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Apple released firmware 1.1.4 today. There appears nothing new visibly so I guess the changes are bug fixes and perhaps addition in preparation for the much anticipated SDK. Anyhoo…, it’s always nice to have the “latest” so I decided to jailbreak my 1.1.3 iPod touch to 1.1.4. In fact, since I never actually detail how it is done via the ZiPhone GUI method, here goes:

Mar 1 Update: IMPORTANT: The current ZiPhone GUI version 2.5 runs on Intel & PowerPC Mac and Windows PC to jailbreak *most* 8GB iPod touch, *some* 16GB, and won’t work on the 32GB model. Do *NOT* attempt to jailbreak with the ZiPhone method unless your iPod touch is the petite 8GB model. The Official Dev Team GUI method, outlined here, is still the best jailbreaking for all other iPod touch.


  1. First, let’s get a copy of the version 1.1.4 firmware file using the Yes, no funky Safari or even Firefox. The faithful provides the best error-free download. So launch Terminal, and then copy & paste the following long-line of text into your Terminal (it looks like this.) Hit Enter to start.

    curl,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore.ipsw -o iPod1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore.ipsw -#
    If the process aborts for whatever reason, make sure you delete the incomplete file from your Home folder first before you try again.

  2. You can Quit the Terminal once the percentage progress indicator shows 100%. The firmware file is now in your Home folder.



So let’s download them using Internet Explorer (or your favorite browser):

Firmware version 1.1.4 – Download (Exactly 173,519,589 bytes)

The resulting files should be named “iPod1,1_1.1.4_4A102_Restore.ipsw”. Do not decompress or manipulate them in any way, such as allowing your anti-virus/ anti-spyware/ anti-mac program to clean/billgatize the downloads. Double-check the file size before you proceed any further.


The first thing we need to do is Restore the iPod touch to firmware 1.1.4. Read it carefully, I said “Restore”. I didn’t say “Update” so don’t you click on the “Update” button in your iTunes — it doesn’t work for a jailbroken iPod touch.

So, how do we Restore to firmware 1.1.4? We must prepare the iPod touch to accept the firmware 1.1.4 file by entering the Device Firmware Upgrade mode. If you skip the DFU Mode, you will get the famous Unknown Error 1602 or Unknown Error 1 later on. The DFU Mode is *not* the same as “Recovery Mode“.

Here’s how to put your iPod touch in DFU Mode:

  1. Connect your iPod touch to your running iTunes.
  2. Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons. Shortly after, the Red Power Slider should appear — do not slide it!
  3. Release the Power Button (but keep holding down the “Home” button) after the iPod touch’s screen turns blank
  4. Release the Home button when you see this pop-up message. Click on “Check”, and dismiss the next pop-up message by clicking “OK”. The iPod touch’s screen is still blank.
  5. Carry on to PART C.



  1. Now go back to iTunes. Press and hold the Option key (Shift Key for PC) and click on the “Restore” button. After that, select the firmware file you downloaded in PART A. If you get “Unknown error 1602” or “Unknown error 1”, do not pawn yourself and cry foul that you followed this guide exactly — you didn’t.
  2. After restoration, iTunes should offer you these screens. Make sure you (1) select “Set up as a new iPod”, and click (2) Continue. Now untick (3) “Automatically sync songs to my iPod”. Click opn (4) “Done” after that. Next, un-tick (5) “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected” and click on (6) “Apply”. Finally, click on (7) “Sync”. Click it 3 times.



    At this point, your iPod touch is factory fresh virgin that does not contain any media nor traces of your old jailbreaking attempts. You did all the above Steps to ensure that.

    It’s ready for ZiPhone Jailbreak:

    As of writing, ZiPhone GUI 2.4 works great on any 8GB, running Leopard and the latest iTunes 7.6.1. It is reported it’ll work on *some* 16GB iPod touch but definitely doesn’t work on a 32GB model.

  1. Download ZiPhone from Zibri’s blog (direct download link).
  2. Decompress the downloaded file, and run ZiPhone; tick the “Jailbreak (iPhone or iTouch)” option and click on Start.
  3. Your iPod touch should be jailbroken in no more than 2 minutes — the actual jailbreaking takes only 45 seconds!
  4. After ZiPhone is done, your iTunes might once again offers you these familiar screens. Please repeat the seven steps.
  5. Your iPod touch is jailbroken and running firmware 1.1.4. Congrats.


iSpazio has a nice guide on how to get your 1.1.4 iPod touch loaded with essential apps. Please go read it.

Enjoy your iPod touch! Don’t forget to install the handsome Gee Theme! πŸ˜›


ispazio-098.pngThe current Summerboard version 3.1-1 doesn’t want to install itself in firmware 1.1.4, even though it runs just fine. has a spanking new package that fools Summerboard into thinking it is installing into a 1.1.3 firmware iPod touch. It works very elegantly and doesn’t harm anything.

You can find the “1.1.4 Summerboard Patch” package under the “iSpazio Unlock Tools” category. Be sure to quit the Installer first before you re-launch Installer again to install Summerboard. You should Uninstall the patch after installing Summerboard. If you don’t, you can continue to fool other 1.1.3-only (but runs fine in 1.1.4) apps into installing in your iPod touch, such as some of Erica Sudan’s utilities.


  1. Thanks for yet another great guide.

    But I’ve got only one remark:
    Zibri kindly asked people not to upgrade yet, because he didn’t test it thoroughly AND he’ll also post a new 1.1.4 version in a couple of days which will also be able to jailbreak the 32GB touch version. Apparently he ordered a 32GB with parts of the donated money.

    So, I dunno, maybe it’s better to wait a couple of days till he says that ZiPhone works 100000% with 1.1.4 firmware?

  2. Hi myiphone is on firmware 1.1.4 how do i jailbreak please and unlock

  3. PS: Does Summerboard work on your 1.1.4?

  4. Is it known if this will work on Tiger? I’ve been grounded and had my iPod taken from me for couple of weeks :P, so can’t test anything. Thanks!

  5. @Fredd-E

    I like to live life dangerously. πŸ˜›

    I know Zibri will release a new ZiPhone soon but many blogs and sites are saying the current version works fine… and they’re right! My iPod touch is just like before the firmware upgrade – working great.

    SummerBoard 3.1-1 needs to be updated to work in 1.1.4.

  6. rupertgee just wanted to be over smart thts it

  7. @Vanya

    I don’t know that, Vanya. But I’ll let you know soon.

