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Feb 19 Update: The original post has been moved to make way for more commentaries because the sheer numbers of over 400 comments is making the page loads too slowly.

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If you are having issues with your iPod touch jailbreaking, do spend some time to browse through the following commentary. It’s a gold mine of knowledge, tricks and tips.


  1. I have followed all the steps an it seems to of worked! in the settings it tells me that im on 1.1.3 and i have the installer app but the wiggle dont work. im not to sure the the jailbreak has worked fully. Have i to install some thing to get my wiggle to work.

  2. @Remi

    Really? I myself and many others can’t….

    Erm… we’re talking about Mac OS X right?

  3. @Sunda

    Hey, you missed out PART D! Carry it out and your icons will wiggle (when you tap and hold on one for about 2 seconds)!

  4. great howto! thank you very much.
    especially the part for the itunes downgrade is super!

    i wanted to add that maybe it would be a good idea to change the itunes setting that it does not autostart when the ipod is connected.
    this helps very much while doing the 1.1.2 jailbreak.


  5. I used the ijailbreak method from a jailbroken 1.1.1 with itunes 7.6 and it worked like a charm, wiggly icons and everything.

  6. @flowolf

    Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

    I’ll insert in the disable “auto launch” advise once I figure out at which point to do so is best. I do it all the time but I keep forgetting to write it down. 😦

  7. Hello,

    my iPod has been saying “attempting to reboot” for at least 3/4 of an hour now. It doesn’t seem to be working…

    Any ideas?


  8. 20/20 rgds

  9. Thanks for the great guides – my Touch should be here in a couple of days (in a plane over the Pacific at the moment) and I’m definitely looking forward to a new toy to play with!

    I know a few other guides had you run a “cleanup” package at the end that freed up a bunch of unneeded disk space (I think related to fonts?). Does the Conceited Software package do that task at the end? Or is it still needed?

    Also, does this method allow for the playback of DRM’d music purchased from the store? (Not that I’ve ever purchased one – just curious. ha ha)

  10. hi guys mine when i clicked the jar thing and click jailbreak its sais something about a console…HELP. PLEASE

  11. @Lucas

    Something isn’t right; attempting to reboot shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Just reboot your iPod touch and hope everything’s ok.

  12. @TroyG

    The clean up you refers to is probably for the other jailbreaking method. Conceited Software’s package does the clean up (basically removing the firmware and other files after use) automatically.

    The fonts clean up you read about isn’t clean up at all. It’s basically moving the fonts (plus wallpapers, ringtones and even the entire Applications folder) to another partition in order to free up more space to install more apps.

    Oh yeah; my DRMed music play just fine using this method.

  13. @john andrew

    Are you on Windows, John? If so, double-click on “Windows.bat” instead of “jailbreak.jar”.

  14. my ipod doesnt rebbot it just goes into recovery mode

  15. where do u find the terminal on a mac

  16. Either a) Go to spotlight in the top right corner of the screen, and search for Terminal. or b)Applications>Utilities>Terminal or c) search for it in Finder

  17. Hey Rupert, I read the FAQs, and am wondering how do I find out how much space I have left in the first partition? Is there an app that can show me the numbers


  18. Hi Lorette. If you have AFPd installed (I’m assuming you’re on 1.1.2), you can access both partitions, and then: Right-click>Get Info. Hope this helps

  19. @Lorette

    If you’re on 1.1.3, you can launch the Mobile Terminal, and type the following command:

    df -h

    But wait, the version of Term-VT100 in the Installer is not 1.1.3 compatible. Use your Firefox and surf to:

    You can download and install “Terminal” to use in 1.1.3.

  20. When upgrading to 1.1.3 using your method, do I need to set Auto lock to Never?

  21. Should I update installer before I go ahead and upgrade to 1.1.3 ?

    Sorry I am pretty new to the whole jailbreaking seen.


  22. @Legacy

    How careless of me. Yes, do set it to Never. I’ve updated the post to reflect this critical setting.

    As for updating, Installer itself will prompt you about Updating itself, for which you’ll agree to it.

    Have fun jailbreaking. It’ll be worth it.

  23. Evrytime I try and add a source the ipod freezes up.. I tried rebooting it a few times and the same thing happens. I also waited to see if it would unfreeze but it actually shut off and would not turn back on by pressing the sleep button, so I pressed the home button and the sleep button simultaneously and it finally woke up.

    Has this happened to any one else using this upgrade method?

    If any one knows of a fix please let me know thanks

  24. Where is my HOME FOLDER?????

  25. @Legacy

    That’s a weird behaviour. I’ve not heard anyone complaint about such.

    But then Ste is doing something to the repository, again:

    Maybe that’s why you are experiencing it?

    In any case, feel free to re-do the jailbreak if your iPod touch continues to behaves like that. It’s not suppose to! 😦

  26. @ndwboy95

    “Go” “Home” in Finder, ndwboy95!

  27. i am having the same problem as legacy. PLEASE HELP.

  28. When i go into the home folder there is nothing there!!!!

  29. A really great guide to unlock the power of our little toys. I had to do the entire proccess, from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1, including the downgrade of iTunes, but it has been really easy. Thanks a lot dude!

  30. every time i try to type something on the keyboard (my email address for the mail app for example) or when i try to add a new source my ipod will freeze up. I’ve tried this jailbreak twice already. please help!

  31. Thanks a lot for the really helpful guide. I just upgraded to 1.1.3 and I am loving it. Cheers.

  32. Thanks for the guide. It worked great until i got to the “seemingly stuck in Recovery Mode”. Its been sitting at this point for around 20 or 30 minutes. Is this normal and i’m just jumping the gun or did something go wrong.

  33. @Legacy, ndwboy95 and Bert

    You guys seem to have similar problems… problems I have no clue on how to fix. I’ll hunt around for the answer.

  34. @BRU

    I hope by now it’s out of the Recovery Mode screen? Otherwise, just power it off and *hope* it boots into the Springboard.

  35. The problem with the installer freezing is actually a problem with the keyborad. It freezes whenever the keyboard is in use.

  36. I did the jailbreak and it worked perfectly… except my installer only has about five apps to choose from. How do I get more?

  37. Yeah, when I did the whole process, I got the same freezing error… i’m just going to leave it at the 1.1.2 update until we get this figured out.

  38. I don’t have my Touch yet, getting it this coming weekend, so the January Apps will be pre-installed.

    If I read everything right (4 times), there are two ways to get the January Apps back after following this tut.

    1 paying for them
    2 using the madpike05 repo

    Is this correct?

    Sure would hate to lose the January Apps that were included with the purchase and then have to shell out 20 bucks when I had them included in the purchase price to begin with!

    Also, in all the research I have been doing, yours was the easiest to comprehend, and the most entertaining to read! Thanks for that!

  39. So I decided to re-jailbreak with your current directions.

    But… neither the 7.5 download or iNdependence works.
    If I trash my iTunes 7.6, will I lose all my music?

  40. Part C9 worked just fine.
    Till I tried to run iNdependence and it said it was an incompatible version of iTunes.


  41. @Sumzor

    You missed the entire PART D?! 😮

  42. @Jeremy

    Paying for them has the advantage that iTunes 7.6 will not nag you about the software update each time your iPod touch connects.

    Thanx for the complements… I’m so frurstrated by some pple here… who dun even know where the home folder is… or lose the entire mp3 collection just by deleting 7 totally unrelated files in the Preferences folder. Arghh! Nice words once in a while is good to pick me up again. Muak!

  43. @Janee

    How come you can’t download iTunes 7.5?

  44. So, if I lose ’em best bet would be to pay for them. Makes sense, even if the pill is bitter to swallow.

    I hear ya! I often wonder how (and why) guys like you put up with it at all! But I am sure glad you do! Can’t be easy doing all this, while asking (not blatantly anyway) nothing in return!

    Once I get my touch, rest assured I will be a frequent visitor! So you had better not throw in the towel before then!

    Thanks again!

  45. Tried the process, everything went fine until I tried to jailbreak to 1.1.3, I started the process and now it looks like its stuck in recovery mode (the image on the screen shows a cable with an arrow to the itunes logo), I thought I would wait this out so I just went to sleep, woke up this morning and the same image is still on the screen. Any ideas?

  46. @SKS

    If you’re on a Mac, you can use iNdependence to break out of Recovery Mode.

  47. Hey RupertGee, thanks for this wonderful update again! I managed to re-jailbreak my ipod touch and install summerboard at last!

    But just now I installed too many things at one go and it hung my ipod touch 😦

    Now i’m re-jailbreaking again…

  48. I tried to re-jail breaking it again, this time upgrading to 1.1.3 then Restoring to 1.1.3 then Updating to 1.1.2 then using this Method to install 1.1.3 jailbreak and I got the same results 😦

    iPod freezes evrytime I try and add a New Source..

    I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or if this method still has some bugs to work out.

    Anyways, I thought I would let you all know

    Thanks Legacy

  49. Sorry I goofed , I meant to say I updated it to 1.1.3 then restored it to 1.1.1, then updated it to 1.1.2 then went ahead and tried to jailbreak 1.1.3 :p

  50. after the jailbreak process itunes reads that my firmware is 1.1.2 and that my 16gb ipod has only 4gb capacity and 2gigs already full. as for the ipod screen itself, i can see the wifi/time/battery at the top but everything else is black

  51. Hey i was just wondering if neone had any good sources for stuff on the ipod

  52. I know this sounds stupid.. but how do you ssh into your ipod on windows vista?

  53. I’m having the same problem as ‘SKS’. My iPod will not come out of recovery mode after doing the final update. So close!

    I’m on a Windows machine, BTW. Anyone got any ideas?

  54. My iPod is also stuck in recovery mode 😦 I’m just letting it sit for now, but if it doesn’t reboot, what should I do??

  55. I have attempted to re-jailbreak my iPod twice, using this method.

    Whenever I upgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2, Installer is lost.

  56. Nevermind.
    Sorry for all my comments.

  57. This is amazing. [just like you and your skills]

  58. I tried to restore my ipod touch to firmware v1.1.1 but get an ‘unknown error’ message from itunes.I followed all the instruction up to the restore point.I currently have itunes v7.5 and itouch v1.1.3.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

  59. My final question.
    About how long was your iPod in recovery mode from Part C? [before you install the apps]

    I’m just curious.
    I am really impatient since it finally worked. :]

  60. Is the Firmware version 1.1.1 file on this page for both mac and windows?

  61. ok finally got it to work, I tried to use ibrickr to pull it out of recovery, but I got the green screen, so I ran iphuc (didn’t work) and then manual recover from itunes and I was able to get the 1.1.1 back on and got it to boot (don’t exactly know how it happened because itunes would error on recovery on previous attempts). I also was able to successfully upgrade and jailbreak to 1.1.3, I realized that on my first install I didn’t upgrade the installer before I tried jailbreaking, and this time when going to 1.1.3 when it asked me to reset my ipod I said no, everything worked okay.

  62. @epidemic44

    1.1.2 only? It’s obvious Upgrading didn’t go through properly. My suggestion is you disconnect your iPod touch. Make sure it’s fully charged, get a good Wi-fi connection,and do whatever you can to make sure the next 30 minutes or so the iPod will not be interrupted.

  63. @323k13l

    I’m a mac user and can’t help you on XP, much less Vista. 😦

  64. @Ben

    If I’m not wrong you could use something call iPhuc for windows in place of iNdependence.

    Sorry, it’s not iPhuc…. Please scroll back up and read the black box just above PART D. That should do the trick.

    Or try using the DFU Method with a twist; perform PART B’s Steps 1, 2.1, 2.2 and finally, 2.3. Hopefully that gets your iPod touch out of the Recovery Mode.

  65. @Travis

    If you’re a Mac user of iTunes 7.6, you gotta use iNdependence as outlined in the post.

    If you’re on PC, read me reply to Ben.

  66. My iPod has been stuck on the restore screen for almost two hours.

    I’m starting to worry.

