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The esteem iPhone-Dev Team has made available earlier today version 2.0.3 of its PwnageTool. Despite their promise of a “Happy Update Day”, I’m not happy at all. The custom .ipsw created with this new PwnageTool 2.0.3 simply doesn’t work. The iPod touch will reboot into a nasty white blank screen. I know my firmware file is perfectly alright as I can restore to factory condition without a hitch. There’s also nothing wrong with my Mac as my iPod touch has since been re-jailbroken to firmware 2.0.1 using PwnageTool 2.0.2! Sigh.

To break out of the white screen, you’ll have to disconnect the device and press and hold the power button until it powers off.

To re-jailbreak to custom firmware 2.0.2, the easiest way (abeit a long way) is to launch iTunes and re-connect your iPod touch, and simply Restore your iPod touch to factory condition first using the standard firmware. After that, use PwnageTool 2.0.2 to jailbreak it again. Make sure that your iPod touch is in DFU Mode (and not the Recovery Mode!) before your Command+Restore the custom firmware. Otherwise, you’ll really be unhappy.

Let’s hope for a fix, or better still, a “QuickPwn” for Mac.

Aug 27 Update
The Team have released a Sparkle Update and resolved the issue. The new PwntageTool is now version (Direct Download Link).

Now that it works, I’m very pleased to note with this version we can pre-select Cydia packages to bundle in the custom .ipsw! The function is not complete yet as we are only limited to pre-configure sources but it’s a good start.



  1. Yeah on their blog they say that there are some issues which they are solving right now. Thats why they took it off again

    look here:

  2. >Maddin

    Thanks for the pointer! I scanned through the comments and most of the complaints relate to wifi and retention of email passwords. That implies they could get their devices to partially work while mine doesn’t even boot properly. I suspect the difference is they have iPhone while iPod touch exhibits a different behaviour.

    I’m glad the Team is fast working on a fix.

  3. I hate how many people are downloading at once tho. I gettin about 3kb/ps =P.

  4. I’ve been searching around, and it seems like a lot of problems have been popping up with the 2.0.2 update… Is it worth getting? Should I just hoard my 2.0.1 until 2.0.3, or better yet 2.1 (due September-ish)?

  5. ->thegpc

    Nah, 2.0.2 is fine with me. No issue at all. However, I don’t see any real benefit on upgrading either. It’s a bug fox release for 3G iPhone! 🙂

    It’s probably not worth your while to upgrade now. I’d wait for the Mac version of QuickPwn, due sometime this week. It should let you upgrade the firmware without affecting your installed apps and settings.

    I have not heard anything on 2.1 though.

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