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Oct 11, 2008 Update: How to enjoy the updated version 2.0.3-5 by reversing changes made in this post:

  1. Launch your favorite sFTP client and navigate to /etc/netatalk/.
  2. Download this zip, and upload & overwrite the “AppleVolumes.default” file in /etc/netatalk/.
  3. Delete the “afpd.conf” file from /etc/netatalk/.
  4. Reboot your device.
  5. Important: DO NOT use your sFTP client to delete the symbolic file “root”. I repeat, DO NOT use your sFTP client to delete the symbolic file “root”. If you do that, the content of your entire device will be deleted! You’ll have to “Option+Restore” your device after that. Leave the file alone!
  6. To connect as “root”, toggle the “Disconnect” button (as seen in the below pic) and type “root” and “alpine” when prompted.

This following instructions for Netatalk 2.0.3-4 is obsolete; do not follow.
(Scroll down for AFP BossPrefs Toggle.)

This is a follow-up on my previous entry about enabling AFP Root Access by hanXa and how I modify hanXa’s instructions so my AFPd (Netatalk 2.0.3-4) behaves like it did in AFPd 1.x. It details, step-by-step, all the how-tos in one post.

  1. Needless to say, you must install Netatalk via Cydia. You can find it under the “Networking” section.
  2. Download this zip, and use your favorite sFTP client to upload its contents (“AppleVolumes.default” & “afpd.conf”) into /etc/netatalk/. When prompted, you will allow overwriting the existing files.
  3. Launch your OS X’s (it’s in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder) and issue the following command:

    ssh -l root

    When prompted, type the password “alpine”. (You must replace “″ with your device’s actual IP address, which you can find out in your device’s Settings->Wi-Fi->Your Network->IP Address.)

  4. Copy and paste the following command into your Terminal’s prompt and hit the Return key to execute it:

    cd /etc/netatalk/

  5. Ditto for the following command:

    ln -s / root

  6. Done.


The following AFP BossPrefs Plugin is good for any version of Netatalk

We need a way to toggle the AFP on and off, not only to save on battery consumption but also as a safe guard to unauthorised access. For that, we will install a plugin written by Rob Garth for use in BossPrefs.

BossPrefs Plugin for AFP:

  1. If you don’t already have BossPrefs in your device, then go to install it via Cydia first. You can find it under the “Utilities” section.
  2. Download this zip file and unzip it.
  3. Upload the “AFP (Netatalk)” file into:


  4. Upload both “” and “” files into:


  5. Launch your OS X’s (it’s in your /Applications/Utilities/ folder) and issue the following command:

    ssh -l root

    When prompted, type the password “alpine”. (You must replace “″ with your device’s actual IP address, which you can find out in your device’s Settings->Wi-Fi->Your Network->IP Address.)

  6. Copy and paste the following command into your Terminal’s prompt and hit the Return key to execute it.

    cd /Applications/

  7. Ditto for the following command:

    chmod +x

  8. Done. Please reboot your device for all the changes to take effect. After that, you can toggle AFP via BossPrefs.


For Leopard users: Thanks to amazing Bonjour techonology, your device will show up automatically in Finder’s Sidebar (If not, go to Finder’s Preferences -> Sidebar -> tick: Bonjour Computers.) Simply select it and you will be prompted for the login Name & Password, which are as “mobile” and “alpine” respectively.

For Tiger users: Select “Connect to Server …” from Finder’s “Go” Menu and type in your device’s IP address. When prompted, enter the Name & Password as “mobile” and “alpine” respectively. Click on either partition to mount it.

Your device should show up as you have named it although it has been reported that sometimes it shows up as “localhost”.

If your device shows up as “localhost”, then use BossPrefs to toggle AFP off and on it again.

Once again, a big thank you to hanXa and Rob Garth for making AFP for iPhone OS 2 so much more enjoyable.


  1. hi there Rupe…

    thanks for the detailed how to. I was at my rope’s end trying to figure this thing out…
    I am coming up with this when attempting step f (toggle install)

    localhost:~ root# cd /private/var/stash/Applications/
    -sh: cd: /private/var/stash/Applications/ No such file or directory

    …and this for step g

    localhost:~ root# chmod +x
    chmod: cannot access `’: No such file or directory
    chmod: cannot access `’: No such file or directory

    and I know I installed the files via Transmit


  2. Hang on a mo!!

    Just checked BossPrefs… and lo and behold… there’s the toggle!!!

