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afpI have previously written an instructions on how-to to toggle on & off Netatalk (an open source implementation of Apple’s AFP protocol) via BossPrefs. It’s here.

The good news is you don’t have to go through all the troubles of manual installation again. You can now install the toggle via Cydia in a jiffy. Just launch Cydia and search for the “Netatalk Toggle for Boss Prefs” package; it’s filed under the “App Addons” section.


Feel free to post your comments or ask your questions below.


  1. This is in reply to


    Netatalk works just fine (except for some who pwn their iPhone with the Z method, in which their iPhone shows up as “Device-XxXXXXxxxxxX’ in Finder instead of its given name) on devices I lay my hands on.

    You mentioned MobileFinder. Which one, the App Store’s or Cydia’s? If former, did you applied a hack for it to access root? If you did, you messed up your filesystem. 🙂 Reverting the mod should resolve the issue.

    Unfortunately, you also mentioned changing some other file permissions. If you can’t revert them, it’s best you simply restore your device.

    Please do not temper with file permissions unless you are specifically given instruction to set it, or really know what you’re doing. 🙂

  2. Hi Rupert, thanks for that reply.

    I did have the ‘Device-XxXXXXxxxxxX’ for a brief period, but after rebooting the mac this came good.

    The phone was jailbroken with Quickpwn and access to root was fine for several days after installing netatalk AND mobile finder from Cydia. No file hack was necessary.

    Curiously I have access to root fine using Cyberduck just not Finder.

    Your thoughts?

  3. thanks for the toggle, since sbsettings came out do you think you can make a toggle for it? its much easier than launching boss prefs.

  4. >bebop

    Certainly. BigBoss hasn’t released the how-to for 3rd party toggle, but I’m keep an eye on the project. I’m liking SBSettings more and more each day.

    What I don’t like is that tiny close button, which I’m sure many find it difficult to use too. Well, I just found out to close SBSettings, we can simply press the big Home button.

  5. I just upped to 2.2 and QWKPWNED, I am not seeing your addon anywhere in cydia.

  6. nevermind, didn’t know I needed to add the source. Got it now, thanks.

  7. crap, spoke too soon. Now I am getting a size mismatch error

  8. looks like a dozen tries and a handful of restarts were needed. Thanks for this.

  9. What source has this toggle?

  10. ShervinTravel-NetaTalk 00989357588915

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