reading out percentages up to 300% What gives?!

  6. Thanks a lot RupertGee, very good tutorial. I was able to execute all the steps in the guide and now i got a jailbroken ipod touch 16GB.

    After few test I realized that my ipod gets hang if I do anything related with text entering through the touchscreen. I think it is the same Anju is experiencing.

    Every time it happens I have to press both the power and home buttons by more than 10 sec to recover my ipod.

    I exected the procedure in a Windows XP PC with itunes 7.5.

    Does anyone knows a solution for this?

  7. Worked perfectly on my touch, thanks.

  8. @Fredd-E

    Thanks for the exciting news! Wow… I think I can custom my setup with everything I need for easy restoration.

    Fantastic news if it’s true!

  9. @Ryan,

    Your iPod touch doesn’t qualify for the ZiPhone method. It’s a 16/32GB or a newer 8GB right?

    Anyhoo, some users report success if they keep on clicking on the “jailbreak” button when the infamous “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” error is showing. Try your luck.

  10. @CarsMang

    No idea but it’s quite funny. 😦

  11. @Fred

    That sounds like the famous keyboard freezing issue if you omit Step B5.

  12. I cant find OktoPrep in my Tweaks (1.1.1) folder

  13. …You know, Rupert, I can’t tell you how many times this guide has done right by me… but for some reason, today it doesn’t want to work.

    I tried doing the keep-clicking ZiPhone today (it didn’t work), so now I had to re-jailbreak to 1.1.3. However, I got stuck after Step C8, as when I run “jailbreak.jar” and the process runs, my iPod gets stuck in Recovery mode. Every time. I’ve tried it like 4 times.

    As you may remember, I’m on Mac OS X 10.5.2, with iTunes 7.5 and a 16GB iPod Touch. Help?

  14. @thegpc

    Sorry to hear that.

    hmm… did you tried using iNdependance? ver 1.4 Beta 5 is for iTunes 7.6.1, while ver 1.3.1 is for iTunes 7.5 but only works for firmware 1.1.2 or less.

    I’d try 1.4B5. Otherwise, iTunes 7.6.1 is okay for jailbreaking with this and ZiPhone methods, so it might be high time you upgrade.

  15. @Rupert:

    Yea, I tried iNdependence, except it kept screwing up in a number of different ways.

    I mean, I’ve jailbroken countless times using this set-up… I can’t for the life of me tell what’s going wrong this time.

  16. @thegpc

    How about… damn, I just spent some time thinking hard what could go wrong and I’m still clueless. Maybe you want to boot your Mac up in Safe Mode… but then java may not be loaded in safe mode. Argh.

  17. @andrew

    Go add the “Community Sources” package to your Installer. It’s under the “Sources” category.

  18. Yea, I know. It’s seriously baffling.

    Well, if you have any sudden epiphanies, let me know. until then, I’ll survive being unjailbroken until ZiPod gets released.

  19. Rupert, I think you should change this part of the guide:

    The Installer App is now in the Springboard. Tap on it, and go to the “Sources” tab to install the “Community Sources” package. After that, go to the “Tweaks

    To install the Community Sources, you have to install it from the Install Tab, Sources category.

    I used this guide yesterday and now I have my Touch with the 1.1.3 firmware thanks to you 🙂 Thanks from Argentina

  20. i tried to update my 16gb touch to 1.1.3 with the apptap and it is stuck in recovery mode, it has been stuck for 30 minutes

    what do i do so i dont have to repeat the whollle jailbreak process again?

  21. @Fabian Ferreyra

    Hello Argentina!

    You are so right. That’s a big bobo. What was I thinking? I’ve amended it.

  22. @adam

    Sorry, but what’s this “apptap”?

  23. hey rupert, i succesfully jailbroke my ipod touch to firmware 1.1.3 but in “Installer” i have hardly any apps to download. Is their a resolution to this problem?

  24. @Seb

    Go to the “Sources” category and install the “Community Sources” package. That should give you a whole bunch of apps.

  25. Just wondering…is there a way to fix the keyboard lockup problem (omitting step B5) without completely redoing the entire process? thanks a lot for the great guide, just because of a stupid mistake by me basically might as well have bricked the darn thing.

  26. For uploading the 1.1.3 image, I used a small simple program called Touch Explorer (which you only need to install on your pc, 560 KB) which lets you access your itouch through the USB connection instead of SSH

    It’s in Japanese (I think), but it opens up to the right folder, and you just have to drag and drop.