    Connected through “Connect to server” in Finder…user and password prompt…mobile/alpine…and BANG!!! Both mobile and root volumes appear in dialog box!! Click on root…it mounts!!!

    Now why did terminal come up with “No such file…cannot access”?

    Hmm…well, it’s working, any how! And no small thanks to you Rupe… this, like you it sounds, annoyed me no end…I mean, if the ability to connect to a server is native in Finder, why should we have to forgo the elegance and ease of working natively in OSX and use circuitous routes of third parties (not that I don’t like these apps…) Well, it was annoying anyway…

    Again thanks for you detailed walk-through and all the expertise (which I don’t have) and time you have put into this…


  3. Hi there again Rupe…

    Just checking BossPrefs and the AFP (Netatalk) toggle switches off while in BossPrefs but when returning to BossPrefs after exiting the toggle is off just after “Initializing service” but then switches on? What’s happening here? I have SSH toggle installed and it remains off…also there’s no icon for the toggle (unlike in your screen shot)…



  4. >Rob

    I’m glad AFP is working for you now. Yah, native apps is always good!

    As for your BossPrefs toggle…. Hmm… I would uninstall BossPrefs via Cydia, reboot, and after that, re-install BossPrefs. Then carry out the steps and hopefully it’ll be alright.

    I have made some changes to the commands and hopefully they will work better.

  5. Hey there Rupe…

    thanks for the quick response…I’ll try what you recommended and let you know my progress…



  6. Hey, Rupe… just redid everything…AFP from Finder works all fine…but toggle still has this errant behaviour (off when just starting BossPrefs then immediately switches on + no icon-just AFP (Netatalk) )

    If you have time…



  7. >Rob

    For Step F, was your still in connection to your device? If you ran the instructions from Step 1 onwards, it should. Otherwise if connection is lost and Steps F & G will not run correctly. 🙂

    If that was what happened, worry not. Just do Step 3, followed by Steps F & G.

  8. Hey there Rupe…followed install process as described…did it again from scratch…AFP all works fine but the toggle doesn’t stay off when going back into BossPrefs and still no icon next to AFP (Netatalk)…!!!

    Oh well…works, which is the point…but those little annoying things…



  9. Thanks Rupert! This cleared everything up for me, and now my AFP is back and ready for action!

  10. Hey there thegpc

    Are you having the same issues with the toggle?Does your toggle stay off even when going back into Bossprefs? Does it have an icon? Yeah…Afp working is a great thing….


  11. Rob:

    No, my toggle works just fine. Are you sure you put the files in the right place? Executed the commands correctly? What I would do is find the files on your iPod/iPhone, delete them, and try again from scratch. Even re-download the files. See if that helps.

  12. Okay…will do. Thanks for the quick response, thegpc…I’ll let you know how it goes…


  13. Hi there thegpc… still the same issues…!!

  14. Hello again

    Have followed your advice…deleted files…uninstalled Bossprefs, rebooted, reinstalled Bossprefs…rerun install process…AFP works, toggle does switch off, exit Bossprefs, re-enter Bossprefs and toggle is off but then switches on by itself (even when wifi is off or on, doesn;t matter which)…I’m not sure why it does this. Any help would be appreciated…



  15. Oh..I switch the toggle off, then, say, go into “More” in Bossprefs, then go “Back” to Services, and toggle is off then switches itself on again…and still no orange icon (like in the screen shot)…hmm…afp IS working, though…


  16. I do’t know what to tell you, Rob… If it’s working, I would leave it alone (toggling the service really does very little for battery life), but if it really bothers you and you’ve got the time and patience, maybe try a full restore from your Pwned IPSW?It would definitely eradicate any underlying problem…

  17. Thanks thegpc for the quick response again…I suppose you’re right…a restore seems like alot of bother for a small thing like this…


  18. Hey Rupert, do you know why some iPods come up as “localhost” instead of their name? Not a big deal, just if you happen to know anything about it.

  19. >Rob

    Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. At this stage, I’d also suggest a complete restore of your device. 😦

  20. >thegpc

    I just discovered that to get it to show up as “My iPod”, simply toggle AFP off and on it again in BossPrefs.

    Now, if you reboot your device (with AFP still enabled), it will re-appear as “localhost” again after it was rebooted! Of course, toggling BossPrefs will get it right again.

