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I’m pleased to let you know there’s a new Gee Theme, the Gee Theme Pro. Furthermore, in-lieu of hosting of my own Cydia Repository, the original Gee Theme is re-worked and renamed Gee Theme Classic!

geetheme-pro-sampleThe new Pro version is an upgrade of the original Gee Theme that adapts many advanced features of WinterBoard and uses your favorite Wallpaper for its background. Your device can now look refreshingly new simply by changing and adopting a new Wallpaper! Feeling romantic, naughty, child-like, advanturous? Change your device to match your mood or season! Ho ho ho!

feat2The Gee Theme Classic is for those of you who are more business-minded and want to show off a handsome device. It now comes with unique Loading Screens, a new Battery Icon, fancy icon effects and more.

Best of all, you no longer have to select the device edition to install. The new Gee Themes come with an intelligent self-installer that detects your device (iPhone or iPod touch only; we don’t do Zune!) and automatically install the right edition for you. Isn’t that cool? During installation, when the intelligent self-installer detects an iPhone (by looking for the it instantly send you an SMS or calls your significant other on the phone for device-type confirmation!

Relax. I’m kidding! It detects by the magic of unix bash scripting. 😛

What are you waiting for? Add the Cydia source for RupertGee iCydia repository now and get your very own Gee Theme Classic and/or Gee Theme Pro today!

How to add RupertGee iCydia to your Cydia Source?

  1. Launch Cydia.
  2. Tap on the “Manage” tab (it’s on the bottom of the screen.)
  3. Tap on the big “Sources” button.
  4. Tap on the little “Edit” button (it’s on the top-right corner of the screen.)
  5. Now tab on the “Add” button (top-left corner.)
  6. Enter the following URL in the pop-up window:
    Tap on the “Add Source” button when you’re done.
  7. Finally, tap on the little “Done” button to complete the process.

Enjoy the new Gee Themes.


  1. Thanks! It looks stunning!

  2. Hey, this is an awesome theme. I have installed it and am wondering if there’ll be a dynamic version?

  3. Very nice!! I was missing the Gee Theme on the new firm! Thanks for the update and keep the good work!

  4. Nice to see you back 😉

    Thanks for the update, i was missing the theme 😉

  5. >CyberET

    Funny you should ask. I actually have a dynamic version of Gee Theme, but I feel it’s pointless as all it does is morph the wallpaper background.

    While figuring out how to do a dynamic theme, I found out I could change the type of fonts, their sizes and colors. I have implemented the font color change in Gee Theme 2; the app names right on the bottom of the dock is no longer white but dark gray. Other than that, I can’t think of how else to take advantage of WinterBoard.

  6. Grin, thanks for the complement and it’s nice to be back. 😛

  7. May I know what’s that iPod app as seen on the dock?

  8. >Rosse

    That’s “MobileMusicPlayer Flip” app. Our iPod touch has a and a, while the iPhone combines them into one called Essentially you’ll access all the videos within the “Music” app itself, an arrangement I find very convenient. MobileMusicPlayer Flip makes it possible for iPod touch.

  9. Great theme! Any chance of seeing battery images for the iPhone?

  10. Awsome theme! Really great work! Any chance of making the battery images that say “iPhone” instead of iTouch? Looks kind of funny on my iPhone 🙂

  11. >Chad & Michel

    Oops, I have made the iPhone battery images some time ago but forgotten to post them! Silly me.

    Here’s the direct link to download the zip.

  12. Awesome, thanks!

  13. I’m having some problems getting the theme to work. I SSH’d into the iPod touch and placed the folder in the themes folder(yes, I unzipped it first). It shows up in Winterboard but does nothing when I activate it. Do I have to convert the file or something?

  14. >dualsaber

    There’s no need to convert anything. Maybe the file permissions are changed after you uploaded them? Make sure they are 0755.

  15. I just transfered this to my iPod Touch but how come there’s four rows? Thus covering the cool iPod Touch bar?

  16. rupertgee — KILLER THEME! Great idea! The boarder, background, 3 rows instead of 4, everything looks amazing!

    questions: could you move the metal dock portion down 1-3 px so the dots (representing which page of the home screen you’re on) are vertically centered in the metal horizontal gap — now the dots touch the bottom of the gap?

    also, can you make the wicked looking digital battery available for download on cydia?

    you ROCK!!!