    Update: My only Mac that’s still on Tiger is running 10.4.9! So what? Well, I just found out the iPod touch needs at least 10.4.10. 😦

  8. Mine dosen’t work. I followed it step-by-step the whole way. I got none errors what so ever installing firmware 1.1.4. The I tried ZiPhone and it just stands still, while reading “Spamming AT, waiting for a response”.

  9. Has anyone tried this yet on a 16gb ipod? Should I wait to upgrade it to 1.1.4 since it is running fine with the 1.1.3 jailbreak?

  10. Doing this method I had problems. I got the message “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” on my touch and it jsut kept scrollign the same line. Others have had this problem and you cang et out of it my restoring to 1.1.3. Just put it in recovery mode then restoer. Where I got the info:

  11. @Ahiru

    That’s what I was trying when I got the BSD message. I’m gonna try a few more times to see if it works with 16gb touch. I’ll post how it goes.

  12. you might want to add that you need to complete close out of itunes before stating the ziPhone app.

    I’m also stuck and need some help please

    after running the Ziphone app my 16gig i touch is now sitting at terminal screen with
    BSD root: md0, major 2. minor o
    and it repeats this every couple of seconds any idea or did i just fry my touch.

  13. @miky-

    read my first post. (two above yours)

  14. @miky-

    Do you have a 16gb ipod?

    So far I’ve tried it 5 times and it jsut does the BSD line over and over. Sp, I’m guessing it won’t work for us 16 giggers.

  15. Hello, i have an ipod touch with 1.1.4 version. I donΒ΄t have jailbraked it never. can i make it the jailbreak for first time with Zhiphone??

  16. So, I would have to say, as far as my experience goes, if the 8th time is not the charm, my 16 gb doesn’t want it….

    For now.

  17. @Fredd-E:

    Are you sure Zibri’s said that his new ZiPhone vev version WILL work on 16GB and 32GB iPod?

    Not that I’ll be upgrading until Summerboard updates, but it’s nice to know.

  18. Hey RG,

    Will upgrading my iTunes to 7.6.1 and QuickTime to 7.4.1 screw up my already jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod touch? Just wanna know if it’s safe or not to continue updating…

  19. And also is it necessary to install BSD Subsystem 2.1? I mean what exactly does it do?

  20. @thegpc

    Both quotes are from Zibri on his website:

    Zibri said…

    I am NOT FORGETTING the iPOD Touch.
    I will get MY FIRST ONE on thursday maybe (it depends on the carrier).
    After that I will inspect the problem.

    As I stated many times, ZiPhone was not even intended for
    the iTouch. But you know…they are so similar…
    The “problem” with 1.1.3 iTouch is that the bootloader
    is a little different. Yesterday I had the time to disassemble it.
    20 minutes later I found exactly what I expected and where I expected it to be.
    Allow me some more tests to make you totally safe.
    And expect news soon.
    maybe I was too tired.. nothing seems proving it doesn’t work.
    So I took some of the donated money and ordered a 32gb Touch.
    It will be here in a few days…
    I’ll keep you posted as usual..

    So yes, he ordered a 32GB iPod Touch and yes he’ll work on it to hack the 1.1.4 firmware. His top priority is the iPhone obviously; hence it’s called ZiPhone πŸ™‚ But as it’s so similar he’ll also hack his iPod Touch 32GB and provide the download. It’s only a matter of days now.

  21. Summerboard won’t work with 1.1.4, neither will many of Erica’s apps… Many of the other apps will work. To jailbreak 1.1.4, you need to return your phone to refurbish first, otherwise you will be doing this later.. I upgraded to 1.1.4 and didn’t refurbish first. Then I ran the jailbreak and after I did that, there was files/apps installed from my previous 1.1.3 jailbreak. I couldn’t re-install and the apps I had installed from 1.1.3 wouldn’t work after I upgraded to 1.1.4, the wouldn’t even uninstall – kept getting an error… So – I did the refurbish, restore, then I ran the jailbreak. And then I could install most things except Summerboard, customize and most other theme based stuff. The BSD stuff works with 1.1.4 so do most of the toys and camera pro. I’m new at this and I hoped I helped out. If I could do it all over again, I’d wait as Jibri asks…- I know I am going to have to refurbish and restore anyhow before the new jailbreak for 1.1.4 comes along.

  22. for all you losers that won’t update til there’s a new summerboard one was released this morning πŸ˜›

    that’s right, no worries a 1.1.4 summerboard patch. You can get it from iSpazio

    ty RupertGee for all the insite, i would be clueless about hacking my touch if it wasn’t for your nifty guides lol

  23. p.s. this summerboard update should be avaliable in installer under recent packages πŸ˜€

  24. @Fredd-E:

    I understand it will work on 32GB iPods now… But, seeing as those that did not get 8GBs got 16GBs, will it work there? Is there a significant difference between 16GB and 32GB models?

  25. Is there a method on jailbreaking an iPod running on 1.1.4. which hasn’t previously been jailbroken?

  26. I have an 8gb iPod Touch and I, too, am getting the BSD Major Minor repeating message. I’ve tried it 3 or 4x now.

  27. @Craiger & thegpc

    Rupert mentioned it in his post (why don’t people read the entire post before trying these things?), that ZiPhone works with all 8 gig, a handful of 16 gig and NO 32 gig.

    If it’s working on your 16 gig. Jump for joy and shout it to the world brother, because YOU are one of the chosen few. Use it to get yourself laid, because most don’t go.

    If it’s working on your 32 gig, you don’t have a 32 gig iPod touch. Best Buy ripped you off, go ask for your money back. ZiPhone DOES NOT WORK on the 32 gig.

    Why? First the Bootloader. It’s not the same. And something about multiple SSD chips. The 8 gig has one, the 16 and 32 have multiples. I have read of select 8s having two 4 gig chips, but not many.

    SO… until Zibri releases a ZiPod with the implicit confirmation of 16g and 32g support, don’t bother with his method if that’s the model you find yourself trying to break.

    Sorry for the rant. This isn’t Rupert’s day time job. Respect the time he gives it, and read his posts fully. It really is a good read anyway! Besides, dude knows his shit!


    Any word on a DEV Team 1.1.4 method yet?


  28. Jeremy — how can I tell if my 8gb iPod has 2x4gb chips?

  29. @Jeremy:

    Excuse me, your royal highness, I read the whole thing. I was asking Fredd-E- NOT Rupert, as I know he is busy, and Fredd-E seemed to know my answer- about something that was not mentioned in the post. I asked whether Zibri had a 16GB version in the works, which is clearly not mentioned. I know the current version does not work for most 16GB iPods. My wquestion was about FUTURE developments.