    This tells me when it reboots, AFP was automatically loaded incorrectly? The right way to load it is as seen in the “” file … but I don’t have a clue how to fix it. I suspect AFP was loaded before Bonjour, and so our device’s name isn’t made known yet.

  21. Hi there Rupe

    thanks for the suggestion…thegpc agrees with you…Oh well, here goes!!


  22. Hi there guys…well I performed a restore (encountered error 1600- then used restore via recovery rather than DFU – see Simon Blog) Had to set up iphone as new device – as iphone froze with apple icon and spinning wheel just beneath when trying to restore back-up (must have been corrupted)…reinstalled Bossprefs…followed your walkthrough…and AFP (Netatalk) toggle performing as prescribed!!!
    Relief!!! And my battery doesn’t seem to be chewed up as much by SSH/Wifi as much now…Don’t you just love this software update thing?!

    Credit to you guys…


  23. Oh and by the way…AFP works like a charm…accessing folders was a bit flaky before…say, the Applications folder in root would disappear if clicked on…phone appeared as localhost…now folders stay put and phone appears under its proper birth name…As Marlowe (the shamus) said: “It’s always the little things that make you sore.”

    Kudos to you,


  24. I have just purchased a iPhone3G and ran through the whole procedure of jailbreaking and installing Netatalk via Cynthia. I then installed Boss Prefs and your files. But nothing seemed to work, even though I got the switch in the Boss Prefs GUI. I had the same problem as some have had here in this blog: Every time I switched AFP off and quit Boss Prefs, saw that my iPhone was still showing up in the Finder, and opened Boss Prefs again, the AFP switch was on again. I then made a test via SSH: manually checked that I could stop and start Netatalk via the scripts that I downloaded from your site. This worked fine! I then concluded that there was something screwed with the service file “AFP\ (Netatalk)” and indeed: the paths were all incorrect. For example:

    At least on my phone the correct path is /Applications/

    Since there wasn’t any icon included in your zip file, I found one on another site and now it even looks cool! And works!


  25. >Rob

    Phew! I’m so glad the BossPrefs toggle is working for you. It’s about time! Your longer battery life now shows something was wrong in your old install which affected how some things work.

    As for the flaky folders. They are actually “fake” symbolic linked folders, similar to Mac’s familiar “alias”. The real folders were relocated to another place, viz, /var/stash/.

    Take for instance the /Library/Themes/ folder. It’s really inside /var/stash/Themes.XxXxXX/ where XxXxXX is a series of ramdom characters, unique to different devices. Thus each time you hit a “disappearing” folder, navigate to /var/stash/ and look for the real folder instead.

    I must say this AFPd 1.x didn’t exhibit this behaviour but then hey, this is iPhone OS 2.

    Enjoy your Netatalk!

  26. >Davidw

    You described an issue that we have been troubleshooting for Rob. thegpc and I tried every which way until we offered our best last resort; reformat the device. Rob did that and the toggle finally works for him. More importantly, he noted a longer battery life after the reinstall. Maybe you want to consider the same if your iPhone’s battery life is shorter then it should?

    I didn’t include an icon because it’s already included by default in BossPrefs. I wonder why it’s missing in your install.

    May I know which jailbreaking tool did you use, and what’s your iPhone’s firmware version? Thanks.

  27. >Rupe,thegpc,Davidw

    Rupe is correct in stating that there must have been something wrong with my old install. The fact that the phone would freeze after restore from backup was one indication, as well as Bossprefs / battery behaviour. What was the solution (for me) was to download fresh copies of Pwnagetool and bootloaders, create new custom firmware, selecting previously pwned, then setting phone into recovery not DFU, deleted backups (in case of recurrance of freezing) option clicking restore in itunes, restore completes, setup as new device, and Bossprefs toggle now operates as it should (icon as well!!).

    A mistake I might have made was to use quickpwn to attempt to solve a previous restore/restore backup freeze…I would recommend to Davidw the recovery mode restore if he encounters such problems…

    Again thanks for the advice and help…

    (iPhone 2G 2.1)

  28. Hi RpertGee,

    I used QuickPwn vers. 1.1 and I have firmware 2.1 (5F136).

    Regarding the icon: have no idea where it should be (other than the path that was in the orignal Boss Prefs service file). Where could it be otherwise? If you wish, I can try to look and report back.

    Regarding battery life: Hmmmm… that’s difficult for me to say, since this is my first iPhone and I have only had it since Monday. I wonder what is “normal”?!