  17. nevermind, got inspired and customized your wallpaper to fit my needs 🙂


  18. Thanks for the kind words!

    Grin… I got poor eyesight and didn’t noticed the misalignment. I’ll fix it and release an updated version in a new Gee Theme that includes battery images and other customizations as a single package, downloadable here and maybe even via iSpazio.

  19. Theme looks awesome. Tried to upload the Gee Man theme folder to iphone but cannot locate Library\Themes directory. There is a file called Themes in the Library directory which is preventing me from creating a Themes folder. Sorry, I’m a rookie. Any help would be appreciated.

  20. >sanderson

    Thanks for the complement.

    There’s no need to create the Theme folder so long you have already installed Winterboard. Seeing you tried to create one under /Library, it tells me you went to the wrong “Library” folder; there are four Library folders in every iPod touch/iPhone.

    The right one to navigate to is at the root of your device. You’ll see the “bin”, “boot”, “cores” etc folders among its neighbour. If you don’t see these three folders, you are at the wrong place.

    To access the root, you must connect to your device using a full-fledge sFTP client, such as WinSCP and CyberDuck. Those apps at the App Store that let you in via Web-Dev will not work.

  21. hello rupert, on my 2.1 iphone i have just installed your gee theme 2 with winter board. i have a problem though. the last row of my apps covers the words ” iphone” at the bottom of your theme, and it looks annoying. in summerboard, there was a “skip last row” option to fix this. how do i do it for winterboard?

    • creativemindsathleticbodies
    • Posted 28 September 2008 at 09:52
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    hi gee..i think u are way cool..keep up the gd work. U always reply to my questions when i need help in hwz forum.thk u once again. u are the best =)

  22. Aaron 你太客气了.

  23. >Hallam

    Yes, there isn’t a “Skip Last Row” in Winterboard. Instead, simply move icons on the last row to the next page manually; ya know, press and hold one until they all wiggle and then move them one by one.

    After that, you probably want the Springboard to remember the icons’ location. Instructions here:

  24. rupert, can’t seem to dl FreeAgent icons; get asked for login or browser you know? Cheers, B

  25. >dare

    That’s strange. I checked and the link works just fine without loggin in.

    In any case, here’s a yousendit link for you.

  26. Hi I have a 3g iphone and have installed all apps needed to get my themes on my phone, however can someone post the location of the themes folder where I need to hand-drop my themes, I’m currently using winterboard
    Thanks :0)

  27. Mads:

    The path is /Library/Themes/. Just drop the folder there.

  28. Hey Rupert!
    Nice theme! Thanks very much. I was wondering, where did you manage to find the iPod icon. I know I had it on 1.1.4, but don’t know how to get it on 2.1
    Thanks again

  29. Ok. At first, I wasn’t able to install directly into /Library/Themes/ and I think that’s because I used BossTool earlier. I had a quick check, and found that putting the file into /var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes

    I know that looks strange, but I think that’s because of the older Summerboard themes found in Cydia.

    Mentality ae?

  30. Hey Vanya, where have you been?

    About the iPod icon. It’s the default iPod icon by Apple. Unlike our iPod touch, the iPhone combines the Music and Videos apps into one called the iPod app. That’s its icon.

    I combined mine using the Cydia app, “MobileMusicPlayer Flip”. Try it. It makes sense to combine them!

    You can revert to seperated apps by uninstalling the MMP Flip.

  31. Oh, WinterBoard supports themes in both folders. By default, it look for them in /Library/Themes, and for compatibility with old SummerBoard themes, in the ~/Library/Summerboard/Themes too.

    It’s thus okay to upload your themes in either folder.

    You can look for your relocated /Library/Themes/ folder in /private/var/stash/themes.XXxxxX/ .

  32. -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-=
    All prior comments refer to version 1.

    Original content of this post moved to:

    All comments below refer to version 2.1.
    -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-=

  33. Nice job there, sir, as usual!

    It’s such a shame that there are so few icons though… I look on it and the theme seems so… Half-finished.

    Maybe, if you wouldn’t mind, you could let me take on the project? I’d love to come up with some icons for the illustrious Gee Theme, and make it the best it can be.

  34. Also, where did Naked Gee Theme go? Is that still in the works?

  35. >thegpc

    Maybe I’m lazy but right from the begining I feel it’s best to leave 3rd party’s apps’ icons alone, while the standard apps I want their icons to look like their Mac OS X’s counterpart for familarity. But then I started making icons for apps with icons I really don’t like (BossPrefs is an example) too.

