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It’s too bad AFP for iPhone OS 2 (implemented by the open-source Netatalk) doesn’t allow root access. It’s an issue that has been bugging me since I installed awhile back.

Today I looked into it and google quickly returned a workable solution by henXa over at the forum. I made some changes, however, to suit my liking.

  1. I name my “root-filesystem” simply “root” (so the root partition mounts on the Desktop as “root”, as per AFPd 1.x)

    cd /etc/netatalk/
    ln -s / root

  2. I create the “AppleVolumes” file (and the “root” symbolic link) in “/etc/netatalk/” so as to bury them from easy access.
  3. I added the following line into “afpd.conf” because of above.

    -defaultvol /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes

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November 8, 2008 Update — Please read this newer post instead if your device is running the newer iPhone OS 2.

Feb 22, 2008 Update — AFPd is no longer available via the STE repository. You can, however, download it from the author’s site.

Listen, this guide is for Mac OS X users only. As of now, there’s no easy way to mount the iPod touch as if it’s a thumb drive in other operating system such as Windows. Mac users… read on!

You’ll need a jailbroken iPod touch, and a little app called “AFPd” by Prof. James F. O’Brien of UC, Berkeley. The app can be found in the Installer, under the “Network” category via the STE source ( The “BSD Subsystem” package is mandatory and you’ll have to install it first if you have not already done so previously.

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