    Since I’m new to the iPhone, I just want to be sure: Rob, you said that I should use “recovery mode restore” in case I need to go down that road: could you give me the procedure?

    Regards, Davidw

  29. Hi David

    QuickPwn… I have not used it before as I prefer to use PwnageTool to customize my .ipsw (it’s loaded with all my Cydia apps.)

    According to the developer, firmware 2.0.2 is required for QuickPwn. I don’t know if you can still use it for your firmware 2.1 iPhone?

    Don’t worry about the recovery mode. Just make sure you click “No” when you’re presented with the following:

    QuickPwn and PwnageTool will then guide you to set your device in recovery mode.

  30. Hi RupertGee, Yes, it supports 2.1. See this:

    On another note: When I log on via AFP and “mobile” and “alpine” and go into the “root” folder, the “Applications” folder keeps appearing and disappering. So the folder list keeps jumping back n forth from 16 to 17 items. The same happens to the folder “ringtones” under “Library”. I have Leopard 10.5.5. Have any ideas? Regards, David

  31. Hey guys

    Check out who was here? Saurik himself!

    I’m so surprised!

  32. >Davidw

    Disappearing folders…Refer to RupertGee’s post to me on 10 Oct. He had a pretty clear explanation for this phenomenon.

    >RupertGee, Davidw

    Recovery mode…
    Recovery mode and DFU mode are different things.
    Recovery mode is a clean restore while DFU stands for Device Firmware Update.
    I encountered the accursed “Error 1600” quite a few times when trying to restore a custom 2.1 firmware created by Pwnagetool after selecting “No” (Pwned before). In theory, iTunes should be happy to restore such a custom firmware to an iPhone in DFU mode (as is normal proceedure, but (for me anyway, not to mention a few others) Error 1600 is displayed when attempting this kind of restore.
    There seems to be little point in restoring a previously pwned phone with a custom firmware intended for a non-pwned phone. This may be where the 1600 error stems from.
    If you’ve previously pwned your phone before, then a custom firmware restore via recovery mode works without any error.
    Create the custom firmware with Pwnagetool as usual until you hit the dialog “Has your iPhone been Pwned before?” Here click YES!
    Then you will be told that the firmware process has been a success and quit Pwnagetool.
    Now you will put the phone into recovery mode.
    Disconnect the iPhone from the USB and power off (hold the power button down until the power off slider appears and slide to power off.)
    Once the iPhone has powered off, hold the home button (round button), plug the USB back into the iPhone and keep holding the home button down until you get a picture of a USB cable pointing towards the iTunes icon.
    This is recovery mode.
    iTunes will fire up (if not already open) and detect the iPhone in recovery mode.
    You can now restore the iPhone with the custom firmware by option clicking the restore button as usual.
    Now brew your favourite while it does its stuff…

    This is the procedure I’ve followed and have achieved the fixes necessary for Bossprefs/Netatalk/AFP and battery life.

    Let us know how it goes.


  33. Hi Rob,

    Regarding the folder stuff: I see the light and found the folders “stashed” away! And oops, sorry I missed that issue in this blog. when I originally skimmed the blog, I was only looking for the toggle of AFP on/off. But when I got that working, I went for the root and in my panick, just wrote my comment. Should have taken a deep breath and read the blog again! Sorry and Thanks!

    Regarding the recovery procedure: does this mean that it is impossible to return to the factory default Apple firmware/software (non-jailbreaked) after the phone has been jailbreaked? If I need to sell the phone later on, it would be nice to sell it with a fresh factory default. I used Quickpwn and Quickpwn doesn’t seem to create a custom firmware file that I can save and use again. Please advise! And thanks for the detailed procedure!

    Regards, David

  34. >Davidw

    Believe me, I’ve had the same panic-stations feeling on several occasions since first getting my iPhone…restores that would produce frozen white screen…iPhone stuck on apple icon with spinning wheel just below it; wheel spinning until becomes solid bars then freezes…numerous error codes during restore process in iTunes…on each occasion I had the thought (as I think we all do deep down) I’ve finally messed up!
    As for factory in-jailbroken restore…this seems to be problem from what I gather…just delete (or save somewhere else)all files associated with the custom firmware (although this may not be necessary but i’m the cautious type after all my experiences) hook up your phone into recovery, let itunes check the server, itunes detects recovery mode iphone then perform the restore by just clicking restore (without option clicking)…it should perform a factory restore…all your data will be wiped and iPhone will be a new phone again…