    Rupert’s reply: Please scroll back up and read the black box just above PART D. That should do the trick, assuming you’re a PC user.

  67. @Lewis

    Maybe you ought to read the following post. It was specifically written for downgrading 1.1.3 to 1.1.1. Come back here and perform all the steps except PART B Steps 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

    Oh yes, the firmware files are platform independent. Just make sure you don’t extract them. If your browser/Windows unzip them to scan for virus or whatever nonsense so popular in Windows, stop it from doing so. They must be downloaded as is, nothing added nor removed. Below I list the exact file sizes:

    Firmware 1.1.1 – iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw – 157,906,686 bytes
    Firmware 1.1.2 – iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw – 165,567,902 bytes

  68. Where do you find the Community Sources package?

  69. I did everything as you said, everything worked fine.
    I plugged in my iPod to my iTunes.

    I went to add the source for the iPhone apps, then it froze.
    So I held down the power button and slid the red slider to turn it off, but my screen lights are still on and the screen is all black.

    Should I restore and start all over?

  70. Well, it’s not that particular page.
    It freezes whenever I try to add a new app.

  71. I NEED HELP! iTS STUCK ON RECOVERY MODE!! ALMOST DONE!!! AAWWW!!! please i need help! How long does it take to restart?

  72. Thank you Thank you!

    For anyone having problems you just aren’t following the directions closely enough. I know it took me 5 sessions just because i was cutting corners or missing a critical detail. This is such a concise set of instructions!

    I am overjoyed!

  73. I followed all instructions up until part c step 2 and then i get stuck, itunes comes up with an error saying that it cant continue the update, Thus im stuck and have 2 reset my touch back to factory settings each time i try… Any help?

  74. Thank you for this guide, well done and very helpful.

    I’m also having the same issues as Legacy, my keyboard freezes up in Installer, Safari, etc. I’ll downgrade back to 1.1.2 for now and check for updates regularly.

  75. @Janee

    The comm sources packages is under the “Sources” category in your Installer.

  76. J.E.N.

    You should try again, making sure you do everything as told even though it may sound too simple or obvious. Really… I’ve gone through this method so many times on different iPods (but always on a Mac) and they are all working beautifully.

  77. @BWN!

    Please scroll back up and read the black box just above PART D. That should do the trick, assuming you’re a PC user.

  78. @A Chiara

    Very well put. 🙂

  79. Thank you a lot for your guide. After an “official” upgrade by “iToons” to 1.1.3 version, I’ve spent 4 days trying to restore to 1.1.1; I’ve found your site, followed your instructions step by step and everything has gone fine to have an 1.1.3 fully funcional.
    Thank you a lot again, you are great!

  80. @Clint

    PART C Step 2 is usually perfectly simple and trouble-free to perform. My guess is the 1.1.2 firmware file you downloaded is probably bad. Check to see if it’s exactly 165,567,902 bytes in size. If not, re-download and try again.

  81. @Fac1

    Are you using a PC? It’s reported but unconfirmed that PC user mmust disconnect their iPod touch at PART D Step 8. Give it a try.

  82. lol.

    “… Billgatize the downloads”? 😮

    WTF does that means? 😀

  83. everytime I try downloading the 1.1.2 and 1.1.1 its a smaller size than what you stated. 😦 Is there anyway that I can stop windows from going through it?

  84. @Clint

    Did you try using the Firefox browser to download?

  85. firefox says that 1.1.2 is 157,906,686 bytes not 165,567,902 bytes and 1.1.1 is 150.59MB. 😦

  86. @Clint

    157,906,686 bytes is no good. Does your ISP requires proxy? Make sure you go through the proxy if required.

    Erm… 150.59 MB is meaningless, as 1 MB is not equals to 10,000 bytes, by 10,240 bytes. So a two decimal figure of 150.59MB implies it’s 150,590,041.6 bytes? What’s a point six bytes? 😀 Always look at the exact numbers.

  87. This isn’t looking good. 😦 My internet doesn’t require proxy and they aren’t the correct file sizes. But 1.1.1 restore works fine it resets to 1.1.1 firmware just 1.1.2 doesn’t work.

  88. RupertGee… I got as far as the end of Part D, and my iPod has been stuck in recover mode for upwards of an hour now. How long, exactly, am I supposed to “wait it out”. I attempted to load iBrickr as instructed, but it isn’t detecting the iPod at all.

  89. Alright.
    Could that also help the fact that my iPod refuses to actually play music?

  90. ***Ignore my last comment, somehow restarting my PC and opening iTunes kicked it out of recovery mode, Jailbroken 1.1.3 still fully intact 😀

    Thanks a ton for the excellent guide, keep up the good work!

  91. I have a quick question!

    When I download the 1.1.1 and the 1.1.2 firmware for the iPod touch using windows do I need to extract the files out of Winrar file or won’t it matter?

    iTunes has no problem restoring my iPod from the winrar file but was just curious if this might be the reason I am having problems later on down the line?

    keyboard Freezes etc.

    Thanks Legacy

  92. Nope, I’m a Core2Duo iMac user.

  93. I just want to say that when I download those 2 firmwares that are listed I get a zip file and inside there are a bunch of files and none of them read

    Firmware 1.1.1 – iPod1,1_1.1.1_3A110a_Restore.ipsw
    Firmware 1.1.2 – iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw

    so do I need to reame the zip file ending with .ipsw ?

    Thanks for being patient with me !


  94. @Clint

    Hmm… you have to somehow get the 1.1.2 firmware files correctly. I’m not familiar with Windows buy can you “Save Link As…”, or do something so that all it does is download a file reliably?

  95. @Legacy

    Hey buddy, I said “Do not decompress or manipulate them in any way, such as allowing your anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-mac program to clean/billgatize the downloads.”

    The file is named as shown when you download it from Apple. Find out who changed it to a zip and spank him for me please, will ya.


  96. @J.E.N.

    Can’t play music? That’s a terribly bad jailbreaking attempt. So far I only know the Nate True method can’t play DRM-ed musc, but to totally not play anything is just bad.

  97. @Fac1

    Cool machine; I have one too.

    Alright… take a break from it all and try again later. I wrote things here based on a Mac user’s experience so… this guide gotta like… 101% works for another Mac user. Somehow you missed a step or a small point… somewhere. 😦

  98. I suppose there could also be the possibility that there are some units which this method does not work perfectly with. I’ve gone over it a few times, jailbroken it many more, and it’s still giving me these issues. Hmm.

  99. @Fac1

    Reading around various forums I’m quite convinced the freezing problem is widespread and due to users failing to set up their iPod as “New iPod” in PART B step 5. They went for the Restore option. Did you set up new or restore?

  100. I have already upgraded to 1.1.3 method you had posted earlier. But there a few problems such as the alarm sounds are missing and when I double-press the home key twice in the Now Playing Music screen or the albumart view it brings up the iPhone’s Phone application!

    Please tell me whether this upgrade method has the above problems.

    Do you mind e-mailing me?

  101. Awesome guide! Thanks!

  102. Everything went smooth after the third time !!

    @ RupertGee

    I downloaded those firmware files with IE7
    and since I had Winrar installed it obviously put it into a rar file but once I un-installed winrar and used firefox to download the file, I finally got the cube looking ipod icon but it did not have .ispw at the end just said restore but in the downloads box it said 1.1..2 blah blah restore.ispw !

    I followed your updated method and everything went smooth,but still took 25 to 30 minutes even tho I used openssh to SSH into my iPod and extract the firware file but it then completed with no problem and took maybe 5 sec before it went from Restore mode to sleep mode !

    All the applications work fine!

    PartB #5 In iTunes, be sure to set it up as a new iPod, un-click the option to “Automatically sync songs to my iPod”, and “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected”. Click “Apply” and “SYNC” to finalize the options you just set.

    I believe that is a critical step,I did not hit synce the last 2 time that I tried to jail break and my keyboard kept freezing when I tried to add a new source and fiddle with any application options.

    currently using Windows XP with iTunes 7.5

    Thanks for this great tutorial and I hope this works just as good for others as it did for me !


  103. Update!

    There is only one problem that I have found and thats customize, the New has updated the way they install applications on the iPod , they are now putting these apps in the
    It used be put in Root/Library, so unless they update the customize app, I don’t think we will be able to use it, unless someone know of a work around then please share !


  104. Legacy, is Safari working for you?

    I clicked on “sync” this time, which has Installer working a bit better, but the keyboard crashes in Safari every time. Hmm.

  105. Yes Safari works just fine , I also forgot to mention that before I Restored to 1.1.1 I let itunes upgrade me to 1.1.3 then I did the hard reboot then restored it to 1.1.1. after that I hit setup as a new ipod and then unchecked the automatic Sync option hit apply and then hit SYNC on the bottom right hand corner of itunes, then evrythin after that was a breeze!

    Make sure you unplug your iPod from the computer before you install the 1.1.3 updater and hit No when it ask you to restore , it then should go right to extracting .ipsw Firware/software..

    Hope it works


    Did you SSH into your ipod and add the 1.1.3 Firmware?

  106. First of all, thanks SO MUCH for this guide. It was awesome and helped me through every step, with links and screenshots where I needed them! Thanks!

    I have a problem though — the jailbreak worked fine, I am running 1.1.3 with the wiggly icons goodness, but the music and video icons have disappeared! I successfully copied music over but the icons still aren’t in the bottom. I only see the store and picture icons.

    Any help on this issue would be awesome! 🙂 Thanks again for this great guide.

  107. @Rajesh

    The alarm sound works fine. I just checked. So are everything else you mentioned. Even the Terminal back space issue that plauged many users doesn’t happen in my iPod touch. It’s just sweet.

    Erm… I dun email.

  108. @Legacy

    I’m elated the mysterious freezing keyboard issue is resolved!

    So all along the instructions were right there, which explains why myself and others don’t experience it. The only problem was the setup as new ipod instruction sounded so trivia many people either disregarded it, or they forgot to finalize it by clicking “Sync” (which effectively means it’s as if they didn’t carry out the instruction at all.)

    Happy happy happy!

    I’m going colorize that step after this. 🙂

    Thank you for reporting back your finding. I’m sure thousands of people will be glad you did.


    And oh yeah about Customize. I used to install it in order to use the Gee Theme Battery Images… but then I realized it’s the only thing I do with Customize. That’s not very productive. I can simply install the Battery Images directly into Springboard, and totally forget about Customize. The direct install method is actually easier than going through Customize.

  109. @ RupertGee

    Thank you, the Direct install works great!

    also your Gee theme Rocks !


  110. I originally used your jailbreaking method, but I will make another attempt tonight.

    Someone commented earlier that they had done it five times before and if they followed the directions exactly, they got flowless results.
    So let’s see how it goes.

    Thanks again.

  111. @Mike K

    That’s a unique issue you have. I’ll try fixing their permissions via SSH… but if you don’t know what that means, I suggest you redo the jailbreaking. Who knows what other strange things could happen?

  112. @J.E.N.

    Yah, do it again. This method works so well my iPod touch rockz.

  113. Can you please ammend the documentation on PART B where you say:

    > iTunes 7.5 for Mac OS X users is recommended. If you’ve upgraded your OS X’s iTunes to version 7.6, you’ll need to download and use the iNdependance app later on, or downgrade your iTunes to version 7.5.

    Can you EXPLICITLY state that 7.5 is not necessarily recommended for Windows, and this is a Mac only instruction.

    Since you have a mac and windows section above, this is confusing as some might assume you mistakenly put this here, and it applies to mac and windows!

    Please update the post here so windows users don’t look for 7.5. Thank you please.

  114. @Bob

    Thanks for the feedback. You’re right and I’ve amended the confusing statement.

    Love your show!

