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Hot off the press is the first public beta 5 of the long awaited PwnPlayer. Briefly it strives to be a better Music Player than the (aka the in iPhone minus the Videos function) in our iPod touch . The list of features is long but its Lock-Screen Gesture Control hit my curiosity cat.

Gesture Control is nothing new; the ability to change tracks and volume level by swipping the screen has been possible with Skylar’s PocketTouch. However, PwnPlayer’s Gesture Control is different. It has a nice control interface that reminds me of an iPod shuffle, and it works in the Lock Screen. Changing tracks by swipping just works, but volume changing is a different story. Compared to PocketTouch’s volume level change, swipping to change PwnPlayer volume level is too drastic and un-pleasant. Unfortunately I have to do it with every new tracks because PwnPlayer does not support SoundCheck! Are you kidding?

Remember I said PwnPlayer’s Gesture Control works in Lock-Screen only? That seems fine until I realised two things; it won’t work if your Theme modifies the LockScreen (like Gee Theme does*), and you have to wait for the LockScreen to kick in (or hit the power button) before you can start swipping.

The lack of support for SoundCheck, poor volume changing, works in LockScreen only are three major reasons I don’t like beta 5.

PocketTouch is still my choice as the alternative Music player (it’s technically an interface to the Music player.) It rockz and still does because it respects and support iTunes 100%. SoundChecks out fine. So does EQ setting. Most importantly, I can use my painfully created iTunes Playlist instead of creating new ones like I have to in PwnPlayer.

Of course PwnPlayer is not just about swipe control. It does a lot more but its Gesture Control interested me while the rest are functions I can’t forsee most Mac users would need. Afterall, our media files are and has been made for years to be 100% iTunes compatible. Having a device that fully integrates and works as an extension of Mac OS X … is a given. Except for Search, PwnPlayer’s extra functions that try to do more than iTunes (*lov’it*) is of little use to us.

So the answer is, no.

You can find PwnPlayer in the Multimedia section of Cydia. Get ready to be distracted by ads.

*To use PwnPlayer Beta 5 with Gee Theme, just browse to /Library/Themes/Gee Theme (iPhone)/ and rename Wallpaper.html to Wallpaper.html.bak


  1. Hey Rupert,

    I personally think that this app has potential but it’s not practical. This is still beta so there is potential in this app, just that it is not shown yet.

    • thegpc
    • Posted 31 October 2008 at 03:55
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    I totally agree. It’s a great idea, but it really serves no purpose. Why wouldn’t you be using iTunes if you have a device with 2.x firmware? You need it for apps. And the lockscreen thing is useful, but running PocketTouch takes up little to no battery life anyway. Really, the only feature is integration with the developer’s own music P2P client MewSeek, which you can just use your computer running your own favorite (fully functional) p2p client for. It’s interesting, but not at all useful at this time.

    • VenessaC
    • Posted 31 October 2008 at 07:28
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    I feel it’s over-hyped. It really doesn’t do much more than the music player. I also find its swipe control poorly executed. I’ve since uninstalled it. I find it terribly annoying to look at advertisements. It cheapens my iPhone.

    And yah, to the author, iTunes doesn’t “vomit” and I wish you are more professional in your public display of your behaviour.

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