    Think before you post. It usually helps.


    Still same question: Do you know if Zibri’s nw 32GB version will work with 16GBs too? Has he stated so, do you know?

  30. @thegpc

    Got me. You win.

    I swear to you I am not on the attack here, but I think you may have misread Fredd=E’s post.

    There isn’t a 32 gig version of ZiPhone yet. Trust me, I am hunting for it too. Seriously, if you find it, let me know! 45 seconds to hack my 32 gig touch would be awesome! Don’t get me wrong The DEV Team’s 1.1.3 method is easy enough to follow, and rock solid. It just takes a long time!

    In return for the favor, I can answer your question? No. Not yet anyway. Zibri is working on it. I hit his site every day looking for it. I would bet, that when it is released full fledged 16 gig support will be included.

    And sorry, there was a good degree of misdirected anger in my original post. While I do stand by everything I said, I could have said it in a more constructive manner, as I have attempted to do this time around!


  31. @jeremy-

    I’m not sure what I said to set you off like a psycho, and for you to have tell me to try to get laid if it works. But, just like most other people with 16gb touches I wanted to try it and, I believe I am just in trying it (reference: “It is reported it’ll work on *some* 16GB iPod touch but definitely doesn’t work on a 32GB model.”) because some have had it work. I was posting my experience with it and giving my opinion on it. I have read all of it (9 times to the letter, first to see what I was doing, and the other 8 to do it and see if I did something wrong when it didn’t work), and you have no right to make me sound so ignorant. Did I ask any questions directed towards Rupert? No, why would I? He even said it only works on some 16gb touches.

    Like thegpc said,

    Think before you post. It usually helps.

  32. @Jeremy:

    I appreciate the apology, as there was indeed some misunderstandings. I am fully aware that Zibri is currently working on a 32GB iPod versiong of ZiPod (or whatever he’s calling it). My question was:

    Will the 32GB version still correspond to the 16GB iPod, or is there a fundamental difference between the 32 and 16GB models that will still render the program useless to 16GB iPod owners?

  33. My ipod just keeps stacking the message “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0” after i started Ziphone! what do I do to save it?!!!!

  34. I currently have a jailbroken 1.1.3 16gb ipod touch that has the keyboard freezing issue. For those who share my problem, when you upgraded to 1.1.4, was it (the freezing) fixed? what about after you jailbroke 1.1.4?

  35. I have a quick question if you don’t mind.

    You blogged that you upgraded to 1.1.4 and jailbreaked it on an ipod touch (most likely 8gb). I thought that this ZiPhone method only worked for pre-january update bought ipods? Or does it work on any 8gb ipod. I have a 8gb ipod that came preinstalled with the software and 1.1.3. Will this method work?

    An email would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  36. @Oppla

    What is the capacity of your iPod touch?

  37. @Craiger

    As of writing and as stated in the post, ZiPhone doesn’t work well for 16GB models.

    I’m sorry I should have made that very clear and post it right at the start of the Post. I’ve just done that.

    For now, the below linked method is still the best method to jailbreak a 16 & 32GB iPod touch.

  38. @JavixU

    It most certainly can be jailbroken as long as it’s a 8GB mode. If you have a 16GB or 32 GB iPod touch, you’ll have to use the Official Dev Team Gui method instead.

  39. @thebot

    Hey, I’m using iTunes 7.6.1 and QuickTime 7.4.1 on my Leopard Macs. ZiPhone works great with them.

    Not sure about PC.

    Oh, BSD is a must have. It’s basically allows the user to interact with the OS through the command line. Without which SSH, AFP etc will not work.

  40. @DP

    Hey naughty boy, you totally skipped PART B & C huh? πŸ™‚

    I knew it wouldn’t work but I gave it a shot just to see what will happen. It’s weird to see apps missing and icons scattered all over eh? It was fun while it lasted.


  41. @Michael Butler

    Thanks to your tip off, I applied the patch by iSpazio the first thing this morning before rushing off to an appointment.

    My iPod touch felt like a stranger with my familiar Gee Theme.

    The amazing patch just works!

    In case someone missed the pop-up message of the patch… after installing SumerBoard, the patch can be uninstalled since it’s no longer needed.

  42. @Jeremy

    No words on the Offi Dev Team 1.1.4 yet. I read the 1.1.4 caught quite a few people off guarded. Everyone was expecting a version 2.0!

    The good news is ASDK will be released in a week’s time.

    I wonder its impact on the community. I foresee some apps turning commercial and is pay to download from iTunes. 😦

  43. Yo people, settle down. I’m sorry I’ve been extra busy the past three days and can’t keep up with the blog. Jeremy is very kind to help me out and I deeply appreciate it.

    It’s frustrating when things don’t work. Just bare it out. The iPod touch isn’t everything. There’s still some Zune out there we can poke fun at.


    … just wait for Zibri’s good news.

    In the meantime, don’t you just love his music selection? πŸ˜›

  44. @John Geary

    Please scroll back up to Craiger‘s comment & solution.

  45. @Andy

    Wanna try something? Go to Settings -> General -> Reset: Reset All Settings

    Someone did that and his keyboard no longer freezes. Others tried too but not all are able to jump for joy.

    Warning: Your medias and settings will be totally erased.

  46. @Rich

    I guess you’re not familiar with jailbreaking. Wink. So let me tell you a little. If you read the guide, you’ll discover that from PART A to PART C we are actually restoring and upgrading our iPod touches, irregardless of age and original firmware versions, to version 1.1.4. Yup, after PART C, our very old iPod touches are actually “newer” than your relatively new but virgin iPod touch (w/ JSU). Then we jailbreak them. Bang.

    So of course you can jailbreak any 8GB iPod touch with confidence. We’ll be right here should you need help, ok?

  47. @thegpc

    Zibre is working on a version that will be 100% able to jailbreak the 32GB version; the version he bought on the internet. It could be that he receives his order today, like he said on his

    I also think, logically speaking, that a ZiPhone which is able to jailbreak a 32GB will also be able to jailbreak a 16GB iPod Touch. Same procedures, I think. Both have multiple ssd chips.

    The only thing you need to do is keep an eye out on his posts at and when he eventually releases his 1.1.4 firmware hack for iPod Touch 16/32 read all of the user comments and see wether this version can jailbreak the 16 and/or the 32GB touch.

    That’s what I’m going to do as soon as I’ve received my 32GB and I recommend you and all other people out there to do the very same.