    YouTube killed it eh? 😀

  115. Maybe I’m just stupid, but after almost three minutes, my iPod still will not go into DFU mode.

    Plus, the screen for my info is gone.
    [the one that has the update button and restore]
    It keeps popping up the January upgrade page and if I click ok, it takes me to the store, but when I reclick my iPod, it just shows the upgrade page again.

    I’m getting really frustrated.

  116. Scratch that.
    In case anyone else has that problem: [I hope you don’t.]

    1. Unplug your iPod.
    2. Power it down by holding down the power button and sliding the red slider.
    3. Wait for it to shut off.
    4. While plugging the USB back into the iPod [not the computer] hold down the home button.

  117. @ Jen
    restart your computer

    open itunes then plug in your ipod..

    when the ipod conects to itunes press the sleep button and the home button at the same time, when your ipod dissapears from the itunes screen let go of the sleep button but continue to hold the home button untill you get a message saying your ipod is in restore mode..

    then press Shift and click RESTORE look for your 1.1.1 restore.ipsw Firmware and select it then follow the tutorial from there.

    Let me know how things go
    Good Luck


  118. That’s what I was having problems with.
    The combination of the two buttons wasn’t doing it, and the restore button was not available on my iTunes.

    The process stated above does the exact same thing.

  119. [mac user]

    I followed your directions exactly and I still have the recurring freezing keyboard issue.
    I’ll try again tomorrow and give an update.

  120. Question, I followed all the instructions it worked perfect..


    On my PC, ITunes keeps displaying the january software upgrade display and will not go back to the normal screen where it shows my ITouch and the SW version and so forth.

    No matter what I do, unplugging, restarting, nothing works. It’s constantly going back to the Software upgrade page and it cycles between the ITunes store and the upgrade. Any ideas?

  121. @Mark

    There’s no known method to get rid of the annoying nag, except to downgrade to version 7.5.

    It’s not very Apple for Apple to nag about anything. Frankly, I strongly believe it’s a bug.

    Meanwhile a work-around I found is here:

  122. im a windows pc user, iTunes 7.6 version, im stuck at part C #3 (upgrading to 1.1.2) it has been 20 mins since i started upgrading to 1.1.2 but nothing seems to be happening anymore, it has been stuck to the “updating ipod software” phase. im sure my cpu did not hang or something.
    please help

  123. @allan

    My guess is the version 1.1.2 firmware file your downloaded is corrupted/changed.

    Make sure it’s exactly the number of bytes as stated.

  124. @rupert
    i downloaded “1.1.2 Restore” again but its still 157 MB (165,567,897 bytes)and not 157,906,686 bytes. what should i do?

  125. @rupert
    oops sorry
    the size of the 1.1.2 restore file i have downloaded is 165,567,897 bytes and not 165,567,902 bytes. i have downloaded it twice but still its not the exact number of bites. please help

  126. allan thats the right size , it worked for me with no problems at all !

  127. Thank you for a great guide, easy to follow and now I have a Jailbroken 1.1.3

  128. Hi,

    My keyboard is still freezing after the whole jailbreak process.. I followed every step very carefully. It is the second time i’m trying.

    Please help ….

    PS: who else continue to get this problem ??


  129. After I’ve completed the 1.1.3 jailbreak and re-synced my ipod, everything seems fine… I can view pictures and all my songs and movies are there. But when I try to play a movie, it just says “This movie could not be played.” Also, when I try to play a song, it appears to be playing but I get no sound… Apparently sound isn’t working for anything on my ipod. Needless to say I’m confused.

  130. nothing comes up when i open windows.bat? i tried it three times and it still doesnt work? am i missing something?

  131. when i try to downgrade the fw to 1.1.1 using itunes, itunes rejects it saying that a unknown error occured, the file sizes are right and i am not sure what to do. thanks in advance

  132. @ anon

    you need to have Java installe din order to use windows.bat

    @ Doctajoce did you put your ipod into DFU mode before you tried to Restore to Firmware 1.1.1?

    What operating system are you on ?

  133. @Legacy

    Thanks for helping out; I’m totally clueless with Windows. 🙂

  134. @Sean

    Something has gone wrong with your jailbreaking attempt. You’re so far the second person I know who can’t play music on your JB iPod touch… and I don’t know how to help you. My only advise is to try again, and make sure you carry out every steps, no matter how trivia they might sound to you. If you read the comments, you’ll see there are far more people who suceeded then failed to JB properly.

  135. @prokium

    I just inserted in PART B suggestions to disable 3rd party program. Please scroll back up to read it and try JB again.

  136. @Legacy

    About the exact filesize of the version 1.1.2 firmware file — yours is 5 bytes smaller than mine and it’s fine? Oh goosh… how did that happen? What am I suppose to do now. I told everyone it’s exactly 5 bytes more! 🙂

    What’s the exact size of version 1.1.1 firmware file? I guess I’ll post your finding instead of mine. Afterall, I specified the filesizes for PC users to check.

  137. @rupert
    is there another way i can download the exact file size of 1.1.2 firmware? i always get 5 bytes short. thanks

    thank you. i will try the process again. my ipod got stuck to the “connect to itunes” logo so i had to upgrade it to 1.1.3, downgrade to 1.1.1 then jailbreak it all over again. i really hope i get the upgrading to 1.1.2 right this time. i will be using the 5 bytes-short firmware

  138. @allan

    Read the following post on how to get out of the nag creen.

  139. Hey rupert… im trying to downgrade my ipod but it appears error 1403(or something like that)… i have itunes 7.6 right now and i dont really understand the instructions of downgrading it. Can u help me out please

  140. @rupert
    tnx rupert. i finally managed to upgrade to 1.1.2, but now im having problems opening the “ windows.bat” just like anon. i have downloaded java as suggested by legacy but i cant still open “windows.bat”
    what specific java installer should i download and install in my cpu so i can open “windows.bat”. tnx

  141. @Jonathan

    You can follow the following more detailed guide for the DFU method:

  142. @allan

    We’ll wait for Legacy to help you out on this as I don’t know much about PC.

  143. alright so i jailbroke my iPod and it was working perfectly, but when i go into installer(or any other App including the ones preset from Apple), my Touch freezes up and i have to reboot.
    what should i do?!?!?!?!?

  144. @Amalan

    Did you forget to click on “Sync” in Part B5?

  145. well i already had a jailbroken 1.1.1 so i just started from part C

  146. Ive gotten everything on customize, but whenever I change it, no changes are made on my ipod, it is still the same.

  147. @Amalan

    I see. As you can probably figured out now you should have started at Part B. Part B5 is the critical step to avoid the freeze issue.

    Do it again. I’m confident you can jailbreak perfectly.

  148. alright thanks Rupert
    your website is really awesome!

  149. I was running short of battery for some odd reason. So I left my iPod on the charger (not computer) and did the upgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3. And left it, and now when I got back to it, it’s freaking like a mofo, turns on and off and it wouldn’t stop. I have no idea what to do. Your help is much appreciated.


  150. Hi Rupert, i used your 1.1.3 jailbreak method and it worked great! but then i opened installer to add a new source and i had the same problem that legacy had (the keyboard froze up). So i restored my ipod and tried again again i had the same problem, so i restored it again and started over. When i went into installer (after downgrading and installing appsnap) i looked for the tweaks 1.1.1 folder. it wasn’t there. I checked all packages to see if oktoprep was there (unlikely i know). it wasn’t. So i restored and installed appsnap again. i had the same issue. Then i decided to check out the appsnap web page and i found out that they had updated the appsnap file to preinstall oktoprep. I was releived. so i upgraded to 1.1.2 and then i tried to jailbreak 1.1.2 so i could move on to 1.1.3. so i clicked on jailbreak jar and then the jailbreak button (making sure not to tick “install ssh”) and the thing told me that oktoprep wasn’t installed and i needed to install it. Again i restored and tried again. still the same. I know i’m doing everything right because i’ve done several jailbreaks and followed the instructions like the bible. So as of right now I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!
    Please help me.
    — marshall

  151. @Domminic

    I wonder why leaving it on the charger has an impact on jailbreaking. Anyhow, you can try to stop its never ending loop with the following method:

    Turn it off. Press and hold the Home botton (that’s the one below the screen), and while keeping it pressed down plug in the usb cable (that is already connected to your computer). Once you plug in the usb cable, the iPod touch powers on itself, and goes into Recovery Mode. You’ll see the Recovery Mode Screen on its display.

    Once it shows up in iTunes, dismiss iTunes’ message about wanting to restore it. Power it off again. Then turn it on and see if it boots normally and into the Springboard. If it does and is running firmware 1.1.3, congrats. Carry on with PART D.

    If it turns on and stays in the Recovery Mode, then you’ll have to redo from PART B.

    Good luck.

  152. ok, this is really really really weird. i weent and installed community sources (after restoring and installing appsnap again) and tweaks 1.1.1 was there and so was oktoprep.

  153. it worked! The jailbreak to 1.1.2 actually worked… now i just gotta get it to 1.1.3…
    sorry for wasting a lot of space on your blog page.

  154. @Marshall

    I already knews about the build-in OktoPrep, but on that day when I checked, the stand-alone OktoPrep was still in the Installer. I could jailbreak to 1.1.2, like you did.

    Now it’s gone missing!

    I’ve put up an update on the top of this post to warn others about it.

    I have no idea what’s going on, except Conceited Software definitely don’t read RupertGee’s iBlog and I should have written to them about how the build-in OktoPrep suxs. 😦

  155. After it’s been jailbroken, how do I add music back to the Ipod? When I connect the IPod back to the computer I can’t get rid of the software update screen by apple.

  156. @Marshall

    Hang’ on. The build-in OktoPrep works?

    I have taken down the warning message and it looks like I have to jailbreak again to confirm it.


    … and I know a spanking new direct jailbreaking from version 1.1.3, ie, no need to downgrade to 1.1.1 first, is already almost ready for everyone to use.

  157. Rupert, thank you.

    I’ve wandered around the good ol’ interweb for a long time searching the best guide for jailbreakig my dear iPod. There are many of them but none as good as this. I’ve jailbreaked the machine twice now and always something has gone wrong…until your guide.

    You’re the only one with this good and detailed guide and now my jailbreaking worked perfectly.

    So thanks! Keep up the great work. I could just kiss you! …but that would be just gay

  158. @Thomas

    Thanks for the kind words. Just gimme a five


    euro preferred.

    Gotcha! 😀

    Enjoy your iPod touch.

  159. Btw when will you get the new jailbreaking method out in public?
    Just curious to see how it differs from this already-so-easy-method..

  160. Hi

    I’ve just tried your method and Tweak 1.1.1 is no longer available from the installer as you say. But after updating to 1.1.2 the ‘windows.bat’ will not run – it says cannot use this method without installing oktoprep before 1.1.2 upgrade. Can you tell me how to resolve this please?


  161. Sorry i just read up and realised the way round it is to install community sources after installing appsnap

  162. Stuck after jailbreaking 1.1.1, there is no “Tweaks 1.1.1”, therefore I can’t install oktoprep.

  163. @ allan

    Here is a link to java, if your using windows xp.. install this one Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Online * filesize: ~ 7.1 MB

    You should have no problem opening windows.bat after that, but before you run windows.bat press Ctrl alt Delete
    then look for 2 processes one will be called itunes.exe “end that process” and also close itunes helper..

    Hope that does the trick
    Good Luck

  164. When you install Appsnap it will say performing OktoPrep, but your still gonna need to install Oktoprep from Tweaks 1.1.1, if you don’t have tweaks 1.1.1 after installing appsnap, install community sources and then tweaks 1.1.1 should appear

  165. Hi there,

    One question:

    you wrote “Do not tick “Install SSH”, and leave the password as “alpine”.”

    Because you said that the battery goes down more quickly with the SSH, and it’s better to use Open SSH.

    If I forgot to untick the “Install SSH” (I had the SSH button on my springboard), do I still have SSH with my 1.1.3 jailbroken? Even if I don’t have the SSH icon anymore?

    Is it the reason why I think my ipod touch gets low battery so fast?

