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I must have for the pass few days went to over 10 times to install AppSnapp. I was writing a new complete guide to jailbreaking and gotta re-jailbreak again and again to verify what I wrote.

But you know what? Never once did I ever read any of the links in So imagine my surprise when I read the Features section and find out the following:

8. New! 2/1/08 Automatically oktoprep’s (for easy 1.1.2 upgrade functionality, no need to install the package anymore).

What? There’s no need to install OKtoPrep?! Gee, how come no one tells me about it?

I should have just taken their words for it and amended the guide. However, being a responsible blogger I decided I shall jailbreak one-last-time just to verify the new feature before I do the amendment.

And so I did.

Restoring to 1.1.1 is a piece of cake. Applying AppSnapp has been amazingly swift and simple these pass days. Ok, next would have been to install OKtoPrep, but let’s skip that simple step. Proceed to upgrade to 1.1.2 right away. Nice.

So I launched jailbreak.jar to jailbreak 1.1.2!

Guess what? It screams at me telling me I should have applied OktoPrep before upgrading to 1.1.2!

WTF, Conceited Software!? I’m not angry at you, mind you. I’m mad that I am a responsible blogger and wasted my time. It’s no wonder no one told me of this new “feature” of yours. 😦

Feb 14 Update: If you can’t find OktoPrep in the Installer, then add the following new source:
You’ll find it in the “Hack that Phone tools” category.


  1. Dear Rupert! Dear responsible blogger.
    Thank you so much for your blog, for your patience and attention to details.

    Just to let you know. Thanks again.

  2. Same thing happened to me. 😦 When jailbreaking it says “Applying OktoPrep” and I think it really does it. But I guess the jailbreak.jar looks for some specific thing about OktoPrep application rather than the patch is really applied. Anyway… The result is we still need OktoPrep application.
    Thanks for the post. πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Rupert!
    Your guides are most enlightening! I have tried many times to do all this but I still get stuck with this lovely :Unknown error 1 thingy. I have read through many blogs and guides but never found something that actually helped me. Is there anything I can do to unerror my iPod? If anyone can help, I shall be eternally grateful and might provide life-long supplies of Red Bull to whom it may concern!
    Thanks anyways for your dedication!

  4. Hello again!
    Please ignore my last comment, as one of your many fidel blog readers has pointed out, your guide is very precise and a failure to do one and every single step will most likely result in a failure. I followed the exact instructions and finally got my iPod to boot in 1.1.1 THANKS!
    We’ll see if the rest goes as smoothly!

  5. hey once again!
    it may be annoying that a post a lot of comments, but this is pretty much my final one, again with the problem of 1.1.3…

    i do it all right and i have 1.1.3 jailbroken
    but then i download some apps and i try to download something and oops, it doesnt work for 1.1.3, so i go to cyberduck and find the file and delete it, bam, it can download things again, but sometimes i get files when i delete them, but it wont let me download anything else at all, it will download the file but it wont install. anyone else with the same problem?

  6. @aznryouko

    I love to help pple out; so just fire your comments away.

    Hmm… try tapping on the “Clear Queue” button to clear those imcompatible apps away from the queue system so you can proceed with those that works in 1.1.3.

  7. well i tried and the problem is, i dont get that “Clear Queue” after downloading an app, and it wont install

  8. @aznryouko

    Are you saying you uninstalled some apps directly by deleting them via CyberDuck? Don’t do that. Installer won’t know you did that and will be confused.

    You might want to try and uninstall the deleted app via Installer’s Uninstall tab. It might work. Otherwise… you’ll have to edit the “LocalPackages.plist” file in ~/Library/Installer/LocalPackages.plist by manually removing the deleted app’s entry.

    It’s not going to be easy to do so unless you’re pretty well versed in unix.

    I think… you… have to re-jailbreak your iPod touch.

  9. ok i see what youre trying to tell me, thanks rupert πŸ˜€

  10. hey, i tried putting in the new source, and i checked that i definitely have it spelled right, but OktoPrep stil does not come up in the apps list, are there any other sources?

  11. @cildada

    Try Refreshing your sources to see if it shows up afterwards.


    You might want to look for it under the “All” category.

  12. i did all that, i refreshed them, then restarted the ipod and refreshed again, it still didnt do it, its weird. could it be my router blockin access to specific sources?

  13. @cildada

    Maybe but probably not. It’s how the new caching system works and my guess your ISP is slow to refresh the cache. As long as you’re sure you entered the right url (it’s cAsE sensitive, btw), just try again in a few hours.

  14. thanks very much RupertGee

  15. If anybody can help me with my 1.1.3 firmware I want appsnapp for that version and could not find help in the forum. I am willing to pay for answers
    subject reading “iPhone info for AdamR”

  16. Hello, is still working? i tried the last two nights trying to install AppSnapp and no luck~ safari crashes and i just return to the main menu. Thanks~

  17. @johnson
    safari is suppose to crash
    that is how it puts installer there
    if it doensnt download installer the first time, keep hitting install appsnapp
    and it will show a click-wheel on ur home screen. it will install instaler then.

  18. Hey, this is the first time I’ve been to this website but I was wondering what happened to It says I have successfully installed a lite speed server or something…plus I tried some alternatives to but safari just crashes and nothing happens. Ive tried it about 20 times on three different sites. Any help? Thanks!

    iPod Touch Pros

  19. Actually, this was strange. I went home and tried internet and was back up again. I’m not sure what happened there but I am restoring the touch right now and I hope it works this time.

  20. @iPod Touch Pros:

    It should still be up… THough i don’t know why you’d use it, Pwnage and iLiberty+ work ten times faster and better.

  21. I only use it because all I really want is a 1.1.1 jailbreak and is a fast enough jailbreak for me.

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  29. i just got a ipod touch and frist thing i went to was jailbrakeme and install apps all it shows is a question mark

  30. For several days I am unable to get appsnapp to install from, Safari crashes then returns to home screen… wasn’t there a more complicated method?

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