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In the past three days or so, many users can’t find “OktoPrep” from the Installer. I needed to find out why. Apple today also updated iTunes to 7.6.1. I wondered if it breaks anything for Mac users.

So here I go again, subjecting my iPod touch and myself to the tedious task of jailbreaking to find the answers.

Leopard, iTunes 7.6.1 (yup the latest one)
-After AppSnapp, Installer is version 3.0
-Tweaks (1.1.1) is not in it!
-Found and Installed the “Community Sources” package (ver 3.6). It was previousy installed by default.
-Tweaks (1.1.1) appeared with OKtoPrep inside!
-Installed OKtoPrep.
-Option+Update, no sweat.
-Jailbreak.jar, OK too.

The missing OKtoPrep issue is due to Installer not including the Community Sources by default like it used to. Mystery solved.

Moving on to jailbreak to 1.1.3.
-Whoops. iNdependance 1.4b2 is *not* compatible with iTunes 7.6.1.
-Jailbreaking failed. Sob sob.

Lucky for me I can use ZiPhone GUI 2.4.
-Ah, Jailbroken in 45 sec!
-I love Zibri. 😛

So iTunes 7.6.1 is not a recommended upgrade for Mac users who has to use the Official Dev Team GUI method to jailbreak their 16 or 32 GB iPod touch, or 8GB iPod touch on Tiger and/or a PowerPC Mac.
[Feb 24 Update] iNdependance has been updated to 1.4 beta 5, and compatible with iTunes 7.6.1.

iTunes 7.6.1 is perfectly alright with the ZiPhone GUI Method, except of course the ZiPhone only works for 8GB iPod touch, on Leopard and an Intel Mac.


  1. Hey Rupert! Glad you added that “Community Sources” as an essential download!

    Anyways, I got a 16gb ipod… So, the ziphone method won’t work? (Using iTunes 7.6 (not .1) on a MacBook Pro Intel, Leopard 10.5.2)

  2. That’s right, Ahiru. It doesn’t work on the 16GB and 32GB. I think a lot of pple wish it does. ZiPhone is otherwise amazing. It jailbreak in 45 seconds flat!

  3. Rupert, the issue with 16gb iPods seems to be appear only on iPods with 2x8gb chips (my model hehe).

  4. @Leandro

    How do know if my model is a 2x8gb or 1x16gb??

  5. I have a 16GB touch and i used the 1.1.3 Ziphone method speculatively (downloaded via Windows Vista), and it worked first time without a single problem. Result: fully operational 16GB touch, DRM’s play as they should (which doesnt work with the Dev method unless you jailbreak 1.1.2 after 1.1.1 but i couldn’t work out how to do that on Vista and i dont have access to a Mac). My advice – for Windows, restore to 1.1.3 on itunes 7.6 then Ziphone jailbreak and all will be well.

  6. nops i hve tired many 16 gigs touch with that using Vista and XP both but ziphone only works with the 8 gig touch

  7. I’ve tried with ziphone 2.4v but got my 16gb locked on that error loop… (using Leopard 10.5.2, iTunes 7.6.0)

  8. Fellows, I’m trying again via devteam’s method, BUT when I try to restore my iPod back to 1.1.1, it won’t! I’ve downloaded the file again, via terminal, but no dice….

    Any suggestions?

  9. @Ahiru-

    Well, what error comes up? Does it say why it won’t work, such as “an unknown error occured” and then a number?

  10. @DividedByZero

    Hi there, it was the infamous unknown error (1), anyways I was doing something wrong while trying to put it in DFU mode… I managed to do it now, and gladly – NO KEYBOARD FREEZING so far, for all those who have had troubles with that! I posted some reports on the DevTeams GUI part II (here on this blog)

  11. you are pretty awesome man… i love u damn forum people

  12. Hi all, I just tried jailbreaking my iPod Touch last night and failed and need some help. I downgraded to 1.1.1 and installed the appsnapp installer v3.0. I noticed that the “Tweaks 1.1.1” folder was missing as well as the “Source” and “Systems” folders as well. I can’t find “BDS System” and/or “Community Sources.” Did I get some messed up version? How can I fix this problem???

  13. Hello fellow computer savvy / electronic guru folks.

    I have a 16gb ipod touch and i sucessfully jailbroke it after many hours of playing around. On a previous 16gb ipod i had i was able to jailbreak up to 1.1.3 (on a pc)with very few problems. but now with this one on my mac book pro with everything updated and my ipod jailbroken to 1.1.1 i am unsucessfull. I have tried the ZiPhone and the “No computer necessary” methods neither works. both show the script on my ipod but it gets stuck as some BSD root and just keeps pulling up the same words and on the ziphone it tries to reboot but it says access denied.

    any help?

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