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This is not a tutorial. The complete installation guide is here.

I found this “True Jailbreaking” method from here.

Despite all the negative comments on failed attempts, I’m very pleased (and very surprised) it works on mine. I didn’t expect it to work.

It’s amazing.

It jailbroke my “fresh” 1.1.3 iPod touch (yup, not an iPhone) in like… 60 seconds!

I’m going to install all the apps and play around with it for a bit before commenting more.

But if you have my setup (as follow), dare to take chances, and know how to fix errors, give this method a try.

Mac OS X 10.5.2
iTunes 7.6
Mac Pro

Terminal’s output

Mac Pro:~ rupertgee$ /Users/rupertgee/ziphone -j -v

ZiPhone v1.0 by Zibri.
Source code available at:

Loading zibri.dat.
Searching for iPhone…
Entering recovery mode.
Please wait 45″.

Mac Pro:~ rupertgee$

The -v gets me in verbose mode; watch the iPod touch’s screen for lots & lots of text; so I can tell it’s doing something.

Good luck.

Live Blogging:

Updated Community Sources to v3.5.
Installed BSD.
Installed OpenSSH – Got in via SSH! We’re the “mobile” user and not “root”! Yup… this is definately *the* official 1.1.3.
Installed AFPd ver 0.3 from the Network cat – Holy batman, works right out of the box.
Checked OS X’s Terminal – Backspace works.
Installed iPhone Apps – Houston, we are wiggling.

– From the look of it, this “True Jailbreak” (not to be confused with Nate True’s method) really works. Oh wait… I forgot about them music and videos…

… synced a mixture of both DRM-free and DRM-ed music and videos, and they all played well.

As I was saying, it works. Everything works, just like my previous favorite method, except it’s all over in under a minute! A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

It’s still in early beta testing stage so… I better not write a complete guide, even though I’m sure it will be very short. Come to think about it, maybe no one will even need a guide! It’s that easy to jailbreak.

And… you know what? Once again I’m glad and proud to be a Mac user. Everything just works, as they say in the iPhone community, OTB.

[Insert silly grin here]

Ah… Gee Theme, Gee Theme. I want my Gee Theme in, right now!


  1. gogogogo! i cant wait for this to work.! hurry and write a guide! =D

  2. Jikes! “i386″… I wonder, will this work on PowerPC-architecture (e.g. is the Universal)?

  3. Hey dude

    If this really works, I bet I should give it a try.

    But a guide… hmmm I’ll probably give it a try first then probably I’ll write my own guide.


  4. Doesn’t work with me. I did the “true jailbreak” and the process always gets stuck.
    I use the verbose mode when trying and after lots and lots of text flickering in my iPod touch screen it stops and says “bsd root: md0, major 2, minor 0” and keeps repeating that line propably forever. I stopped when i’ve waited about an hour.

    Any ideas what’s wrong?

  5. Hey Rupert, nice report. One question, if I have the January software update, will that work? After I jailbreak it will I still be able to get the new Maps application, the jiggly icons and the lyrics on the songs?

    Great Blog, thanks for all the tutorials!


  6. @BOK

    The linked blog has comments that it doesn’t work on a PowerPC. Disregarding them, I tried it on my Mac mini G4, and they’re right. The “Working…” indicator never appeared and after about 5 minutes I just gave it all up. No harm done though. The iPod touch was rebooted & running normally after the failed attempy.

    I hope they do something about it for PowerPC. The method is really fantastic.

    The entire process, from entering the terminal command till the Unlock Screen comes up on the jailbroken iPod touch, took 45 seconds (+/- 1 sec). I spent more time installing AppSnapp!

    It’s too easy.

  7. @Mariano

    I have no idea. I bought the update but till now I only used it once on my unjailbroken iPod touch. I’m not even sure how to restore them should I decide not to jailbreak my iPod touch. Paying for them was just my idea of wasting $20USD to legally use them. 🙂

  8. @Sibale

    Hmm…. I’ll try something to check it out.

    For now… you wanna follow my steps (sorry it’s messy) but don’t skip anything seemingly trivia?

  9. @dermapthera

    Hey, of course it works; you don’t think I’m lying right? sob sob.

    Where’s my SONY FX-1? Somebody fire up my Final Cut! I’m gonna YouTube it.

    Nah… Video instructions is so lame.

  10. @Jules

    Alright, I’ll do that after I go read others’ comment to gather the dos and donts.

  11. Hey Rupert.
    Does this require any computer use? Or sticking the iPoT into DFU mode or anything like that? Thanks

  12. @Vanya

    I use an Intel Mac, but a version for Windows is included in the zip. So a computer is needed.

    But there’s no need to enter the DFU mode, or anything like that. Just plug it in, and run the necessary program, and bang, it’s jailbroken.

  13. Sweet. I was reading the link you posted above, and one of the comments was that the program won’t run on 10.4.11 (Tiger) which is what I’m running.
    Do you know otherwise or something?

  14. Hey Rupert, I was reading over the comments on Zibri’s site, and (despite any mention of this working on the touch. The version 2.0 comments anyway) it seems a lot of folk have lost their WiFi capabilities.

    Have you found this to be true with your Touch using this method?

    Seems like that would be reason enough alone to avoid this jailbreak.

    So, How’s your Wifi, post ZiPhone?


  15. @Vanya

    Yesterday I used a previous version of ZiPhone and Wifi is fine. I’ve been Wi-fing all evening and this morning too.

    As I started writing the new guide, I found the version 2.0 and used it to jailbreak again.

    If by no wifi you mean they can’t install apps since there’s no wifi connection, then I’m very happy to tell you… nah – Wi-Fi is fine. I got the iPhone Apps, BSD, OpenSSH, Summerboard etc etc installed right after v2.0 jailbreaking. I didn’t even know about the reported problem until you scare me. 🙂

    Hey Vanya, it’s time you jailbreak — Home button pressing *not* required!

    Thanks very much Rupert.
    This blog is so simple to read and understand… a mine of info. Thank you for all your hard work.

  17. Dammit!!! ziphone could’nt find my ipod, so i stopped it, then unplug it. But now it has beed stuck on the silver apple logo. I was using a 1.1.1 jailbroken ipod. Its been like this for almost 24h. What do i do???? plz help!! If someone know a ipod defrosting software or method post it plz.

  18. Also I am using a PC

  19. @Green

    You can break out your iPod touch by following Step 3 o the following post:

  20. @Green.
    i’m pretty sure ziphone only works on 1.1.3

  21. It dint work ruppert, my ipod isnt even detected by itunes. thx fot the idea

  22. ok so i’m having a meltdown…

    i have an ipod touch and i tried going through the 1.1.3 jailbreak, and when i went through ziPhone GUI v2.2, there’s just this message that keeps repeating that says “BSD root: md0m major 2, minor 0”. i’ve tried running iBrikr, but it won’t get out of it…

    is there another program i can use to get out of this?
    or can i go back through ziPhone to get out of it?

  23. oh and i just tried to go through ziPhone because my ipod wasn’t playing songs…

  24. @Amalan

    This’s only a review. The complete guide is here:

    Try it, or go back to the GUI method; I’ve given you the no audio resolution… if it happens again.

  25. I tried the ZiPhone version 3.3, with my new O2 UK 3G 2.1 iPhone, and it freezed my iphone, and I had to restore from ZERO!! Don’t even bother to zIphone

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