  27. ok, i think im running into the same problem as everyone who ommits step B5. Every time i go into safari or when i go to add a new source to the installer app. my ipod freezes and I have to reset it. Also this happends in the notes application. Will all this go away of I simply rejailbreak and make sure I do step B5?

  28. Thank you so much for this guide, I used it to jailbreak my 8GB ipod touch about 3 weeks ago and had no problems (quite the opposite: a sense of achievement for being able to follow instructions!)

    Here is one question, though:

    Yesterday, while listening to some music, the ipod went into recovery mode completely spontaneously. I did carry it in my pocket, so I can’t say with absolute certainty that I didn’t push home and power button for at least 10 sec, but it seems somewhat unlikely.

    In anticipation of a few questions you might ask: ipod’s battery was fully charged; I had not added any applications for a few days either, so it was business as usual, really.

    I am a bit irked by this, because as much fun it is to jailbreak the ipod, I don’t want to have to do it every couple of weeks! Any thoughts on this?

  29. @ JaredDevour

    I would try and reset the ipod.

    Go to setting/General/Reset/Reset all settings

  30. @ Legacy

    Nope, didn’t work. Thanks for the try though. I’ll probably end up redoing it.

  31. Rupert:

    I figured out the problem. Or, rather, I upgraded iTunes to 7.6.1 and used the iNdependence trick you use in C-9. Works now. Thanks!

  32. @ Everyone

    I would try the New Ziphone 2.5c

    It works great, just need to tap the jailbreak button a few time when trying to jailbreak a 16 GB iPod Touch

  33. Hey i don’t mean to make this tutorial useless, but there is a very easy way to jailbreak any firmware, and any storage capacity iPhone or iPod touch, ZiPhone, even if you have 16 or 32 gb, all you have to do is repeatedyly click the jailbreak button on ziphone, and once you have cleared the bsd thingy, you just need to close ziphone, and you are jailbroken.

  34. @Legacy and Ramin:

    That doesn’t always work, and it creates keyboard freeze problems in many a subject. Don’t believe everything you hear or read.

  35. @ thegpc

    I have jailbroken 4 16GB iPods, and 3 iPhones using Ziphone and have never had a freezing issue..

    All Applications works fine

  36. @Legacy:

    That may be, but I’m saying it’s not 100%. This method is 110% (if you do everything right).

  37. what are the advantages of upgrading all the way to 1.1.3

  38. Well ive jailbroken my ipod touch ?(8gb) 5 times now.When the 1.1.3 update came out i decided to jailbreak using teh ziphone method a friend recommended.He also gave me a link to teh instructions.I havdn’t used it b4 so i followed teh instruction exact and jailbroke it however it fell into the bsd repeated error .(I reliased later that it was becuase an itunes application was open and it idd not state in teh instructions to close it .).I managed to restore it but no ive got a number of erors.The top row of my keboard does not work.When i turn it landscape teh letters U and R dont work on teh keyboatrd either .Also after teh half way point of a film i cant forwrad or revwind it .I’v restored it twice since then and managed to jailbreak it on ziphone but i cant update to 1.1.3 and it everytime i try to install an applicationit comes up ‘error cant download package’.Any ideas any1.

  39. I have a brandnew 16GB iPoud Touch (1.1.4 OTB). Can I jailbreak it using this method? Can I downgrade it to 1.1.1 and then jailbreak it to 1.1.3? Cause I’m fine with 1.1.3, I don’t really need 1.1.4… Can anyone tell me? Thanks a million!

  40. Does this work for a 1.1.4 “16 GB” ipod touch??
    if not is there any other way which will??!! (other than the ziphone method which might not work)
    If your sure or tried it before plz tell me!!

  41. @Somebody:

    Yes, it will work fine, but it won’t jailbreak you up to 1.1.4, it only goes up to 1.1.3. but, since there’s really no difference anyway…

  42. i got stuck at part C6 i cant open the Bat file and i installed the java software but i can open the jar file but if i click jailbreak it says ipod not connected. can yopu help me ?

  43. thnx RupertGee, my 32 GB ipod touch al jailbroken en well. But, you know if there’s also a way to jailbreak to 1.1.4 with my 32 GB ipod?

  44. I am using windows vista with itunes version 7.6.1 im stuck at part c6 i cant open the bat file with the java i downloaded from the link.