    And finally, do I need to start from the beginning to be sure not to have the SSH?

  166. (FYI my battery lasts 2 hours max = 30min playing and listening to music, 1h30 listening to music).

  167. still having a few minor problems with keyboard freezing but now it works

  168. a. Thanks very much for the guide – it was most helpful! To kick my iPod out of Restore Mode, I ended up plugging it in for iTunes to detect – it didn’t revive itself automatically – and everything went smoothly from there. (Well, except for iTunes 7.6 being difficult and not letting me past the “January Software Update” page no matter how many times I politely but firmly tell it ‘No’…)

    b. Regarding the final FAQ (Do I need to install the “1.1.3 Fix Mail” package?), I found that when setting up my IMAP GMail account, my iPod touch would hang when I tried to change the set folders for Drafts, Sent Messages and Deleted Messages from local to server. Upon installing the 1.1.3 Fix Mail package, this issue was resolved. Not sure if anyone else faced this issue…

  169. Hi thanks for the great info however, Im stuck in recovery mode and when I try to use iNdependence. It sais “Connection failed: Couldn’t get baseband version.”

    Any tips on what to do? PLEASE!

  170. BAH, opened iTunes and it worked just fine!
    Thanks alot buddy!

  171. A couple of nits:

    1/ to get to Octoprep requires loading “Community Sources”.

    2/ no matter what, following your directions to the letter I still get the keyboard freeze issue on 1.1.3. I do not have that issue if I use the terminal/command line method to jailbreak my iPod.

    3/ I cannot sync with iTunes 7.6 no matter what. I get the nag screen to buy the “January upgrade” and clicking “No, thanks” kicks me to the iTunes Store. Coming back to my iPod I see only the nag screen with an “OK” button. Clicking that repeats the process. I never see “Summary”, etc.

    The 1.1.3 jailbreak is most definitely not ready for prime time as the “official” installer is definitely buggy.

    Oh, and recommending iBrickr to kick the iPod out of recovery should contain a footnote that this only applies to Windows since there is no OS X version. Nate’s OS X script only works with iPhones, not iPods.

  172. @ X-oR

    “Do not tick “Install SSH”, and leave the password as “alpine”.”

    He said not to install SSH

  173. When I finish jailbreaking the iPod Touch to 1.1.3, the keyboard freezes. Any suggestions?

  174. I installed Oktoprep then i update to 1.1.2 then my installer is off… what am i doing wrong? I have a mac

  175. Followed the directions and everything works perfectly. When you are doing it, make sure you double check everything before you do it. I was just super careful that I was doing everything it said and in the right order (very important) and it works perfect.

  176. @X-oR

    As far as I know, uninstalling the SSH installed by jailbreak.jar isn’t easy but possible. But you cannot install OpenSSH on top of the installed SSH. It mess things up.

    You can install the SysInfo app to check what pricesses are running and possibly eating up your battery life.

  177. @riaana

    There’s a way to get rid of Steve nagging. Read this post for it:

    Thanks for the tip on using that fix for purpose it wasn’t entirely meant for.

  178. @Reck

    Read Part B5. Click on the Sync button a few times.

  179. @Jay

    Did you follow Part B5 to the tee? Maybe you didn’t start at Part B1 but used your own method to restore to 1.1.1? You must get into DFU mode first before option+restore. Option+restore via the Recovery Mode will not work.

    You can get rid of the nag:

    Jay, we use iNdependeance for Mac. It works everytime. iBrickr supposingly doesn’t work on all PC. Bummer.

  180. @Justin

    Thanks for the advise. The problem is some steps sound too trivia and pple just ignore them. Worse, some skip entire PART, especially PART A. Some even skip PART B and use their own way, such as restoring via the Recovery Mode method instead of the DFU method. They may accompolish the same thing, but they are different in their approaches. Sigh. I sometimes think those who don’t suceed are too smart (but not really). 😀

  181. @ Rupert I tried the Ziphone Jailbreak , and Wow that is Fast and Stable!

  182. I loaded “Community Sources” and got Tweaks (1.1.1) showing, but i found no “octoprep” in Tweaks (1.1.1). Anybody knows anything about this?

  183. I loaded “Community Sources” but couldn’t find octoprep in Tweaks (1.1.1). Anybody know anything about this?

  184. @Lagacy

    Fantastic isn’t it. Since I jailbroke mine last nite, as far as I can tell my iPod touch is working without any bugs.

    I look forward to the day this post becomes obsolete when everybody use the “True Jailbreak” method.

  185. @Brother Mac

    Try again in a few hours to let the installer caching system to propergate to your isp.

  186. Hey, i have version 1.1.1 and trying to upgrade to 1.1.2, but i need to download the “OktoPrep”, and i was reading through the comments and it said that they have a pre install or w.e, well everytime i try it, it ends up saying “main script execution failed!” what do i do?

  187. So, I’m having the same trouble with OkToPrep as everyone else did. I understand that to fix this I must install Community Sources, and in particular conceited Software. However, when I do just that, all the other sources seem to work fine… except for Conceited Software, which seems to be down, because it won’t come out of “Untitled Source” mode, no matter how many times I try to refresh the sources. Any ideas?

  188. Hey Ive been having the same problem a Sumzor, whenever I try to use customize, it confirms it, but everything is still the same… What can I do to fix it?

  189. Hey it seems that now Oktoprep has been removed from the community sources tweaks 1.1.1. What do I do. Can OktoPrep be installed via ssh if I’v jailbroken 1.1.2.

  190. ok i have a 1.1.3. with the new apps, if i downgrade my ipod they will be gone???…and if i restore it in itunes ill get them back???

  191. @Rupert…yes I followed your steps to a “T”. Really. Each and every one. In every case I got the dreaded keyboard lock up on 1.1.3.

    And iNdependence (latest build) won’t bring a 1.1.3 iPod out of recovery mode. Or at least it wouldn’t with mine. Works fine in 1.1.2 tho.

    I’m building ZiPhone OSX for 10.4 now. The posted versions only work on 10.5 and I’m not there yet.

  192. I use windows xp. When I jailbreak 1.1.3 my ipod won’t play music or videos I bought in iTunes. I am jailbreaking from 1.1.1 and I would like to known if jailbreaking from 1.1.2 fixes that.

  193. hey rupert its me again
    so i decided to go with you on this one and reboot and start over from scratch.
    so i jailbroke 1.1.1(nothing special..) but when i went into installer and when to go to tweaks 1.1.1, there was no folder… in fact the only tweaks was 1.1.3 and in all packages there was no “Oktoprep”… is there a source i should add to get the tweaks package?

  194. I tried so many times to restore the itouch with the 1.1.1 software but every single time, it shows up with a warning saying that there’s an unknown error. I check the file size and editted my itunes settings to make sure nothing was restricting it. What should i do?

  195. Hi Rupert,
    about the build in oktoprep it doesn’t actually work but there’s this bug that allows you to find and install oktoprep from installer if you install community sources. I’ve been jailbreaking my friends’ ipods because they couldn’t so when i sat down to do it for my own ipod the bug was fixed and now there’s no way to find oktoprep that i know of. Also the keyboard locking problem is still raising hell for me. i can’t install any new sources no matter how hard i try. So i’ve just left the ipods that i’ve jailbroken in 1.1.2.

  196. @myself(marshall)
    when you install community sources (after jailbreaking 1.1.1) the tweaks 1.1.1 is there, but oktoprep is not in it.

  197. wait i retract my statement.
    well actually only half of it…
    so i downloaded community sources instead
    and 1.1.1 tweaks came up, but there’s no Oktoprep

  198. Hey Rupert and every one else i’m back again and this time with some real good stuff.
    Ok, i found a new source that (once you’ve jailbroken 1.1.1) you can add to installer and you’ll have oktoprep. Here it is.

    ok, once you install that source there should be a new folder in installer called “Hack that Phone tools”, when you click on it oktoprep should be in there.


  199. **************************************************************

    Please scroll back up to PART C for a new repository source for OktoPrep.

    I have no idea why Conceited Sofftware removed it from the Installer.

    Thank you Marshall for the new source!

  200. Thanks for the great guide Rupert.

    And Marshall, thanks for the heads up on the OkToPrep source. Now I’m stuck on Part D 6, due to the same problem with the Conceited Software source I can’t find the “Official 1.1.3 Upgrader” package.

    Anybody know where else can we find it?

  201. @legacy
    thank you for spending time to help me. you guys are the best….
    i have installed the java firmware u suggested but i still cant open “windows.bat”
    help please

  202. Hey Allan, are you running Vista 64? I had a probelam running the windows.bat, but I tried running the .jar file like you would in OS X and it worked for me, now I just need a source for the offical jailbreak for 1.1.3 since the Conceited source is not working anymore. Stuck on 1.1.2 right now.

  203. @sean
    no, i think its windows xp professional. i also tried running the “jar” but all i get is a list and no jailbreak icon to tick
    do you think i should try the ziphone jailbreak method? i have watched the video and it really looks very easy. are the results the same as you would jailbreak using rupert’s way?

  204. @ allan
    Yeah the Ziphone methods works great!

    I tried the New version of Ziphone and I had problems Jailbreaking 1.1.3 so I used Ziphone Version 1.0 and it works Great.

    The only problem I had was Customize, If I went to try and change the Springboard Strings it wouldn’t save my changes , so I un-installed Customize and used Skylar’s Customize 1.21 (Custom),2 application and that worked!

    Customize Custom Source

    If you guys want anymore information about Ziphone, feel free to ask..


  205. If you decide to use Ziphone make sure you go to iTunes and Restore to 1.1.3 then close out of iTunes and run Ziphone.
    After I ran Ziphone it took about 30 sec before the ipod booted into 1.1.3 with Installer!

    Just use this source to get your 1.1.3 Applications.. Mail,Notes,Weather etc

  206. @legacy
    i tried the Ziphone but i got stuck again. nothing happened after i ticked the jailbreak and verbose buttons in the Ziphone GUI “box”. my itouch got stuck in the restore mode. no rebooting happened. help please

  207. Sorry to report it is not working for me on 10.5.2. Downgraded Itunes as per instructions, used curl to get the files for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. Holding down power and the front switch will make my Touch shut down before it disappears from iTunes (isn’t that what is supposed to happen?) but leaving the other button pressed does nothing. Pressing power again will re-start it with version 1.1.3. Holding Option and click on Update and selecting 1.1.1 will pop an error: “The ipod “iPod” could not be restored. An unknown error ocurred (1).” Same with 1.1.2. But a restore to 1.1.3 works fine. Any ideas?

  208. hello, im on Mac OSX, and i got to Part D, Step 6 and when i go into the system category there is no “official 1.1.3 upgrader and it was not in that category folder?

    Please Help…..

  209. Just got my 32GB touch and started the process to jailbreak it and every thing was going smooth till now. I’m up to step 6 part D and i do not see the “Official 1.1.3 Upgrade” package in the install list. any ideas?

  210. Forgive me for annoying you, dear Rupert.

    Hi again,
    I followed your steps to start the jailbreaking process all over again. It worked. This time, though, and I’ve been doing it for like five, six times now, I could never pass the upgrading from 1.1.2, to 1.1.3, with the “official 1.1.3 upgrader” application from Installer. I followed your guidelines PRECISELY. From BSD Subsystem installation, then ‘RESTARTING the iPod’; to disconnecting the iPod from the computer while Upgrade runs its installation. I just tried something on my own this time, that is to tap “No” when it asks for restoring device, but I only did it after I had already tapped “Yes”.

    In all my failed six full attempts, five tries would get me back to 1.1.2 after waiting 45 minutes or so. Now, after I pressed “No” to restoring device, it REALLY got stuck in ‘recovery mode.’ Like REAL stuck… stuck as in restarting didn’t do anything, and iBrickr only tells me to use iTunes to restore it. And I’m beginning to hate iTunes even more now… help?

