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Aiyah, why you so kaypoh de? Yup, I’m the same Rupert who has been hangin’ around’s Apple Clinic. Who am I? I’m an old Singaporean man, man. It doesn’t mean I’m boring, k?

Oh… is that really a picture of me, you ask? Well. No lah. That’s 佐川銀次, a famous Japanese porn star who happens to look a lot like me. 😀 We have the same 衰样, my gf always say.


Letterman’s Rupert Jee.

Please don’t email me to ask questions, even if it’s an emergency. One-to-one advise is not productive and you will never hear a word from me. Really. If you have questions that the blog don’t provide any relevant topic for answers, ask them below, and I’ll be more then happy to help.

I love to do themes during my free time. I also try to write unix scripts. Nothing complex though but they “just work”. To me that’s “Gaming” and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it, especially when I know someone likes what I did. But it has been a pain to provide .zip files for download to install. Fabriano of iSpazio has been kind to host my Gee Themes but now with my own apps I feel it’s time I host everything myself so I can update my stuffs as and when needed. Hence RupertGee iCydia, a secured Cydia/APT repository is born. You can add the source to RupertGee iCydia at the Home screen of Cydia. Just look for and install RupertGee iCydia in the “More Package Sources” option.


  1. Sebastien wants to know if there’s a way of playing sound out through the iPod touch’s internal speaker, just like an iPhone can.

    Regretfully that’s not possible. The iPod touch may seem to have build-in speaker that beeps and blaps during various operations, the sound is not produced by a speaker per se.

    There’s only a tiny transducer that produces sound, much like those on digital wrist watch, inside the iPod touch. A transducer can only produce simple (and soft) musical notes. There’s no way it can play reproduce music and sound faithfully.

    It’s a great idea, but as it is, the answer is no. Let’s hope Apple adds a real speaker in the next revision; sharing a short video among a small audience will then be possible.

  2. my question is… when im trying to upgrade my ipod to 1.1.3 w/ ibrick…wen i get to installer and try to install the package…it says my ipod isnt ready. Whats goin on?

  3. iBrick? I’m sorry but I only use the Mac and that sounds like a PC program? Wait… that’s an iPhone thingy right? I don’t have the mothership. 😦

  4. thnks neway. btw ur 1.1.1 reboot worked like a charm. Thanks!:)

  5. Hi, I love you and I thank you for helping me get the most out of my favorite toy.

    Could you please list all the Sources websites that you trust on here somewhere?

    If you already have, I apologize. Please keep up your wonderful work!

  6. Hey Rupert.
    Yesterday I reinstalled Installer for the fun of it, and then I seemed to lose a bunch of downloadable things, such as all the games? Like, now I’ve only got iPong available…Everything seems to have shrunken. I don’t know if it’s because some Sources are missing or something…Have you heard of anything similar?

  7. I have downloaded a bunch off apps and my ipod keeps slowing down,freezing up while use of apps, showing a blank screen, or all of those. I was afraid to restore it on itunes because i didn’t know what would happen. has this happend with your ipod? do you know how to fix it? i can’t even slide the slider on the startup screen. i have to use the home button.

  8. Vanya, I know the STE Source was having lots of bandwidth problem, and implemented world-wide caching to reduce its burden. That could be the reason. The caching thingy takes time to be in full operation. So maybe you want to try again.

  9. kman.

    My best suggestion is you restore your iPod touch. Although it runs on unix and unix has very efficent file allocation and optimization, apps may be poorly written and hog the resouces. There’s also a possibility an app’s UnInstall script wasn’t properly executed.

    As they say in the PC world, Reformat everything and start afresh will solve all your problems mentioned. 🙂

  10. Hello Stacy,

    Myself I keep my sources to the few standard ones. Having too many sources slows down the Installer when it refreshes the lists of apps. Worse, an app may turn up twice showing conflicting updated versions.

    But if you really want a lot of sources, here’s the ““Ultimate List Of All Installer Sources” by iPod touch Fan. 🙂

  11. OK, I restored my ipod and i’m gonna get installer again, but now I have 1.1.3. It installed while restoring. is it ok to install installer?

  12. ok. i tried downloding it, but there was a blue question mark. i restored my ipod right before. the FAQ said to restore the ipod. WTF?????

