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One of the many reasons I jailbreak my iPod touch is so I can install and enjoy PocketTouch. PocketTouch was one of the most anticipated 2.0 apps, and thankfully the wait wasn’t long. It’s been out and available in Cydia and the Installer.

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but by chance I noted it now supports “Wallpaper”. I tried some of them, and thought I should make one that doesn’t look like a wallpaper! The result is the new Gee Theme for PocketTouch. I see it as an extension of the Gee Theme, a handsome interface for the otherwise faceless PocketTouch. I hope you like it.


  1. Download and unzip this archive (183.56Kb), which includes themes for iPhone too.
  2. Select the theme for your device (iPod touch, iPhone or iPhone 3G) and upload it into: /private/var/mobile/Library/PocketTouch/Images
  3. Tap and launch the Settings app (ya know, the one you use to set your device’s Brightness level etc)
  4. Scroll down the list of Settings and you should see PocketTouch listed. Select it.
  5. Tap on Appearance -> Colors & Themes
    • For “Colour Scheme”, choose the default “PocketTouch (Black & White)”
    • Tap to enable “Background Image”.
    • Tap on “Image” and select the Gee Theme.
  6. Done.



Do you use PocketTouch while jogging? Of course we do, but I also use it while I’m sitting down on my desk with my iPod touch right next to my mouse!! Look, a quick swipe is all it takes to change tracks or the volume level, a quick double-tap to pause. That’s significantly faster then what the Music Player can let me do, and I can do it blindly! To me, the PocketTouch is a replacement for the Music player. So if you thought you don’t need PocketTouch, think again.

Thank you Skylar!


  1. After Thought:

    I mentioned PocketTouch is a replacement for the Music player. Well, it can be a full replacement if it can read the iTunes library directly, ie, we don’t need to load the Music player in the background. Better still if it could display the Album artwork as well. I don’t expect it to play video but it would be nice to swipe and go forward a little. Nevertheless it’s the greatest app evar!

  2. Another nice theme from Gee! Thanks!

  3. Wow, this is gorgeous. It should be included in the distribution!

    Lov’ ya Gee Theme; keep up the good work!

  4. Hello,

    I am the cat who made PocketTouch, and I just stumbled upon your site. I am really digging the wallpaper you have added to the application.= and would like to include it in the next release of PocketTouch if you give me permission.

    Please, shoot me an email at if you will allow it. (Also, if you can attatch the zip, that’d be appreciated too.


  5. @ rupertGee

    i am unable to find pocket touch in cydia or installer, what is the source i need to add to be able to get it, i miss it after i upgraded to 2.1

  6. Wah! Thanks for dropping by, Skylar and especially the offer to bundle the theme. I’ll shoot you right after this.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. >James

    PocketTouch is distributed by BigBoss, which is a source installed by default.

    My guess is your ISP requires you to connect to the net via a proxy and you didn’t set the proxy in your device. If so, go to your Wifi setting and fill it in. Otherwise you’ll be missing out quite a few other apps until your ISP’s cache is updated.

  8. Rupert:

    You don’t happen to still have the .PSD file for this, do you? Would you mind sending it to me? I need it for a project I’m doing (setting up a Date/Time function right on the springboard, with nice little styles) This, or the .PSD for the Gee Theme Pro wallpaper, would be great!

  9. >thegpc

    I’ll pass you the .psd for this as I need to keep Gee Theme’s under check.

    What’s your email again? Replace its @ with _at_ to avoid spam, k?

  10. Gotcha.

    [email addy deleted by rup]

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