  45. @Arvind

    Don’t use the .bat. Just doubleclick on the “jailbreak.jar” and it should work (assuming you have Java installed)

  46. And plugin your iPod first.

  47. @dailir
    New version, which jailbreaks your 32gb in under 2 mins! He finally got his 32gig, and fixed the problem

  48. hey i need some help
    i downloaded Ziphone and it was working fine but when it got to my ipod touch
    it was downloading everything on
    but then it says
    IOIpodUSBDevice::startIpodStack cant start! Need configuration
    BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0

    it says this over and over again and im stuck cause it wont restart and go back to main menu

    can you help?

  49. How come I have to disconnect my iPod from my computer to load the Official 1.1.3 upgrader. How will the application jailbreak the firmware if it doesn’t even have it installed? I’m on the part where the Upgrade icon appears but I need to be sure if I have to load the firmware first through SSH somewhere on my iPod.

  50. Hey, Rupert:

    I have a 16 GB iPod touch running 1.1.4. I have downloaded all the firmwares (.1 to .3) from those link that you gave.

    I am having problems downgrading the firmware for some reason. I put the Touch into recovery mode, using your steps, until a “Cord to iTunes” picture comes up on the Touch.

    So, iTunes says it needs to recover (good) and when I select the 1.1.1 firmware to use, it works for about 5 seconds and then give me an error message with error code (0)

    Okay, kinda weird. I try it with 1.1.2 – same thing.

    Hmmm… So I try it with 1.1.3 – everything works fine. (WTH?)

    So, the farthest I have gotten so far is downgrading the firmware to 1.1.3. That’s not good enough 😀 I need 1.1.1.

    So, King Rupert, please tell me what I’m doing wrong 😀

    Thanks, Cheers!


  51. Does Ziphone also work with a Mac on my 32 GB Ipod Touch?

  52. @ Jacob

    The reason your getting the errors is because , you put your ipod in Recovery mode instead of DFU mode..

    Go back to Step B
    Follow the guide to the Tee !

    @ Drewby

    Once you have the upgrader on your ipod,it will ask you if you want to Restore “click Yes” It will then download the 1.1.3 Firmware over your wifi as long as you have it setup and then let it do it’s magic!

    The other option is to upload the 1.1.3 FW to your ipod and once your done, go back to your ipod and run the updater but Press No when it ask you to restore..

    @ Celeb

    Download the latest Ziphone from Zibri Blog

    Should be Ziphone2.6b

    Hopefully that will help you get past that error

  53. @dailir
    Yup, it’ll probably work. More than probably even. Give it a shot, if you’re brave hearted 😛

  54. @Legacy

    I’ve been trying. Am I missing something?

    1) Hold down both buttons
    2) Release power button when screen clears
    3) Release home button when it shows up in iTunes.

    I still get Recovery Mode! :@

  55. @ Jacob

    Ok go to

    Download ziphone, extract it to a folder on your desktop and click on the ZiphoneGUI and go to advanced Features and you should see a box on the Right that says “Change Phone Mode” and then Select DFU Mode..

    You can also Jailbreak using Ziphone if you want, it only takes about 45 sec to Jailbreak !

    Good luck

  56. @Jacob:

    You’re supposed to release the Power button when it disappears from iTunes (and not a second before or after, the timing is important!), not when the iPod screen clears. That’s what makes it go into DFU mode.

  57. one of the earlier versions of ZiPhone was able to put the device into DFU mode. made my life easier since my home button is playing up

  58. @Vanya:

    The newest ZiPhone still can. I just downloaded it. It’s under “Advanced Features”.


  59. @Jacob
    Hmm, you’re right. Except on Mac it’s in the menu bar, not in the actual ap

  60. Hi guys. I’ve been monitoring this post and site over the past few days. Great discussions going on.

    I have a 32Gb Touch with 1.1.3 and Apps but I’ve been thinking of jailbreaking. Couple of quick questions:

    1). Does ziPhone 2.6b downgrade the bootloader? If I ever needed it repaired by Apple (for whatever reason), the fact I was running an older BL than was put on it initially would mean they could tell I messed with it?

    2). Can you get rid of the ‘Z’ blog link icon that is put on the screen after installing ziPhone?

