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It’s too bad AFP for iPhone OS 2 (implemented by the open-source Netatalk) doesn’t allow root access. It’s an issue that has been bugging me since I installed awhile back.

Today I looked into it and google quickly returned a workable solution by henXa over at the forum. I made some changes, however, to suit my liking.

  1. I name my “root-filesystem” simply “root” (so the root partition mounts on the Desktop as “root”, as per AFPd 1.x)

    cd /etc/netatalk/
    ln -s / root

  2. I create the “AppleVolumes” file (and the “root” symbolic link) in “/etc/netatalk/” so as to bury them from easy access.
  3. I added the following line into “afpd.conf” because of above.

    -defaultvol /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes

  4. The content of my “AppleVolumes” is as follow because I don’t need a short-cut to the /Applications folder and my symbolic link has been relocated:


With these changes, my Netatalk behaves just like AFPd 1.x.

Need a quick toggle to turn on and off the AFP system? Turning it on only when needed not only save on battery consumption but it’s also a good security measure. You’ll need Boss Prefs and create a plugin as detailed in this post by Rob Garth.


  1. THis is cool! I’m glad this bug got (sorta) fixed.

    It’s weird though, now that I finally figured out SSH via Cyberduck, I feel like it’s the same thing as AFP.

  2. >thegpc

    Hey, AFP has one major advantage over sFTP (and all those AppStore Apps that allows file access); AFP+Finder are native to Mac OS X! I love to use Color Labels to mark out folders for easy identification, especially identifying those folders with strange long filenames in ~/Application. I can then restore my Slots game’s highscore data file very quickly instead of going through the long list of folders one-by-one everytime.

  3. …I’m confused about how to do it. Are his “code” segments supposed to be put in to Terminal, or MobileTerminal, or what?

  4. >thegpc

    You have to use your OS X’s Terminal and log in as “root” to execute the commands.

    ssh -l root

    We can’t use Mobile Terminal because it can’t log in as root. 😦

  5. Right, but then what commands do I enter? I’m just confused by his instructions. Could you maybe re-write them in your ever-readable way? (If you’ve got the time, that is. I’ve got root access through Cyberduck, so it’s not so urgent for me.)

  6. Hey, Rupe…Just been over to your walk-through… FAB! Works! But check out my posts (if you’ve got time) for some odd Terminal returns during the toggle install…

    Again, thanks for the time and know-how and keeping us all connected the way we should have been from the start…


  7. I really wish someone would have sent me this information :(. (I’m the maintainer of Telesphoreo, and I get e-mails all the time about “I can’t get access to /”, but no one ever has any solutions.) *Goes to integrate this new knowledge into the actual package.*

  8. >Jay

    Hey there…great work you’re doing by the way!

    >RupertGee, Jay

    I’ve just checked cydia and netatalk has been update with root access…will updating break anything we’ve done here to get root access and in turn break netatalk on our phones?


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