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I have too much free time today and decided initially to make a nicer icon for the Firefly Media Server’s Plugin.

The next thing I know I’ve made new ones for almost every plugins supported by BossPrefs. The new Auto Correct icon makes more sense then the default one, while my new SafariDL’s icon is so cute!

Feel free to use them, by downloading this zip, and upload its content to /Applications/ overwriting the default ones. That’s all.

For the Syslog Plugin, you have to edit its services file (/Applications/ by adding the forth line of text as seen below:

/Applications/ start
/Applications/ stop
exist /var/log/syslogstart

If you are wondering why my iPod touch thinks it’s a “Gee” instead of “iPod” … the answer is Erica Sudan’s little utility, “MakeItMine”, which you can find in Cydia. Go ahead, customize yours to say “AT&T”!


  1. Pretty nice!
    I hope you’ll have some more free time soon 😉

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Rupert:

    Another one of my oddball questions: Do you know how to assign a plugin to a different PNG file than its default? The reason I ask is that I’ve got a modified version of the Safari DL Plugin Toggle for Installous’ DL Plugin, but it still reads the Safari picture. I’d like to change that.

    Any ideas?

  4. >thegpc

    The easiest way is simply name your new icon exactly like the old one, then upload and overwrite the old one.

    Another way is to edit the forth line of SadariDL’s services file (it’s in the /Applications/ folder) with the name of your new icon.

  5. Awesome. The reason I can’t do the first one is because it would also replace the actual SafariDL’s icon, and I want them to be different. But the second method worked like a charm!

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