  48. @Fredd-E

    “…and I recommend you and all other people out there to do the very same.”

    Hear hear!

    I will be so relief when the day comes! And I know it’s pretty soon!

    I love Zibri!

  49. “So of course you can jailbreak any 8GB iPod touch with confidence. We’ll be right here should you need help, ok?”

    Rupert — I am not experiencing these results with ziPhone 2.4 and my 8gb Touch.

    I get the BSD minor, major errors.

  50. @Jon

    I was going to tell you to install the HWInfo app to find out.

    But then you can’t since you haven’t jailbroken your iPod touch!

    Anyways… here’s what the Flash section shows:

    I don’t know if it’s meaningful in term of finding out how many chips made up the nand.

  51. @Rupert-

    I knew that it might not work. I just wanted to try and see if I was one of the lucky ones. πŸ™‚ I was not 😦

  52. In about 5 hours I’ll have my iPod TOuch 32GB! It will contain firmware 1.1.3 because it’s a model of week5, begin february. iTunes will advise me to update firmware to 1.1.4

    Shall I do this or not?

    I think it’s best to update firmware, play with it for some time and wait till ZiPhone is ready to jailbreak 1.1.4 on 32GB.

    Is this correct? Or other advice?

  53. @Fredd-E

    Don’t update to 1.1.4. There’s nothing visibly new. I’d rather stick at 1.1.3, and attempt to jailbreak it using the Offi. Dev Team GUI method.

    Of course, not jailbreaking it at all until the arrival of the new ZiPhone is a sound idea too.

    Actually, maybe you should look up how best to protect it. My friend left the factory plastic seal on.. and just cut a hole for the usb connector… works surpringly well.

  54. @RupertGee

    I’ve read numerous reports that the stability in Safari is increased with the 1.1.4 and also that tabs retain their content when swapping and also tabs load in the background. Only for those reasons alone it’s worth to upgrade to 1.1.4 I think. So I’ll update with iTunes.

    I’m also going to wait till ZiPhone is ready, so I can jailbreak the 1.1.4

    Considering protection, I’ve already bought invisible shield from

    My girlfriend got the very same on her iPod Classic 80GB and it’s amazing! Best protection ever! πŸ™‚

    – Audible difference (Better, Clearer Volume)
    – Better Tabbed Browsing (No White Screen)
    – Safari is more stable

  55. Rupert- Tonight, I plan on going back to a jailbroken 1.1.3 via the lengthy DEV method that worked for me in the first place.

    (Unless there is a new update today while I’m at work.)

  56. Rupert,

    How would I decompress the file as said in part D????


    Mr. J

  57. Any word on if this will work with Tiger, OS 10.4.11?

  58. Do you now where i can find the iphone apps for 1.1.4?

  59. So this version worked very well. πŸ™‚

    Best yet.

  60. One question.
    Are the iPhone apps and Wiggle function still compatible with 1.1.4?

  61. If you’re getting a BSD error when trying to jailbreak your iPod Touch, complete the following to get your iPod working and jailbroken with 1.1.4 firmware. This was done on a mac and you’ll need the 1.1.3 firmware update,1_1.1.3_4A93_Restore.ipsw

    1. connect sync cable to ‘broken’ iPod
    2. open iTunes
    3. hold down sleep/wake and home buttons until screen is blank
    4. release sleep/wake button ONLY when screen is blank
    5. release home button when iPod appears in iTunes
    6. press option key + Restore button and select the 1.1.3 firmware file
    7. wait for restore to complete
    8. go through iPod setup wizard, uncheck automatically sync and click sync to synchronize nothing
    9. click on check for update and update the iPod to 1.1.4
    10. wait for update to complete
    11. click sync to sync nothing
    12. Eject iPod and close iTunes
    13. Disconnect sync cable from iPod
    14. hold down sleep/wake and slide to power off
    15. hold down home button and connect sync cable
    16. release home button when iTunes logo appears on iPod display
    17. open ZiPhone
    18. select Jailbreak
    19. click Start
    20. wait for jailbreak to complete

    Job done; fully working, jailbroken iPod Touch running 1.1.4

    Things to do after:

    1. connect to your wireless network
    2. open installer
    3. install BDS Subsystem under System
    4. install Open SSH under System
    5. add the source
    6. install 1.1.3 / 4 iPod Full Features 2.1 under iSpazio Unlock Tool

    Job done; fully working, jailbroken iPod Touch running 1.1.4 with Mail, Google Maps, Weather, Stocks, Notes.

    Hope this helps

  62. Nevermind.
    You are correct when saying iSpazio is has the essential apps. (:

  63. [mac user]
    I’m getting a popup whenever I’m trying to install or uninstall apps that simple says: “Error. Package download failed.”

    That happens no matter what the package is.

    This happened after I attempted to install “Make It Mine,” it couldn’t download on 1.1.4, then I went to try something else and it brought up the same message from Make It Mine, as if I was still trying to install that program.
    So I rebooted my iPod and tried again, and no matter what application I try, it comes back with the “package download failed” crap.

  64. I’ll admit, I didn’t read through the guide, in fact, I only read the first sentence. This is because the last time I went through the Jailbreak process (1.1.2 to 1.1.1 then to 1.1.2 then again to 1.1.3) it turned out I needed a Intel Based mac.

    Is this the same, or even a relevant question?

  65. @Chris

    Regretfully and as far as I know it runs on Intel Mac only. At least now it runs in Leopard and Tiger; previously it was Leopard only.

  66. @Fredd-E

    Grin. They always say new firmware brings better sound… I dunno… I think it’s psychological. πŸ™‚

    I can’t figure out what they mean by better tab browsing. 😦

    So your giant iPod touch should be in your hands now. I’m sure you are enjoying it. The best part is, Zibri wrote that a new ZiPhone should be out anytime, presumbly the version that will jailbreak your 32GB! Your timing can’t be any better!

  67. @Mr. J

    If you downloaded the Mac version, just double-click on the file and it’ll decompress into an app by the name ZiPhone. If your Mac can’t decompress it, then I suggest you install the following excellent freeware:

    I’m not sure about the Windows version; I presume double-click on the downloaded .exe will decompress it.

  68. @Fedemac

    Here you go.

  69. @Phil

    It was Leopard only but now works in Tiger as well. Just make sure they are on Intel Mac.

  70. @J.E.N.

    Thank you for detailing the error; it’s so easy to explain to you what is wrong and how to fix it when we have details.

    You see, Installer 3.0 brings a new feature whereby you dont need to install apps one at a time but add new apps to be installed to its queue system. After you added all the apps into the queue, tapping Install will install all of them at one go. Time saving!

