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The new Cydia source uri:

A big thank you to Jay Freeman (saurik) of Telesphoreo for hosting my Cydia source’s package is in order, especially when he’s still recovering from sickness. Get well soon!

signed2You can now get all my themes and apps by installing the “RupertGee” source package from Cydia’s “Repositories” section. It’s kinda weird (for me) to keep seeing messages to the effect “Installing RupertGee”. Am I a freeware or shareware now? Exactly what do I do? Very funny Jay! The repo’s full name is “RupertGee iCydia”! 🙂

In the past 2 days, some of you have manually added my repo’s source. I suggest you remove that entry and go install the source package.


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This article is for iPhone OS 2.x. Please refer to this older post for iPhone OS 1.x.


Unknown to many iPhone (and iPod touch) owners is you can mount your device as a thumbdrive! All you need is a Mac (or Linux) and install the Netatalk (an open source implementation of Apple’s AFP protocol) package via Cydia. After that, you can manipulate your device’s content in a Finder window, such as copying files to it for transport/archive, installing themes, etc.

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afpI have previously written an instructions on how-to to toggle on & off Netatalk (an open source implementation of Apple’s AFP protocol) via BossPrefs. It’s here.

The good news is you don’t have to go through all the troubles of manual installation again. You can now install the toggle via Cydia in a jiffy. Just launch Cydia and search for the “Netatalk Toggle for Boss Prefs” package; it’s filed under the “App Addons” section.


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ideb2This post serves as support for the article “How to install a .deb” posted in RupertGee iCydia. It’s a recommended read for all iPhone enthusiasts.

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What’s a Firefly? The long answer is here.

The short answer is it’s one of my favorite app for my iPod touch (it works in iPhone as well.) It’s a Wi-Fi media server where you can stream your device’s iTunes library to any computer (Mac, PC & Linux) running iTunes (or compatible.) With Firefly, a room-full of people can enjoy your portable iTunes music collection!

firefly-waiUnfortunately, the Firefly package in Cydia doesn’t set up the server for you and there’s no convenient way to turn it on and off.

So I wrote an installation script that will automatically set up the server for you, packaged it with a BossPrefs’ Toggle so you can toggle the server on and off in BossPrefs. Then I whipped up an iPhone edition of its Web Admin Interface because the standard one was desperately crying for an update! Finally I make sure I can tell that the server is running at a glance. Voila, a status bar notifier icon is included! What more can you ask for?

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