    Thanks 🙂

  61. I just did step two in part c. i shift updated my ipod and during the update process my ipod disconnected and shows the connect ipod to itunes. meanwhile in itunes a popup comes up that says The ipod could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (5). i unplug my ipod and plug it back in and i have to restore it.

    i have done the process at least 3 times and every time i get the same things. could you please tell me a way to fix this?

  62. forget about that last comment. I re-downloaded the 1.1.2 file and tried again and it worked

  63. I got to the 1.1.2, and I am on the zip file. I cant get past that, it says that it cannot connect to the device. Tell me what to do please

    I run on windows

  64. I finally got it past that part, are you supposed to plug it in while in recovery mode?

    Step D

  65. Well, I added in the site under sources for the January Update, but I cant find the iphone app, please help

  66. whenever i use the ZIPhone my keyboard freezes no matter how many times i restore my ipod touch its really really really annoying!!

    anyone got any ideas

  67. @ Zk

    Hmm , are you sure your Doing a Restore and not an update?

    Put your iPod in DFU mode using Ziphone, or the old fashion way and Click restore in iTunes.

    If you are still having problems with your keyboard , then I would send it in for a replacement.

  68. ok then cheers for that. i havent tried using the ziphone in 1.1.3 unjailbroken going to try that one now

    before hand i was updating it to 1.1.4 then using ziphone

  69. @ 13yearoldbaldnerd
    if i open the jar file and click on jailbreak it says cannot connect to ipod.
    what shoudl i do ?

  70. what version of itunes are you on?

  71. @ 13yearoldbaldnerd

    im using itunes 7.6.1 and os vista.

  72. itunes 7.6.1 kills OktoPrep when you update to 1.1.2
    So you’ll have to downgrade to itunes 7.5 to make it work.
    The download link is here:

  73. Thanks for the tut. Worked like a charm. Now that it is jailbroken, I’m trying to install your 1.1.3 apps package but I can’t get it to show in installer. I’ve added the source three or four times, making sure the typing is right and refreshed everytime but there is no package. Is the website down perhaps? Thanks for any help.

  74. Thanks for the tut. Worked like a charm. Now that it is jailbroken, I’m trying to install your 1.1.3 apps package but I can’t get it to show in installer. I’ve added the source three or four times, making sure the typing is right and refreshed everytime but there is no package. Is the website down perhaps? Thanks for any help.

  75. Alright. I’m like most of you. I’ve got the ZiPhone software ready to jailbreak the ipod, but the problem is… where the hell am I going to get these such amazing applications for it? Also, what in Windows must you use to transfer those .app files over!!? Thanks anyone who can help!


  76. @ 13yearoldbaldnerd
    I downgraded Itunes and if if i open the jar file it still says cannot connect to ipod…

  77. @ Arvind

    Download Ziphone and extract it to your desktop. Then open the GUI and click Jailbreak for the ipod Touch!

    Happy Hacking !

  78. try using a different computer
    it might work then

  79. Right now I have a jailbroken iPod Touch version 1.1.1. I havent been able to install certain apps, so I was hoping if I upgraded to a later version it would let me. My question is if I upgrade to version 1.1.2 or some later version, will I lose all the apps I have on there right now? Also, would I also lose the additional Apple apps I have (maps, notes, weather, etc.)? All Im really trying to do is get to the point where I can install NES ROMs, but NONE of the videos on YouTube work for me. Thanks

  80. hey i tried to download the January update but i cant find it in the categories please help

  81. hi, I cannot get the source for the January apps to work. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

  82. @Arvind
    Have you got Java installed?

  83. Hey guys…i think you probably heard of this problem before but here it is: despite having followed the steps and jailbreaking it all the way to 1.1.3. six times….and making sure that i follow the b5 step… my ipod 8gb constantly freezes at safari and installer…. a thing i noticed is that it doesn’t freeze when i go on safari and installer on 1.1.2. any ideas?

  84. Hey man, thanks so much for showing me how to jailbreak. I am only having issues with the Jan Software Update. I can’t find “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category, and “The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps” package. Please get back to me.

  85. finally got 1.1.4 jailbroken and its perfect. i was having problems with the keyboard freezing every time i went to installer sources!!

    what i found out to do was to jailbreak it using this method the ZIPhone gui. i opened up ZIPhone i then went file clear NAVRAM it did stuff to my ipod but didnt jailbreak it, but once it did that i then jailbroke it.

    straight after that i went to contacts add then typed rubbish for 20 secs (not the word rubbish just random words) then saved it, went straight to installer sources in typed in the ispazio source it WORKED!!!!! no mre freezing keyboard

  86. Is there a way to jailbreak a 1.1.3 iPod touch from the touch and without using a mac,computer,or anything like that.