    The problem is it isn’t very smart. As you now know, “Make It Mine” isn’t compatible and refuse to install itself. But when you select another compatible App to install, “Make it Mine” is still in the queue, and you get the same error message from “Make it Mine” (not from the new app). Installer should have automatically remove “Make it Mine” but didn’t! You end up getting stuck.

    So the resolution is simple, tap on the “Clear Queue” button to manually remove “Make it Mine” from the queue and other Apps will install nicely.

  71. @ricardinho

    If I get up the nerve to try this again, I will try your method. At the moment I am restoring back to 1.1.3 and I’ll wait there for awhile.

    I had zero luck with the ziPhone software on my 8gb Touch. I know the DEV method worked flawlessly and I’m content with that for now.

    I just want ‘5 dice’ back.

  72. @RupertGee
    Leopard is not a problem, I have it installed on my PPC mac. My next question would be if there is any point to this upgrade? I am currently developing a few things in Jiggy (The unofficial iPhone/iPod Touch SDK runs on only intel based macs, PCs, and apparently linux?) I have other computers but I don’t use the as often. More to the point, I’m not to fond of upgrading for compatibility reasons and also, setting everything up and reinstalling is a pain.

    If I copied /var/root/Prefrences, /var/root/Media, /var/mobile/Prefrences/ and /var/mobile/Media (without the music folder) will I be able to easily regain my current state in 1.1.4?

  73. @Chris:

    Apprently, 1.1.4 is just a bunch of bug fixes that (of course) renders 1.1.3 Jailbreaks useless. Not even any added anything for the SDK release. Honestly, I think Apple just put this one out to mess with Jailbreakers before the SDK.

    So the answer is: No, there’s not much of a point. If you’re comfortable on 1.1.3, stick with it until better support for 1.1.4 jailbreaking is released.

  74. @RupertGee

    Indeed, right now I’ve been enjoying my Touch 32GB a lot. Firmware 1.1.4

    I can report couple of things:
    * the tabs still revert to white after a while, for no apparent reason.. so firmware 1.1.4 definitely doesn’t fix this; try it yourself open for example 4 tabs in safari and browse a bit and then try to get back to another tab –> you will see that the tabs in the overview have gone white in stead of showing a screenshot of the actual page they’re on (i hope they fix this bug in a future update)
    * also safari doesn’t keep connections stable to for example (an excellent site to connect to various IM protocols) — I find myself constantly logging back in again to this IM service because Safari seems to be disconnecting while you’ve been idle for a short while
    * better sound is indeed a psychological thing I think πŸ™‚ (perhaps maybe more volume)
    * safari still crashed on my twice I think, at random
    * all of the rest seems to be fine

    So, now I’ll in fact wait till Zibre releases his new ZiPhone to check wether it can jailbreak my 32GB Touch or not. Without too much of a hassle…

    PS: This thing is addictive.. I received mine at 21:00 (9pm) and played with it till 03:00 (3am) and now it’s 08:00 (8am) and I need to get to work… sigh… i’m so bloody tired πŸ˜‰

  75. For what it’s worth: “1.1.4 seems to improve battery life”

  76. “Bringing Debian APT to the iPhone” with Cydia Package

    This replaces and bsd subsystem with something more stable/cool!

    read more for a guide and installation instructions:

    Interesting to say the least!

  77. Hey Rupert,
    Thought I’d report in. I just tried the updated ZiPhone method with my 8GB touch on my 12″ powerbook and it worked! Good news for us ppc users.

  78. Update!!! After completing the jailbreak I was on 1.1.4 but after installing a few apps, powering down and turning back on, I’m back at 1.1.3. Weird. Anyway, maybe there are still issues with ppc and ZiPhone.

  79. ZiPhone 2.5 is out today and runs full support for 1.1.4. Still waiting for his 16-and-32GB iPod version, but he has to receive the iPod first I guess, so it may be a while.

  80. Hi Rupert,

    Have have a PC but do I need to use vista in order to download the file from ZiPhone as stated in part D? I have XP so will that make a difference???


    Mr. J

  81. @Fredd-E

    Thanks for explaining the tab turning white issue. I understand now. Ha ha. I used to think it’s a feature so that if I left some unmentionable sites in tabs no one will know. IT’S A GOOD BUG, YA KNOW!?

    Goosh, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday but your link to Cydia caught my fancy. It’s fantastic, isn’t it. I love the idea of having an alternative Installer. Soon with SDK, we’ll have three in total. Hopefuly we’ll hear less complaint about STE. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the exciting link!

  82. @Trevor

    Wow, it works on a PowerPC now? That’s very good news.

    But… I don’t think it downgraded your iPod to 1.1.3. It can’t do that in 45 seconds! Heehee.

    I betcha you installed the 1.1.4 Summerboard Patch? The patch fooled your iPod touch into thinking it has 1.1.3 so that, among other apps, Summerboard will install onto it.

    You are suppose to uninstall the patch after you have installed Summerboard, so that it will revert its changes. “About” will show 1.1.4 after that. But hey… don’t uninstall; many apps only install in 1.1.3 and the patch makes them work. It’s totaly harmless.

  83. @thegpc

    I wonder where he’s ordering it from? Doesn’t the Online store ships the next day? Weird.

  84. @Mr. J

    Oh yes, just select the Windows version to download. I beliieve it runs well in XP.

  85. Um… No idea. But I really hope he does it soon; I have requests to jailbreak for all my friends (using your fabulous Dev Team guide) and ZiPod would make it go so much faster…

  86. ******************************************

    Hey people

    It’s true, the current ZiPhone does work in a PowerPC Mac too. I just jailbroken my 8GB iPod touch on my Mac mini G4. It works just like it did in my Intel Mac, except …

    … it refuses to start jailbreaking with the iPod touch connected to the Mac. So I disconnected the iPod touch, and wham bang, it did its job as per usual.

  87. @thegpc

    Yeah it’s kinda weird that he didn’t receive his iPod Touch 32GB yet… I really want him to publish a new ZiPhone with updated iPod Touch possibilities.

    He’ll get a lot more donations if he
    fixes it.. and he knows it too! πŸ™‚

    I think Zibre is making some good money out of his ZiPhone… I’ve seen lots of reports of users donating 10 euros and stuff! I wonder what Apple thinks about his site… πŸ˜‰


    I really want to test the Cydia package.. but I’m still not jailbroken yet… have you already inspected/used it? Comments? Additional thoughts?

