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By far the easiest jaiilbreaking method is the ZiPhone method. Unfortunately it only works for the 8GB iPod touch. Pure luck is required if you have a 16GB. You’re totally out of luck if you own the monstrous 32GB iPod touch.

The Official DevTeam GUI method, on the other hand, works for all models, and up to now is the only method that reliably jailbreak the 32GB model. Unfortunately, this method is long and tedious.

Today it is annouced the iJailbreak method has been updated to work on the 32GB model. It’s supposingly easy, requiring only one downgrade to firmware 1.1.1. The iPod touch Podium blog has a detailed instructions for you to follow.

Give it a shot if you own the 32GB model. I can’t since I have the niffty 8GB iPod touch.


  1. This seems nice but this method needs the mail fix for example and like you’ve said in your official guide:
    Do I need to install the “1.1.3 Fix Mail” package?
    Nah… that’s for some second rate 1.1.3 jailbreak methods.

    And also STE isn’t really fond of the ZiPhone method, and this method is based on ZiPHone:

    So I think I have mixed feelings on this iJailbreak method, developed by a 13-year-old.

    Thoughts? Feedback?

  2. Basically all the different methods out there make it a big mess for developers and jailbreakers… I wonder what the new firmware + sdk will mean to the whole Jailbreak story.

    It’ll be hectic, I assume! 🙂

  3. Actually, the “Fix Mail” thingy has nothing to do with the core of the method; it’s purely bad programming where the author failed to set the files permissions correctly.

    My take on the different method is… so long as it uses the “mobile” user account it’s fine. I wasn’t aware of the mobile:wheel issue until I read ste’s post a few days ago. It appears ste has been doing a good job to reduce imcompatibility.

    I think what’s important is someone setting the right standard to follow… but who? 🙂

    ZiPhone remains my favorite at the moment as it’s the simplest. The version wrap in a GUI for Mac OS X is so simple it’s just one-click to jailbreak the iPod touch; any mac user can do it. Since ZiPhone’s source codes is openly available, surely someone else can improve upon it.

    The best part is… we’ll always get to jailbreak our iPod no matter which method dominates. We win. 🙂

  4. I SO wanna try this and report back, but I just spent and entire weekend breaking, and installing and tweaking and syncing my massive music and video library… I… I am gonna need a lot of pushing to start all over! Especially when I have a rock solid break!

    Not to mention my wife’s displeasure at playing around in such an expensive device!

    On a side note, Rupert… I was told I am “The Coolest Mac Geek in the world” today… Thanks to you and your site!

    Keep up the great work!


  5. @Jeremy

    Ouch, resyncing music and videos is a loooong process even on my petite 8GB.

    But you gotta figure out how to back up and restore your Mails, for instance. It’s easy. Just back up the followings:

    /private/var/mobile/Keychains/keychain-2.db (this is where your emails passwords are stored)
    ~/Library/Mail/Accounts.plist (Your Mail accounts settings!)
    ~/Library/Preferences/ (Your Mail’s Preferences)

    The trick to restore them is — DO NOT launch Mail until you have copied all the above back into your iPod touch. Also… you might have to set the ~/Library/Mail folder’s permissions to 777.

    Oh, if you have pop mails, you might need to copy the whole ~/Library/Mail/ folder instead… I’m not sure. With my IMAP accounts, I just let Mail redownload everything.

    After restoration, I tap on Mail and like magic, Mail brings me to where I last left it. It’s such as joy to restore Mail!

    You can apply the same strategy for your Notes, Weather etc.

  6. “Well I tried this and I thought everything went great until I tried to play a song in the mobile itunes store and got the dreaded “Could not play preview” message that I’ve gotten before with some of the other soft update methods. I guess its back to the official dev team soft update until someone comes up with a fix unless someone has found a solution for this. Time to do some more reading i guess.”

    “So this method breaks DRM for purchased iTunes music just like all the other JB methods for 16/32GB iPod Touch devices?”
    “Apparently yes, it does, unfortunately. My purchased albums don’t play.

    Guess it won’t be perfect ’til the real native Jailbreak hits.”


    Better stick to the extended official dev team jailbreak then 😉

  7. Even in Singapore, you can probably here my huge sigh of relief!

    Thanks for the tips Fredd-E, as I was contemplating giving it a go!

    Although, probably less than 5% of my library is DRM… Still thats a lot of music (and sync time) for me.

    Don’t get me started on video! How long before the 64 gig touch comes out? 😉

    Rupert, I know tis is an inappropriate place to ask, the about section would probably be better, but I would love to see a post from you on what your 20 or so favorite / essential 3rd Party iPod touch Apps are.

    As I have stated in previous comments, you are the Patron Saint of the iPod Touch, and as such, I value your opinion on such things!


  8. I’d also love to see a thread where you put a list of essential 1.1.3 apps. Where also other visitors of this board can comment with their list.

    Would be great! 🙂

  9. @Jeremy

    You know… pple own an iPod touch to listen to music and watch videos. Sure, I listen to music during my daily morning walk around the park, but I do that with my 1st gen iPod shuffle! The clickable track and volume control on the shuffle is a lot easier to use than the fancy multi-touch iPod touch.

    So that means my iPod t ouch isn’t good for music but videos. I’ve watch a couple of movies on it… plesantly surprised it’s bearable.

    So why do I love my iPod touch? I see it as a mini Mac OS X. I just like to fool around in it via SSH/AFP etc. I actually learnt quite a lot from fooling around the iPod touch; now I know how to SSH between my Macs to fix things or run apps. Command Line apps like GCALdaemon suddenly looks like fun.

    What that means is my iPod touch’s apps are BORING! The only useful app that I can’t find a Mac OS X equivalent is the Converter. Then there’s the PhotoBoard app I use to show friends what an Apple can do when Billy’s equivalent(in the size of a coffee table) costs US100,000.

    Of course, I’m quite proud my iPod touch shows up as a “SHARE” in iTunes (via Firefly Media Server), and the iphpPod gives me secret access to my porno videos… so kids won’t accidently tap on Videos and ask wtf are they doing. 🙂 Then there’s the iPhone (for the Mac itself) that among other things, let me take a pic of my room thru my iMac’s iSight. It’s fun to spy on my wardrobe while I’m away, you know?

    Thus, I seem to derive fun mostly by making things work in the iPod touch beyond What Steve had intended.

    I thus don’t really know what are the essential apps; I’m such an odd ball iPod touch user. 😛

  10. @ Rupert

    I needed a good Laugh ! 😀

  11. @ rupert

    Sorry this is way off topic , but I was messing around with some keyboard artwork in 1.1.3 and I messed it up and I deleted my original files 😦

    So if you get time can you send me the original Keyboard-StandardQWERTY.artwork , Keyboard-Latin.artwork , and Keyboard-Common.artwork .. Please
    you should be able to find these files under


    You can either send me a Link to where you uploaded it to or Just email me at

    Thanks Bud !

  12. @ Rupert

    after playing around for a few more hours I finally got evrything to work! So I won’t need those files


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