  87. dont think so because you need to have a jailbroken 1.1.2 to jailbreak a 1.1.3

  88. @Eugene
    Have you tried the ZiPhone method?

  89. @Eugene
    do what i did just below your comment it will work

  90. For those of you that can’t install the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” on your touch just add to your sources and then just go to “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” or witch ever touch version you have.

  91. this is the third time I have jailbroken my touch and the keyboard still freezes whenever i try to add a source is there anyway to fix this for mac users?

  92. @dcm:

    Did you follow Step B5 to the letter? That’s probably what’s causing the badness. Follow every step exactly EXACTLY ExAcTlY as written.

  93. @thegpc
    as far as I can tell I am following the instructions perfectly. i downgrade to 1.1.1 and choose setup as new ipod, the next screen has two options, i uncheck automatically sync songs and leave automatically sync pictures, click done, then uncheck open itunes when this ipod is connected hit apply and then sync

  94. @dcm:

    Hmm… I’m not sure. Usually it’s that, and if it’s not I’m not quite sure what it would be. Sorry man. Maybe wait for Rupert to check it out.

  95. @thegpc
    well thanks anyways

  96. @dcm

    I had the exact same problem, gave up with this method, and just used Ziphone.
    Try using another computer, operating system? Who knows

  97. @Dyl
    try this

    finally got 1.1.4 jailbroken and its perfect. i was having problems with the keyboard freezing every time i went to installer sources!!

    what i found out to do was to jailbreak it using this method the ZIPhone gui.

    FIRST i opened up ZIPhone i then went FILE clear NAVRAM it did stuff to my ipod but didnt jailbreak it, I then jailbroke it the ZIPhone way.

    STRAIGHT AFTER that i went to contacts add then typed rubbish for 20 secs (not the word rubbish just random words) then saved it, went straight to installer sources and typed in the ispazio source it WORKED!!!!! no mre freezing keyboard

  98. @dcm
    try this

    finally got 1.1.4 jailbroken and its perfect. i was having problems with the keyboard freezing every time i went to installer sources!!

    what i found out to do was to jailbreak it using this method the ZIPhone gui.

    FIRST i opened up ZIPhone i then went FILE clear NAVRAM it did stuff to my ipod but didnt jailbreak it, I then jailbroke it the ZIPhone way.

    STRAIGHT AFTER that i went to contacts add then typed rubbish for 20 secs (not the word rubbish just random words) then saved it, went straight to installer sources and typed in the ispazio source it WORKED!!!!! no mre freezing keyboard

  99. sorry didnt mean to put @DYL

  100. OK so I’m on like the last step running on a mac…like everyone else is saying…my keyboard is freezing when I try to type in the extra source…

    2k…I can’t follow your advice because in the Ziphone under file there is no “Fix NAVRAM” or w/e…the only thing with fix in it is “fix wi-fi”…so now im like so close to being done…been workin on this mess for over 2 hours and am now completely stuck and time is running out…

    help ne one?

  101. im using a 16gb by the way…and im positive i did the step in B5 correctly…usually my keyboard doesnt even freeze until like the last letter i need to type

  102. ok well now it’s freezing at random different times…i have to be somewhere in 20 minutes so im guessing this will have to wait until another day…

    can I start over or at least restore it to old…what the heck am i supposed to do gooooosh everything was going so smoothly

  103. well after what I thought was going to be awesome…after two+ hours of figuring everything out…the couldn’t fix the keyboard issue and have restored my ipod to the most updated version and am currently putting my music back on…

    does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Again, I’m running a 16gb ipod touch which I bought in December on a mac os x…

    I tried the instruction on this site and got all the way to the last few steps where it says to add the “madpike” source and my keyboard continued to freeze

    I have tried the ZIphone and gotten the infamous bsd error…

    I have read there may be some ways around that…something like clicking a button over and over or quitting out of itunes before you jailbreak it…i’m not really sure…

    if anyone has any suggestions I would reeeeally appreciate it. im so frustrated i wasted so much valuable time and now am really behind with some school work I need to get done. thanks for anyone’s help in advance

  104. @someone heeeeelp:
    thanks everyone that helped but I got it working, at least no problems so far, using ijailbreak. someone heeeeelp, try using that, just make sure to let it restart at least twice when you are done running the app, it worked for me and i had the same problem as you