  13. hey rupert,

    I was just wondering if you could tell me how people are able to move around there application buttons once they have jailbroken there ipods… is it a application theme or something?

  14. kman, I don’t understand what you’re saying.

  15. alex, you need the “january software update” package that costs $20. wink wink.

  16. I’m assuming that wink wink means I can get that software without paying 20 dollars… How do i do that?

  17. Oops, i just reinstalled community sources (1.1.2 version), and then everything was back to normal…sill my 😛

  18. Benefits? I’m still thinking about it!

    As far as I’m concerned, the wiggling icons is the only fun benefit I get. It’s really cute. Other than that, I guess putting Safari “favorite” in the Home screen is a nice new short-cut to freq. visited site.

    I was hoping the new Map will really “locate me” but too bad it’s only for the iPhone as the iPod touch lacks the necessary hardware.

    The dis-benefits are aplenty. If you jailbreak to 1.1.3 from 1.1.2, then lots of apps don’t work becoz Apple changed the underlying file structure somewhat. If I were you, I’ll jailbreak to 1.1.3 from 1.1.1. This way practically every app still work. The only problem is the iPod touch jailbroken from 1.1.1 can’t play DRMed music.

    Now that my iPod touch is already jailbroken from 1.1.1, I will not downgrade back becoz I love those cute little wiggling icon. 🙂

  19. Hi Rupert, thanks for all the great tutorials really awesome stuff. I’ve noticed that you can use iNdependence to bring the iPod out of recovery mode while still using itunes 7.6. Is there any danger in doing this??

  20. @Shaun

    Regretfully till this day I haven’t got a chance to play with INdependance and the download is hosted at googlecode, which ban everyone in Singapore from access its downloads section. Sigh.

  21. Hey Rupert,
    I’ve uploaded the latest beta with support for iTunes 7.6 to my server if you’d like to take it for a spin;

    Have fun!

  22. Thanks Beau I gotten a coy from Shaun. Regretfully it only runs in iPhone.

  23. hey man, im still trying to figure out what the error (1) when restoring from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1 to is about? what am i doing wrong? ive followed the steps from and but i cant seem to get it to work. im a pc user :(… and ive tried afew times. also downloaded the files a few times. but to no avail. it just keeps giving me the same error. um. im at a loss as to what to do.. thanks =D

  24. @jules, you have to tell us in which Part and Step did you run in problems. Error (1) is too generic to be meaningful.

  25. ah right. okay, it was in the part where im downgrading from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1, each time i restore, it keeps giving me the same error. ive followed each of the steps, to put my ipod into recovery mode, then press shift and click on restore {pc user :(} and then click on the 1.1.1 restore file, after doing that, it will extract and stuff and when its almost done, it will give me the error… i hope that helps in explaining what is going on…

    on a side note. i just read your post on the new jailbreak method.. the one that does it in less than a minute. i really hope that works, so i dont have to go through the crap of downgrading to 1.1.1, then jailbreaking the 1.1.2, then upgrading to 1.1.3!! thanks rupert for the fast reply.. lol. and hope the new method works out. gogo!!

  26. @Jules

    Yah, the “True Jailbreaking” already works wonderfully in an Intel Mac. It should in Windows too. So look out for it.

    Meanwhile it’s obvious to me your downloads of the formware 1.1.1 firm is bad. It’s not exactly in the file size specified right?

  27. OK, so I’m loving my newly jailbroken 1.1.3 touch, except all of a sudden my calendar has stopped syncing properly. Entries made on iCal sync across but not the otherway around. Address book and everything else works fine – very anoying – any ideas?

  28. One of the best blgo ever 😉

  29. what do you mean “It’s not exactly in the file size specified right?”. basically you mean that i have to keep downloading and restoring? to try and get a good file?. okay. ill try that.

  30. oh something else. if i do manage to do it, is it better to jailbreak 1.1.3 or 1.1.1? cause my friend said that 1.1.3 is not stable. and apparently there are more apps available for 1.1.1? thanks again!!! rupert!

  31. okay. i managed to restore it! yes! but the thing is now that im so sian… ive been trying to install AppSnapp.. why.. is. it. taking. so. long. it either lags like crazy, goes to main screen and does nothing or just lags.. RRRRRRRRRrrr…..