    Thanks and please forgive me,

  211. I’ve got a problem with jailbreaking my Ipod touch. everything worked fine and I’m stuck at Part C. when I click on windows.bat for 1 second the windows console opens but it closes very fast and nothing happens.

  212. Hi, thx, this is good, but i have got 1 enormous problem… When i finish all the steps, my ipod keeps crashing and does not stop, ive left it for 1 whole day, and its still crashing, and i cant do that thing that i hold the power and home button then let go power and keep home pressed, because the computer senses there is no ipod… there is nothing i can do now, it doesnt even go on!!!

  213. its ok, thx, i managed to reboot it, but 1 question, ive done everything correctly three times, and i still havent managed to get it… When that loading thing that takes hours to finish, finishes, the ipod is still 1.1.2, whats the problem,

  214. @Bichuf

    Keep both buttons pressed until your iPod touch’s screen turns completely dark (at which time it disappears from iTunes too). Then release the Power button but keep holding on to the Home button for *at least* 10 seconds (and up to 30 seconds for slow Macs). The iPod touch will re-appear in iTunes, or iTunes pops up a message asking you to restore your iPod touch. Let go the Home button at this point.

  215. ****************************************************

    Some of you can’t find the package in the System category yesterday. Please try again; Ste was messing around the repository cache!

    A new Community Source package is out and you should update now. After that the Upgrader should re-appear.


  216. When i shift + update after getting the oktoprep, the 1.1.2 appears without installer, why???

  217. @Dommininc

    It sounds like the 1.1.3 firmware file that the use is corrupted.

    Do you think you can follow the tips for advanced users? If you upload the a good copy of the firmware for to use, it might be able to complete its job.

    You can look in the following folder for a copy of the firmware file:

    ~/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/iPod1,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw

    or use curl to downloads it:

    curl,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw -#

  218. @Joa

    You missed Part C Steps 5 onwards?

  219. Rupert, the 1.1.3 Restore is downloading. Do I use iTunes to Shift+Update the iPod or do I need some sort of a program to access my iPod through windows? I’ve already failed trying to access the iPod through FTP(for uploading PDF files), but that’s out of topic, right?

    Thanks a lot,

  220. Correction: I meant Shift+Restore*


  221. @Dominic

    Please study this post on how to SSH

    Then upload the 1.1.3 files into


    Then carry out PART D.

  222. i have finally managed to jailbreak it thx. But 1 problem. I connect to wifi, and after about 20 seconds, it disconects alone… Dont know if its wifi connection, or ipod problem, please reply…

  223. @ allan

    Try using this method, I just found this video..

  224. @ allan

    When using this method just click Jailbreak and nothing else and let it do it’s magic and make sure you restored it to 1.1.3 from itunes

    Good Luck


  225. @Joa

    Congrats! Now that you know ZiPhone works for your iPod touch and computer system, I’ll just do it again.

    You see, I use ZiPhone many times… but there was once after ZiPhoning, my music and videos don’t play! I know that can’t be right since all previous atempts in ZiPhoning went fine. So I did re-do it again and the problem goes away.

    Wifi is fine on my iPod touch.

    Alternatively, go to Settings -> General -> Reset Network Settings (or Reset All Settings)

    That will clear out any bad .plist files.

  226. mac user, stuck here:


    # Go back to iTunes, then press and hold the Option key (SHIFT key for Windows) and click on the “Update” button (and not the Restore button you click on a short while ago!), then select the 2nd firmware file, iPod1,1_1.1.2_3B48b_Restore.ipsw, that you downloaded earlier in PART A.
    # Restoration begins and not surprsingly went through without a hitch too.

    after i do the restoration process, the installer has disappeared, my firmware is 1.1.2, and when i try the jailbreak.jar, it tells me i need oktoprep, which i have already installed. i’m so confused!

  227. I’ve been using this method ad so far it’s worked great… But now I’m past Step D-9, and I’m stuck on the DFU. I know you said it happens, but I wanted to know (A) how long this lasts on average and/or (B) if plugging it into my computer to fix that is good or bad.

    (In case you need to know: Mac 10.5.2, iTunes 7.5.)

    Thanks once again for your immense help.

  228. @DividedByZero

    A) I spent 21 minutes after tapping on the, but that’s if I opt for “No Restore”. Add another 5-10 minutes if you opted for “Restore”

    B) Hey, read D8. 😛

  229. @Sabrina

    I don’t know how to help you. It’s very important you install the OKtoPrep in C1… and by that I mean you have to exit the Installer after tapping on Install and it finishes the process. Doing so activates the actual installation of apps. If you didn’t exit (and saw the spinning wheel in the Springboard), it’s as if you didn’t install oktoprep at all. I hope you know what I mean.

  230. Well, sir, I believe it’s been stuck in the DFU screen after D-9 for well over 21 minutes… Any suggestions?

  231. @DividedByZero

    Did it ever show its progress before it gets stuck? If yes, try to power it off. Reboot your computer too. If you never saw the GUI, then never actually worked.

  232. Oh, I saw the GUI. The whole thing ran, it rebooted several times, and now it’s stuck on the DRW page. And has been for the past, oh, hour or so?

  233. DFU page, sorry. I’m tired.

  234. im on 1.1.2 and im in installer. the 1.1.3 upgrader is not showing up so i have no way of upgrading to the 1.1.3 firmware and therefore continuing the process. what did i do wrong? ive installed bsd subsystem 2.1 and restarted then i go into installed and sources and upgrader isnt there??

  235. @DividedByZero

    Fine, plug it into your computer and launch iTunes. iTunes should detecxt it’s in Recovery Mode and offers you to restore it? Dismiss the offer, and look at your iPod touch. It’s out of recovery mode? Good, powr it off and see if it powers up nicely this time. If not… I guess you’ll really have to restore it. Your jailbreaking failed.

  236. @topher s

    Read this. 😉

  237. Ah, just plugging it in did it. Thanks so much, man! Saving my iPod once again.

  238. @DividedByZero


    Congrats, anyway.

    Now go to sleep.

  239. RupertGee,

    Thank you so much for all your help. That last part worked PERFECTLY. *HUGS!* You’ve been amazingly wonderful! Wish you all the best <3!

    Take care,

  240. You guys have done an amazing and thorough job!

    Just as I got undeniably frustrated with being unable to find the “Official 1.1.3 updater” app in the installer you posted the bit about Ste messing around in the repository cache…and it was all fixed!

    You made my night!

    Great job,


  241. Thank you!
    I finally got it working i’m now jailbroken 1.1.3 😀 and everything is running smoothly.

    Word of advice for people following guide, follow very very close!!!

  242. hi im running on mac osx and i waited along time for the upload of the v1.1.3, everything works fine but then when i go to upload the iPhone 1.1.3 Apps it gives me an error message and tells me that this package needs v1.1.3 firmware?

  243. @Anton

    Go to Settings->General->About and see if you really have 1.1.3

  244. Anyone else getting the “unknown error (1)” messages when downgrading. I’ve tried rebooting my mac and my iTunes and i’ve tried downgrading with three different 1.1.1 packages. one downloaded with firefox and two downloaded with terminal.

  245. @Sibale

    At which step did you get unknown error (1)?

  246. Hi, i have a question. How do i get image sets and things for customize? It says i need firmware 1.1.[12] or something like that…
    How do i get them???

  247. @rupert

    I get it when downgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 with the package downloaded from terminal. Pretty much the first step of Dev Team method jailbreaking

  248. @Sibale

    No. We need to know exactly in which Step under which PART you get the error?

    Error 1 is too common and requires different solution for different steps. Not knowing where won’t get you any help.

  249. @Joa

    I think Customize only work correctly for 1.1.2.

    You’ll find the custom images in various forums.

  250. @ Anton

    Sounds like you need to clear the que in your installer before you can proceed unless your still on firmware 1.1.2 and not 1.1.3

  251. Customize works perfect on 1.1.3 you just need the Customize 1.21 Custom app from Skylar

    Source is

  252. @ Sibale

    Are you sure you were in DFU Mode and not Restore mode?

    If your Ipod turned Black to White while you were Restoring to 1.1.1 then I don’t know what to say, but if your Ipod had a Itunes symbol with a Usb then you did it wrong.

    To get into DFU mode make sure your connected to itunes and by that I mean itunes will be connected to your ipod. “You there”? Good, Now hold Down the sleep button and the home button at the same time untill your ipod disconnects from itunes..Now that your iPod has disconnected from itunes continue to hold the home button untill you get a message saying that your ipod is in Restore mode, then proceed to Restore to 1.1.1 !

    Good Luck

  253. i tried that, restarting and downlaoding the new source package. still not there??

  254. @topher s

    Hmm… try again 6 to 24 hours later for your isp to update its cache.

  255. I’m stuck at C-8 with an error “Cannot load iPHUC”. I’m on Win XP SP2. Up to this everything has one smooth…

  256. A litle more info that I also sent to conceited software:

    When trying to jailbreak my Ipod Touch 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 (having the oktoprep installed under 1.1.1) I get an error “Cannot launch iPHUC” whrn the following in the command window on my Win XP SP2:

    C:\Documents and Settings\mange\Skrivbord\iPod files\1.1.2-jailbreak>java -jar jailbreak.jar
    PC detected…
    iPhuc at: C:\Documents and Settings\mange\Lokala instõllningar\Temp\tmp18057.exe

    Connecting to iPod/iPhone…
    Cannot launch iPHUC!
    Exception in thread “Thread-2” java.lang.NullPointerException
    at com.planetbeing.touchFree.TouchFreeEngine.hasDisk(
    at Jailbreak$
    at Source)

    What do I do to get passed this?

  257. i cant find the official 1.1.3 upgrader in part D step 6 … and btw this was vvveeerrryyy helpful!! 🙂 but im stuck now!! 😦

  258. ok i found out that to install official 1.1.3 upgrader you need to install community sources first

  259. So I raved about how fab these instructions are, but now have an issue.

    my itouch seems to be losing wifi connectivity. This is with networks i have been using for months that i get full signals from according to the pod.
    i get “safari can’t find server” errors, “can’t find”, etc.

    it did not coincide immediately with the jailbreak but not long after, anyone know of problem 3rd party app software known to cause pods to suffer?

  260. Hey Rupert….I followed your tutorial to a tee and couldn”t find the 1.1.3 Apps Program and I keep trying to repeat the process but it gives me an error saying that a reading device isn’t the ipod. if you could help me out bro…It would be appreciated. im doing this for my buddies daughter and its her bday tomorrow.

    have a good one

  261. I’ve successfully followed this guide with my itouch – many thanks its a very precise and well written guide

    unfortunately i’ve tried the same process now on my gfs itouch and can’t for life of me get it work on hers. i get all the way to the 1.1.3 installer, it runs and downloads the data, decrypts firmware etc etc.. but then it seems to crash and i end up with an itouch stuck in a perpetual loop of booting up (picture of apple logo) and then flashing white and then rebooting back to the logo… only way out is to put into recovery mode and go back to 1.1.1.

    Have tried 3 times… Why would it be different with this itouch but fine with mine?


  262. hi again,
    when i install mobilemail prep and google maps, then i install themobile mail and google maps, they dont appear on my springboard…
    Whats happenin???

  263. jailbreak me doesen’t work at my ipod:S i am still at step 1

  264. i mean loading the site sorry.

  265. Well, I found the problem, it seems like there is a path problem in the jailbreak jar-file. I’m not sure if it was my Swedish path (with an ä in the path) or the spaces. The solution on a pc is to put the files in the root (or in a folder directly under c:\) and make that folder the temp/tmp folder as well (set temp=C:\foldername and set tmp=c:\foldername). More about the procedure can be found here: (the post of jan 22nd).

    Now I have a jailbreaked 1.1.2 and going on the 1.1.3 as we speak! Thanks!

