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The fabulous Gee Theme is now available for firmware 2! Both iPod touch and iPhone versions are available immediately.

The new WinterBoard theme changer is required. You can find WinterBoard in the Cydia Installer.


  • Tough yet stylish Carbon Fibre replaces the original dark metallic background.
  • Added iPhone Dev Team’s little pineapple logo.
  • Dock has a distinctive base.



Gee Theme 2 for iPod touch:
Gee Theme 2 for iPhone:


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the entire “Gee Theme 2 (iPod touch)” or “Gee Theme 2 (iPhone)” folder to your device’s /Library/Themes folder. Please note this Library folder is the one on the root /, and is not the one under /var/mobile nor /var/root! The familiar /Applications folder is in the root.

    /Library <– this Library folder

  3. Launch WinterBoard and tap on the Gee Theme entry, and in about 5-10 seconds, the Gee Theme will be installed in your iPod/iPhone.


I hope you’ll like the new Gee Theme!

The original Gee Theme for firmware 1.1.x is here. It’s also available in the Installer & Cydia for SummerBoard.


Below are Gee Theme’s custom logos for PwnageTool 2.x. Drag and save them to your Desktop.


A matching Battery Image for the Unlock Screen is now available. It is an optional install; you do not need it for the Gee Theme to work. On the other hand, you can install it for use with the default iPod touch or other themes as well.


  • Download this zip for iPod touch (or this zip for iPhone), and copy (and overwrite) all 17 .png files into /System/Library/Core Services/
  • It’s not a bad idea to backup the original files first. In any case, here’re the original images if you need them.

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