  32. Quick Question:

    After I jailbroke my iphone, I started downloading apps before i had installed summerboard. Like a rookie. Now Im out of room, and cant access installer, as its disappeared from my springboard.

    Is there anywhere i can download summer board directly to the phone?

    Or, from the computer? – I run OS 10.4.11

  33. @dan

    I don’t know much about iPhone. why not jut uninstall some apps to make room? Anyway…

  34. what is the anysim app on installer

  35. @kmam

    That’s for unlocking the iPhone; it’s useless on our iPod touch.

  36. I’m just wondering, what do u mean by unlocking

  37. hey Rupert, I’ve followed the instructions on the ‘lets jailbreak the ipod touch with the…’ and everything went fine until Part C- Jailbreak to 1.1.2- step8, when I pressed ‘jailbreak’ it seemed to be working well’ but is stuck on the ‘writing flash image part.’ What can I do? I’m sorry if you have already answered this but I can’t find it in the blog.
    I think you’re awesome by the way!

  38. @diz91

    That’s a unique problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with running out of storage space to hold the extracted image file! You did follow the instructions o set up the iPod touch as new (Step B5) right? That erases everything and free up the iPod’s flash drive to make room.

  39. hi, i had a problem here. from 1.1.3 i restored to 1.1.1 and i’ve been trying to dl the programme from but the dl just cant be gg on. either it hangs or just spring back to the springboard. i’ve been trying this for 2 nights, pls help..

  40. Hey, the poster formerly known as DividedByZero here. I got my own WordPress blog, and thus the change of name. Is it OK if I quote from this blog here once in a while, maybe link to it? Just wanted to make sure before I did it.

  41. @DividedByZero

    Hey, where’s your Blog?

    Sure, feel free to quote anything especially praises, ok? 😛

  42. I wouldn’t dream of posting anything but praises, Gee.

    My new blog is at . Feel free to comment, link from here to there, you know… Whatever.

  43. Hey, I’m way over 25; what’s the url of the “secret” website?

  44. Um… What? Secret? Were you referring to me?

  45. He’s talking about the 4chan website.

  46. Yah, you wrote and made me curious about it!

    Goosh… but a 13yearoldbaldguy obviously know what you were refering to. Hahaha.

  47. Hah, whoops. Um, yea, it’s

    …You know what, I feel really awkward discussing my blog on yours. Why not simply comment on mine? ^_^

  48. Tried unsuccessfully (freezing KB) about 8 times to JB iPod touch to 1.1.3. Printed out the instructions, (well done BTW Rupert – very explicit instructions). Even used 3 different Macs.
    FINALLY success using open SSH method. I’M WIGGLING.
    For those still ‘freezing’ – try it, it works.

  49. @Breezy. What do you mean by the openSSH method? I’ve had the exact same problem. Thanks

  50. Rupert-

    I hope it’s okay that I’ve started answering questions (to the best of my ability) instead of just asking them. I figure you have a lot of other stuff to do, and that I should give a helping hand, seeing as you’ve helped me so much. Please give me an email at LightingSoundDesign(at) if it’s a problem.

  51. @thegpc

    I’m thankful for all the help I can get. To tell you the truth, I usually can find the time to reply all comments, but sometimes it gets on my nerve if I keep on repeating myself. 🙂

    I edited your email address to prevent it from getting spammed by bots. 😛 The blog is popular, and the spammers are attracted here. 😦

  52. i was just wanted to confirm that you first have to jailbreak your ipod touch and then install the Gee Theme.

  53. @the big

    Yes, it’s 101% confirmed. You’ll need Summerboard and that’s available in a jailbroken iPod touch only.

  54. so i’ve jailbroken to 1.1.3 several times and 1.1.4 a couple of times, yet every single time i succeed in jailbreaking, my Itouch keyboard freezes up. i made sure i clicked sync automatically AND open itunes when connected off and i set my ipod as a new device every time, yet it still freezes up… do you know of another direction that if you mess up on it will cause keyboard malfunction?
    oh and i’m jailbroken on 1.1.1 with january upgrade

  55. @ami

    The keyboard freezing issue is still not fully resolved. Some iPod touch just get it no matter what. Exactly which ones nobody seems to know. The setting up as new iPod procedure, however, works for many who otherwise suffer the issue.

