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1. Gee Theme 2 version 2.1 for iPod touch
2. Gee Theme 2 version 2.1 for iPhone 3G
3. Gee Theme 2 version 2.1 for iPhone


  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the entire unzipped folder to your device’s /Library/Themes (or /private/var/stash/Themes.xxxXxX) folder.
  3. Launch WinterBoard and tap on the Gee Theme entry to activate it.


I hope you’ll like the new Gee Theme!

The revolutionary Gee Theme for iPhone OS 1 is here. It’s also available in the Installer & Cydia for SummerBoard.

* Disclaimers: The device shown in the big main picture are the 2nd generation iPod touch, which is, as of today, not yet jailbreak-able. The installed theme is just a PhotoShop artwork. 😀

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