  35. sorry this post was a bit garbled…

  36. >Davidw

    Just reading over my last post…a bit convoluted…guess it was my rush to get an answer to you…

    If you want a factory fresh iphone (non-jailbroken and locked)
    First put iphone into recovery mode
    (as outlined above)
    Then wait for iTunes to detect iPhone in recovery.
    Wait for iTunes to check server.
    Once presented with restore button, click “restore” (not option-click)
    And wait for restore process…

    Hope that helps…


  37. >All

    Anyone reading this thread and using this workaround to get root access might want to know that there has been an update to netatalk posted in cydia… Have posted question if this might break root access work done here…will hold off from update (no matter how tempting it is to clear that little red circle!) until I find out more…


  38. Rob:

    Having followed this and then updating will make things a little funky, but Rupert’s got instructions on his latest post (Netatalk REAL Root Access) to reverse what you did for the update. Best of luck!

  39. >thegpc

    Hmm… half of this post has become obsolete with the release of Netatalk version 2.0.3-5 since it now support root access directly. The other half, BossPrefs Plugin, is still good.

    I’m going to strike out the first half so no one accidentally follow the instructions, and extract the other half to a new post. Better yet, maybe I can convince Saurik to host the plugin? But can I? I didn’t code it originally but merely packaged Rob’s work. Hmm….

  40. Oh, I’m going to tell you how to fix the “localhost” bug.

    Simply edit this file /private/var/stash/libexec/afpd-dns-sd and remove the brackets from “$(hostname)”. It should then look like this:

    exec dns-sd -R “$hostname” _afpovertcp._tcp local. 548

  41. …See, this is why I should learn code (I don’t know the name of the code Apple uses). I probably could have fixed it myself.

    Thanks again Rupert!

  42. >thegpc

    Not so fast, buddy. I just got a reply from Saurik and he seems to be telling me the fix shouldn’t work! That’s a big surprise for me as it does work on my iPod touch and presumbly yours too. He brought up something about iPhone and iPhone activation… so maybe the fix works on an iPod touch only.

    Rob has an iPhone, and I hope he can try the fix for us.

    Rob are you reading this? If you are, please try the fix I wrote two comment posts up and let us know, ok?

    Before you start, please reboot your iPhone first. After that, it should show up as “localhost” in Finder’s Sidebar. Next apply the fix, and repeat the process. It should then show up as you have named it.


  43. Hi, I can see my iPhone’s name in the Finder sidebar, but when I click and log in as “mobile” the Finder shows “Connected as: mobile” and there is nothing in the window (0 elements).
    Maybe I’ve missed something in the way.
    What can I do?

  44. >Riki

    Which version of Netatalk are you using? The instructions here is for version 2.0.3-4 only. It’s not for the newer version 2.0.3-5.

    If you’re using 2.0.3-5, I suggest reinstalling Netatalk.

  45. >RupertGee

    hey there Rupe! Read your post about attempting the fix…Have some reservations…

    1. If fix doesn’t take, then how would I be able to reinstall Netatalk 2.0.3-4 (which we’ve found works with your fix)? 2.0.3-5 is the version in Cydia. Where would -4 version be found?

    2. Most of the issues I’ve had with MY iPhone restores (I’ve outlined them above) have resulted in me having to wipe the phone and start from scratch (and recovery mode has proved most effective in removing any of these issues) I’ve manually reinstalled stuff and started as a new phone each time to ensure that corruption isn’t an issue (for some reason I’ve found the backups to be a problem; causing freezes…don’t know why though) so this relates to point 1

    3. As they say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” AFP is working for me (phone name; Boss toggle behaviour and icon – and was that a bugger to get to work properly! [see my posts above])

    So if you can give me any info on points 1 + 2 it would be appreciated.

    I guess the number of times a fairly routine restore has frozen on me at the tail-end or during backup restore has left me a little weary. I would love to try the new update, but if there is no way to retrograde Netatalk…!

    I suspect that Saurik may be on to something there with the activation on iPhone…somehow tied to some identifier when it accesses networks? I don’t know, you guys would probably know better…


  46. >RupertGee

    I’m using version 2.0.3-4.
    I can’t reinstall Netatalk because Cydia will install 2.0.3-5

  47. >Riki

    Sorry you misunderstood me. I meant you should reinstall 2.0.3-5 to see if it solves your problem. This post was written back when Netatalk was 2.0.3-4 and we can’t access the root file system. The current 2.0.3-5 fixed that and thew inastructions outlined here are no longer valid.