    It’s sad.

  56. I need some help… I tried to jailbreak my Ipod touch, I already jailbroken it up to 1.1.2 but my jailbreak for 1.1.3 failed. It got stuck on the apple logo. I downloaded the 1.1.3 restore from my ipod touch and I did not remove the cable from my macbook, because i’ll just ran off of batteries due to my poor internet speed. After downloading it and it does it stuff, my ipod reboots and got stuck on the apple logo. I tried to reboot it again (pressing the sleep and home button at the same time) but it still ends up getting stuck on the apple logo. I also tried using independance, but it did not work. I hope you could tell me what to do to be able to put mi ipod back to springboard again. tnx…


  58. Yah, I’m most glad that Apple will allow freeware in the online store! So many pple were saying all the apps will be commercial-ware only.

    Of course, I wonder if that applies to apps developed on SDK only, meaning all the existing apps are excluded. 😦

  59. Hey, so I’m downloading the SDK now, and I’ll see how to code it (I have NO idea yet). I’ll give updates!

  60. @thegpc

    Can you please write an app to sync the build-in Notes to our Mac? Notes is just sitting in there doing nothing much since we cannot sync it to our Mac. If we can, then we can write/edit some notes on our Macs, or even copy and paste whatever text into it.

  61. Um… Well, I’ll definitely try. As I said, I have to learn the code language or whatever you do to make apps from scratch. But if I can, I definitely will!

  62. …WOW. went in WAY over my head here. You have to already know all about Apple’s code language and how the frameworks are used to then develop. And I know NONE of it.

    Sorry guys. For at least the next month or so, TheGPC Applications are not on the menu.

  63. …Did I say month? I’m sorry. I meant NEXT FEW YEARS. I found out exactly what I need to know from the development, and it’d take me years of courses and tutorials to learn it all. Wow. Did I attempt to kill a lion with a toothpick.

  64. So I found out exactly what I need to know from the development, and it’d take me years of courses and tutorials to learn it all. Wow. Did I attempt to kill a lion with a toothpick.

    Sorry guys. It’s way over my head.

  65. …Wow. Not only do I need to sit through hours and hours of tutorials, but I also need to take college-level courses on programming languages to learn to develop apps (me being in high school). So no, TheGPC will NOT be making apps for at least the next few years, at best.

  66. Hey, we can wait. 🙂

    Let’s just wonder if by then the iPod touch is paper-thin (and still runs OS XX.)

  67. Hey Rupert, did you ever think about starting up your own Installer source? And upload your favorite stuff like FireflyMediaServer and PocketTouch, or the Upgrade programs? And, of course, the Gee Theme.

    Just a thought.

  68. Hey Rupert,
    I tried installing the Ulctl utility, to my iPod Touch 16GB, version 1.1.3, I guess I hadn’t read that it wouldn’t work on 1.1.3, but now unfortunately, whenever I attempt to turn it on, the Silver Apple comes up like just as usual, and around 3 minutes later, the spinning wheel loading symbol appears, and keeps spinning for around 10-15 minutes, then the iPod restarts itself and does the same thing over again. I don’t know if you could say I “Bricked” my ipod, but I already tried restoring it, and an error message came up. I really need help, I don’t have a warranty, so sending it back to Apple to get it fixed won’t help, it was Jailbroken.

  69. I figured it out, I just had to put it into recovery mode, I forgot how to do that, I found a guide and restored to firmware version 1.1.1.

  70. My doesn’t work anymore. On the ipod touch fans forum, i found a thread where you can have unlocked prefs, and since i really wanted it, and couldn’t find skylar’s, i thought that i might try it.
    first i tried the installer method…the reop doesn’t come up, only as ‘unnamed source’
    then i tried manually. the instructions weren’t really clear, so i suppose i mucked something up. but before i did all that, i had backed the original up.
    when i couldn’t access at all, i SSH’d into the iPod, and deleted the mod.
    Then put the original back in. Whenever I tap the Settings icon, all i get is the app’s backround but nothing else. After around 20 seconds, breaks back to springboard. here’s the link
    Please help, someone!

