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  1. Hi rupert, glad to have you back!

    Guess what, the world has changed since you’ve been gone – the iPhone 3G has been released!

    Please write some good stuff like you always used to!

  2. Hello again, Rupert! Good to hear some news from you!

  3. Hey Rupert,
    Welcome back!!


  4. Ha ha, indeed I look forward to my first post after a long while. I’m updating the Gee Theme for Winterboard, meaning to say it will be for the new version 2 firmware.

    Meanwhile I should thank my good buddy, Allan, for maintening the blog while I was away busy on another project.

    I *think* I should stop writing about firmware 1.1.x and concentrate on 2.x only. Although 2.x isn’t as widely accepted yet, it’s only a matter of time (a week or two is my guess) before we get the Installer in there and old 1.x apps upgraded. I’ve been using 2.x and loving it (especially the free Remote app.)

    So let’s move on!

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