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One of the most annoying thing ever on iTunes (or Mac OS X for that matter) is the “No Thanks” button simply doesn’t work for some of us. Prior to today, clicking it even brought up an error message afterwards. At least Apple have fixed that error for me, but now the nag screen simply won’t go away. Since when did Steve Jobs become so bitchy and nags his worshippers?


To get rid of the nag screen, click the little “x” icon when you connect your iPod touch, and say “I’ll buy it once you operate an iTunes Online Store for Singapore.”

Remember Singapore? The little country south-west of China where Apple built a factory in Ang Mo Kio to assemble Macintoshes in the 80s & 90s, and where Apple donated this strange art sculpture to beautify my little neighbourhood town 17 years ago? I stick with the company you founded, even while you were away to persue your other interest for a decade in 1986. C’mon, I’m not a wannabe Mac users fan boyz — I’m your loyal worshipper. But let’s be frank; forget about the SG Online Store. It won’t work. All I ask is you stop nagging me. Or else I’ll downgrade my iTunes to version 7.5. I know how to! Of course that means I can’t rent movies from you anymore. Bummer. But it’s a price I have to pay to put a stop to your madness. Steve, are you listening? Don’t make me call Sculley!


  1. Same on windows…

  2. I wish I still lived in Singapore! I miss it so!

  3. Thank you. :]

  4. I tried plugging in my pre-Jan Ipod Touch today and couldnt figure out for the hell of me how to get out of the “No Thanks/Remind Me Later –> Itunes” loop. And it took a careful scanning of Apple Forums to find the workaround — I wun be surprised if one or two days down the road Apple will find a way to disable this workaround you found

    Bloody Apple, U wun get my US$20!

  5. you are my hero!

  6. It’s a good thing that you bring this up. We’ve got the same situation in Poland (no iTMS either). Even if I would like to buy JSU, I can’t and I’m stuck with this annoying notice.

  7. Yeah, I was wondering WTF is up with that.

  8. clicking (X) doesn’t work anymore… i had to unplug my freakkin internet to get access to my ipod -__- as a principal now i will never ever pay a cent to get their updates! lousy support + gangster tactics!

    tell me it’s not deliberate with the amt of resources they can deploy to iron out the bugs -_-

  9. @piggo

    It looks like Apple changed something again and it’s getting difficult and sometimes impossible to click the (x).

    But it’s still possible. The trick is to click on it as soon as you see it, ie, right after you connected your iPod touch and before that JSU screen appear. Once that JSU screen appeared, it’s a hit or miss case to get rid out it. I have the SysInfo app in my iPod touch and it’s easier and faster to reboot the iPod touch by tapping on the Reboot button to disconnect and reconnect to iTunes for another attempt. Less wear and tear on the fragiile usb connector.

  10. I still think it’s a bug. Apple has been having problem with the JSU purchase and movie rental system since they were launched. It’s bad programming. I don’t think Apple really want to nag us. Pissing off customer never produces any positive result.

  11. Phew, I thought I was the only one experiencing this..!

  12. hi Rupert

    Just wanted to say I really like your blog, its the best one I’ve found on the net. I don’t really know where to post this question, but I was wondering if u have any info on the SDK being released by apple? I want more apps for my touch but I don’t want to void the warranty by jailbreakin it,and I don’t mind paying a little money for apps if that’s what it takes. Thant again!

  13. @larditard

    I dun pay much attention to the SDK except what’s been announced by Apple; I dun read rumors or gossips.

    Jailbreaking is fun. You’ll read the following guide’s FAQ’s about voiding the warranty. Jailbreak; you’ll be glad you did.

  14. which FAQ do u mean?

  15. Which FAQ did u mean?

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