  71. hi ya rupert you legend

    just wondering if you know how to get a stuck cd out of a cd drive in my iBook G4? i looked on loads of websites about using terminal, booting laptop whilst holding down option key O and F, restarting the laptop whilst holding down the mouse button. think ive tried everything even tried sliding a credit card in the slit!!! thats how desperate im getting!!!

    do you have any idea of how to get it out? dont really want to take it into a shop

    do you know how to get to the cd drive?

    thanks alot


  72. @2k
    Does the eject button work? 😛 Try holding the button.

    Also, Zibree has received his iPod:

    The iPod finally arrived.
    10 minutes later I found the solution.

    A new release (2.6) will soon be out
    fully supporting 1.1.4 on iPod.

    STAY TUNED ! 🙂

  73. @vanya
    EJECT button!!! thank you so so so so so much it worked!! 🙂

    not really but thanks for the help.

    ipod touch 8gb when i jailbreak 1.1.4 using ZiPhone method it freeze’s when i go to type in source is there any other way to jailbreak with out it freezing?

  74. Simply try again, redoing the whole process. I had keyboard freezing issue first time, but 2nd time all good. Which ZiPhone did you use?

  75. Can u pls tell me how to play videos or watch streamline tv on my apple iphone? Everytime i go to the stockwatch on my iphone it tells me that i need adobe player flash 9 which i am unable to download straight to my iphone.

  76. unable to play videos or watch tv. please help

  77. ok, i think i screwed up my touch again. i downloaded something a long time ago and then there was the loading wheel, so i let my ipod run out of battery. after a few weeks, i decided to charge it so i plugged it in. the apple logo appeared and so did that wheel. my ipod was frozen. i tried to unplug it from my computer and re-plug it. when i tried to do this, windows said that there was an unidentified usb gadget (or somthing like that). i let my ipod run out of battery, and when i press the power button it has the normal screen telling you to charge. what should i do now.

  78. ps, when i decided to charge again (first time) itunes reconized it. also, my ipod is 1.1.3.

  79. What you should have done, instead of waiting weeks, was to restore. I had the “Spinning wheel of death” as it is known, waited for the iPod to go flat, saw the cog still there, so just cut my losses and restored.

    So is everything all good now?

  80. @Bobby
    Currently, there is no flash player for neither the iPhone, nor the iPod Touch

  81. what ipod case is it that you have. because I saw a fuzzy one in the jailbreaking tutorial, that looked really cool

  82. RUPERT.

  83. yeah. rupert! come back!

  84. I was wondering if anyone has hosted the Ruperts iPod Touch theme so that i could add that source in the I would appreciate it a bunch since im not so confident about navigating through the ipod touch files.


    Though theirs is slightly modified.

    And uploading the theme is super easy as well.

  86. I tried to do the upload option but with no luck using the touch as a hard disk. I couldnt figure out how to navigate into the subfolders and what not to install. Im running 1.1.4. Any Help?

  87. /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes

    Make sure you have summerboard installed :p

  88. ::::::::::::::::::Hey you guys!::::::::::::::::::

    Me and crzikiwi (formerly known as Vanya) are starting up our own iPod blog! We’d be happy to help out over at !

  89. Hi Rupert,

    Any news about the 2.0 firmware? It’s 8$ and I wonder if it worth it…

    Please let us know what you think 😉

  90. Yeah, Rupert. Where’d you go? We need you to figure out a way to get the Gee Theme on my iTouch 2.0. Right now she’s all plain and such. She wants some heavy metal on her dashboard 🙂

  91. Rupert good job on the iphone Theme 2 🙂

  92. Hey Gee! Glad to see you back! A lot’s changed since you left, but we’re glad you’re back to help us with all our problems again.

    Just so you know, if you need any assistance in writing articles, I’m happy to help and have a bunch of free time in which to do it.

  93. >thegpc

    Grin. It’s nice to be back and I look forward to be of help although…

    … these days jailbreaking the deviice is such a breeze! The PwnageTool “just works” unlike the old days where there were so many methods yet none was really easy or work on every iPod touches.

    In this sense, I feel somewhat useless. Ha ha ha ha.