  88. @Rupert and Fredd-E:

    I was looking over the Cydia yesterday… It seems really nice. All the packages have the A-Z scroll bar, which makes searching for packages WAY easier than on Installer.

    However, they are SEVERELY lacking in the “add sources” department. They’re developing a panel, not for Cydia, but for the Settings app. Once they do that, I think it’ll be the Installer replacement.

  89. @thegpc

    My fav feature of Cydia is the Search function. The A-Z scoll is fantastic too.

    Do you notice apps seems to install faster?

    The only thing I don’t like is how it exit — there’s a white spinning progress wheel just like Installer’s but it’s on a whitish background and hence become invisible. πŸ™‚ It’s cosmetic and I’m sure will change.

  90. @Fredd-E

    I like Cydia very much; I like it enough and know it’ll be an important app to the extend I made a new icon for it for a new updated version of Gee Theme!

    For now there’s not much useful apps in it yet. That should change as more developers discover it. For me if I find an app is available in both the Installer and Cydia, I’d choose to install it via Cydia. Cydia just feels better becoz it’s Open Source.

  91. Um, I did notice a slight change in download speed, but nothing to really make me commit to it. Again, I’ll wait for its Source Editing preference pane to be completed before I make my switch.

  92. So, can the ZiPhone 1.1.4 method be done from any firmware version? More specifically, my Touch is currently jailbroken at 1.1.2. If I do this, (a) will it work? and (b) will I get the cool jiggly Springboard icon-moving goodness? Somewhat less pressingly, (c) Is it true (as rumours had it) that folks who don’t pay the $20 still get those 5 apps chucked into the iPod (after upgrading to 1.1.3) non-visibly and non-functionally (thus wasting space)? If so (d), does this apply to 1.1.4? Thanks. Great job Rupert.

  93. @Jonathon:

    One of the preliminary steps to using ZiPhone is to restore (ie, no jailbreak anymore) to the firmware version you want jailbroken. So, technically, yes. As soon as you restore from your 1.1.2 jailbreak to a clean-slate 1.1.4, you’ll be ready to go.

  94. Since I’ve been running my ipod for a while “un-jailbroken” I thought I’d experiment to see if I could jailbreak while retaining all of my settings etc. So, after putting it into DFU mode, instead of selecting “set up as new ipod” I just selected “restore from backup” then I unchecked “open itunes when this ipod is connected” and all of the things I had set up to sync before (music, videos, pictures etc.) and clicked apply and sync. This left me with a restored 1.1.4 ipod, empty, but with all of my settings intact (including the January Software Update that I paid for). Then I ran ZiPhone, and 2 minutes later I had a freshly jailbroken 1.1.4 ipod (with Software Update) and all of my previous settings!

    That’s it. Just thought I’d pass on this interesting discovery.

  95. @Trevor

    Ha ha. Thanks for the feedback. I’m guessing it works for you because that’s an unjailbroken iPod touch. How’s your emails? Did your accounts retain?

  96. Yep, they’re all still there. Although in my case that’s only 2 accounts.

  97. @Trevor

    Amazing. I think the key is yours’s a unjailbroken iPod touch. iTunes is smart enough to convert old settings to work in the new firmware.

    It sure is nice to be able to retain settings! I have many many πŸ˜€ gmail accounts and thank goodness I know how to restore their setups.

  98. @Rupert
    I have an 8G touch with the january app pack installed. When i use ZiPhone 2.5 i keep getting a repeating “BSD root: md0, major 2, minor 0”
    did i do something wrong??

  99. Can you explain how to fix the iPhysics issue?

    Even if you download extra levels, none of them show up.
    I have searched and no one has been able to help me.

  100. I’m just wondering what the difference between the 16gb model and the 8gb model is that excludes the 16gb model from working with the Ziphone GUI method.
    I have a 16gb model, and I have had to re jailbreak it three times already due to it freezing up. It has gotten really annoying waiting such a long time for my touch to be jailbroken.

  101. @Ryan
    The general difference between the 8gb and 16gb is that the 8gb has 1 memory card, whilst the 16gb has 2×8 cards, and ZiPhone was targeted at only one of the memories, which is why you’re extemely lucky if you can jailbreak 16b with ZiPhone

  102. @Petey

    Unfortunately yu have the newer 8GB iPod touch with two memory cards and ZiPhone doesn’t work on it. Use the following long and tedius guide to jailbreak instead:

  103. Status update from Zibri on irc #ziphone

    He hasn’t received the iPod Touch 32GB yet.

    “[21:20] yawg: i will survive.. no.. really.. i received the wrong box.. 2 iphones 16gb.. i will receive the ipod in the next box (i repeated this 20 times today)”

  104. Just jailbroke my iPod using Tiger, and all worked well. Although the keyboard still seems to be kinda funny.
    And also, last night before I jailbroke, still on JBen 1.1.3, I saw that Rupert had his Theme on! Nice

  105. @Fredd-E

    Isn’t two 16GB iPod touch worth more in value then a single 32GB?

    I’d sell them and re-order. πŸ˜€

    Bad Rupert Bad.

  106. @Vanya

    Grin. If you look carefully that’s the iSpazio edition. The “Jailbreak Edition” and alternative wallpapers still needs to be manually downloaded.

  107. @J.E.N.

    It’s been a long time since I played iPhysics. What’s the issue again? Maybe I can help.

  108. @RupertGee

    It’s not two ipod touch 16GB he received, but two iphones 16GB. Difference! πŸ™‚

    PS: Whilst chatting on irc yesterday I also came in contact with one from the official dev team; he strongly advised to not bother with Zibri/Ziphone anymore; they have worked on something more cool; a hacked firmware to jailbreak via iTunes! Their official blog with more info:

    There’s also a link to their irc server there… he told me that most likely it will be released in two days, well that should be tomorrow basically after the SDK-event… but I wonder if it will also work on an iPod Touch because Official Dev Team Pwned Firmware is made specifically for an iPhone. Remarkably the firmware is signed as well!

    There are youtube links on their announcement page.

    I’m very curious about when it will be released and how it will work on an iPod Touch. It seems to be the best and most easy method ever!

  109. As I don’t see the point to be on 1.1.4, I’ll stay on 1.1.3, unless someone is able to convince me that it’s a real advantage?

  110. When I download the file, I get 173,519,589 bytes instead of 175,519,589 bytes. I downloaded from Firefox on Windows XP. How do I make sure I get the exact file, and that no billgatization is done?

    Also, do you know if a restored iPod will have any trace of jailbreaking? So if I restore the iPod, could I still retain my warranty?