  105. dcm…

    ok so far so good…I successfully got it installed but now when i try to turn it on it just give me the little screen with the itunes logo and the cord being plugged it…what am i supposed to do now

  106. and when i connect it to itunes it says it cant connect because an unknown error has occured

  107. @someone heeeeelp:
    that happened to me also but a few days later i tried it again and it worked…. make sure to let it restart more than once! otherwise just keep trying it is my suggestion

  108. Mac OS X Leopard- iTunes 7.6.1- 8Gb iPod bought in December, 2007.

    hey, i’ve used your jailbreak many times from the first page you made and tried out this one first today. it was working perfect until i got to step E.

    i waited for the ipod to upgrade to a 1.1.3 and waited for the recovery mode to end and it finally did. the installer is there and i added the new source which turned out to be lazyasada. so i went to the categories but the iphone apps one wasnt there. and lots of the other downloads were gone too. i downloaded the BSD Subsystem again but that help either.

    and thanks for the guide, its awesome!

  109. if i was to upgrade my itunes to 7.6.2 will that affect my jailbroken 1.1.4

    thanks 2k

  110. It won’t affect your iPod at all, because the firmware isn’t being changed at all.
    I might upgrade, sine I’ve been using ZiPhone to jailbreak. Might try iLiberty+, heard that it’s better
    Have you got Community Sources installed? Also, did you refresh sources after you added the source?

    Might help

  111. hey.. My 16gb iPod which I bought around Xmas was jailbroken by this method then when I take it out of the charger it stays open for a few seonds then it shuts down. I restored it back to 1.1.1 and its not jailbroken but it still does the same thing. Plz help me!!

  112. @vanya, i dont think i have community sources installed. it must have been lost in the process somehow? and i also did refresh the sources after i added it.

    and i tried another link for the apps i read in one of someone elses comments. so thanks vanya and rupertgee!

  113. @help meee!!!
    my battery is screwed up, and does that as well. just turn the iPod back on

    no probs!

  114. i cant install the january upgrades with any of your links and where can i find the to install the themes in ?

  115. Did you refresh sources after you added them?

    What do you mean: where can i find the to install the themes in ?

  116. Hey RupertGee,
    This tutorial you provide is great, but I think I did something wrong. I got all the way to installing 1.1.3 for PC, but when you say to install the “iPhone 1.1.3 applications”, I don’t see them. Also, I can’t seem to install any of the packages. Do you know where I went wrong? Thanks in advance

  117. ok, so i’m good with the jailbreak and everything. but now, everytime i download an app from Installer, it quits early during the installing stage and doesnt refresh it so the app isnt there. has this happened with anyone else?


  118. @Jen
    The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps are in Installer, after you jailbreak, and add a source.
    Try tapping ‘Clear queue’ on the next package you download.

    I think that you may have a permissions problem. OR: have you installed BSD Subsystem? It’s a must once you jailbreak

  119. Thx vanya but it only gets as far as the apple on the screen then closes if its not in the charger

  120. @help me!!!:

    That looks like a problem with the battery… Did you try taking it in for service (restoring it to factory settings so it’s not voiding warranty first of course)?

  121. @thegpc
    He/She won’t be able to restore, since the iPod won’t be able to appear in iTunes. Are you currently jailbroken help me!!!?

  122. @ Vanya i meant the folder thing var/mobile thing where can i find that

  123. ah, sorry. it’s: var/root/Library/Customize (unless I missed a step)

  124. I’m not jailbroken v.1.1.4 p.s it opens when in the wall charger but not in the computer

  125. @help me!!!:

    Oh yea, I forgot you can’t restore it.

    Well, if you’re not jailbroken taking it in to an Apple store to check it out should be no biggie. That’s what I suggest, since it looks like something wrong with your battery or the actual hardware of the iPod.

  126. Damnit, I HATE when WordPress logs me out.

  127. well thanks everyone for all ur help 🙂

  128. Thank you for explaining this method.
    I got stuck on D9, mi iPod touch says “Copying data to system image: 6%” and i’ve tried a lot of times but i’m still getting stuck here. I’ve read what you’ve told to Naveed Ahmad in but although I’m doing every step, I can’t avoid this mistake.
    My iTunes version is Thanks

  129. Well, forget my previous message. Now i have a worse problem. I’ve restored my ipod to 1.1.3 and i’ve tried this method again from the begining. It seemed to work when suddenly it shutdown. At that point I thought that it was rebooting so I let it do it. But the ipod didn´t start again so I turned it on… and now it stays in this loading screen [] and doesn’t go on.