  94. Well, there are still kinks to work out, with the new repo styles of both Cydia and Installer… Still news to report… Even some just general problems. I know I’ve been having trouble trying to SSH on a 2.0.1 iPod, if you happen to have any insight…

  95. Rupert-
    Just wondering what you thought about hardware mods such as adding an internal speaker to ipod touch or multiple cpus.

  96. >Craig

    I would love to mod my iPod touch to have an internal speaker just like the iPhone has. Playing games is so different on the iPhone becoz of the audible sound effects. It’s also good for watching short videos with friends.

    Anyway, I thought about getting that famous Lego iPod speakers… but then I don’t think I want to carry any more gadgets in my pocket.

    So a build-in speaker mod would be absolutely fabulous for us!

    I’m not sure I want a multiple cpu mod. The iPod touch runs smoothly as it is so I don’t see any benefit.

    So… how do I mod it?

  97. well first I would assume that you need some sort of tiny yet loud speaker that you could use to replace the old, pathetic internal speaker. Then a software hack that could use the music, game, video, etc volume as the system volume (so you could change the speaker volume). I’ll search around and tell you if I find anything =)

  98. Hey again,
    I have had some success soldering in an old, dissected earphone bud in place of the old speaker. It does work well for the “clicking and clacking” (quite a bit louder) but I cannot find a software mod that would let me play music as a system sound. Also I would imagine that the sound would come out tinny and probably muffled by the sealed case. I think the muffling could be resolved just by increased volume, but the quality of sound is hard to increase because of the lack of space (you have no idea) that is avaliable.

  99. Any chance of getting firefly media server on 2.0??

  100. >Joshua

    Yah, Firefly is one app I dearly miss in OS 2.0. Unfortunately I have no idea how to get it to install in 2.0.

  101. Sh*t

    I really enjoyed that on 1.1.4 😦

    Oh well..

    If you ever do find out how please post it in BIG HUGE writing so I know that Firefly is on 2.0! :p

  102. >Joshua

    Yah, I look forward to having Firefly in 2.0!

  103. I found firefly in cydia but I can’t figure out out to get it to work…
    Please figure it out! :p


  104. >Joshua

    Thanks so much for tipping off about Firefly Media Server for OS 2!

    I’ve it installed and running!

    I’m somewhat tied up and will post a how-to asap. Below are some screenshots … 😛

  105. Hey Rupert,

    I’ve got a little pet project recently- turning jailbreak apps such as PocketTouch and WinterBoard into IPA files for use with iTunes syncing (to make full restore just that much easier). Do you know of any way to do this by changing file directory paths in the programs, or do you know of any documentation on the subject?

  106. >thegpc

    Whoa! You set my mind exploding with ideas!

    To answer, I don’t know how to create .ipa, but I recall seeing an instructions. I hope to find it and will let you know.

    Your intention is to make restoration easier? That’s odd. I’m already doing that with PwnageTool. You see, my custom .ipsw is fully loaded with all the Cydia apps/utilities I need. After I option+restore, my PocketTouch, Mac Man, BossPrefs etc appear in the Spingboard fully installed. Then I simply let iTunes restore my AppStore apps after that, and my iPod touch will be as good as it was. It’s a breeze to freshen up my iPod touch.

    But… I’m thinking it would be fantastic if we can convert, say PocketTouch, to a .ipa and it can be installed on non-jailbroken devices!! Wouldn’t that be even more fun! 🙂

    I see some problems though. Being a non-jailbroken device, the user can’t install Themes since he can’t ssh into his device. A bigger obsticle is the issue of hacking the “MobileInstallation” file, otherwise and I may be wrong, .ipa simply won’t install.

  107. Rupert:

    Well, I already know how to initially make .ipa files with apps in them (it’s really not hard). And I know of a modded copy of QuickPwn that automatically uploads the modded MobileInstallation file. The problem I’ve encountered time and again is that the .ipa apps are programmed to install into the folder /var/mobile/Applications, so all the file paths (such as PocketTouch looking to control MobileMusicPlayer) are off, and I have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?

    And, I don’t quite know what the purpose of it is… I suppose it’s for people that use QuickPwn but still want easier restores (there are actually a lot more people that use the simplicity of QuickPwn over the detail of PwnageTool). Interesting project, isn’t it though?

