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Quite cool eh? 😀

Just wiggle away those docked icons to the next page. The Dock need not be occupied.

That’s the handsome Gee Theme, in case you’re new here.


  1. LOL. I believe the same thing is possible using Cuztomize…

  2. hey rupert! can you put up a blog about what are your top apps for the ipod touch? that’d be cool! and also sometimes i would install apps onto my ipod touch and it would freeze the command to download other apps, is that just my ipod? i.e. (TTR)

  3. @aznryouko

    I’ve seen posts that lists top apps but they are rarely identical. That tells me everybody has their own needs. 😀

    I do feel like it’s good to just list out apps I’m using, and those I want to use but can’t due to imcompatibility with 1.1.3. That would be more productive, I think. 🙂

    The freezing problem is becoz you still have a package that refuses to install (due to imcompatibility, unfound source etc) in the queue. Just tap on “Clear Queue” and everything should be fine.

  4. Silly question: How can I have this Mail’s icon instead the ugly default one?

  5. @Rick. One way to get is to use the Gee theme. It’s really cool.
    And also, I’m pretty sure that you can change the icon in whatever other theme you use with the Mac’s icon.

  6. Thanks Vanya, I figured out: just easy as dl Gee theme and replace with Gee’s Mail.png 🙂

  7. got it in one 😛

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