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Category Archives: Firmware 1.x

Normally we’d install AFPd and simply mount our iPod touch on our Desktop to manipulate its content as if it’s a flash drive. Unfortunately AFPd version 0.2 is not compatible with firmware 1.1.3. A newer version 0.3 that is supposingly 1.1.3 aware is out, but it needs more work as I can’t get it to work on my iPod touch at all.

So here’s how manipulate the content of your iPod touch using sFTP.

First, you need to install the OpenSSH package by Ste into your iPod touch if you haven’t already done so. It’s available in the Installer, under the “System” category.

Next, download and install the Cyberduck (it’s open source) FTP client, unless you already have a FTP client that supports the sFTP (not just FTP) protocol.

Launch Cyberduck and click on “Open Connection”, and fill in the table as shown below:

Select SFTP as the protocol.

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November 8, 2008 Update — Please read this newer post instead if your device is running the newer iPhone OS 2.

Feb 22, 2008 Update — AFPd is no longer available via the STE repository. You can, however, download it from the author’s site.

Listen, this guide is for Mac OS X users only. As of now, there’s no easy way to mount the iPod touch as if it’s a thumb drive in other operating system such as Windows. Mac users… read on!

You’ll need a jailbroken iPod touch, and a little app called “AFPd” by Prof. James F. O’Brien of UC, Berkeley. The app can be found in the Installer, under the “Network” category via the STE source ( The “BSD Subsystem” package is mandatory and you’ll have to install it first if you have not already done so previously.

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The previous version just doesn’t work on Jailbroken iPod touch 1.12.

Today a new version of Cutomize is released and I have it running smoothly. See? I used it to customize my Dock to have 5 apps. You can have up to 9 icons (yes, they overlap), or none at all. This and other customizations for iPod touch, including re-ordering icons, are now possible in this excellent app.

Go bling it. Installer-> Utilities: Customize


It’s normal for Customize to seemingly hang and then break out and return to the Springboard the first time you launch it. Just re-launch it a second time, and wait patiently (about 30 seconds). It will eventually loads and runs. Customize will load swiftly from the third launch onwards.