    My computer doesn’t detect the ipod, my iTunes doesn’t detect it…

    Well, i don’t know what to do, so please, if you know something… help me.

    Thank you

  130. uhm… finally after trying another thousand of times I managed to set the iPod in recovery mode…

    Now I’m very nervous to try the jailbreak again so I’ll try in a few days.

    Thanks for this method [I won’t give up]

  131. @knzio:

    You could try ZiPhone… Fewer steps, so less to go wrong. Tested to work millions of times, etc etc… I’d go for that if you’re scared of this method.

  132. @thegpc:

    but if I do it with ZiPhone, Is it possible to restore the iPod to original if I want to?

    Thenk you!

  133. @knzio:

    I don’t understand what you mean. Restore to original? You mean undo the jailbreak? yea, you just restore it, the same way you would if you used this method.

  134. @thegpc:

    I did it and it worked, thank you 😉

  135. I got it all working to here, can’t get the wiggle? I can’t find these files or category – what am I doinf wrong.
    Go to the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category, and install “The iPhone 1.1.3 Apps” package.
    After installation and unlocking your iPod touch, you’ll be greeted by this pop-up window indicating your iPod touch’s icon can wiggle.
    You really own a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod touch.

  136. Hi Rupert first let me tell u that your blog its great, i didnt know i could do so much stuff with my touch…

    I’m on Mac OS X 10.4.11, with iTunes 7.6 and a 8GB iPod Touch, and i got the same problem as del, i did all the steps until letter E, i add the new source:, but after that i never find the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category in the installer, so i will appreciated if you help me with this last step.
    Thank you so much!

  137. @del and mike
    add this source they have the app pack, as well as some other things.
    It’s in the ‘iPodTouched’ category

  138. thanks Vanya, i couldn’t find the apps in that adress either but i did a little search and i found them in:
    if any one else need them!
    now let me go play with my jailbroken ipod touch! 🙂

  139. @Mike
    No problems. Have fun :p

  140. Does somebody know if are some method to iJB the update 1.1.4 and play DRM???

    Just my two cents

  142. Great site dude ! I have recommended this jailbreak to all my ipd friends. This is the best site ! but I have 1 question. the source to install january apps, is not working on my ipod ? any suggestions ?

  143. try adding

  144. When i try to restore to 1.1.1 it keeps saying The ipod “ipod” could not be restored. An unkown error occured (1).
    Plz Help me!!

  145. @Jamo:

    Error (1) means that you put your iPod into Recovery mode as opposed to DFU Mode. If you follow Rupert’s guide written here exactly, or this guide also:

    you should be fine.

  146. @thegpc
    Thanks for the help. i had already fixed the issue and used the Zphone method but thanks anyways.

  147. I downloaded a random website for jailbreaking ipod touch (8gb) was’nt a good idea but i did and it worked fine.When i got home i decided to check if there was an update and there was and so i downloaded it and everything was good and then it showed a picture of charger cord thing connecting to iTunes and so i did but on itunes it says an unknown error occured and now i’m stuck on this picture i’ve tried rebooting it and everything please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Download ZiPhone, then in the advanced tab, click on ‘Normal Mode’

  149. this should fix the BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0 problem

  150. @?:

    Yea… It’s a good thing Zibri already fixed that in ZiPhone 2.6.

  151. this link seems to be invalid anymore: where can i get the needed file? i’m a little bit afraid to download it from some 3rd parties web-sites..((

  152. or just tell me the zip’s checksum someone. thanx in advance

  153. hi, i try to download that link in part c number 5 “” but it brings me to a 404 page:not found? Please help!

  154. hi, is this a valid new source for the

  155. I don’t know why you guys want the ZIP anymore… Pwnage and ZiPhone are at least 200% better by now.

  156. iLiberty+ is also good

  157. im stuck on C5, link won’t work for me. Is there anywhere else to get the file from?

  158. forget that last question. But apparently I am retarded. How do you set it up as a new iPod?