  266. alright rupert so i finally got back to 1.1.3 jailbreak w/ iPhone apps, but now my iTouch won’t let me play any of my music or videos… Its still listed and everything is there, but no sound comes out when i select a song…
    is it possible that i should downgrade back to 1.1.2 then try again?

  267. I added the source in the sources page of the installer, but I can’t find the iPhone 1.1.3 apps anywhere in the installer 😦

    any help?

  268. nevermind I found it, sorry for the useless post 🙂 thanks for the great tutorial!

  269. Hi Rupert,

    How do you know how to SSH for PCs? What is SSH anyway?



  270. I just can’t restore it to 1.1.1
    when it starts restoring gives me an unknown error (1). I’ve tried on several computers using both 7.5 and 7.6 version of the iTunes, could someone please give me a hand? If I restore it to 1.1.3 it restores normally…

  271. Ohhh just figured out how to hahha
    gonna try to do the other steps now!
    If anyone else has this problem look at Legacy’s comment!

  272. my ipod just starts into a bunch of text now. itunes does not reconise it

  273. Ok did everything correct, but hwen I was going to start the Part E, a window popped up as I opened the Instaler
    It asked me to the an update and so I did, restarted the iPod and then went to the sources to update. But it is like if all of the iPod’s ram was consumed, it just keeps freezing when I’m writing the source’s url
    I can’t even restart it
    anyone has a solotuion?

  274. @ Bern

    you probably missed Part B # 5. don’t worry i did the same thing the first time…
    so you’re going to have to restore back to factory settings so put it back in DFU mode and restore it. you should be good to try again after that.

  275. @DWard07

    You have a unique problem I have no come across. The closest is where someone used another firmware file that was meant for iPhone (he didn’t carry out Part A.) But to get “not an iPod” is weird. I suggest you try again.

  276. A,C,L

    Please check your Wi-Fi settings. It may have been changed. Otherwise, reset your iPod touch’s network setting via Settings -> General -> Reset: Reset Network Settings. After that, set it up again, and keep your fingers crossed.

  277. @PaddChas

    Did you perform the jailbreak for your girlfriend at the same Wifi access point (like your own home)? Different ISPs are giving jailbreakers different result because their caching system may contain different versions of apps/firmwares etc.

  278. @Amalan

    The good news is I know how to fix that because it actually happened to my iPod touch. All I needed to do is go to Settings -> General -> Reset and choose the “Erase All Content and Settings. After that, sync again and audio comes back.

  279. @kevin

    Please make sure you type the url perfectly:

    iPod touch’s auto-capitalization feature insists on capitalizing “.xml” to “.XML” unless you dismiss it!

  280. tried to add as a source but it doesn’t appear in the categories. is it down at the moment?

  281. @Mr J

    That’s beyond this guide but here’s what google suggests, and this video tutorial looks good.

  282. @zyzzx

    I can see it in mine…

    … you sure you entered /1.xml and not /1.XML? 🙂

  283. I had the same issue with the hackthatphone page not working. Just install community sources and you should see it there afterwards. Worked for me.

  284. Hi RupertGee,

    Even though it hasn’t worked for me yet I’d like to say this is an exceptional fantastic guide- well done!!!

    1. i’ve tried your method of jailbreaking to 1.1.3 about 6 times on my ipod touch, however I keep getting the frozen keyboard scenario after completion- and yes I have followed EVERY single instruction to the letter (no more, no less).

    2. i’m trying to redo the whole process again however I can’t seem to add as a source- and yes im using lowercase xml.

    any suggestions???

  285. Found a solution to the problem of adding as a source, if anybody else is having the same problem…….

    go to install/sources/community sources and install that. then go to install/all packages and look for oktoprep and install from there.

    hope this helps.

  286. Hi there I have succesfully been able to finish all that guide without any errors now!
    Thanks a lot for all the help!
    Just one more thing, when I open iTunes it shows two options! it asks if it is a anew iPod or if I want to use some backup it has made of my older iPod,
    Is it safe to put that it is a new iPod?
    If not, what should I do?
    Thanks already,

  287. Hi RupertGee

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes i performed both jailbreaks using the same Wifi connection and success on one but constant failure on the other…

    The time it takes to download the 1.1.3 firmware is ages on my internet connection, is there any way i can download it once like with 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 so the process can be sped up?


  288. @PaddChas

    Certainly. Follow the brief instructions in the black boxes under Part D5 and D7.

  289. @Bern

    Always set up as a new iPod. You don;’t want to restore your old imcompatible settings and mess things up.

  290. Jailbreak 1.1.3 sucessfully. However, after installing BSD Subsystem package,SSH module doesnt shows up after restart. What’s wrong?

  291. Okay Thanks
    How can I develop native applications for the ipod touch?
    Where can I find the development kits, what is the main language used to develop?

  292. when i install mobilemail prep and google maps prep, then i install the mobilemail app for 1.1.3 and google maps for 1.1.3, they dont appear on my springboard…
    Whats happenin???

  293. ive been waiting to find the 1.1.3 upgrader in installer and it still isnt showing up. what should i do? go back and reinstall 1.1.2 or what? thanks

  294. hi there im a windows user. i face a problem in jailbreaking the touch, i face it when i install the (upgrade) and then when i do as written it starts downloading and after around 75% of downloading restore file it brings me back to springboard without any changes. ive checked my wifi the battery and everything but it doesnt work btw ive tried it 2 times the whole process and ive tried restarting my touch and one more thing when i click the upgrade icon again it resumes downloading from where it left and hangs at 100% and then brings me back to springboard, if i click it again it say extracting software and goes on till 170 to 190%

  295. i need help cant find oktoprep in the website you gave me including valentines help email me at

  296. didnt work for me under vista 64. I get hung up on windows.bat. trying to use ziphone now…

  297. my ipod and itunes keeps on freezing. im trying to go to 1.1.1 from 1.1.3. all it says is “preparing ipod for restore” on my mac. iv booted up the ipod holding down the power and home buttons ect. what am i doing wrong?

  298. for vista 64 users running into issues with windows.bat…

    I had to extract to my C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.6.0_03\bin\ folder. Reason being, java.exe lives there and windows is too stupid to locate it using the command in the windows.bat file.

    So extract the zip to that folder and then run windows.bat and it should work.

  299. Hi

    Followed your instructions word for word ; everything was going great till I had to Jailbreak 1.1.2 – I hit the Jailbreak button and nothing happens. The Jailbreak window closes immediately but the application stays open. There are no onscreen instructions or messages. I waited about 25 mins thinking maybe this is meant to happen then checked the ipod and it was just sitting there at the main menu.
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks


  300. Thank for this perfect guide…
    Unfortunately i “forgot” to downgrade iTunes til 7.5 during this process, but I did it afterwards..but now I can´t see my JailBroken Ipod. How can I get this fixed?

  301. ok i added the source for january upgrade. but i cant seemt o find it under the installer.

  302. @Joa

    The guide *never* mention a word about those preps, so why did you install them?

  303. *****************************************************************
    @topher s and Mark

    Please scroll back up to Part D6; I’ve found a new source for the upgrader.

  304. @apoorv

    That’s weird. Sounds like your iPod touch ran out of space for the upgrader to work properly. You sure you performed B5?

  305. @sam

    Yout iTunes freezes? That’s rare. I would disable all 3rd parties apps for iTunes (lyrics finder, album cover downloader etc) and try again. Otherwise… maybe reinstall iTunes.

  306. @Matt

    Please plow through the commentary and find out how to fix java for Windows.

  307. @jesper

    You can’t downgrade iTunes (for Mac) just by installing it over iTunes 7.6. Your iPod will not show up after that. Here’s how to do it right.

  308. Well, when I try to install BSD Subsystem (because it’s needed to install most anything else important) It says:

    BSD Subsystem is required to run this unlock process. Its under System in installer.

    Uhhhh, Yes, I know that iPod.
    What should I do?

  309. Also, I just installed installer, and my tweaks says: Tweaks (1.1.3) instead of Tweaks (1.1.1).

    It’s a new ipod that had the January software on it. So, I can’t really do part C.

  310. Great tutorial! I was having problems with DRM protected music using Nate True’s/’s method. None of the music would play, little did I know you could update to 1.1.2 then to 1.1.3…instead of 1.1.1 to 1.1.3…lol thanks much!

  311. Ok, first off… Someone call The Pope. I would like to nominate Rupert for Patron Saint of The iPod Touch.

    Rupert, your dedication to getting it right, doing it in a clear and concise manner and above all else, your patience while we slash our way with machetes through your direction… is nothing short of saint hood.

    Less than 8 hours (6 of which were spent finishing the work day, and playing with the factory instal) after my 32 gig touch showed up, I had it jailbroken, running your theme (which is perfect by the way, it’s crisp, clean and doesn’t get n the way. I especially like the pearlescent dock!) and blowing through as many sources as I could, all thanks to the above method.

    It wasn’t a flawless break. Somethings, like the iNdependence app not working with my Macbook Pro (I had to use the 1.4 beta), a difficult time finding the 1.1.3 Upgrader, and getting stuck in recovery mode for an extended period of time after running the 1.1.3 Upgrader (I used iNdependece again to get out of it). I even went with using SSH to get the 1.1.3 firmware on the touch (after renaming the file to get rid of the zip extension).

    I could NOT have done any of it without your help Rupert. You will never know how appreciative I am with your help in making my $500 investment worth twice that much to me!

    Now, all that being said, I do have one problem. How the HELL do I put the damn thing down long enough to do anything else! It’s tough to stop playing with it!

    Thanks again Rupert, YOU.. are a saint!


  312. I seem to be stuck at part C. I am operating on a PC. I downgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1. installed jailbreak successfully. I wasn’t able to get the oktoprep becaues v3.0 of the app automatically installs that. I then upgraded to 1.1.2 successfuly. When I went to run the next jailbreak I keep getting an error that says my iPod isn’t connected. This is even after I have rebooted both my computer & iPod? What am I doing wrong? I also noticed that not only is the installer gone again, but according to the readme file in the jailbreak 1.1.2 folder – it says I need to be operating on 1.1.1 for it to work. what gives?

  313. Should it say in settings>general>about 1.1.3? it dosn’t for me, and i let it reboot itself and whatever….what should i do now? ive done everything upto letting it download and install 1.1.3

  314. i went to installer again, and let it run, now my touch keeps on resetting itself and it wont stop!, please help me!

  315. @Jeremy

    You’re too kind and making me blush. 🙂

  316. @Kay

    I blogged about the build-in OKtoPrep

    It looks like it still doesn’t work and you’ll still need to install it seperately, as per instructed above.

  317. @John

    Something’s gone wrong with your jailbreaking. Please try to break it out of the loop by:

    Disconnect & power off the iPod. Press & hold the Home button. Connect the iPod to your computer while still holing down the Home button until your iPod shows up in iTunes.

    Then re-do and follow every steps even if a step sounds very trivia.

  318. @Ani

    How did you get the Installer in there and having a 1.1.2 firmware runs the Jan Software Upgrade apps?

  319. Hi all,

    First of all I’d like to thank Rupert Gee for this very well written guide.

    I’ve been contemplating buying my first iPod Touch for the last couple of weeks. I’m willing to buy a 32GB version.

    I’ve been reading into jailbreaking and was utterly confused with all of the different methods; but after reading this guide I’m definitely going to stick to this Official Dev Team guide. It’s definitely a long procedure but I think the investment is surely worth it.

    Thanks to Jeremy I also know that this guide works on a iPod Touch 32GB, even tho I’ll be doing it on WinXP with iTunes 7.6

    But there’s something else I’d love to know:
    * are there any flaws with any of the stock apps: youtube functionality? mail? google maps? the locate me function? (i’ve read numerous reports on the internet of broken functionaly when using x or y jailbreak method…)
    * as I’m also a heavy user, I’d love MobileScrobbler to work on this jailbreak method
    * and I’d also love to have the VNSea app to use with my VNC server

    Can anyone shed some insights on these small questions? Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  320. @Fredd-E

    32GB? I’m so jealous! 😛

    As far as I know, every stock apps works. I can’t really confirm Map’s “Locate Me” function as Singapore isn’t fully supported.