  48. >Rob

    I have to leave a while and will get back to your later in the day.

  49. Rupert:

    Do you know how to fix the “var/stash” bug? It’s annoying when I wanna AFP into my THemes folder to update a theme, and it disappears on me.

  50. >thegpc

    The bug doesn’t bother me that much but I intend to look into it. 😦

  51. >Rob

    I’m really confused over what you were trying to tell me. Maybe I should set it right.

    Regarding root file access:
    Fresh Install of Netatalk 2.0.3-5 – Works perfectly out-of-the-box.
    Fresh Install of Netatalk 2.0.3-4 – Works after you followed the instructions outlined in this post.
    Upgrade Install of Netatalk 2.0.3-5 – Works provided you reverse the changes made in this post.

    So if you’re restoring your iPhone from scratch, just install Netatalk 2.0.3-5 and that’s it; no need to follow the instructions here anymore since Cydia now only has version 2.0.3-5.

  52. >RupertGee

    Thanks for getting back to me…
    I thought you said there was an issue with the device name not showing up under version -5…has this been resolved then?
    What I was getting at was if it hadn’t been resolved yet, and needed testing on an iPhone, and if the device name fix doesn’t work for version -5 on an iPhone, is there any way of getting back to version -4 which we know IS working?


  53. >Rob

    No, the problem persisted in -5. 😦

    I don’t think it’s possible to revert to -4 unless you have a copy of it (I do I do! 🙂 )

    But the problem is not a big deal. It’s only a little annoying and confusing if you own more than 1 iPhone or an iPod touch too as they will all show up as “localhost”. Yup… they all look identical in Finder’s Sidebar and you have to guess which is which.

    In any case, I have submitted my findings to Saurik and perhaps he will fix it when he has the time to look into it.

  54. >thegpc

    About the “vars/stash” bug.

    I got bad news. I looked around and found the following note in

    “Don’t use unix symlinks. Just don’t. With a symlink a file/directory “exists” twice, something AFP doesn’t allow. There’s currently no way this can be resolved, as we either end up with two file/dirs having the same id, or a file having two parents. If you still insist on using them, be aware you’re heavily violating the specs. You have been warned…”

    So basically symbolic link confuses afp. Make sense to me. Symbolic link is common in unix but AFP (which is not Unix but an Apple thingy) doesn’t like it.

    I don’t think I should bother going further because the last two sentences scare me. 🙂

    Mystery solved.

  55. Stupid Apple, making half the folders on the iPod symlinks…

  56. >thegpc

    I might be wrong but I believe it’s the PwnageTool that, in order to maximize partition space, created some (or maybe all) of the symbolic links. BigBoss Tool’s Fonts relocation function definitely did that with symbolic link.


  57. >thegpc

    I might be wrong but I believe it’s the PwnageTool/Cydia that, in order to maximize partition space, created some (or maybe all) of the symbolic links. BigBoss Tool’s Fonts relocation function definitely did that with symbolic link.

    If so… it’s a small price to pay for jailbreaking. Just go with the stash. 🙂

  58. Forgive my ignorance on this, but i am new to the iphone scene (bought a 1st gen) and have unlocked/jailbroken it. and have installed Netatalk today. Does the ability to see it in the Finder require a Wi-Fi connection or can i use it when my iphone is connected to the Mac via the Dock/charging station?

  59. >curtis

    netatalk uses AFP over WIFI…just make sure your computer has wifi installed and it is on…which platform are you on? Can give you walkthrough for mac…

  60. So this may be completely unrelated, but I doubt. I just installed Netatalk on my Jailbroke iPhone from cydia. Respringed and all seemed fine. Did have time to try the program out. Did a quick web search for something on safari…everything fine….walk away for 10 minutes…come back and the phone is completely off. Hit the home screen. Nothing… Push the power button….nothing. Hold both for 10+ seconds and it booted to the apple screen where it would seem to freeze there forever….not sure what to do. … UPDATE: This is weirder. Without warning, while apple logo was stuck for over an hour the phone vibrated. Then again. Then screen blanked and came back up with the apple lock/passcode screen and now working fine seemingly. Thought I would post in case anyone has something similar to tell them just to leave the phone on the Apple screen for a long time and hopefully theirs will come back from the grave too. Is my phone now a Zombie? ;/

  61. is this post still relevant after 2 years? Can you still toggle Netatalk using this tutorial?

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