  111. I have 1.1.3 JB and i m wondering if i can upgrade to 1.1.4 but not lose any of my applications, contacts and info i have in my calendar, is that possible?

  112. @jester

    as long as you do a complete restore there will be no trace of a jailbreak.

  113. i, too, have 173,… bytes instead of 175,… same as jester posted. what’s with that?

  114. @Jester and Gii

    My apology. It’s a typo. The filesize is indeed 173,519,589 bytes.

    Sorry about that. πŸ™‚

  115. Attention all:

    I strongly advise you to stop jailbreaking with ZiPhone and read the following *very* exciting news by the Official Dev Team:

    “Both tools are undergoing intensive developing and soon will be ready for public consumption.”

    I’ll wait for sure!

    This is the thing we’ve all been waiting for, custom firmwares which will make it possible to jailbreak through iTunes!

  116. Hey Rupert, the Pwnage thing seems cool, but complicated… Any chance on a guide once it comes out?

  117. Wow… For the first time, I got ZiPhone working on my 16GB. I used the brute-force repeated clicking method on ZiPhone 2.5c. Gotta say, it works really well if you do it right.

  118. Another great method, which will very soon be compatible with ipod touch, is iPlus. This method only works on 1.1.4

    read all about it on this blog:

    it doesn’t tinker with the bootloader.. it creates a fakeblank instead. unlike ziphone which actually does some irreversible change.

    So, read the blog and learn all about its goodness. And also for a brief introduction, read:

  119. I managed to jailbreak my 16GB iPod Touch. Restored my iPod from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4.
    Started ziphone, repeatably clicked the Jailbreak button every 1 second until the Apple Logo appeared.
    Closed the ZiPhone application immediately and I saw the Installer icon on the iPhone!!!

    Added this repo to your installer and installed the free applications:

    Found Gee’s theme under iSpazio Themes as well! πŸ™‚

  120. Can anyone help me…i tried to jailbreak my ipod touch 1.1.4 16 gb ipod, i used ziphone and i unplugged before it was done (i had to leave and like the dumbass i am i unplugged it) now when i plug it back it and restart it its still running the process and i get the BSD error and itunes is NOT detecting it, neither is ziphone. SO its sitting here plugged in, but not being detected by my computer. Can any one help me? PLEASE!?

  121. @Tyler

    You can get your iPod touc out of its misery using the DFU mode.

    Follow the instructions except since you can’t see your iPod touch in iTunes, use the timing method by counting to ten seconds instead.

  122. @Fredd-E

    Hey, iPlus seems nice but I’m more eager to try out Pwnage becoz of its customizing feature.

    Any news on its expected release?

  123. @Fredd-E:

    What’s the irreversible damage ZiPhone does? Is that why the Dev Team won’t work for me anymore? Are you sure there’s no way to fix it?

  124. Hello All,

    Quick question does anyone know how to change the small “gray” folder icon that appears in safari and I wanted to change the folders to look like the blue folders in leopard if possible any tips would be great.

    I know this topic is off the subject just thought I would ask thanks

  125. @RupertGee

    Other than “soon” I’ve got no eta on Project Pwnage by Official Dev Team. But it’s going to be epic! πŸ™‚


    ZiCrap overwrites your 4.9 BootLoader to 3.9 This doesn’t mattr if your bootloader was 3.9 out-of-the-box but newer ones (like my ipod touch 32gb) has got a 4.9 BL and I’d love to keep it original. iPlus creates a fakeblank 3.9 BL which makes it possible to revert back to 4.9 at ease.

    And that’s what makes the Dev Team version fail and there’s no known cure, as far as I know. But I haven’t delved deeply on that subject yet. Maybe there is still hope to recover from ZiCrap?

  126. i did this fine, very easy to do and to understand i did part c 2. but when i go to installer in 1.1.4, sources add new source i start to type and it hangs i dont no what ive done wrong??

    can anybody help please


  127. @Fredd-E:

    You mean there’s NO way at all? Or will it work if I just restore everything?

    Crap, this may have been really bad! Can I maybe AFP or SSH into another iPod, grab the bootloader files, and copy them to my iPod or something?

  128. @Fredd-E (again):

    No, I just looked… The place I get stuck is the 1.1.2 Jailbreak.jar, and that’s fine with 3.9BL. Are you sure the Dev Team doesn’t work once you try ZiPhone?

  129. @2k. Just simple restore the iPod, (simply click on the Restore button), and re-do the process. After my keyboard froze, I did just that, and then didn’t get the keyboard freezing issue. Hope this helped!

    And also, what is a bootloader? Thanks!

  130. @Vanya

    thanks alot ill try that, fingers crossed it will work!!

    i wouldnt no what it is sorry, google it??

  131. @Vanya and 2k:

    A bootloader is the piece of core software that boots up the OS on a given device. Using a Mac, it runs when you see the grey screen with the Apple/Finder face on it. Using a PC, it runs while you’re on the “Windows XP Home Edition/Business Edition” on XP or the screen on Vista which has a green loading bar. On iPods, it runs when the Apple screen shows.

  132. after jailbreaking the itouch will i be able to update my itouch normally??

  133. @Naty
    What do you mean by updating the touch normally? Are you talking about the firmware?

  134. I have the january software upgrade… will I lose that if I jailbreak? Also I tried to “extract and launch” the Ziphone download but I got a message telling me that I must install the the following version of .NET framework: v2.0.50727…. and tips? I don’t even know what .NET framework is!!! Help!

  135. oops sorry. the “and tips” was a typo…

  136. Once ZiPhone 2.6 (avec iPod compatibility) is out, could we maybe get a guide? If you don’t have too much on your plate, that is.


    Ziphone 2.6 is out

    BUT I recommend you to read this first:

    “We promise to get you a non-Z iPlus version in a day or two!”

    So official dev team method is imminent now, without Zibri blog icon on springboard and i prefer Official Dev Team over ZiPhone’s downgrade bootloader method anytime.

  138. Okay people!

    ZiPhone 2.6 is officially out now and it works like a charm! I tried in on my 16 gb iPod and everything went smoothly.

    The ZiPhone now includes a “jailbreak and Ipod Touch” button. Remember to push that instead of the “Jailbreak!”…I did that at the first time and almost started to cry until I noticed the other button πŸ˜€

  139. correction: “Jailbreak an Ipod Touch”

  140. @Fredd-E abd Sibale:

    What’s the point of the new ZiPhone? I mean, it’s not as if 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 are that different. I’d much rather wait for the DevTeam to finish Pwnage and use that.