    I was using MobileScrobbler and it’s fine.

    VNSea still works beautifully right out of the box.

    All in all, every apps that supports 1.1.3 works. Those that don’t work, Firefly Media Server and iphpPod for instance, can be fixed by changing the user from root to mobile… but it’s only a matter of time before they get updated by the author.

  321. @RupertGee

    Thanks for the fast response.

    I’ve read that VNSea has trouble when you’re running dual screens. I’m using 2x Dell 1680×1050 widescreens… maybe they’ll update in a future version to have support for this kind of setup. But it’s great to see that MobileScrobbler is working perfectly. That app is *the* main reason for me to jailbreak, also the addition of OpenSSH will be bliss, no disk mode is really a lacking feature I think.

    A second thought, do you think Official Dev Team will release their easy-mode-jailbreak after the SDK (and perhaps new firmware) is out? Basically something like ZiPhone but with better results?

    Now if only I get my iPod Classic 160GB back from Apple. I’ve sent it for repair with a complaint letter. I’m very dissatisfied with the new iPod Classic line, especially when compared to my old 80GB 5.5 that I’ve sold 😦 I want to get a refund or a brand new one that I’ll sell again to buy myself the iPod Touch 32; no more hdd-based iPods for me!

  322. @Fredd-E

    Strange, I have two ACD on my Mac Pro and VNSea is working fine. I just have to set it up correctly, Display 0, or Display 1. It can’t show me both screens simultaneously like Remote Desktop can. It could be the hardware. My iMac has an external TV display and as long as it’s connected, my VNSea can’t connect even when I just want to see Display 0… So give it a shot with your Dell. If it won’t work, just disconnect one of them when you plan to access the Mac remotely… like when you go on vacation.

    From what I gathered, the Official team will adopt ZiPhone’s way to jailbreak. It’s so simple and elegant. Let’s hope they own 16GB & 32GB models so it’ll work on all iPod touches. 😛 Zibri’s doesn’t work as he only has an 8GB to test on.

  323. thanks for the reply! I thought I had added that source for the oktoprep, but apparently I didn’t catch the auto caps? I got it in there this time & ran the oktoprep – perfect! then I updated to 1.1.2 as per your instructions above – not a problem. I exited out of iTunes & went to run the jailbreak 1.1.2 & am STILL getting that error as before “cannot connect to your device: Please plug your iPod/iPhone into your computer. If you’re still having trouble, restart the computer, reconnect the device & try again.” If done thise twince now & it still keeps giving me this error?? I triple checked that I have completed every step as you have instructed, but am now getting frustrated as I have spent over 6 hours trying to get this to work. Can you offer any help or suggestion on this error?? Thanks again.

  324. Wow, the first few steps went off without a hitch. But I’m having a problem hacking version 1.1.2 with the Jail Break Program.

    I just got a new 32G I Touch don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but it keeps giving me this error:

    “Can not connect to you device, Please plug / unplug your iPhone/iTouch…..”

    I have tried everything from restarting the computer as well as putting the device into recovery mode to get it to break. Any other thoughts on how to get the device to come up on the computer?

  325. @Kay

    I have not come across this error. Does your iPod touch shows up in iTunes? If it does, it’s obviousy connected. 😛

    You double-clicked on jailbreak.jar or windows.bat? The later is for Windows, and former’s for Mac only.

  326. yep it is showing up in iTunes. :/ That is why I’m confused lol.
    I am using the windows.bat … is it possible my java is out of date?? Heck – I’m stumped. I’ve even tried googling this issue & am finding nothing.

  327. @Jay

    Exactly at which Step of which PART did you run into that error?

    If you scroll back up a little you’ll see Jeremy has a 32GB too and the method works for him.

  328. @RupertGee

    Thing is Jeremy used a MAC to jailbreak, whilst the others have been using Windows. Maybe the windows version has more troubles?

    Luckily I’ll be able to test on both platforms as my girlfriend owns a new iMac with Leopard and iTunes 7.6 (i’ve just read your post that it’s not necessary to downgrade to 7.5 anymore; luckily because I don’t want to tamper with her iTunes library anyways)

    It’s just an alternative when the windows part of this guide will give the same errors as Jay and Kay.

  329. just wanted to make note that I check my java version & it is current. I re downloaded the jailbreak 1.1.2, restarted my computer without the iPod connected, connected the ipod & tried again … same error. I’m not sure what to do now?? If it seems to work for others than I am obviously missing something?

  330. I walked it down step by step and the error occured when I try and use Jailbreak on 1.1.2. Everything else was very smooth. I started I tunes back up to check to see if the device is recongized and it was showing up. Closed everything back out again and Jailbreak still failed to link up.

  331. Well I tried it again. And Jailbreak is still not picking up on my device.

    Its still saying “Jailbreaking” Can not connect to your device. I started the process all over again from scratch and it stops right there at the using Jailbreak point.

  332. @Jay

    Jay – I am having the EXACT same problem … I am trying to find an answer but so far am unsuccessfull. At this point I wish I wouldn’t have bothered because now I also lost the 20.00 software upgrade as well. I should have just left well enough alone 😦 If you find a fix, please post back here – I will do the same.
    (as Fredd-E pointed out … it almost seems to be a windows issue?)

  333. @Kay

    Thanks I’m looking into it as well. I’m glad to see someone else is struggling with this as well. 😦

  334. Thank you! It worked great with the new iNdepenece 1.4 beta and iTunes 7.6!

  335. @Jay

    this seems to be a fairly common issue … I found several posts (to which I replied asking for help) here:

    with various problems quite a few of which are also this one.

    I don’t see a deffinate answer at this point – but there HAS to be a way around this?? Just wanted to post this as an FYI in case someone else stumbles across this with the same problem – we aren’t alone.

  336. @Jay, Kay

    I’ve been searching google for a resolution to your problems:

    So far I’ve learnt the following things:
    * “update to the latest java version”
    * “be sure you are running winxp service pack 2”
    * “Try moving the extracted jailbreak 1.1.2 zip folder to the root C:/ hard drive and trying again.”
    * “Ok I got it, yea it has to do with windows media center computers. 1.1.2 screws it up. I used my brothers labtop and finished the jailbreak without any problems.”

    Just found this out, you MUST extract the files within the ZIP to another folder then open the .BAT file. It will then work. Note that this is windows only.”
    * “cannot connect to ipod error: simply extract the files from the Zip into 1 same folder or location, then it should execute without any problems”
    * “ATT: Everyone having problems with “cannot connect to your device” error while jailbreaking the “pod touch. I couldn’t find a solution to this as I had followed all the advice about shutting down itunes etc. Well in my case at least it turns out that the error message is bull, simply drag it out of the way and watch the patching complete. DO NOT “OK” or Close the error message. Since I have ignored the error once I no longer get the error when I have to redo the jailbreak after fucking it up LOL. Hope this helps”

    Let me know if anything of this list helped.


  337. @Fredd-E

    Thanks for trying to help! It is truly appreciated! I have tried everything on that list including uninstalling jave & reinstalling it all to no avail. I tried using my laptop to see if I would get different results & it didn’t have Java on it apparently. I installed it then tried running jailbreak 1.1.2 and got a similar response as one of your examples:
    * “ATT: Everyone having problems with “cannot connect to your device” error while jailbreaking the “pod touch. I couldn’t find a solution to this as I had followed all the advice about shutting down itunes etc. Well in my case at least it turns out that the error message is bull, simply drag it out of the way and watch the patching complete. DO NOT “OK” or Close the error message.*

    I let it run & it got most of the way through it & gave me an errer: tmp27436.exe encountered a problem & needs to close. I had to hit ok about 4 times only to find I was now stuck in recovery mody & forced to start over.

    I came back to my desktop (& uninstalled/reinstalled java) and tried again only to get the original error again.

    So I am still at a loss …

    @Jay – I am curious … what version of Windows XP are you running? Is it perhaps windos media edition?? I am wondering if that may be a problem??

    There just HAS to be a way to fix this!

  338. “Valentines’ Day Insert: If you can’t find OktoPrep in above, then add the following new source:”

    Please remove this entirely useless line and write:

    If you cannot find Oktoprep, add a new source by doing the following:

    Sources -> Edit -> Add

    And add (insert link)

    OK thanks.

  339. Ok, I’ve amended by making the instruction more detailed.

  340. I’M JAILBROKEN!!! to 1.1.3 even!

    Ok after 2 full days of trying to do this I finally got it to work (with my husbands help before I pulled all my hair out)

    After unsuccessful attemps on both my computer and laptop I thought I’d give it a shot on his computer. Now mind you he did not have Java or iTunes so I had to install both. On the first try of running jailbreak 1.1.2 I had the same proble “device not found …. ” I then got frustrated & walked away leaving it in my husbands hands.

    He followed RupertGee’s guid to the letter (which is the best I have found out there by the way – kudos RG!).
    The only thing he did differently was after upgrading to 1.1.2 and exiting iTunes. When he was disabling all apple/iTune applications via task manager, he also noticed a few tmp files with various numbers after the “tmp” – he disabled all those as well. He then started up the jailbreak 1.1.2 software & viola! it started installing!

    We were almost hesitant to go to the next step but figured whats the worse that can happen?! so he proceeded with 1.1.3 directions.

    The only difference was in step D6:
    “Official 1.1.3 Upgrader” was nowhere to be found … we added the source as instructed but still found nothing with that title. Rather it was called: “1.1.3 Dev Team jailbreak”

    We installed that – which was an antagonizing long processes – but had many giggles at the fact that it says “have a sandwich” while installing.

    After that was complete we proceeded to the Jan software upgrade to Wiggle … & presto … we were finished!

    I can’t promise this is a fix for anyone else having the “can’t find device” problem – but it’s worth a shot!

    Thanks again RupertGee for an excellent tutorial!

  341. so i have the january apps installed, but there’s really no need for me to have installer because it just “complicates” things on my touch. is there a way to take it off, but keep the january apps on?

  342. hi rupert btw I did b5 but now I did the ijailbreak method upgrading from 1.1.1 it wrked but I don’t have wiggly icons is there a way to it have u got to enable it from somewhere

  343. @ apoorv
    did you go all the way to 1.1.3? because the only way to get the january apps + the siggly icons is to go all the way to the end

  344. @ apoorv
    Did you read Part E ?

    you can add this source from installer

    Restart installer and you should see 1.1.3 applications! Install and you should have the latest applications

  345. Hey Rupert,
    Thanks for the guide, everything worked great. It’s just one thing isnt working. I upgraded to 1.1.3 using the upgrader and it worked, but whenever I try to either add more sources or use my customize it does not work. On the customize nothing changes, and with the sources it just says everything that ive added is an untitled source and will not work…
    Please Help!!!

  346. Oh, also, how do you get the gee theme onto your ipod touch?

  347. So I tried this from scratch since I was having so many problems before. I added the new source and added OktoPrep as instructed. However I keep getting this message

    What else can I do?


  348. @Pinky. The best thing to do is to possibly restore and try again. Sorry. Though then again, I may be incorrect. 😛

  349. baba sen manyaksin. iste bu kadar yaaa

  350. Can you tell us more about how to upload the firmware image by using SSH instead having to download the whole thing again through the iPod.

  351. I’ve got a little problem with the upgrading to 1.1.2 part. I’ve tried this maybe 10 times. I do everything as said, I install oktoprep I push the home button and I’ve got the thing installing real quick. Then when I update my ipod touch with itunes to 1.1.2 first of all I don’t get a message toupdate to 1.1.3 but I’ve got the screen either to make it as a new ipod or sync using an old save. I tried everything at this point, quit directly itunes configure as a new, use the last save, anyway when I run jailbreak.jar it tells me the same thing This utility can only be used if you have used oktoprep before updating to 1.1.2 which I of course did. Can anyone help?

