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You probably know Apple has included a build-in screen capture function in iPhone/iPod touch firmware 2.x. Simply hold down the Home button and click the Power button to capture your Springboard. The captured .png file will be sent to your device’s media library, which you can use iPhoto, Preview, Image Capture, Finder etc etc to import into your Mac.

However, you cannot use this handy build-in function to snap the Lock Screen. I have seen users in forums resorting to using their camera phones to snap and show off their Lock Screen, with poor result.

If you want to snap the Lock Screen, go look for the “UIKit Tools” in Cydia and install it! If you cannot find it, then select “Developer (No Filters)” from Cydia->Manage->Settings. UIKit Tools is a collection of command line utilities, one of which let you snap a screenshot of your Springboard, including the Lock Screen. To snap, launch your Terminal app and login to your device as the mobile user, as follow:

ssh -l mobile@

(You must replace with your device’s actual IP address.)

Enter “alpine” when prompted for the password.

Now type the following command to start snapping the pic:


Momentarily the snapped pic will be saved to the path as shown in the Terminal.


No fancy camera flash effect though. 😦 It just works.

Oh yah, this post also serves as a teaser for the upcoming and coming Naked Gee Theme. 😛


  1. Naked Gee Theme?!

    I’m so fucking excited!

  2. Hey Rupert,

    I love it. I will try it soon. Sorry I had earlier advertised about my website. Hope you forgive me.

    Mr. J

  3. Grin.

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