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Category Archives: SummerBoard Themes

I have been using firmware 2 for a while but it just doesn’t feel right without the Gee Theme. So when WinterBoard became available, I’m glad it’s compatible with old SummerBoard’s themes but I felt it’s time the Gee Theme gets a make over….

So here’s the new Gee Theme, now for firmware 2.

Take a guess who has too much free time again?

I actually spent quite a few hours on this. I set out to make a unique Battery Image for the Gee Theme. It was harder then I thought but I did it and I am quite happy with the result.

If you like the Gee Theme, go ahead and install the Battery Image too.

[Feb 5 Updates] Customize 1.21 doesn’t work properly in firmware 1.1.3. You are thus reminded it’s possible to install the Battery images directly into Springboard without using Customize at all.


The new Theme is ready, and it includes matching Wallpaper for the Unlock Screen as well.

Get it here.

I enjoy foolin’ around photographics, and today I thought it’ll be nice to have my own SummerBoard theme for iPod touch. So… here’s how it looks like. For now I need to think about how best to name the series of themes I have in mind.

So until then, enjoy the preview.

A few words on this theme. Obviously the iPod touch badge is unique. I don’t think I have seen a theme with that. In fact, I put it in because even Apple omit the cool name on the front of the iPod. I had friends asking me what’s this new toy I have, while others mistaken it as an iPhone. So.. there… stop asking me what it is. It’s an iPod touch!

Oh, by the way, if you are a SingNet broadband subscriber and you are unable to download SummerBoard, it’s most likely because you did not enable Proxy ( for your Wi-Fi.