    That explains why Gee Theme has so few custom icons. 🙂 I’m glad I took this route, because now there are tonnes of AppStore apps out there; it’s close to impossible to make new ones for all of them.

    I’m definitely open to include your creations in Gee Theme.

    Today I spent the whole afternoon understanding how to create and maintain a Cydia repo on my home server. The plan is eventually opening it for all but for now I want to use it to host my themes, bossprefs plugins etc… so that I can quickly install them after I option+restore my devices.

    Im happy to say the repo is up and running. I’m so proud of myself.

    Another advantage of self-hosting is I can easily update the themes with your icons.

  36. I thought I should let the just updated Gee Theme version 2.1 run it course first before I release its naked cousin. 😛 I’m also adding more stuffs to it.

  37. Rupert:

    Wow, your own repo?! That must’ve taken some work! I’m glad it’s up though, so now all your plugins are easy to install. ^_^

    I will let you know if I come up with any icons I think are good. I’ll post ’em right here.

  38. You Rule RUPERT!!!

  39. the link foror the iphone 3g version is down :(.can anyone give me a link to it please? if you could post it here, or email me it, it would be very appreciated..thanks in advance 🙂

  40. Thanks Rupert another great theme!

  41. It’s an awesome theme, I love it! Much better than other themes I’ve found. BUT, I have a lot of apps and I’d really like to use the fourth row. Any chance of a modified version of your theme that looks good with a fourth row of icons? Thanks!

  42. Hello everyone! I am trying to add this app onto my iPhone but I got no idea where to start….I tried looking for way to try to get it on my phone but dont know where to start. Can anyone help me?

  43. Kwame:

    It’s not an app, it’s a theme for the app Winterboard… You have to install WinterBoard from Cydia (assuming you have a jailbroken phone), then install OpenSSH, SSH into your phone’s files, and put the theme folder into /Library/Themes.

  44. thegpc:

    I got a unlocked iPhone while deployed overseas and dont have none of the programs I need. I have the slightest idea even where to start. I been trying to find Cydia so I can downloaded and try to apply it on my phone but I am giving up hope on where to begin. I dont know what to do….. Can you by any chance be able to send me some step by step instructions on how to apply this. A few links to get me on the right track before I end up messing my phone up. i also tried to find the way to go from the Library to the themes but cant find that on my iPhone or iTunes….. I feel so clueless right now. Anything you can do will be very helpful! Thanks for your time.

  45. >Kwame

    We need to know which firmware your iPhone is using. Please connect your iPhone to your iTunes. On the Summary tab, it shows you the software version.

    I’m betting it’s version 1.x, in which case, you don’t use Cydia but the Installer in your iPhone. Launch it and look for “Gee Theme” to install it. If you can’t find it, then add the following new source for your Installer:

    Here’s how to add it:

    Ignore step 1 of the above guide if your iPhone has been jailbroken.

    If it’s version 2.x:
    You will use Cydia and look for “gee Theme” to install it.

  46. >XIII

    Sure, I’ll keep that in mind the next time I update the Gee Theme. It’s not a priority as, without the blank forth row, Gee Theme loses its flavour. But I’ll see if I can work something out.

    Meanwhile maybe you wanna use the Categories app to overcome your too many apps issue? 🙂

  47. XIII:

    There’s also a package on Cydia called “steffwiz’s source”, which, when installed, gives yu access to Steffwiz’s Blank Spaces package. It installs webclips with no name and no icon on your Springboard, basically for transparent placeholders.

  48. -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-=
    All prior comments refer to version 2.1.

    Original content of this post moved to:

    All comments below refer to Gee Theme Pro & Classic.
    -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-= -=-=-=

  49. I’m loving the Gee Theme Pro, Rupert! It’s a lot more open to individual taste. I think having that wallpaper there is really nice, and everything else comes together well. The only way it could be better is if you made each part dynamic, really… *wink*

  50. I can’t get add repository and I can’t find the theme on any other repository.
    Is there any way to get the package and install manually?


  51. Hi plz tell me this,whenever i add your repo an error occurs saying that the url is invalid plz help i wanna try out your awesome theme 😦

  52. Hello! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the good info you might have
    right here on this post. I shall be coming back to your weblog
    for extra soon.

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