  159. Once you restore, you’ll have the option of setting up as new. There’ll be a screen and prompt asking you

  160. I can’t seem to get my 16 GB iTouch to start downloading when clicking the link that loads the exploit (y.tiff) from I’ve tried a few hours at least. I downgraded to 1.1.1 first of course. Safari crashes like it should but nothing starts downloading. I don’t really understand how it can only work sometimes.

    Am I doing something wrong? I’ve tried using two different wlans too. Unfortunately I don’t have my own wlan as a decent router with more than 100MBit throughput WAN->LAN costs a bit much for me as a student. Maybe I can try it at a friend or so. DOn’t know if that is the problem though. Everything else I do on them gives me 15-30Mbit/s at least. I tried to mirror y.tiff myself as well but no difference.

  161. Why not just jailbreak to 1.1.4? ZiPhone does it in a flash?

  162. Vanya: Does it use the original layout of the files or the hacked 1.1.2-like one (the var/mobile/ vs. var/root/)? Is there any downsides using ZiPhone? I read that it downgrades the bootloader permanently, but maybe that was just the iphone one and not the ipod?

  163. @blunden:

    Previous versions of ZiPhone, which were not made with iPods in mind, did downgrade the bootloader. 3.0 does not. Sure, it uses the var/mobile partition system, but it’s not that big of a hassle, to be perfectly honest.

  164. @blunden:

    PS: I prefer Pwnage, which is a lower-level hack than ZiPhone. If you want a guide to that:

  165. Great, will try that out since ZiPhone did jailbreak it but the keyboard bug makes it pretty much unusable. Is there any fix for that?

    Also, I get a 404 on the link to pwnage. 😦 However I found it browsing through some links. Will try it.

  166. Only officially an OSX app it seems. Too bad. 😦 Is the unofficial windows-version decent?

  167. WinPwn won’t detect my ipod. When I’m at the “now connect and put you ipod in restore mode” do I have to set it to DFU exactly at that time? I did it before. Also, it’s DFU they refer to and not normal recovery, right?

  168. Oh, unlike the instructions I had to connect it in normal mode for it to work. It then put it in restore mode itself and continued on from there. Then I created my own restore image with the apps I wanted. Great app. Will keep trying it for a few hours.

  169. Still working fine. No bugs what so ever so far *knocks on wood*. Just as fast as before the customization. 😀

  170. Good on ya

  171. Hey Rupert,
    is it normal if safari crashes everytime I click on Install appsnapp in I tried more than 10 times to install it, ended up with either a very long “loading” in safari, or a crash that takes me back to the home screen.

  172. Oh, forgot to mention I restored to 1.1.1 on an 8GB iPod Touch.

    Thank you.

  173. I think that after everytime Appsnapp fails, you need to restore to 1.1.1 and try again

  174. RupertGee–

    I’m in the market for a new iPod touch 16bg, and was interested in jailbreaking it. With this in mind, i researched jailbreaking from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 and then back to 1.1.3. I read through your walkthrough, and i have a question.

    In part C section (number) 2, is says to “go back into iTunes, hold the shift key and click UPDATE. Where is this update button?

  175. hi thanks for the help
    but for some reason the firmware files aren’t the size you said it should be. do you think you know why.

  176. i used ziphone and it got stuck so i pulled the cable out, and now it just says : start IpodStack can’t start! Need Configuration. and when i pulled the cable out, and put it back in, itunes nor ziphone recognizes it WTF!? please help ASAP! this is my 2nd ipod touch and i don’t want to buy another one… ill be greatful for any help!

  177. hi!

    still up? i can’t seem to find the “iPhone 1.1.3 Applications” category when i tried to add the source. i also tried but still there were no categories. thanks in advance. 🙂

  178. My itunes is 7.7.043 and I’m having a problem using it to downgrade my 1.1.5 ipod to 1.1.1. The 1.1.1 file is correct, but everytime I try to shift restore it, it says there is an unknown error.

    I’ve had itunes forever and have hundreds of playlists I’ve painstakenly made. Is there any way to downgrade from 7.7 to 7.5 or 7.6 without having to delete my itunes from my computer and destroy all my playlists?

  179. When I downgraded to itunes 7.5 and when I try to open it my computers say, “The file “itunes Libary.itl” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes”….omg what do I do????

  180. Why are you still at the outdated firmware 1.x?

    Upgrade and jailbreak to firmware 2.1 already!

  181. my iod iz stuffed coz it always says to connect usb to itunes and it already is and i cant use mi ipod because of that coz i followed this method…HELP..!

  182. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

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