    (Written from my iPod- neat!)

  141. Hey, Rupert:

    The latest ZiPhone supports 16 GB and 32 GB Touches!

  142. Does upgrading your hacked iPod (ver. 1.1.3) to ver. 1.1.4 erase your songs in your iPod?

  143. Latest ZiPhone (2.6b) is a bliss.

    I’ve jailbroken on an iMac in 40 seconds. Firmware 1.1.4 (upgraded from 1.1.3 OOTB). I didn’t even do a restore to 1.1.4

    After 40 second I had, all my music, all my videos and all my various settings still intact. Awesome.

    Mail, youtube, etc works like it’s supposed to.

    Recommended! But *only* for iPod Touch. For iPhone (regarding bootloader downgrade) I recommend which creates a fakeblank bootloader.

  144. Hey
    I have a problem when I try to jailbreak to 1.1.4. It’s a 8gb Ipod touch. Ziphone writes “Please wait 45″.” And on the ipod screen it’s write Spamming AT, Waiting for a response. Ay one that can help me?

  145. for those of you out there that are still a bit nervous about the whole jailbreaking thing, I’ve heard that sometime in june, apple is making an “app store”. granted not everthing is free but you can buy and download third-party apps onto you iPhone/iPod touch. It kinda works like the iTunes store that is already on your iPod. I’m waiting for that. If nothing good comes from it then I jailbreak.

  146. hi i need your help i tried downgrading it to 1.1.1 then it locked up and said error 1 and restore mode wont work at all im trying to get it to 1.1.4 but it wont work plz email me on

  147. @rooky:

    I’m not sure how much we here on Rupert’s blog (devoted to jailbreak tips) are afraid of jailbreaking… But thanks for the news!

    I tried making some apps with the SDK… I need to know UNIX, Cocoa, C++… And about 5 more extremely extensive code languages I don’t even know. But if you do happen to have a catalogue of codes in your head, please someone out there make stuff!

  148. I’m so sick of this. I’ve jailbroken, restored, and re-jailbroken so many effing times. My keyboard will not overcome this freezing problem! Any time I use any keyboard on my JB 1.1.4 ipod touch, the whole thing freezes and I have to restart it. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, feel free to email me:

  149. hey, i did EVERYTHING you siad, and i got the installer on my ipod. im running 1.1.4 and everything… but it ALLWAYS freezes. ive restored it many times, and also have re-jailbroken it. and still, freezes. not only in the installer, but also on the internet. what should i do?

  150. hey my terminal doesnt look like yours rupert and it sys bash- 80×24 does that matter??

  151. i cant find the file that i made using the terminal does it have a name???

  152. @Ashik:

    That’s an iTunes syncing problem, and, as Rupert himself says:

    “do not pawn yourself and cry foul that you followed this guide exactly β€” you didn’t.”

    Follow step C2 EXACTLY.

  153. my sound won’t work on some of the apps is. Does that have something to so with the jailbreak or something else???

  154. ZiPhone 3.0 released today! I’ll be testing it out later.

  155. you’re freakin awesome dude…

    i had trouble downloading the firmware from itunes because i could not connect to the internet via itunes…

    but with your link to the firmware, i was able to do that shift+restore thing, and got it working…i’ve literally been spending a day and half trying to restore my ipod touch since ziphone gave me that BSD crap…and you solved it brother…

    much love to u bro!

  156. will ziphone jailbreak work if you update to 1.1.4? i have ziphone up and ready to jailbreak, but im having second thoughts now that it says “restore” to 1.1.4, instead of “update”. if you must restore, how do i make it so i can do so?

  157. @Cameron:

    I’m pretty sure updating to 1.1.4 wipes out any previous jailbreak attempts, but running ZiPhone on that should re-jailbreak it.

  158. @Cameron
    If you don’t want to lose any music, just update to 1.1.4. It will remove all third party apps, but re-running ZiPhone will jailbreak your iPod, whilst keeping all your music intact.
    By restoring to 1.1.4 you just click the Restore button, which will give a pop-up saying to restore+update (or something similar)

  159. I have a little problem…I jailbroke my 1.1.4 ipod touch and all the apps got deleted as expected, but, the problem is that I still have the same amount of memeory I did when my apps were all installed, which is very limited. how can I correct this problem and get my apps back on????

  160. Mykell, what did you jailbreak from? Click Restore in iTunes, set up as new, then re-jailbreak.
    You can’t get your apps back.

  161. ok get this im installing the 1.1.4 jailbreak and then it gets to this point where it says “spamming At, waiting for response” and it just stays there and doesnt do anything else just stays there… if any1 has any suggestions on what the problem is i would greatly apreciate it

  162. @chris:

    Do you have an iPhone? I can’t tell. I can only assume based on the fact that I’ve never seen anything that says “Spamming At, waiting for response,” but in that case I can’t help you.

  163. M.
    Spamming At error is an error with earlier version of ZiPhone. Something about NVRAm. All you have to do is to exit it the same way you do with the BSD root, major minor etc

  164. when is the 1.1.5 jailbreak coming out

  165. @chris:

    There is no such thing as 1.1.5.

  166. Next thing after 1.1.4 is going to be 2.0, wich will be released next month

  167. when i downgrade my ipod it said “waiting for ipod” for ever

  168. when i downgrade my ipod it said β€œwaiting for ipod” for ever

  169. when i was jailbreaking my ipod touch downgraded to 1.1.4 from 1.1.5 i accidentally opened the ‘jailbreak iphone’ icon instead of the ipod touch one. now my ipod is stuck in recovery mode and it says ‘ipodStack can’t start! Need configuration’. can anyone help?

  170. >Josh

    Try this… it should work.

    1. Connect your iPod touch to your computer.
    2. Press and hold-down both the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds. Use a stop-watch to time it. If the Red Power Slider should appear β€” do not slide it! After 10 seconds, go on to the next step.
    3. Release the Power Button but keep holding down the β€œHome” button for another 10 seconds.

    Repeat the above procedure to get your iPod touch into the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode until you succeed. Then simply Restore your iPod touch to factory condition in iTunes. You may re-jailbreak after that.

    There are videos and detailed instructions on how to get into the DFU Mode, for your reference:

    Why are you still on firmware 1.1.x? πŸ˜€

  171. RupertGee

    Thanks for the help. I got it working and you saved my musical life.

  172. thank you so much for your detailed and very clear, easy – to – follow instructions. This helped me alot.

  173. Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant thought, article is pleasant, thats why i have read it completely

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