  108. Rupert:

    PS- If this ends up working, Cydia could be an .ipa, so OpenSSH and other non-app files wouldn’t be such a problem.

  109. There’s actually a Cydia app that automatically patches the mobileinstallation file. Its source is . It’s called “MobileInstallation Patch”. Maybe you can turn that into an .ipa?

  110. Scrap that idea of turning it to an .ipa; we must have already patched the file first before it can be install as an .ipa!

    Stupid me!


  111. Also, you can’t turn patches or files into .ipa files, only apps. But thanks for trying!

  112. >CyberET

    Haha. Nice try.

    Anyways, AFAIK, that auto-patch also needs the “UUID Generator” to run correctly.

  113. Rupert:

    Well, I tested out a version of QuickPwn (1.1) that automatically patches the MobileInstallation file, and it works okay as far as I can see… I’d like to run a cuple more tests, but that seems to be a solution if I wanted to do that sort of .ipa restore.

  114. Hey Rupert:

    Got a question for ya. Do you know the app IntelliScreen? Useful little utility. Anyway, it runs on a set of Unix executables, and I was wondering, since you helped write the Firefly one, if you might tell me how to write a BossPrefs plugin to enable the service.

    [edit: one line removed. wink.]

  115. >thegpc

    I recall installing it in my iPhone back in the OS 1.x day… and I didn’t quite like it. One of the reason was because battery consumption became very heavy.

    Anyhow, I installed it… and it seems it has an option to disable it directly in the app? I also noticed doing so resulted in a hard reset-like behaviour. Considering this app works quite differently from the norm, I don’t think it’s wise to use a BossPrefs toggle until you investigate exactly how it works. 😦

    I still don’t like it. 🙂 My iPod is for play… and the last thing I want when I turn it on is be reminded about my schedule nor unread mails. Haha.

  116. Rupert:

    True, but I like having my RSS feeds up so I can see exactly how much Apple sucks on a daily basis. ^_^

    That’s a good point, I just figured moving that toggle into BossPrefs would make life that much more simple. It’s kinda like your Auto-Lock toggle: It’s in Settings, but having it in BossPrefs is a bit more convenient.

    Thanks anyway!

  117. I copied a new keyboard file on my iphone v. 2.1 and now the keyboard is messed up. Do you have the original keyboard files? Could you send them to me please?

  118. Rupert:

    What’s your view on the whole MobileInstallation-cracked-.ipa scene?

  119. I didn’t know there’s an .ipa of it already? I thot it has to be installed via a jailbroken device! Can I have the link please?

    Ya know, my custom .ipsw made by PwnageTool includes the patched mobileinstall file, ie, no need to do it manually everytime or forget to do it and mess up the restore process.

  120. …No no, I think you mistook me. I mean what’s your view on the cracked .ipa thing. Do you approve of not paying for App Store apps, do you use it?

    (Sorry for the false hopes!)

  121. Question for ya: How do you go about writing an iPhone app withouth XCode? I’ve been trying to write one for a bit now, but I can’t get it figured out.

  122. >thegpc

    Oops, I missed your prior comment.

    Hmm…no, I do not approve of not paying. I pay for all my app store apps. I do know about cracked app… which I do use… abeit in an unusal way; to test out an app before I either trash it or pay for it. I mean… c’mon, they are inexpensively affordable… but I know some are not quality stuff. So I “test drive” first. It’s probably not very right but I reserve my rights not to pay for low quality apps.

  123. >thegpc

    All the apps I’ve done are just simple unix bash scripts! 🙂 You might be surprise bash scripting is common for many apps in Cydia.

  124. Rupert:

    Hmm… I may have to take up this bash scripting…

    Any good documentation on the subject?

  125. Hmm I can’t find your repo in cydia …

    Whats the direct url?


  126. >wischi

    Yah, the repo was down for 5 days until I relocate it to a new server.

    It’s been up and running but I didn’t annouce the new url, as it’s best to add a new source with a Source Package in Cydia. Unfortunately the new Source Package is not posted yet by saurik in Cydia.

    So please manually add the url for now.

  127. hi

  128. Gutsy

  129. Chukchi

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