  352. can u tell me the link to download the exe for SSH and the way how to follow this instruction
    !****SSH into your iPod touch and upload a copy of iPod1,1_1.13_4A93_Restore.ipsw to /private/var/root/Media. Doing so, the will be able to complete its task quicker, in “… about 10 minutes ***~

  353. @Kay

    I’m very happy for you. On the other hand, it’s quite funny you installed the “1.1.3 Dev Team jailbreak”. I can’t find it in mine (any more) but I believe it’s the same one as this method except it doesn’t have a fancy GUI.

    Enjoy your iPod touch!

  354. @CJJ

    You have to be careful what you type as iPod touch auto-correction feature like to change .xml to .XML. The same goes to iphone to iPhone and UNIX’s url is cAsE sensitive.

  355. @CJJ

    The easiest way to install Gee Theme is via the Summerboard. Detaiils here:

  356. @Pinky

    Vanya is right. You have to follow the steps, by step and not take any short-cuts even if a step sounds terribly unimportant to you.

  357. @ismail

    Apa? Saya taboleh read malayu. English tolong.

  358. @Rajesh

    I rather not… it’ll complicate things for noob and advanced users already know how. :p

  359. @pcabanne

    I betcha didn’t follow PART B at all but uysed your own method to restore the 1.1.1 firmware eh?

    Please… the steps may look similar to what you already know how… but it isn’t. You must restore 1.1.1 via the DFU Mode only.

  360. @bo bo

    If I tell you how, you’ll definitely end up spending much more than ten minutes installing and learning how to use SSH! That’s why the tip to save time is for advanced users who already know how to SSH. 😛 I rather you do it normally and spend the ten minutes hugging someone you love.

  361. Quote
    And if after the long wait you find your iPod touch reboots but enters and seemingly stuck in Recovery Mode, don’t panic. That happened to mine too. Just wait it out. It will self-reboot again, and you’ll see the familiar Unlock Screen afterwards.

    Just got that far, and got the recovery mode, but It has’nt booted since. How long should I wait until trying something else ? it has been about 10 minutes now or so.

  362. I did follow the steps and no luck, but I will start from scratch now that I have time 🙂

  363. Hmm something that crossed my mind recently.

    Say you now buy a new iPod Touch which inclused the apps and you jailbreak it.

    Is it possible to return to the original non-jailbroken firmware again, but with the january apps you got when you bought? Say you do a firmware restore to 1.1.3, will iTunes know that you bought an iPod which included the apps?

  364. My Jailbroken 1.1.3 freezes when I try to type on it. I am running using a mac

  365. I did everything and it didnt reboot after the connect to itunes symbol so i restarted i myself and nothings there

  366. Some noob questions follow (sorry!). I am running windows.

    I do not have a wireless connection at home, can I perform this jailbreak using a laptop at McDonald’s or at my friend’s house? The laptop does not contain my songs but hers. She does not have an ipod touch. I need to ensure that nothing happens to her stuff/itunes and I am able to sync all my stuff (w/o anything of hers) when I get home. Can it be done?

    From what I understand in number 5 of part B, after unchecking both options, my ipod is now empty? What should I see in itunes that indicates it is “set up as a new iPod”?

    Number 5 of part C: how do I quit itunes entirely? If it is done by bringing up task manager, which process should I end?

    Your help is greatly appreciated! =)

  367. Hi Rupert,

    When I was rebooting my ipod, it just freezes up and it keeps trying but it never completely boots up. It just stays at the apple logo. Should I just restore the ipod and try the jailbreak again or should I try something to fix the problem directly?

    By the way, how did you get the Gee Theme for Windows. I really like it and I want to put it on, but I have a windows. Will it still work on windows?


    Mr. J

  368. OMG!!! Thanks dude!! YOU ROCK!! I tried like 7 times though LOL, took me about 8 hours total to get through everything perfectly. THANKS A LOT!!!!

  369. I followed Steps A-E, Jailbreaked to 1.1.3 and installed january pack, worked like a charm until the next day my wifi connection started dropping out frequently! This never happened before… Any ideas anyone? Could it be the firmware update?

  370. @ake

    I waited no more than only 1 minute before it finally kicked in. 🙂

  371. @Fredd-E

    Oh yes, you can restore the iPod touch to 1.1.3 as per unjailbroken. Then login to your iTunes Store account and just sync away as usual; they’ll be reinstall (actually, re-activated.)

  372. @Squishy

    You missed Step B5.

  373. @Simon

    I don’t understand. What is the “nothing”?

  374. @noopha

    Make sure your iPod touch has a unique name. iTunes can sync multiple iPods as long as they are unique.

    You’ll see the “set up as new iPod” soon after restoration of 1.1.1. Just open your eyes big big can leow. dun worry. just dun miss it, ok?

    Oops, C5 is primarily for newbie Mac users who only close iTunes’ window thinking that’s quiting it.

  375. @Mr. J

    Certainly you’ll have to re-do the jailbreaking.

    The easiest way to install Gee Theme is via Summerboard 3.1-1 (or newer) for 1.1.3 iPod touch. It’s plaform independent.

  376. @icooktv

    Hmm… you can try resetting your Network Settngs. Settings -> General -> Reset: Network Settings. After thart, re-enter your wifi settings.

  377. …Is there any reason my music/videos wouldn’t play because of this method? Because that’s what’s happening. I mean, I have NO idea how this happened, either. It was working fine, then I tried to do Lyrics for a song… And now music doesn’t play. Help?

  378. @DividedByZero

    As they say, “sxxt happens”… and it happened to mine once before.

    Read this for solution.

  379. Okay, I’ll try that and let you know how it goes.

  380. hey i have a version 1.1.3 ipod touch and i have 7.6 itunes and i cant figure out how to jail break it…. i could use a lil help or advice please =\

    • Ole Martin Snuggerud
    • Posted 19 February 2008 at 08:53
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    I`m stuck after upgrading to 1.1.2. I`ve done exactly like the guide tells me to, but when i run jailbreaker for 1.1.2, it only gives me a message that the utility only can be used if I have run OktoPrep beforce updating to 1.1.2, something I have done. Tried several times, but same thing every time. Help please?

  381. ok its me again i have a huge problem…. i used ur “worlds easiest way to downgrade ipod touch from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1” and i did everything it said but at the end when it said my ipod was reconected i let go of the home button and now my ipod wont turn on at all…i tried everything i held down the power button…. helod down the home button…tapped the power button i need help please =`(

  382. Hi, followed all the steps and everything works fine under 1.1.3 the only problem is that I seem to have lost all the alarm sounds! how do I get them back? Cheers

  383. I understand about the Gee Theme but on the page with the Gee Theme, you said to windows people to get a mac for the theme. Does that mean I can only get the theme on macs?

    And how would you get the theme from Summerboard 3.1-1????


  384. The reset all settings worked, Gee. Thanks again!

  385. does anybody have like a place i can download version 1.1.1 cause after i hit shhift and click restore it says i need to like open the file i have the version saved to but i dont know were to download it at…sorry im kinda new to the whole jailbreak stuff and things like that so i could use all the advice i can get

    thank you =P

  386. At Part D number 8, what will happen if I don’t disconnect the iPod? I don’t want to disconnect, because the battery has been playing up loads and doesn’t want to go above 10% or fully flat. I think I should eventually have it checked out…

  387. hey thanks for ur help.It is very useful
    and my ipod is now jailbroken 1.1.3
    I don’t know is it fully function or not is but thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ****Hey Let’s follow this way

  388. @Ole Martin Snuggerud

    That’s very strange. I’ll keep a look out to see if they changed OktoPrep.

  389. @Nick

    Try rebooting your computer.

  390. @Pete

    You might want to try and reset your iPod touch’s settings:

    Setting -> General -> Reset: Reset All Settings

  391. @Mr. J

    I was kidding about getting a Mac. (Or maybe not.)

    Summerboard can be found in the Installer, under the “System” category. After installation, just SSH as instructed into the relevant folder in your iPod touch.

  392. @DividedByZero

    Glad to know that. It worked for me too… but till date I still don’t know what hapen. Mind you I jailbreak my iPod touch many many times yet the no audio problem happens once.

  393. @jack

    Huh? The instructions is in PART A!?

  394. @Vanya

    I confess I can’t recall why we need to disconnect the iPod touch. It probably interfere with the process or something. Do you have another Computer that doesn’t have iTunes? You can plug it in there and the cable will act purely as a charging cable.

  395. **************************************************************************
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    *** Please post your new comments by clicking the following link:
    *** Thank you.

  396. I need some help I can’t downgrade my ipod to 1.1.1 and I’ve tried everything the guide told me to help please!!

  397. @chris lopez

    Please read the notice just above your comment. Thanx.

  398. guys you can also jailbreak and upgrade to 1.1.3 at the same time all thru wi-fi but you need to downgrade it to 1.1.1 and jailbreak it first. so i followed rupert’s instructions up to end of part B, which i ended up with a jailbroken 1.1.1
    from there i used wi-fi to jailbreak to 1.1.3
    the entire process took me an hour but now i have a jailbroken 1.1.3 with all the applications(including the wiggling icons) that apple is asking us to pay $20 for.
    check out this site:

    rupert, i hpoe i didnt offend you or something by posting this. i just want to help out others who got stuck jailbreaking like me. you and legacy had been a big help. peace man

  399. I am on Win XP. I am at point PART C – number 8. I can see window with Jailbreaking… Writing flash image.. Progress.. The progress line is full, so I expect that it is completed and iPod should reboot.. but it doesnt. How longdeos it take to write flash image and to reboot?

  400. @Pida. Read Rupert’s comment just above.

  401. @Vanya

    Thanks Vanya.


  402. I did everything the instructions said right down to the dot. It all worked perfect till the last step. My ipod froze in “attempting to reboot”. So I read on this page to just force it to restart. When it came back it was in recovery mode. I tried iNdependence but it crashes trying to load the ipod. Now Itunes also crashes. My ipod is useless right now. Somebody help me.

  403. ok so, i tried to downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1, and it keeps saying error (1), so i tried to do the safe mode, and did it. but it STILL said error (1) could not restore ipod ‘ipod’. help =[

  404. **************************************************************************
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    *** Thank you.

  405. **************************************************************************
    *** PEOPLE!!


  406. Does anyone know a way to get Summerboard to work with this?

  407. We are ignoring you.

  408. alright so i was trying to restore a jailbroken touch and used the ziphone method and it got hung up half way through and just froze so i just pulled the usb out thinking i could start over and now the white text just scrolls forever it starts out like it should from ziphone but then says it need configuration and after that it keeps repeating the command “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” i have i tried a forced restore and connecting it to itunes but it doesnt even come up on the computer.its like it doesnt reconigize that its an ipod or something. the text scrolls down even it if is unplugged its just stuck like that. i need some help please.

  409. hi i have an 8 gb ipod touch and i started jailbreaking it. but when i go to the screen where everything begins to reboot it froze. and when i turn it on and off it still appears on the screen saying: BSD continuosly. so im wondering is there a way to fix that or is it gone for good? reply back as soon as possible! thank you

  410. Yeash!! I think every body can find Discount iPod Touch&Discount iPod Touch Accessories from this link
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  411. hey how do i make wiggles work????
    how do i update to 1.1.2 succesfully?
    every time i try, it says error, or puts it in restore mode.
    also whenever i try to download summerboard, it says “package download failed”.
    and i know i’m connected to the internet because i can download other stuff. this happens even after i restore it to 1.1.1 and jailbreak agian. =/
    ANY HELP???

  412. Once you’ve installed the January App pack, simply hold an icon and wiggles will be activated.

    To downgrade to 1.1.2, you have to put your iPod into DFU mode.
    Summerboard is now only for 1.1.3/4. Some website has the older one.

  413. Hey if you have a 1.1.4 baseband run it with ziphone or it will not work

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