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It’s not the first time but it’s still pretty satisfying to know we’re’s Top 10 Blogs of the Day once again. Actually, this time it’s BOTD twice in a roll.

On Jan 18, we hit the 9th’s spot overall. The following day we move up one spot to numero otto. The total visit for that day reached an all-time high record of 14,828 visits. Madness.

Since last December 2, the blog received 113,932 hits. Ouch.

How on earth did all these things happen, so quickly?

Not bad….

“Surprisingly, and contrasting to my previous rant iTouch-people (or at least those coming here from Rupert Gee’s blog) sure take time to read the posts and look for more.” – The Neverendingbooks

You’re most welcomed.

top10-0987.pngAllan sent me a congratutory email telling me the Blog is listed as one of the Blogs of the Day @ Big deal, I thought to myself until I found out it’s at number 10. And that’s out of over two millions blogs that is hosting! 10/2,038,417! Wow, that’s like pretty impressive!

Gee, I don’t now what to say except thanks everyone. It started out as little pet blog of mine because I was having problems finding out how to jailbreak on Mac OS X. I figured I’m not alone. I mean, c’mon, why is everything about jailbreaking the iPod touch written for Windows only? And the blog is born. I wanted it on my work blog but I’m already overwhelmed by the tedious task of maintaining it. Thanks to, all I do here is write and leave the dirty work to those nice folks. Today the blog “made it” and I’m sooooo glad I opted to let WordPress hosts it instead of hosting it myself.